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I am like just about any guy. I think about sex every day, some days more than others. I especially love giving oral sex. It is so sweet. I love watching how the other person reacts to my touch and tongue. I also enjoy stories where the woman teases either another girl or a guy.

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I enjoy the outdoors. I like hiking, climbing, biking and just about any activity that involves nature and physical activity.


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Posted: 19 Jan 2019 18:20

First off, it is a loaded question. I don't think liberals are against securing the borders. In fact, there is bipartisan agreement on border security. Notice the words, border security, not build a wall. The issue is twofold, one, a wall is impractical, an ecological disaster and doesn't really address the issues that Trump raised in his short speech on primetime. Also, it would involve the government taking over a lot of private land. I am not sure Republicans would go for that. Second, issues should be discussed in Congress and legislation should be crafted with give and take as opposed to "I will shut the government until I get what I want tantrum."

The other question that this shutdown raises is why didn't Trump force this issue when the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress?

One other item, border security isn't simple and many different things need to be changed to improve it.

Posted: 06 Jan 2019 17:01

Shaun of the Dead - A British Zombie Comedy movie. It was kind of stupid but it was one of those movies that I laughed more after I saw it when I remembered some of the scenes than while watching it.

Posted: 03 Oct 2018 09:32

How many job interviews have you been on when the employer accused the applicant of a whole series of sex crimes. I know I have not and I do not think I have ever head of this happening to any other job applicant either. I think if you and your family had been threatened you may find a reason to be upset too.

If what is unknow is cause for rejection , we are in a strange place.

If you on the far left disapprove of his decision making on the Court of Appeals attach him their that is fair game his wife and young children aren't.

I am not attacking his wife or his children and while I care about how he might rule on the Supreme Court there are other qualified conservative and dare I say moderate judges who would make excellent Supreme Court judges.

Also, Judge Kavanaugh introduced his wife at an interview, that was not necessary and then proceeded to cut her off when she tried to speak. Maybe you misunderstood my comment, I can understand him being angry if he was accused of something he didn't do, maybe that will never be determined, however his reaction was over the top and vengeful. Do we want someone on the court with that attitude?

Also he lied about his drinking. Look, he could have said, I was a wild boy in high school and college but I have matured and learned from my mistakes. That would be probably more of an honest answer, instead he pretends to be a choir boy.

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 12:54

I am past thinking about whether the allegations are true or not. I don't think Judge Kavanaugh expressed the proper sentiment to be on the Supreme Court. If someone responded like he did in a job interview (which these hearings essentially are), then I think most employers would move on to other qualified and better temperamental individuals. I don't think he could make a good Supreme Court judge. He responded like someone with a chip on their shoulder.

In addition, he lied about his drinking days and there are still loads of documents and correspondence that the White House refuses to release. All these are reasons to select another better qualified individual.

Posted: 11 Dec 2017 07:39

IMHO you're asking all the wrong questions. As soon as you allow any deductions, credits, carve outs or set asides in the tax code you're allowing for more to be passed in the future. Congress is going to monkey with anything they can monkey with. It's how they buy votes. The solution is to take it away from them. What's needed is a constitutional amendment that takes the cookie jar and puts it on a shelf high enough that they can't reach it.

Here's one proposal (not original) that would work.

1. Have a real Federal Budget, like the one you have in your household. Include every income item and every expenditure. No more gimmicks like the Social Security "lock box" or pushing things into an "off budget" category. No more "black budget" items for the DoD.
2. The IRS sets a tax rate for the current year that will cover all of the amounts projected for the current budget year adjusted to correct for any amounts overspent or underspent in the previous year.
3a. Every income earner, individual, corporate, or institutional, pays the tax rate set by the IRS in step 2 above on any amount they received from any source above and beyond an amount set by the Department of Commerce that reflects the current definition of the poverty line.
- or -
3b. Every sale, retail or wholesale, has a National Sales Tax applied at the time of the transaction at the rate set by the IRS in step 2 above. Certain items and categories that are life, safety, and/or health related will be exempt from the sales tax. Examples would include things like food, medicines, and medical care.

