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This section is devoted to one thing, hot anal sex stories. Our stories feature first timers - anal sex virgins, as well as those more proficient in the art, including DP (double penetration) stories and other group sex acts. Click on the links below to read some of the sexiest anal stories you'll ever come across - embellish a story you like, or add an anal story of your own for others to enjoy.


Dirty Sex: Goodbye to Good Girl

Getting to the Bottom of Claire

Fresh filmy underthings were laid out on the bed – a merest whiff of panties, see-through flesh -colored bra, and a lacy French silk camisole. How long had it been since she had dressed so sensuously? Claire Blaylock stood naked after her shower in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom and examined her body with fresh eyes. She was neither aware, nor cared, that it was...Read On


My Student And I

She's all prim and proper during classes, but that's not the whole story...

Juana was Mexican but lived in the same English town as me. Her husband was a bigwig restaurateur who wanted to set up a chain of quality restaurants, as opposed to the usual melted-cheese-and-Doritos joints that gave his country’s cuisine a bad name. I was a teacher of English as a foreign language (TEFL) and Juana had answered my small ad in the local paper. We would meet three mornings...Read On


The Snake Catcher's Daughter.....Chapter 2

      Rahotep and I saw each other several times over the next two weeks; I was repeatedly impressed by his manliness, his intelligence, his charm, his quiet dignity and kindly nature. He is also a lusty, eager and unselfish lover. To say that I miss him when we are apart, would be indeed an understatement. One night on my bed, about two weeks after we had first met, he told me...Read On


Bored Out

There's no resisting his best friend's little sister when she offers her ass to him.

Rick knew better than to look at the messages Gina had sent him while he was at work. He even waited until he got home, despite his anticipation growing throughout the day. Best friend’s sister or not, he couldn’t wait to finally fulfill one of his biggest fantasies and fuck her ass. Tonight was the night. As soon as he was home, he opened the conversation and groaned. She’d sent two...Read On


Dirty Money

Series: The Rent Series

Perhaps it was just me, but every time I managed to steal a glance at the sofa, it seemed not as white anymore. Of course, it was still white; pristine and clean, but in my mind it seemed to me that it had changed a shade, going from a true white to an off-white. It had been sullied. I could no longer look at it the same way. I hadn’t even managed to sit on it since, choosing instead the...Read On


A Little Winter Tail

A winter couples' camping trip leads to a surprise visit in the shower.

We planned this trip a few months ago, and it sounded like a good idea at the time, but as the day approached, I really wasn't looking forward to it. I'm not a winter type of girl, I hate being cold, and it was absolutely freezing and in the teens at night. We were going to be staying at a state park in a small cabin with two other couples that are good friends. I was really looking forward...Read On


Summoned To Worship: St Barney's Continued

My rival decides to put me in my place.

If you have read The Women of St Barney's you will know about this highly irregular church I was a member of on the outskirts of Georgetown, Guyana. The women were wonderful: it was an almost unbearably tempting buffet of luscious, dark-skinned prime specimens of human femaleness. There was Mollie, with whom I was falling in love, but she was ultra-respectable and private, so our...Read On


seducing stephen - chapter 8 - extreme measures

Sthen and Jim decide to see how far they can push the limits

It should come as no surprise; things felt quite different in my household now. After allowing my husband and my teenage lover to simultaneously share my bed, and my charms, the dynamics of my cozy little family had shifted considerably. A few weeks ago, I was living the dream. By day, I was being pleasured regularly by my strikingly handsome and virile sixteen-year-old neighbor and boarder....Read On


Rim Fire

Breaking the bro-code when best bud's tempting little sister finally wears him down.

When the last report faded, Rick put his rifle down on the shooting stand and walked out to the target. It was an excellent grouping, all in the bullseye. He hung another target, and then headed back to the shooting stand. A couple of minutes later, he was retrieving yet another excellent target. If he could perform that well in the competition the following weekend, he stood a good chance...Read On


Grocery Slut

Picking up a slut at the grocery store

I just love sluts, don't you? Yesterday I went to the grocery store and met Kaylee.  I knew instantly, as soon as I saw her, that she was a hungry slut so I walked up to her and said, "Hello, I'm Master J.  Leave your basket and let's go have some fun together." "Yes, Sir!" she happily replied and we did. I took her home and as soon as we walked in the door she dropped to her knees and...Read On


Kat Tries Something New

Which is better, having your ass licked or licking your best friend?

