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Bisexuality is the sexual orientation which refers to the sexual desire for individuals of either gender or of either sex. Bisexual people fall between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality. Bisexuals are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders. Our bisexual stories will appeal to people who are curious about exploring this side of their sexuality.


Anniversary Surprise, Chapter 4

The good times continue up in their suite and things heat up before they head home.

1 Evening Delights   Dan and Pam nervously rode up the elevator to their suite. Outside their suite, Pam tore the note off the door and read it out loud, “Hello My Sluts. I am happy you were resourceful enough to secure help in gaining release from your bindings. Now, I should be back to visit after my dinner meeting is done. Until then, I found something to occupy you. Now put on your...Read On


Who would have thunk it?

Young stud to mature ladies learns to suck cock.

Who would have thunk it? Me, Thomas Avery Jenkins, the well-known ladies-man, a cocksucker. How did that happen? I was born into one of the finer Irish families in Boston, whose wealth had been depleted during the great depression of the 1930s. After leaving the military following WWII, my father began an earnest drive to restore the family’s wealth. Even though, he was no longer wealthy,...Read On


Two Married Guys Ch. 1-2

Two married guys connect on a business trip

Chapter 1 It had been a long flight and hellish Uber into the city, and Tom just wanted a beer and a burger. Room service was done for the night, so he headed down to the bar, where he figured he could at least get the beer. There was a game on - and one guy at the bar. This place wasn't exactly hopping at 11:45 on a Wednesday night. The bartender was a cute little thing. Probably a...Read On


Anniversary Surprise, Chapter 3

Pam and Dan's Vegas Weekend Getaway Continues in The Pool

1 The Pool Stepping out of the elevator and into the lobby, Pam proceeded down the hallway towards the pool area. She took Dan down a side hallway and to the end where there was a glass door and behind that a terra cotta wall that had a sign that simply read, “Adult Pool Area—You Must be 18 Years Old to Enter.” Pam smiled at Dan, took his hand and pushed the door open. They turned and...Read On


Anniversary Surprise, Chapter 2—Their Vegas Weekend Getaway Continues

Their Vegas weekend getaway continues...

1 Waking Up Dan slowly came awake the next morning lying in bed to a warm sensation around his groin. Looking down, he saw his wife Pam slowly sucking his morning wood. “Good morning gorgeous!” he greeted her. Pam grunted in reply and continued with her task, getting Dan off before their first cup of coffee. Dan loved it when Pam surprised him by waking him in this fashion. It didn’t...Read On


Jenny and Vicki at the Bar

Jenny goes out with Vicki, who is really Victor until he dresses up!

Vicki is one of my sexy, fun, online friends that I have never met in real life. That was about to change. Vicki and I made plans to meet at a strip club to have an erotic evening. Let me clarify something. While Vicki is exciting and sexy, Victor (Vicki’s real name) is a thirty-three-year-old guy, a bore, well, at least boring and of no interest to me. I enjoy chatting with the...Read On


Meeting And First Date With Aldous

After a long sexual hiatus I enter into a new master/slave relationship

I identify as a 'bi male' but for the past few years, my sex life has been non existent. Age and an enlarged prostate have taken their toll and the eight-inch erection I was once so proud of is now just a happy memory. My tiny cock is no longer an embarrassment to me. I've learned to accept it. Of course I still get horny, still masturbate and still dream about sex. I've never felt...Read On


Double Vision

The night I had double vision or did I?

It was another hot summer day as I took a break from work to go to my favorite sandwich shop. There I can get away from work and relax during my hectic week. I sat down in my favorite corner table to read my emails in private on my laptop. My favorite waitress came over and said, "Emily, would you like your usual iced tea today”? “Yes. That sounds perfect, Samantha." She winked playfully...Read On


Julie's Adventure Part 3

Julie and Ann's relationship continues to grow.

A few days later Jim came home from work with an expensive bottle of wine and the news that he had gotten the job and the raise was even more than he expected. "After the kids are asleep, we can have a little private celebration of our own. And maybe we can watch that movie that Ann left." "Oh, I had almost forgotten about that. Sure, it might be fun." Ann decided to press her husband...Read On



PaulaTVxxx goes to visit a sex club and meets some new friends.

