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Something A Little Spicy

Henry Garcia loved to dance.  He was Hispanic and had all the right moves.  Friday night was the best night of the week to hit the clubs.  He liked going to the higher-end clubs that brought in all kinds of people. Lots of hungry women would be looking for a good time.  Dancing and sex went hand in hand.  Henry found that if women were good dancers on the dance floor, they’d be phenomenal...Read On


Lust In Space, Chapter 7

King Adam experiences his first Koni Veni ceremony...

It was a couple of days after I had told L'natria that she would be moving into the palace that the next new adventure came my way. L'natria had given her notice to her boss, and while she still worked at the market, she was very much looking forward to the move and her new position. She had started the Lottery project already, handing out cards to all the women of the town that wanted to...Read On


Cherry Red

Cris finally meets her dreamgirl and gets more than she expected.

Cris stood in her office and watched the crowd with a glass of whiskey in her hand. Sometimes she’d entertain guests there, but tonight she was alone. Solitude soothed her soul on nights like this; busy nights where she had to constantly restock liquor behind the bar, fill special requests for entitled assholes (read: politicians) who wanted private rooms, and check with security because...Read On


What Am I Going to Do Without You (Part 2)

This is the sequel to Juan And His Aunt Isa, who he still has feelings for.

“Love you, Titi, ” Juan called to his aunt. 'What am I going to do without you?' Juan said to himself. Isa was wondering the same thing herself. But eventually, the day came. Juan Escobedo was going to the Naval Academy. He had graduated high school. He had good grades. He was an athlete, playing offensive tackle for the football team. He had even planned to walk on the Navy’s...Read On


Cheaters, Part Two

Alex can't resist his wife's young sister.

Alex and Natasha were heading down for the weekend to stay with Marina, Natasha’s mother. Natasha hadn’t seen her Mother, step Dad Connor and baby sister Charlotte for a while, so she was looking forward to the weekend. Alex was keen for other reasons, he had just got a new black Range Rover Vogue and wanted to put it through its paces on the trip down from their home on the other side of...Read On

Recommended Read

The Ostler and the Lady Chapter Six Racing and Loving

Jack and Becky and Trafalgar's first race.

Sitting comfortably astride Rascal, the eight-year-old roan, Jack Wetherly watched jockey, Nate Oliver, canter the two-year-old thoroughbred, Trafalgar, around the perimeter of the Brandling estate lake. He marvelled at the way every muscle in that magnificent horse’s body rippled in a structured rhythm beneath his beautiful chestnut hide. Just two days before his very first race, the...Read On


Rob's Introduction To Oral Pleasure

Carol shows Rob her best blow job technique...

At the time of the incident I am about to describe, my girlfriend, Carol, and I, Rob had been seeing each other for about a year. We were both in our early forties and, in today's parlance, were 'fuck buddies' or 'friends with benefits'. Except that this was fifteen years ago and the terms hadn't been invented. We referred to ourselves as being in a 'fun' relationship. That is, we would meet...Read On


The Babysitter III: Question

Series: The Babysitter

Is that a confession he's hearing from her? He decides not to beat around the bush. Good idea?

I awoke the next morning after a night of intense lucid dreams with no recollection of how I had ended up in my own bed. All I remembered was venting my unmet desire to get laid with a quick, loveless wank. It took me a while to realize Emily had come to my room to wake me up. She was gently rubbing my cheek with the back of her hand when she spoke, “Rise and shine, sleepyhead. Breakfast...Read On


The Making Of Tara

Timäs friend Raven sees something inside him he had no idea existed and a whole new world opens up.

I grew up in a small town where nothing really happened. It was a nice upbringing far away from the inner cities and their problems. My school was safe and since I was very young, I would walk to school by myself. My parents seldom locked the doors and on the weekends there were neighbourhood BBQ’s. My friends and I would play street hockey outside our houses or football in a nearby park. ...Read On


Wife Catches Us

Wife catches us in the act.

