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“Just brightening up my little corner of the internet with some meaningful permission, joy, ingenuity, compassion, and humility.”

- Caramel Infidel

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I enjoy consensual fun. This key quality informs my art.

This means …

1. Knowing why people do what they do,

2. That they’re truly fulfilled by their passions,

3. That they give pleasure to friends, partners, and lovers, and

4. That they're completely on board with any activity and all choices they make.

If I can't see, experience, detect or understand the desire, choices, and decisions they’ve made, I'm probably getting off their trains with a quickness.

If they intend to drive those trains off the tracks while fooling their passengers into believing they're a safe ride, I will definitely never board those trains in the first place.

Cruelty will drive me right out of that station on the double.

🖤 Kindness isn't just a virtue. It's a highly attractive and appealing quality all on its own. 🖖

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🔒 Please note that my erotic picture folder is for specified friends only. 🔒

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Caramel Infidel
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In my mind, at least one parsec from the ecliptic …
📸 Photography

💻 Computers

🎨 Art 🎭

🏓 Light Kink 😉

💜 Consent Culture 💖

👭 Kindness 👬

💝 Caring 🌼

💋 Naughtiness 😈

👫 Niceness 💛

💚 Friendliness 👍

🎈 Fun 🎁

🌈 Nature 🌲

💗 Good Times 👌
Favorite Books:
📙 📗 📓 📚 📜 📔 📘 📕 📒

📖 Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

📖 Patience and Sarah

📖 The Ethical Slut

📖 Spare the Kids

📖 That Mean Old Yesterday

📖 The Way of the Heathen

📖 Singled Out

📖 Sex, Lies, and Statistics

📖 The Confidence Game: Why We Fall For It … Every Time

📖 The Ebony Exodus Project

and so on …

📒 📕 📘 📔 📜 📚 📓 📗 📙
Favorite Authors:
Favorite Movies:
Favourite TV Shows:
Favorite Music:
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Virtual Insanity (Jamiroquai)

DARE | Clint Eastwood | Dirty Harry | On Melancholy Hill (Gorillaz)

Woo Hoo (Blur)

Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters)

B.L.O.S.S.O.M. (Komeda)

Woo Hoo | I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield | Teenage Cleopatra (The’s)

Upside Down | Reflections (Diana Ross {& The Supremes})

Young Americans | Changes | Under Pressure {with Freddy Mercury) | Blue Jean | Modern Love | Let’s Dance (David Bowie)

If I’m In Luck, I Might Get Picked Up | Game Is My Middle Name | F.U.N.K. | Your Mama Wants Ya Back | Don’t Call Her No Tramp (Betty Davis)

In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)

Crimson and Clover (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts + Tommy James & The Shondells)

Lady Marmelade (Patti Labelle)

I Saw The Sign (Ace of Base)

Highway To Hell | You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)

Just Push Play (Aerosmith)

Rock Steady (Aretha Franklin)

Tennessee (Arrested Develpment)

’03 Bonnie & Clyde | Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Knowles featuring Jay Z)

Foolin’ (Def Leppard)

Crazy (Patsy Cline)

Housequake | Erotic City | Let’s Go Crazy | Delirious | Head | Sign ’O’ The Times | Alphabet Street | 1999 | Soft And Wet | 7 | Controversy (Prince)

Lighters Up [Welcome To Brooklyn] (Lil’ Kim)

Express Yourself (Charles Wright)

Do It [Till You're Satisfied] (B.T. Express)

Enter Sandman (Metallica)

Rough Boy | Sharp Dressed Man | Legs | Sleeping Bag | Gimme All Your Lovin’ (ZZ Top)

Street Life (Randy Crawford)

All Apologies | Lithium (Nirvana)

I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton)

Jolene (Dolly Parton and The White Stripes)

Everything Is Everything (Lauryn Hill)

H to the Izzo (Jay-Z)

Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

My Philosophy (KRS One - Boogie Down Productions)

Fuck The Pain Away (Peaches)

Zydeco Gris Gris (Beausoleil)

Eyes Without A Face (Billy Idol)

Bo Didley | Who Do You Love? (Bo Didley)

Many Men (50 Cent)

Same Song | The Humpty Dance (Digital Underground)

Across 110th Street (Bobby Womack)

Open Letter To A Landlord (Living Colour)

Supernova (Liz Phair)

In My House (Mary Jane Girls)

Shanghai Shuffle (Louis Armstrong)

St. Louis Blues | The Sheik of Araby (Sidney Bechet)

No Regrets (Little Willie John)

Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits)

Strawberry Letter 23 (The Brothers Johnson)

Killing Me Softly With His Song (Roberta Flack)

King of Rock | You Be Illin’ | I’m Not Going Out Like That (Run DMC)

Turn My Back On You (Sade)

I Desire (Salt ’n’ Pepa)

Just Call Me Joe (Sinead O’Connor)

Zero (Smashing Pumpkins)

What’s My Name? (Snoop Dogg)

Abracadabra (Steve Miller Band)

Bring The Noise (Public Enemy)

Through (Hoodlem)

Run Through The Jungle (Credence Clearwater Revival)

Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye)

Mas Que Nada (Joao Gilberto)

Cars (Gary Numan)

Hip Hop (Dead Prez)

Nightcall (Kavinsky)

Work (Rihanna featuring Drake)

Little Wing (Jimmy Hendrix)

We’ve Only Just Begun (The Carpenters)

Love Is Alright Tonite (Rick Springfield)

