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Mother-In-Law Gets Her Way

Hard nosed mother-in-law finally comes around.

My first impression of my mother-in-law when I first met her wasn’t really the greatest.  Evelyn came across as holier than thou and it was obvious she didn’t think anyone was good enough for her daughter; especially me.  I don’t think she expected me to last too long, and it’s quite possible her dislike for me could be the reason her daughter married me.    I first met her when my...Read On


Liar's Boon

A little white lie leads to a big white mess.

It wasn’t the first time his sister’s friend Jamie had walked in the back door with her clothes slightly rumpled, her makeup smudged, and her blonde hair out of place. Far from it. It didn’t take master detective skills to know that she was sneaking off and having sex with her boyfriend. Greg barely glanced her way as the door opened, but it was more than long enough for her expression...Read On


Christine Illingworth Beds Young Seb Connors

Valerie introduces her friend Christine to Seb and the young man beds another older woman

Val Smyth was still glowing after the fucking that nineteen-year-old Seb Connors had given her the previous night when she phoned her friend Christine Illingworth.   "Hi Chris, well I did it," announced Val. "Did what?" asked a still sleepy Christine. "Fucked Seb Connors of course," replied Val. "Shit, you didn't, was he good?" asked the mid-fifties Christine of her similar-aged friend....Read On


Then there were two...

It all began about five years earlier. My wife, Kristie was working early in a teaching career in the local shool system. One year, as summer ended and the teachers went back to school, there was a sizable number of new teachers just hired over the summer break. Kristie came home from the first day after meeting them quite excited. Kristie is bi and she's always been attracted to hot, babe...Read On


No Strings Attached - The Proposition - Chapter 24

Series: No Strings Attached

Matthew attends the funeral.

It's Thursday, the day of the funeral, and I stand next to the one I love and now serve, watching the interment of his father in respectful silence. With little more than forty mourners, the service had been intimate and not a lavish affair as expected. Instead, only close family, friends and business partners were invited according to his wishes. The reason why I have been allowed to attend,...Read On


A Black Lace Love Affair

A New Year's Eve party you're not going to want to miss!

Farren walked from room to room checking every detail of the newly renovated two-level barn. It had taken the better part of the year to transform the one-hundred-year-old wooden structure into the erotic playhouse of sexual decadence that she was now walking through and creaming at the thought of all the breasts, nipples, cocks and tongues that were going to be darting, flitting, lapping,...Read On


First Encounter Ch 7 Conclusion

Monique and Jenny’s adventure comes to an end.

I approach the bed cautiously. I can tell you still want me and I definitely desire you. How can that be so? You're not en femme, but still, I am transfixed by your waving appendage. I take my place at your side and our lips meet in an old familiar embrace. We kiss long and passionately.   "Wow! I exclaim," I've never kissed a man before," I pant.   "Of course you have, silly, you've...Read On


Rick Poses A Question

It turns out to be the right one.

My junior year in college was notable mainly for a dry spell where women were concerned. I’d had a girlfriend in freshman year and another one as a sophomore, but while the relationships were intensely sexual for a time they petered out for a lack of interest, mostly on my part. Neither woman could hold up her end of a conversation, and hanging out with them got to be dull. What all this...Read On

The Girls' Times, Part Three

The girls take their fun to a club and add a fourth for the first time.

Sharon and I pulled Joy in between us on the lounge and kissed her all over. Before long, we were sharing her succulent loins like two starving kittens. As we continued, Joy gradually pulled her legs back to her chest. She moaned continuously as we nibbled and licked her crotch unendingly.   It was much later, after several orgasms, that Joy whispered, "Are we still going dancing, my loves?...Read On


Another Gang Bang. This Could Become a Habit.

I just can't stop acting like a complete tart. I don't want to stop either.

Monday evening couldn't come quick enough, in spite of the really fun-filled week that I had enjoyed in England and the many cums I had enjoyed whilst telling hubby all about it. He gets so turned on. Gary particularly liked hearing about my little fling with Peter, and the fact that I had posed for his camera. He wanted to see the pics, so I had to message Peter and ask if he could send...Read On


Urkat Ogre

A very gay, very short story about you as a big, strong ogre.