It started about  ten years ago when my neighbors first moved into the neighborhood. The husband and wife were in their mid-fifties. I had an immediate attraction to the husband. He had salt-and-pepper hair and was a little chunky but in shape. His hair has since turned silver, which drives me insane wanting him. Over the years, I have become friends with both the husband and wife with...Read On


House of Cards

Dave peeked around the living room entranceway to peer at the front door.  When he saw the blonde hair, the eyes looking at him through the decorative glass, he stepped back out of sight. Shit .   “…Richelle’s argumentative and abrasive, just like her mother.  Neither have a God damn filter.  She’s going to be a horrible influence on Dawn,” his wife said over coffee that morning, just...Read On


Talk To Me

Matt cheats on his wife and fucks Melissa after a sleepover.

“What would you like for breakfast, Matt?” “Coffee, and anything that’s going.” “I’m doing bacon butties, will that do you?” “I guess so.”  “You really shouldn’t bend down like that you know, your pussy is winking at me from between your thighs.” “That’s the point. It’s supposed to, and you’re supposed to notice the wetness.” “Oh! I can see how wet it is. You’re taking a long time...Read On


The Office Whore - Part 18

Reina asks Chad to take her beyond...

Reina Kelly considered herself a lucky woman. She had a great job, a beautiful home, and a boyfriend, one who doubled as her boss, whom she adored. He was not an easy man to love, but since he truly did love her back, Reina felt the effort she put into their relationship was worth it. Chad Stephens considered himself a lucky man. He had his own company that was doing well, a fabulous home,...Read On


Being Jack Part 3

Series: Being Jack

A Day to Himself #2 (No More a Virgin.)

A Day to Himself #2 (No More a Virgin.) In the shower, Jack jerked himself off once more, slowly and sensually at first but with an increasing passion until he felt his legs starting to shake and he had to sit down on the tiled floor of the shower. Like they had over the last two nights when he'd been jerking off Jack's thoughts and fantasies now went to Sophia, Jackie's older sister,...Read On


Reckless Love

A sweet story of commitment, trust, and love in five scenes.

Th e Cafe It was a glorious spring day in the west of Ireland, a perfect day for driving. It's over three hours from my granny's place in Donegal Town to Galway City and I was only about halfway home. The best little cafe in County Mayo was coming up, so it was time for some rest and refreshment. I pulled Sally, my fourteen-year-old Corolla, into the parking lot, where the reliable...Read On


Princess Learns to Please

Practice makes perfect...

It all started as a bit of fun. I had just found a new job and was sharing an apartment with my friend, Lena. She was around the same age as me, twenty-two, but she was studying a college degree and spent most nights out partying with her friends, leaving me alone in the apartment.  I wandered past her door one night and noticed a sexy thong laying on the floor by her bed. Something drew me...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 17

Series: Tell Laura

What next for our couple?

Laura I sat up with a start, suddenly awake. I immediately felt for Tommy, but he wasn’t there. I knew what was happening and I had to help in whatever way I could. I jumped out of bed ignoring my nudity and rushed to the door. I pulled it open and rushed onto the landing, straight into a worried-looking Tommy. As he pulled me to him, I could feel the cold clamminess of the sweat on me...Read On


The Real Housewives of McKinney, Part 5

The Real Housewives of McKinney have real stories to tell . . .

The Real Housewives of McKinney. I was asked a while back to write about the housewives of McKinney, Texas, an upscale bedroom community north of Dallas. I declined to write about the ladies, my close friends, out of fear that I might be discovered. I was assured that if I didn’t give their true names, no one would know. Still. I was hesitant to write anything because, you know, ladies talk....Read On


Connecting - Ch. 01

Colt reaches out to his daughter after two decades.

Colt paced back and forth in his bedroom, trying to decide whether to call his daughter or not. “Stop being a pussy and just call, man!” He stopped to look at the phone. “But what if she wants nothing to do with me? I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t…” After all, he and her mother had given the girl up for adoption almost twenty-four-years ago. “Screw it, I’ll never know unless I try.” He took...Read On


A Serious Mindfuck

Waking up in a strange bed between a strange woman's legs.

“What am I doing here?” I asked my hostess as I licked her pussy and clit. I looked up from my position between her lovely smooth legs to find her eyes full of love and admiration. I felt her smooth thighs against my cheeks as she shifted her position on the small bed. "I thought it is obvious, my dear June,” she said with a smile. “You are licking my pussy and you want me to return the...Read On


Wife's Unexpected Opportunity

After a cheating wife is found out, she asks for one more opportunity to see him...