♬ Soundtrack of The Agronomist (Wyclef Jean & Jerry ‘Wonder’ Duplessis)

You Gots To Chill | Strictly Business (EPMD)

There Must Be An Angel [Playing With My Heart] (Eurythmics)

Allison (Elvis Costello)

We Will Rock You | One Vision | Bohemian Rhapsody | Another One Bites the Dust | Bicycle Race | Don’t Stop Me Now | Flash’s Theme | Fat Bottomed Girls | Hammer to Fall | We Are the Champions (Queen)

Matthäuspassion (Johann Sebastian Bach)

Whip It | Satisfaction (Devo)

Cavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo (Pietro Mascagni)

Let It Whip (The Dazz Band)

Claire de Lune (Claude Debussy)

Ramayana Monkey Chant (Balinese Performers)

Boléro (Maurice Ravel)

Chariots of Fire (Vangelis)

O Fortuna [Carmina Burana] (Carl Orff)

Early In The Morning | Burn Rubber on Me [Why You Wanna Hurt Me] | You Dropped a Bomb on Me | Party Train (The Gap Band)

Der Kommissar [English and German Versions] (Falco)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar)

Drive | Shake It Up (The Cars)

Catch Hell Blues | Seven Nation Army | Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground | Icky Thump (The White Stripes)

West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)

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Odyssey For The Unbroken One

Naomi drummed her candy-apple nails impatiently on the pass-through window. “Order up!” Sheila, the longest tenured server, barked and passed Naomi the ticket. Naomi, always three steps ahead, noticed the customers’ fancy attire and guessed they’d be going for the more expensive items on the menu.  She bit her bottom lip, lightly glossed the same shade as her nails.  Her scalp itched...

Added 29 Jun 2020 | Category Lesbian

Mary Smith, Escort Extraordinaire

I am an honest-to-goodness, flesh-and-blood, mostly friendly, often frisky, black adult American female person woman human.  I am that no matter what I choose to do and no matter what someone else chooses to do with me.  I am also a proud, ethical, and unabashed sex worker. My client rules of engagement are as follows. No piss, race, poop, rape, incest, slave, cop/prisoner or...

Added 09 Sep 2018 | Category Humor | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,054

Recommended Read Kindred Desires

KAYE I love people, but I don’t enjoy being treated like some naïve teen who doesn’t know what’s best for her. I’m a card-carrying adult, fully allowed by law and motivated by disposition to engage in any ethical activity of my choosing.  Yeah, my short stature, girlish face, and medium-small breasts might freak you out at first sight.  However, if you were ever lucky enough to sample...

Added 24 Jun 2018 | Category Bisexual | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4 | Views 5,806

Pure Effing Passion!

My bags were packed and waiting by the front door of my former McMansion.  I was more than ready to go. Thinking back over these past ten years, I concluded that I should never have married in the first place.  However, my conservative religious culture of origin, a shitload of societally coercive brainwashing, and a fair amount of young adult lust pushed me straight into Sipir's arms. Now...

Added 26 Jun 2018 | Category Bisexual | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,017

Box That Dirty Talk!

“Get your cute little ass out of that business meeting now!” I directed him through the phone. “Do you know I’m blowing off work right now because I’m just so horny for your body?” I begged.  “I’m so fucking horny for you that I’m dressed for work but sticking my hand down my panties.  Do you know how wrong this looks?  A professional woman frigging herself to exhaustion in her best...

Added 23 Jun 2018 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 11,794


We were together beyond all belief.  We could not have known what we would be for each other ahead of time.  We imagined what could be and made it happen.  Not only that, our subterranean imaginations brought about an embodied, necessary, and unreserved truth. I was a woman.  He was a man.  Those facts never limited us, although they did many others.  I pitied them. I was not...

Added 08 Jul 2018 | Category Mature | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,705


He was there exactly when I needed him to be.  Funny, engaging, charming, with eyes that suggested that and more and a laugh like warm cocoa going down.   Yuuummy! It had been awhile since I was with anyone so easy to be with, someone who didn’t make me feel a trace of self-consciousness.  He invited conversation naturally, and my mind raced to all the other “natural” things we could be...

Added 30 Jun 2018 | Category Spanking | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 8,467

The Blindfold

“Short & Sexy Red Lycra Spandex Super Stretch Mini Dress (PVC Wet Look).” Fuck. When I scrolled down to those words, my pussy got wet.  The model had my body type and I just knew it would look amazing on me.  I knew Damon would love it on me as well.  I also knew he would love taking it partially or fully off. I put it and the matching open-toe, red mid-heel pumps in my cart.  Truth...

Added 27 Jun 2018 | Category Fetish | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,346

Callipygian Excursion

I had to say goodbye to my last partner to say hello to getting my ass fucked. Yes, that phrase unfortunately describes the worst thing one person can do to another. ("They fucked us ... in the ass!") I get it metaphorically. However, I wasn't getting it literally and that was the real problem. How do you even phrase that request without looking like a huge, perverted freak? Only...

Added 28 Jun 2018 | Category Anal | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4 | Views 10,079

No Talking

I moan when I’m turned on. I’m not boasting.  I just don’t scream, shout, talk up a storm, or put on much of a show when I’m doing it.  Sometimes I wonder if I should be writing about sex at all.  Fuck it, though.  If extroverts can put their business out there, then my introverted ass can, too. The idea for the “quiet” threesome started between me and my lover.  We kissed and cuddled in...

Added 29 Jun 2018 | Category Threesomes | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,829

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