The fatal flaw in the above proposal is that Congress will never pass any tax system that they cannot monkey with. Monkeying with the tax code is the very essence of Congressional power. Do they use it in excess? How the F do you think the tax code got so messed up in the first place? The analogy of a having the federal budget and taxes be like your personal budget can be a good one. However, just like the family budget some things need to be paid for over time, for example your house or car. In the government's case, that would be buildings and armaments among other things. You will need to pay for those over time.

The other challenge with this idea is that the expenses and the tax receipts of the government vary over time plus there is a need for deficit spending in times of war and or recessions, at least most economists would argue that. So those things would need to be accounted for along with the timing issue of when a budget is determined. I do agree there are too many special interest groups that mess up the system. Right now, I just think we need to try to have more intelligent conversations about the issues.

Posted: 09 Dec 2017 10:38

These tax bills first off shouldn't be called tax reform. This bill actually creates additional complexities for small businesses that are set up as pass-through entities. Also taxes perform two key functions whether you like it or not. One to raise revenue and another one is to implement social policy.

There has been discussion on comparing these bills (House and Senate) to the ACA bill in the amount of vetting done. They are not the same. The ACA bill had well over 20 days of hearing where health care experts testified. You could argue that Congress didn't listen to them but at least the experts could present their concerns. These tax bills did not have the same amount of discussion. One senator (an independent from Maine) commented and I paraphrase, the faster a bill gets voted on, the worse the bill is.

Now some questions?
> Do you believe single parents should get some type of tax breaks
> Do you believe that all types of casualty losses should be treated the same? Earthquakes versus hurricanes for example
> Do you believe people with excessive medical bills should get a tax deduction
> Do you believe the government should encourage charitable giving
> Do you believe no estates should be taxed
> Do you believe corporations require a significant tax break to be competitive
> Do you believe individuals should get a temporary reduction in tax rates while corporations get a permanent reduction
> Do you believe that carried interest (a tax loophole criticized by trump and the Republicans) should continue to be treated favorably.

These bill(s) do the following
> Eliminate Head of Household status - I thought the Republicans were for "family" values
> Hurricanes continue to get favorable tax treatment, earthquakes no
> Currently, medical expenses are deductible (if you can itemize) if they exceed 10% of AGI. This is eliminated in both bills
> With the increase in the standard deduction, people will have one less reason to donate since for most middle class taxpayers, they will not longer be able to itemize.
> Estate taxes no matter how large the estate will be eliminated. (I am sure this will help Trump's family.)
> Corporations seem to be doing fine but they have not hired more people. Low interest rates, large amount of cash holdings haven't encouraged this. How will these bills help?
> Corporation rates permanent, individuals no
> Carried interest loophole remains even after trump campaigned against it. (Is this cleaning the swamp?)

These are just a few of the changes that make these bills difficult to support along with an over $1 trillion dollar increase in the deficit.

Posted: 28 Nov 2017 22:03

Why is this even a question? Heck yes!

Posted: 07 Oct 2017 09:59

A few comments:

1) I just read the last 10 or 12 comments and I want to compliment everyone with mostly commenting respectfully and with facts or reference to facts to support their opinion. More intelligent conversation and discourse is needed in the US.

2) Illegal immigration. If the purpose of the wall is to stop illegal immigration, it can be done very quickly without spending billions. The answer, penalize employers, farmers, poultry processing plants, etc. who employ illegal workers. Most immigration is due to economic reasons (wanting a better and safer life), we give lip service to enforcement. Penalizing the employers would stop a large amount of immigration.

3) Health care: Lets decide what we want health care to do. Everyone longs for the "good ole days" but one, you cannot roll back the clock and two, the good ole days weren't really that good. As a few people responded, US healthcare costs are the highest per capita with some of the worse outcomes life span and quality of life.

Posted: 11 Sep 2017 07:05

Maybe we should be looking at global warming and the environment from a different perspective. What is wrong with just trying to be more efficient in our use of the Earth's resources and be better stewards of this planet for future generations? We should be trying to make cars more efficient, we should be trying to release less carbon into the atmosphere and we should be protecting natural resources for future generations. Global warming or not, it will just make for a healthier planet and in the end, it would be better for us all. Plus, if we did this, we would be on the leading edge of new technologies and jobs.

Posted: 25 Jul 2017 14:36

It would partially depend on her reasons but more importantly it would depend on the chemistry between us and whether she had the interest.

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