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Hotel Quarantine pt.2

Series: Hotel Quarantine

Day two of quarantine and my gentle submission to Amelia continues.

Chapter 2  The day had crawled by. It had passed terribly slowly. I had spent the day watching specks of dust floating in the room. I was giddy and frustrated at the same time. But then it was time to go. They had brought dinner. I had eaten a little, but really I wasn’t all that hungry.  I had wondered what to wear for her.  I wanted to be feminine for her. Beautiful. Like I was her...Read On


Heather - Part 6

Heather and her dad play together one night.

Good morning! Heather texted, captioning a pic. CJ caught me being silly this morning. Haha Good morning, sweetie! Very cute pic!  I sent, in reply. Are you working from home today? Heather asked. Yeah. You work today? I replied. No. Working out, then heading home,  Heather texted. It's reasonable to say that I lived in an affluent neighborhood. However, I...Read On


Only Two Words Spoken

A total stranger gives such kindness to another.

I wrapped the towel around myself and headed to the sauna. I felt more than anxious to feel some heat and enjoy myself. Nevertheless, I had to pass through the locker room and indulge in all the eye candy on the way there. With it being filled with nothing, but woman, how could I not lust after such beautiful women? Needless to say, I had to stroll towards my destination and feast on the...Read On



I help my hiking partner move and am pleasantly rewarded.

Facebook meme: You know what’s really uncomfortable?  A bra.  But we still wear one in public.  Not for me, for others. That was posted by my hiking partner, a woman in her early sixties who is in excellent shape because of her hiking and her work as an occupational therapist.  Whenever we go out into the woods, I’ve always been happy to let her take the lead so I could enjoy the...Read On


Flirting With The Enemy

Confronting my son's friend gets out of hand.

CH. 1 - A LITTLE ABOUT US I had decided enough was enough and it was time to give Bennett a piece of my mind. It'd been almost two months since my son had returned home from college a week early for winter break. Richard tried to keep from me that he'd been sent home for academic suspension for his drastic grade point average drop. The college was not allowing Richard to return for...Read On


Daddy Finds A Playmate Pt.2

Daddy and Angel go crazy with sex

Angel stepped into the shower in her room; her body was on fire.  She had just spent the night with DD after a wonderful lovemaking session and followed it up with another roll across the bed this morning.  The sexual fire deep within her had been released.  The hot water hitting her body was nothing compared to the heat coming out of her core.  She slid her hand down across her pussy...Read On

Comp Entry

Peen Goes For A Foolish Swim

Peen is sharing his foolishness with the world.

Peen stared at the large sign above the entrance to the swimming pool. It stated emphatically in bold red letters "Adult Members Only. Open to Members at 10:00 O'clock." He checked the time and grinned noting it was just 9:30. He gave a flick of his flappy fingers in negation and whispered, "Nay." He slipped through a side gate in the wire mesh fencing, between sweetly smelling pink...Read On


Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

A young intern makes bad choices

She should’t have. Brianne shouldn’t have worn that dress. Not to a business event. A slinky black slip dress with a plunging neckline and side boob? Her 34Cs just hanging out there on display? Really? A Vegas club? Sure. The frat date party it was purchased for? OK. But the Summer Intern Thank You Party? Poor choice.   The second martini before dinner was probably a mistake. But her boss...Read On


Marie's First Golden Shower

Marie is a bit hesitant when her boyfriend suggests they try something new...

Marie had been with her boyfriend for a few months when he first suggested it a bit shyly, not fully able to meet her eyes. They were in the kitchen, making out, her back pressed against the wall. “How would you feel about… I have this… I want to pee on you,” Jake said. Marie blinked, staring at him with wide eyes. Jake blushed and continued. “It’s… It’s a fetish I have. I don’t know...Read On


1979: Beth I Hear You Calling

How A Goofball Got Laid, In Spite Of Himself!

The Place : Helix High School, San Diego area The Cast : Beth Wilson aka Beth, Lizbeth Jim Hanson aka Jay Are (JR), Junior, The Junior (and the storyteller!) Cathy Thomas, friend of Beth Doug Russell, aka Rowdy Mike Julius aka Doctor J Alan Julius aka Little J, Little Dipshit Steve Danner aka “D”, Big D Byron Roberts aka Fleabag Amazing inventions of 1979 Sony Walkman —...Read On


A TRANS Formation - Chapter 12 - Ladies' Night... Part 1

Series: A TRANS Formation

Think well before you start, because once you have started, you cannot turn back.