You are hunting in the forest near your tribe's mountain when you come across a human wearing a strange uniform. It's a uniform you've never seen before and it makes you nervous. You keep a safe distance from the strange soldier and observe him. He seems to be lost in thought, looking down at the ground as he paces. If he notices you, he makes no indication of it. You decide to move closer...Read On


Inaugural Balls

The President celebrates her election in a special way.

Time: Somewhere in the future. Place: Washington, D.C. To be more precise,  the grand ballroom of the White House. She was celebrating a historic occasion. The glass ceiling had finally been shattered. A woman had been elected President. It was 3 A.M. and the last of four parties was drawing to a close. A few diehards were still at the makeshift bar, but, for the most part, the partygoers...Read On


Drive-In Seduction • Chapter 2 • Concession

Sally decides to put on a show for the car next to her.

They got popcorn and a couple of Cokes, and walked around for a bit. Dusk had fallen, but it was still too light on the horizon to start the movie. They both ran into friends they knew, until the PA announced the parking lot lights would be turning off in five minutes, when they made their way back to the truck.  In their wanderings, they didn’t see Rob at all. Sally was hopeful that this...Read On



Advice is followed

Thick red lips moving up and down On a hard throbbing erection   Sternly querying eyes seem to wonder When are you going to shoot?   You can only softly whisper: “I’m sorry, mom, but not yet.”   Her head starts bouncing faster The rhythm stays steady   Your mother is staring at you But it still isn’t the time   Whenever you will fire Your mother will be ready   Don’t you...Read On


Leave The Ring On Chapter Two: Take Me To Church

Fiona found religion down on her knees

"I'm going to church, Babe, I'll be back soon," Fiona said leaning down to kiss Sean on the top of the head as he lay in bed eyes still half-closed from a long night of video games. "Ughummpfff... Have fun with Jesus. Love you," he muttered before rolling over and taking up the rest of the bed. Fiona looked thoughtful for a moment. "I might be a little late because afterward, I am going to...Read On



Series: The Monster Within

How does one live with unquenchable thirst?

The early 1800s ... This time, I settled in Paris, France, still assuming my birth name of Vincent. The city had many crevices where one such as myself could lurk.   I grew bored of occupying my time with philosophy and the arts of the Renaissance centuries before. Now, I turned my attention to more fleshy indulgences and found something to rival my thirst for blood - a thirst for sex....Read On


Kim's Sweet Revenge

Kim seduces then denies her husband Mike hot sex, as revenge for his infidelity

Once in a while, Kim had suggested to Mike that he should just go and sleep with an escort when he was too demanding, or constantly badgering her to fuck or dress up, while she felt overwhelmed with work and kids. Yet, she was pissed when she saw the suspicious charge on their credit card bill after he’d returned from his latest business trip to St. Martin.  He had mentioned how the Island...Read On


Confessions of a West Palm Slut (Chapter 6b)

A 24yo woman moves to Florida and finds her way.

I woke up Sunday around 11:30 am but laid in bed until one going over the events of the night before.  I had tried cocaine for the first time and now knew what all the buzz was about.  I had also slept with Kat’s boyfriend and all three of us were scheduled to work today. My anxiety was through the roof.   I walked to the bathroom and analyzed myself in the mirror.  My body was still...Read On


I didn't want to cum

Daddy's punishment led to uncontrollable pleasure.

As we entered the room, everyone stopped talking. They turned and stared at us. They knew why we were there...I had disobeyed Daddy.  Silently, Daddy positioned me on display in front of these strangers and stripped me - leaving me only in thigh high stockings and heels. He pushed me down to kneel, blindfolded me, and wrapped my collar tightly around my throat. He attached a leash and...Read On


First Encounter Ch 6

The elevator ride to our floor is thankfully uneventful. We manage to keep our hands off of each other until I unlock the door and we step in. As the door closes behind us, you grab me and we embrace tightly. Our lips lock and you rub my crotch through my pantyhose. "Alone at last!" I breathe. "Let's get comfortable."  "I'll take care of this," you exclaim as you drop to your knees and...Read On