I had returned to my family home, where we were ex-pats in the Far East. I'd been back in the UK for a month and my return trip confirmed what I knew all along, my wife had been having an affair with a work colleague. When I had asked her directly if she was having an affair she'd said, “No, don’t be silly - I love you and this was just sex." She had been horny and needed this in her life...Read On


Cindy's First Time

Cindy discovers a new side of her sexuality

One evening, after a very stimulating sex session without her husband, Cindy and I were lying in bed, and she was perusing my portfolio on my phone. She suddenly stopped at one particular drawing, turned to me and said, “Who’s that? She’s gorgeous?” I looked at the art work. It was a drawing I had done a couple of years before of a 40-something model named Taylor. She was fully nude,...Read On


[Part 3!!] Kiana, The College Slut Who Fucked The Virgin Out Of Me

Series: Kiana, the College slut who fucked the virgin out of me

Kiana was waiting for me in a campus bathroom, naked and hungry...

Pic of Kiana (fake name): / To recap, at a party before my college's Undie Run, I lost my virginity to Kiana, a cute, sexy, slutty sorority girl from my math class. I later found out she had a boyfriend, but that didn't stop her from fingering herself with my hand and asking me to follow her to the bathroom during class the next day. This girl was something else....Read On


Bradly: Sibling Love

As their parents are away, Jenna shows how accepting she is of Bradly's love.

"And send," I said, before setting my phone down.   "Sis, what are you doing?"   "Just texting mom and dad, now we're going to be alone all night long," I replied, before opening my top dresser drawer. "Do you think this box will be enough?" I pondered, grabbing it.   "Holy shit, is that a box of fifty?"   "Well, minus one now," I answered, bringing one out.   I made my way to him, but then...Read On


Janey: Part 3

Janey finally gets Robby inside her.

Janey lay on the bed, her cunt still twitching from her recent orgasm. "I'm ready now." she whispered after breaking off a deep, wet, sloppy kiss.  "Are you sure?" I said, hovering over her. "Yes," she sighed. "I want you inside me, bro. I want my first time with a man to be special." I pressed myself into her prone form, kissing her neck. "I love you, Sis, and I want this to be...Read On


No Inhibitions

She finally got him alone; he gave her the Holy Grail orgasm

They had known each other for years and had sex a few times, but always with rules. No kissing, no direct eye contact, just fucking without feelings. His best friend, her husband, entrusted him to help fulfill her fantasies over the years in threesomes with two guys and her. He also participated in a couple of group sex parties, occupying her while her husband played with another female....Read On


Photographers Get To Join In Wedding Orgy

A wedding photoshoot turns into something more interesting and sexy

I had started my photography business a few years back and had struggled to make a living working on my own covering weddings, product launches and other events, plus a few portraits on the side. But slowly I managed to establish a steady stream of business and clients, and finally had enough money to invest in some better equipment and a small studio. I also started to advertise to...Read On


Caned For Speeding

She was caught deliberately speeding and had to attend the Discipline Centre

I was just moments from being taken into the arena to be disciplined. I was in the waiting area of the arena, which was the modern socially acceptable name for the Discipline Centre. They still kept men and women separate and so I knew that I would be disciplined by a female disciplinarian and the watching crowd would be made up of women and girls. Of course, the minimum age requirement...Read On


Love In Ruins

Sometimes an affair can repair a broken marriage

Sometimes, when the work is going well, you can bunk off early on Friday and get home. Then, there are the times when the work isn't going well, and you are probably working some or all of Saturday, just to keep on track. This was one of those weekends; still, there were guided tours of a ruined monastery in the centre of the town. I'd always had a love of history in general, and old...Read On


My Pussy In The Mirror

My first time masturbating in front of a mirror.

It was late when I got home from the volleyball match and I was hungry, tired, and horny. My mom was working an overnight shift at the hospital and I had the house to myself. First thing I did was go to the fridge and open a container of leftover pasta. I grabbed a fork and ate it cold. I crawled upstairs and decided to use my mom's bathroom to take a shower. She has a beautiful bathroom with...Read On

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