DOING THE BUSINESS ...A PaulaTVxxx story She had just pulled onto the club’s car park when her mobile ‘phone rang, she pulled the handbrake, turned off the ignition then reached into the handbag on the passenger seat searching for the ringing, vibrating telephone. She reminded herself that she should just put it on the seat, it always took so long to find it in the large bag amongst all...Read On


Scenes From A Shattered Life

Scenes from our hero's descent from a broken heart to a life split like light refracted.

Here I was, Parris Island. Thirteen weeks of hell that would grind the esprit de corps into you. I had graduated high school and had enough credits so that I would be entering as an E2, a private first class. The first day of intake is a blur that washes past you. Shouted off the bus, you stand on the yellow footprints that countless before you have stood. Some have gone off to all sorts...Read On


Sucking The Captain's Cock

About a young Watch Officer and his Captain.

The 12-4 watch on a ship is normally quiet and uneventful. Four long hours of staring at the radar, the frequent chart plot, and making small talk with the helmsman. This week was even a tad more dull, as the watches were dogged, and I was on the 12-6. I was struggling with the boredom. However, when the Captain made a late afternoon visit to the Bridge, things got a lot more interesting. ...Read On


Act III: Sarah's song

The continued misadventures of our hero

Summer was now over and school was in full session. I had reconnected with Sarah and now she was the only thing on my mind. She was so beautiful with her black hair, bright green eyes, and the glasses she would occasionally wear, slipping the contacts on when she felt self-conscious. She wore converse no matter the time or season and I loved it. We were so alike in so many ways. We liked...Read On


Summer 2010

The budding relationship between Charlie and Daniel continues to bloom, but summer is ending soon.

The rest of the weekend we had spent mainly cuddled on the couch alternating between movies, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Avatar the Last Airbender. Dan was kind enough to prepare lunch for me. I was hesitant to go much further that weekend. We would continue with the oral play, but I held back. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but more I didn’t really know how to go about asking...Read On


My First Cock - After The Shower

A night I won't soon forget.

Suzy grabbed the towel and was out the door leaving Paul and I standing in the shower still with the water still cascading over us. Paul turned to me and said, “It’s okay if you want to stop here. I’ll understand and so will Suzy.” With that, he patted me on the shoulder and followed Suzy out. I stood there under the water thinking about all that had just happened. I couldn’t really say how...Read On

Recommended Read



The winding curves of Mulholland Drive make the perfect foil for my Jaguar XJ. From Topanga Canyon to the Cahuenga Pass, its scenic lanes curve through the iconic terrain of the Santa Monica Mountains. Choked with traffic, it’s a frustrating trap in the daily commute but, during a few precious weekend hours, it’s a pure joy to drive. I felt the tires gripping the asphalt as I wove my...Read On


My Best Friend

A young man comforts his friend and helps him through a messy break up.

This is a story set long ago, way back in ye olde 19-2010. It was a different time. Smartphones were fairly new, YouTube kept getting bigger, and I was on the edge of eighteen. It was an amazing summer, even though it started on a sour note. I had been in an on-again-off-again relationship with a girl since sixth grade. We had one of those TV relationships that were so frustrating, and this...Read On


Power Bottom's Top Secret

The heat of the lights, the cameras, the sweat, the tension of muscles, the strange and uncomfortable positions. Porn can get so hard, and not in a good way. Bruno could tell. He’s a smokin' hot, beefy thirty-two-year-old man from Brazil, with a sexy beard, a deep, masculine voice and tattoos on his muscled body, with a beautiful cock. And that cock just shot its load, followed by...Read On


I Am the Exhibit, Chapter 6

FWB shows me a good time..

I left to the now familiar sounds of two women exploring each other’s bodies and enjoying the discoveries. I, however, was taxed.  So taxed that I didn’t think I’d get an erection for at least a month.  I'd fucked two girls at the same time.  I’d listened to them fuck each other.  I’d seen the two girls go down on each other, even.  And still, I was spent.  It happens.  Sometimes it...Read On


The Doctor (Part 12 – On Tarryn’s bed)

Tarryn and Tessa move to Tarryn’s bed, and pleasure ensues.