Allie and Jill wake up early Saturday morning with their arms still around each other. Allie wakes up first, and lightly kisses Jill's face, until she gently wakes her up. "Good morning, baby," she says with a smile. Jill smiles back at her, "Good morning to you, too, big sister," she says, "It's so nice sleeping with you. I woke up earlier, and you looked so sweet, sleeping with your...Read On


Awakening, Chapter 3: Quickening

Pregnancy planning isn't so easy when you've been possessed by a sex-crazed demon

Rebecca and Steven fucked a lot over the next several weeks and months after they decided to try for a baby. A lot . Marin usually left Rebecca alone when Steven was around, given their uneasy truce. But Marin had also explained, in her own otherworldly demon way, that she still needed to feed. It would be too dangerous for Rebecca to only have sex with Steven. Marin would only be able...Read On



Caught between love and domination, I chose to surrender...

You texted me while I was at the gym. “I want you to get slutty.” I responded, “I could tie my T-shirt in a knot, get it really tight across my breasts, and pull my leggings up so my pussy is really visible.” I wasn’t wearing panties, of course. “That’ll work. Find a girl or a guy, show off for them... make a date if you can,” you added. I looked around when I came back from the ladies'...Read On


Hypno-Submission Pt. 10

College girls stumble on an erotic hypnosis video on YouTube

Part 10: Katie   “Seriously, Brenda?” Katie whispered. “What the everlasting fuck? How did you even get her to watch it?” “I didn’t,” the blonde said with a surprisingly large Cheshire grin for her small mouth. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief. “I spliced it into another video. You remember how quickly she tranced before?” Katie nodded. “I figured, she’d drop just a quick again. And...Read On


Soaked And Discarded

Series: Tales from the naughty cupboard under the stairs

Melissa was ready and on time, her husband wasn’t and there were instructions to follow.

Melissa was ready by six o’clock, as instructed by her husband. The note he left her said to dress smartly, so she wore her sexiest dress that clung to her body as if were painted on. Matt arrived at their house late. “I need to shower then I’ll be with you,” he said. His hand cupped the back of Melissa’s head and he dropped a tender kiss on her forehead. From his briefcase, he retrieved...Read On


My Affair With A Married Woman

I meet a woman who is separated from her husband, older and anxious to be fucked.

I live with my parents even though I am twenty-five years of age. I have a job that takes me away from home for weeks on end. Renting an apartment would mean it would be unoccupied for most of the year. Most of my affairs are short term with women I meet on my travels. I join a gym when I am going to be in town for more than a week so I can work out. This is also a good spot to pick up...Read On


Jackie’s Night Out

Jackie’s wing girl

There’s been very little playing in my life lately and I can’t believe it’s taken this long for something to happen that I feel is worth writing about. I’ve been to only one swinger’s party with my husband in a month and a half. We’ve done normal vanilla stuff, which is fine, but I haven't even been in the mood for that and, on top of it all, the Covid vaccine kicked my ass.  Just when...Read On


She Catches Me

The hottest girl in high school catches me masturbating.

Everyone had a crush on Mandy. It wasn’t even worth confessing. I shouldn’t have even been at the graduation party. My sister had been invited and I was a spillover guest, probably just in the hope that we’d both bring presents. We hadn’t really run in the same circles since junior year. Back then, Sarah had been really close with Mandy. I saw her so much at their sleepovers, chatting and...Read On


A Mother's Helping Hand

A mother is willing to do anything to lead her son on the right path.

*1* It is a lovely, warm day outside. Megan is with her best friend, Sarah, who is also her workmate at the office. They are both enjoying a coffee at the local cafe place in their hometown. "I'm telling you, Megan. You should keep a close eye on James. Porn can destroy the psyche! Especially at a young age like that... How old is he again? "He's sixteen-" "-Sixteen! There you go! The...Read On


Matthew Fucks His Mother-In-Law's Arse

Matthew again pays his MIL's arse some attention and this time fucks it

It was difficult for Elizabeth and her son-in-law Matthew because they both longed to get together again for more sexual action, concentrating on Elizabeth's large and shapely backside, but they did not want to raise the suspicions of Matthew's wife and Elizabeth's daughter, Kate. Although Kate and Matthew were not too happy with each other at the time, Kate noticed but did not understand...Read On


An American Incest Story: Chapter 7

During a party, Robert discovers that he and a female classmate share a similar secret.