“He did what?” “He ate my ass!” Red sat there unable to comprehend her best friend for a moment. Then she shook her head. “You’re kidding me?” “Fuck no, Red. It was great. You know we’ve fucked for the first time last weekend, but last night he went down on me like he was a starving man.” “Damn, I wish my husband would do that,” said Red wistfully. Kat gave her friend a sad smile....Read On


One Wild Friday Night

The bartender surprised him and showed him a good time.

I’m a truck driver and I had been doing trade show deliveries and getting paid to wait until the shows were over to load back up. Then I’d move to the next location and start all over. Usually three to four days at most. It was a pretty good gig. Part of the deal was the display owners paid for a motel and all my expenses. I tried to keep everything reasonable, no sense in pissing somebody...Read On


Daddy's Sleepy Girl

Daddy can't resist his naked, sleeping girl, especially when he notices she's plugged.

I was still asleep when my boyfriend got home from his night shift. He was a few years older than me, and he worked as a security guard. He was very big and strong, and I loved calling him Daddy. It had been a hot day so I had gone to bed naked, just the thin sheets covering my body. My boyfriend walked into the bedroom, seeing me asleep on the bed, laying on my stomach with one knee bent....Read On



She can't afford another fender-bender, but will she let him rear-end her for rear-ending him?

Cheryl slammed on the brakes when she looked up from her phone and saw the taillights looming ahead. Too late. Shit. Shit. Shit, she thought as she heard the sound of plastic shattering. A previous fender bender had jacked up her insurance rates to a point where it was a struggle to keep up. Another would leave her in dire straits. There was just enough light from the street lamps to...Read On


Head Teacher Part Two: My A-Drive Needs Attention

Rimming-only dates with my fellow enthusiast...

“Okay, Mr Clark, you can go in now.” Sandy was Karen Robertson’s secretary. The head teacher’s sentry, who protected her from a world of urgent, concerned parents, pushy salesmen and so on. You got nowhere without Sandy’s permission, but I was lucky: she seemed to like me. When I turned up just as she was leaving – in this case, it was lunchtime – she didn’t give me a grilling, as I had...Read On


Kelly - A favour for a friend.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

“Peter, I need a favour,” I looked up from my work at the sound of my office door opening, smiling when I saw it was Kelly closing the door behind her. My smile was a natural reaction, the sort any red-blooded male had whenever a beautiful woman entered the room, but with Kelly it was a little broader because I’d known her for years and we’d been close friends since day-one. Kelly was...Read On


The Beginning of the Domination of Randi ch 7

Mike takes Randi's anal cherry

Chapter Seven: Randi loses her anal virginity Randi felt movement on the bed and awoke from her nap. She found she was in bed alone as the movement was Sophia getting up to leave. Looking at the clock on the nightstand she saw they had slept about two hours. She sat up and watched Sophia get dressed. “I wish you did not have to go. I enjoyed our time together.” "Don't worry Kitten, we...Read On


My Voluntary Violation

When a female friend suggested an exploration of pegging, my imagination conjured this tale.

HIM: I couldn’t have been more vulnerable—naked literally and figuratively.  My face was buried in the sheets, my ass in the air, hands parting my cheeks.  A woman I barely knew was poised behind me armed with a strap-on cock.  Her first thrust was a heartbeat away and my virgin ass was puckered in a knot.  This was not what I signed up for.   HER: Two weeks earlier:  He was always...Read On

The Boss's Wife: Part Six: What Comes Next

Things heat up at the party

After the meeting with Tim, I came out of his office, no his work home, furious as I had ever been in my whole life. It seemed like the board was invoking some old rule. They wanted to take all of my clients, a practice that hadn't been used in many years. It seemed I had also signed a paper that would allow them to do just that. Tim had told me his father had put the rule into play...Read On

Recommended Read


Online chatting enables Mrs D to escape the captivity of marriage

  I shook my head, struggling to rid myself of the song I'd just heard on the car radio. It wasn't as if David Bowie was one of my favourite artists, but  Changes  definitely applied to my frame of mind, and I couldn't get the words out of my mind.  A nervous, secretive smile appeared in the rearview mirror as I checked the highway behind me. Damn those words; they seemed to be taunting me...Read On


Seducing Stephen - Chapter 4 - Rhonda's visit

Reluctantly, I loan Stephen to my best friend, Rhonda. Stephen's world expands, and I am jealous

The next few weeks were a bit of a blur, but they seemed to fly by. Stephen was obsessed with his new found love and personal sex goddess. He rushed home from school daily to have me before Jim got home. In fact, one afternoon, he skipped basketball practice to get home early. I told him that was not acceptable. I explained quite sternly to him that the reason his parents allowed him to...Read On


Head Teacher

It's a 21st century blind sex date - but what if you know each other?