Faculty Christmas Party

Reach out and touch someone

My wife is usually very conservative. She went to a dirty santa party with her girlfriends. She won a little vibrating bullet with remote control. They had a challange that at some point they would wear them in public with someone else with the remote. We had played with it at home. It would really make her climb the walls and cum hard. I couldn't wait to get a hold of the controls. ...Read On


Daddy’s Girls • Chapter 17 • Ready Or Not

No rest for the wicked

“Oh, God! Yes! Please! Please lick me, Daddy!” He brought two fingers to her dewy slit and pressed the petals open. The sweet smell of aroused teenage pussy overwhelmed his senses. He wanted to tease her for a while, but could wait no longer. He attacked her open slit with his mouth. Becky freaked out. “OH! OH! Dear God! Daddy, that feels so good! Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop licking me!”...Read On


Forgotten Promise

A promise is forgotten during a heated night.

Mom I’m feeling warm all over Soon I’m going to shoot deep into you   Forgive me but I can’t pull out I know I promised but now is now   I know this is all wrong But the night has been ardent and long   What may happen is what will I only hope that in the morning you’ll love me still   The throbbing starts and then it builds You are on all fours and your breasts sway   You...Read On


Jaq wants to go to the lorry park

We drive to the lorry park.

Sexy fun with others has not been possible for some time now, but Jaq has an idea for some safe sexy fun. Most people that read about our sexy antics will know this, Jaq loves to be watched by horny men. It was a Sunday afternoon when Jaq suggested we drive to the lorry park, her idea was to entertain the lorry drivers while stuck in the UK waiting for the ferries to start running again. ...Read On



Virtual meeting + a naughty minx in heels = torturous pleasures.

"Baby, you know I have a meeting in ten minutes,” you soothe as you place one hand over the top of mine as I slide it seductively down your chest whilst standing behind you as you sit at your desk. “I know,” I coo, a cheeky smile forming across my glossed lips. You smirk as a chuckle escapes your mouth and you playfully shake your head. “So why do I get the feeling that you’re up to...Read On


Shy Baiting

The timid, shy ones tend to be the easiest - and nastiest.

It's always amazed me what men will do when they're horny. Especially the shy ones. You know the ones that pretend it's their first time and feign denial of their true desires. Those are my favorite. I like placing an ad on some M4M site on the internet and playing them like a violin.  The ad itself is disarming enough. A proper lure for the closet-minded newbies that are my target. " Want...Read On


Not At All What She Seemed

Diane was a total bitch, but there was another side to her, I had never seen.

A lot of my stories are based on true experiences, some keeping very close to the facts, some have a lot of artistic license.  This story is true and is as accurate as I can remember it.  As with a couple of my other stories, this is from my time living in Christchurch in the early eighty's.   I had only been married a few months, my wife and I were renting a small bungalow in a very...Read On


Caitlin (Part 3)

The Way She Made Me Feel....

I'd tried to walk around Caitlin as she stood in front of me. I couldn't do it without brushing her, and moving up against her. I could not believe this was happening. She'd literally just walked into my living room at the end of me watching porn and jerking off into a paper towel. She was so chill, mellow, and not the least bit embarrassed. I on the other hand felt like a total fucking tool....Read On


Dipping My Toes In The Lesbian Pool

A straight woman discovers there's more to life than being straight

Looking back, I can see how this all happened. At the time, I didn't realize what was taking place. Not that I'm complaining right now. It's that I thought I was an observant person.  I'd strained ligaments in my left ankle while running. I'd jumped off a curb, my foot landing on a small rock that blended in with the asphalt. I went down in the middle of the street, uttering words I...Read On


Josephine Gets Submissive – Or Does She?

Jake and Josephine continue, and deepen, their relationship.

“Jake, I’ve heard from Josephine,” Livia said.  “Apparently, you did quite well yesterday.” That was when JoJo was in her dominatrix mode. He was surprised, “I did?” “Yes, you certainly did. She was impressed with your, call in stoicism, during her discipline of you. Give her a few days, and then call her and ask her out.” “Are you sure of that?” “Absolutely. She said she’s looking...Read On

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