November 15th, 1985 I was excited. To be more accurate, I was really excited. I was going to my first real party. Before this moment, the only parties I attended were birthday parties when I was a kid, Bar Mitzvahs, and dinner parties at my grandmother’s. Tonight, I was going to the kind of party that I usually wasn’t invited to. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Robert,...Read On


Noodles - Part 7

Series: Noodles

Mark and Dani go out of town for the weekend

Lori is coming back home tonight, I had to remind myself. Mark and I slept together last night, then I had to tell him goodbye this morning. That was a bittersweet ending to an amazing weekend. I washed all the laundry and sheets, putting everything back the way it was before my wife went out of town. I hadn't heard anything from Mark since he left this morning. That's probably for the...Read On


Becky Forgot Again!

You would think Becky wouldn’t forget again, but she has another lesson to learn!

Becky pulled up to the house, anxious to see Michael’s car in the driveway; she knew she’d pay for forgetting the meeting she set up. As she entered the house she could feel the tension and her heart fluttered.  “I cannot believe that after last week you forgot something again!” Becky gulped, a little nervous but more excited for the pleasure to come after.   “I got busy bouncing around...Read On


My Girlfriend's Night Out With A Black Tinder Match

The night my petite white girlfriend got blacked while I was stroking my cock at home

It was early Friday afternoon on a hot summer's day. I was stuck at the office, meeting after meeting as usual. Meanwhile, my girlfriend, Jess, had taken the day off to just relax and have a bit of a breather from work herself. The last few weeks had been quite busy for both of us. I was about to enter my next meeting and decided to quickly go to the bathroom before it kicked off, when my...Read On


Hot MILF Helps Son After His Accident

Sexy, hot MILF becomes sexually involved with her son and his friends after his accident.

My name is Claire, and my son, Danny, is now in his junior year of college at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, after being born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. He has a steady girlfriend who will likely become his wife after graduation, but I am also continuing my emotional and sexual relationship with him, even though I still live with his father, my husband Frank, in Kansas City. ...Read On




Love has a cost...

The Present... "So, who's this guy that got you to go to a library," my Dad asked. We were munching down a late Sunday brunch after my Mom and I had finished weeding her flower beds. My Mom looked way too interested as she waited for my answer. I was surprised she'd waited this long to begin her interrogation. "He's a junior at the college and lives in my building," I answered. I tried...Read On


A Sexual Greek Odyssey (Part 2)

Series: Confessions Of A Wife-Sharer

The second part of our holiday fun…

We’d had some good fun with the hotel barman Mikos, but our experience with him was just a one off. We still saw him in the bar most nights afterwards, but nothing ever happened again, even though he and Shelley were often exchanging glances with each other. However, we often noticed two English lads in the bar as well, who sometimes spent the whole evening there. We got talking to them...Read On


Enticed Pt. 12 - Private Audience

One on one can be more fun

“I’ve had a couple requests,” Blaise said at lunch one day. “Apparently the guys you gave favors to in exchange for products and services have been talking to your other fans. Now other men are asking about bartering for or otherwise renting your services.” “Services?” “Some of the men want a private audience,” he explained. “They want a private performance and, I’m sure, other services.”...Read On


A Very Helpful Rancher

A kind stranger helps Marie in more ways than she expected

It was a hot summer day as I was driving down a small road, passing by endlessly long fields deep in the countryside. I was pretty sure that I had made a wrong turn at some point, this possibly couldn’t be the right route to the city where a friend of mine had recently moved to, but according to google maps I was on the right road, so I kept going.  I hadn’t seen a single car nor a person in...Read On


Call Of Nature

A man gets a shock when he relieves himself behind the bushes

All Melissa and I ever seemed to do was fight or fuck. The make-up sex was great, but the arguments were getting more and more intense. Finally, the pleasure from the sex was not worth the aggravation from the rows, so we decided to break up. We’d been together for ages, but I was sure I could get back into the dating scene, and who knows find someone who made me really happy in and out of...Read On

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