I had been chatting with a woman named Karen on an "adult" dating site for a few days. Total number of messages: about five each. Progress: coming along, I suppose you'd say. On such sites, I tend to take it fairly slowly, even if everyone knows what you're there for. You don't want to frighten anyone off, because if she's just a bit slower than you, and it's taken all her courage to...Read On


Thick: The Legend of the P.A.W.G. (Part 1)

This is the tale of Brooke, who is trying to find her dancing roots.

It was a warm Friday night in Houston, Texas. Brooke Ashford was working her normal shift. She was diligent when she came to her job and a good worker. The only thing is, it was only a job to her.  Her job happened to be a server at a bar/restaurant. Brooke was an attractive woman with a curvaceous body that did not go unnoticed at all. "Can I get you guys something?" Brooke said to a...Read On

Recommended Read

Taming The Cougar - Part 2 - From Cougar To Sub

Series: Taming the Cougar

The Cougar submits her body to her lover and discovers new pleasures.

I left Pam's apartment, bewildered. I had not been a choirboy in the past and had done much plain and fancy fucking. Never, however, had I been so drawn to a woman. I had at all costs avoided relationships though many women had tried to entice me into one. Why was this woman affecting me this way? I wanted more than a one-night or two-night stand with her. I had a difficult time knowing what...Read On


Anal Addiction

She likes anal, and she won't take no for an answer.

You look at the man next to you in the bed – let's call him Jim - and your lips quirk into a smile. Lean and hard, with dark hair overspreading his chest, but not an actual pelt... he's a helluva kisser, too, which is why you're naked together in your bed. You stretch out your long smooth legs, lean your face against his shoulder and speak softly. "Listen up. I don't want there to be...Read On


The Roommates Valentine's Day Date

Shelly prepares Darla to fulfil her ultimate fantasy since meeting.

The night it was decided. She finished by asking Darla, “Have you ever had anal sex?” She quickly replied, “No, I’ve never even been asked to.” “Would you like to? I have a fantasy I would like to see if you’ll help me fulfill. It started the day you walked in on Steve and I. I want to fuck your ass as you ride Steve’s cock. Steve and I have discussed it and he is willing if you are....Read On


Bi Party Of Three (Ch. 3)

Fiancee videos her man being taken.

Our collective heartbeats had barely resumed normal rhythm (following a tremendous three-way fuck-and-suck-fest) when my fiancée pointed to Bob’s still partially-erect cock and exclaimed, “You promised me I’d get to see that thick monster in his ass!” “Promise you, I did,” replied Bob in an almost perverted Yoda-esque fashion. “And you shall!” Thinking we’d need some time to recover before...Read On


Fusion of Horizons (Chapter 3)

Steve introduces Mary to his mother.

My room was now arranged to accommodate the two of us. I had managed to sneak in an extra mattress as Mary would often spend the night with me, in my room. I had things prepared for our usual oral sex, but Mary’s idea about anal sex came as a surprise. From what I had heard, anal sex was often painful and many couples dared not to try it. “Are you sure, Mary?” I asked as I unbutton my shirt....Read On


The Vampire's Lover

A vampire starts to explore submission

Vampires. They're the lords of the night, the stalkers of the living. Each one was an irresistible pale beauty with powers far greater than any creature who lurked in the darkness. With one simple gaze they can trap you in their lustful spell and turn you into a mindless puppet. They held the strength of ten men and the speed of a cheetah. For countless Centuries, Vampires reigned dominion...Read On


Nothing Better

Just like every morning these days, I'm woken by the cat running across my stomach. Usually not uncomfortable, but with the baby getting bigger these days, it causes him to wiggle at the sudden impact. Opening my eyes, I push her off the bed, then reach over to my nightstand to check the time on my phone. Through my sleep fog, I see the clock reads 8:30 am. Half an hour before my alarm, but...Read On

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