Tarryn and Tessa had a nice shower together, during which there was lots of kissing and hugging, and sexy talk. Back in Tarryn’s bedroom, Tessa noticed the toys lying on the bed. “Is that what I think it is?” asked Tessa pointing to the butt plug. “Yep,” replied Tarryn smiling brightly. “It is a butt plug, and it feels amazing.” “Wow,” said Tessa. “I’ve never tried one of those.” ...Read On


The "Fuck It" Anniversary Cruise

What happens when playful bedroom banter becomes reality on a vacation that will never be forgotten

My lovely wife, Ivy and I are your standard married couple. A couple kids, a house and the white picket fence. Where we may differ is in our sex life, after twenty years the sex is still amazing. We are both a little freaky between the sheets. We do a lot of role play, a lot of fantasy. We often play on chat sites but never show our face.  She loves making men explode by watching us. I enjoy...Read On


The Doctor (Part 11 – Tessa at Tarryn’s)

Tessa and Tarryn finally get together, and warm up the kitchen.

Tessa grabbed her bag and jumped into an Uber. She had gone to Tarryn’s house many times over the years, but this was the first time she was feeling quite so excited about it. In fact, she was so excited that her hands were shaking, her clit was throbbing, and despite having just showered and cleaned up, her clean and fresh panties were already soaking wet. The Uber pulled up outside...Read On


Critical Acclaim Or Not

Senior male writer of erotic stories get savaged by critics.

I am a cocksucker and bottom. I love sucking clean hard cocks. And I love taking it up the ass even more. But I’m not 100% gay, as I also love pussy. I have reached a point in my life where ED has overtaken me and I can no longer fuck anyone man or woman. So, these days I mostly suck and bottom. How did I get to this point? Well, it started when I was a mere sixteen. My two older cousins and...Read On


Horn Of Plenty

A revolution occurs in Tommy’s sex life…

Six weeks after finishing high school, Tommy was fortunate to get a job at a small company that specialized in dry walling. There were four teams in the business, each consisting of four men. Tommy was employed as an apprentice on a four-month probation period and then after that, if he proved to be worthy, he would begin to earn a proper wage as a fulltime employee. The three guys in the...Read On


Baxter, Carl and I

San Jose, here we cum

For the next few days, I pondered the possibility of getting Carl to fuck Baxter. Baxter liked my fucking him but maybe he’d like a bigger cock to broaden his horizons, hah hah. Our wives had gone to the movies, so, after a rare fuck session on a Sunday afternoon, I asked him, “Do you think it’s time for a bigger cock to fuck you?” “I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it.” “Mine...Read On


Unexpected Enjoyment

When dreams and reality collide.

I had been having dreams, odd dreams, about my wife’s college roommate for some time now.  They were always vivid and seemed to suggest a sexual relationship between the two of us.  Sometimes, there would be other people involved.  Sometimes, there were crazy sexual situations that I’d never desired in real life, but in these dreams were my deepest desires.  I finally brought these dreams to...Read On


My Last Interview Before My Initiation

Newly bi male is part of a second interview for a bi swingers group.

I had spent all day Thursday at work thinking of the night before and the early morning with Robert and how he had turned my body onto so many new sensations. My cock would begin to harden at the thought of Robert going down on me and us in a sixty-nine with me worshipping his throbbing member. I knew I would have to take a walk when my thoughts wandered to Robert sliding his cock into my...Read On


Nudist Campground

Widower visits nudist campground and learns to suck cock

I have always been interested in nudity. I tried for years to interest my late wife in visiting nudists sites like beaches, campgrounds, etc. But alas, she would have no part of it. Over the years I talked to various people about it and expressed my wonderment how a guy could go around without a perpetual hard-on. I was told it was a lifestyle, not a sexual thing. My thinking was, yeah right....Read On


My First Cock

Finding more ways to have fun.

I’m an older guy and having been divorced for a while, my sex life has been somewhat a non-existence thing. With being in a loveless relationship with my ex-wife and then being an older single guy, it just didn’t make sex a priority for me. To fill the void, I joined several online sites where I mostly read the stories posted by others. As time went on, I also became friends with some of...Read On

Editor's Pick

Lost and Found

A young couple attends their first Pride parade, and they have some questions...

“Nervous?” Abby looked up at her boyfriend as the elevated train car rattled and screeched around a turn before straightening out and heading towards the loop. “What? No. Why would I be nervous?” “A million people…” She shook her head. “I can’t imagine that many in the same place at one time.” Justin nodded and laughed. “Can you imagine if they threw one of these things back home? There’d...Read On

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