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Cheating sex stories, are those where someone in the relationship is being unfaithful to their partner. They may feature cheating husbands or boyfriends, cheating girlfriends or housewives. Stories specifically featuring cheating wives can be found / published in the popular Wife Lovers category.

Stories in this genre often contain elements of heightened excitement, the characters’ knowledge they are doing wrong, and the associated dangers which come with it. They may or may not get caught cheating, and that’s the risk they are willing to take. Typical scenarios would be where a person has been caught cheating in the middle of the act, is cyber cheating, or discovered text messaging their illicit lover.


Reclaimed In Full (Chapter 5)

Confrontation and the aftermath

Through the journey, Carol kept apologizing but I remained quiet. The cause of my silence was two-fold; I was boiling with rage for the disgrace she had brought upon me. Secondly, the time to confront her was interrupted by the news of her dad being admitted to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, Carol inquired with Susan, the receptionist, about her dad's condition and the ward in...Read On


Helping with the Neighbor's Sink

The pleasures of being a plumber. . .

Dan and Reba lived next door to us and over a period of time we became good friends. Often times, we’d enjoy the company of each other by sharing a patio dinner during the summer or a pot of stew, during the winter months. Our friendship was strictly platonic and nothing more. I found Reba quite attractive. At thirty- five, she looked much younger than her age, and at times, she even...Read On

Sister In Law Part Three

Wayne goes out to a party with his sister-in-law

Well, that happened. Desiree and I were finally over, not on paper, but mentally I was already on the way out the door. Hope had tried to set things right but failed, while Gary loved every minute of it. The day before they left, he told me that I could take the pickup; he had already signed it over to me, passing the papers across the table like it was the best gift he had ever given someone....Read On


Chapter 3, Santa Clara Valley Before Silicon, A Poor Girl Faces the World

Poor girl is born in old farm house of mixed ancestery

  On the morning of June 8, 1950, I met the world in a ramshackle farmhouse surrounded by a pear orchard. As I gasped for air, then screamed to announce the importance of my arrival, the Mexican midwife carried me outside and bathed me in cool water from a hand pump.  Properly bathed and blessed in her Mayan dialect, she carried me back to be soothed with the milk of my mother's breasts. ...Read On


Who Needs Monogamy

Series: Who Needs...?

This time, she fucks me.

I got home around one in the morning.  Thankfully, I had left the lights on, otherwise I would have been stumbling around in the dark.  I went to the bathroom only intending to shower, but Joey’s scent caught me as I undressed.  I was immediately turned on again and my erection was aching for another taste of Joey.  I took a warm shower as I stroked out another orgasm using the soap...Read On


Uber Rider

Great encounter.

This happened today and it shouldn't have but I’ve been feeling free and feisty recently.  I was at work when my boss — the lesbian that isn't interested in me, or so she says — asked me to run an errand and I instantly thought it was a way to get out of the office. So I said yes, even though it was beneath my work status.  I had to go into Boston to pick up some piece for a machine they...Read On

Recommended Read

Chapter 2, Rear View Mirror’s Reflection

Woman lived a life of adultery and reflects how it all happened.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. *Soren Kierkegaard* After a life of adultery, many men known, I'm old, not in spirit, but calendar old. Young, it was so short a time ago. Then, young, was forever. Old, when did it become so? Was it when pop culture figures were unfamiliar when more dead were known than alive when none my age were present at an event? ...Read On

Recommended Read

The Other Side Of The Secret

It's just sex... isn't it?

January 2019 Half an inch from clearing the history, the cursor skids to a halt when five forgotten downloads rivet her attention. What was an innocent routine of moving some trip photos between devices takes a disturbing twist as a seaside day's souvenirs are eclipsed by the radioactive, quintet wink of his name.  Their viewer's carefully applied cosmetic calm dissolves as if the...Read On


Cheating Sexual Desires Chapter 3

Series: Cheating Sexual Desires

Can Derek move on after seeing his Ex after her affair?

It's been six months since Derek caught Gabby cheating on him. For the first four months, he stayed at Tom's guest house. When Derek finally went home, he found a note from Gabby, but he didn't bother reading it and just tossed it in the trash. He had the engineer in his Condo, change his locks just in case she showed up. Derek was trying his best to move on. He spent the majority of his time...Read On


Kim's Revenge

Hell has no fury like a woman wronged...

Suzy and Kim had been bisexual lovers before Kim’s hubby Joshua and Suzy began an extramarital affair. Simply stated, Suzy and Joshua were fucking like rabbits. But is often the way, the sex got somewhat stale and the bisexual Suzy began to thirst for the taste of Kim’s sweet pussy. For Suzy, the biggest thrill of fucking Joshua was knowing the wickedness of fucking a married man, and...Read On


Chapter 1, The Door’s Threshold

Married mother of two crosses the threshold into adultery...

It was long ago but for me, not so long ago. On an October 1975, evening, I crossed a forbidden threshold. Although twenty-five-years old, married and mother of two, I was young, a girl, not yet a woman. That evening, I backed out of our home’s driveway, glanced from the rear-view mirror to the kitchen window and saw him, my husband. He watched me leave, just like Mom did when Dad drove off....Read On

Audio version available

The Painter - Part 1

I hire a man to paint in my home, then take every opportunity to expose and tease him.

Feeling the desire to bring some sexual excitement back into my life, I hire a man to paint my living room. Every chance I get, I try to find a way to flirt, tease, or expose myself to him while he works. After building myself up to a sexual frenzy, I find a way to show him my intentions by making my husband an unknowing accomplice after he gets home from work.  ...Read On


Night With My Old Boss Part 2

This was the second meeting with my old boss and the sex got better.

After our two nights in the hotel in London, Fi and I kept in contact on the phone and via WhatsApp with lots of naughty messages and dirty phone calls. Plus some topless photo shots to me from Fi. We arranged to meet in London again when we were both there for work, but in a more modest hotel. I had bought a new glass dildo at Fi's request and a tartan micro skirt for her to wear. Fi...Read On


Girlfriend's Busty Co-Worker - Part 2

Series: Girlfriend's Busty co-worker

Drunken temptation with my girlfriend's busty work colleague.

“Oh, do you have big boobs then?” I said in a funny mocking way. “No, they’re tiny” she joked, suddenly squeezing them together by bringing in her shoulders. “I hadn’t noticed. But seriously it must be a piece of piss getting dates and attention with them?” “Well, they can be a blessing sometimes but they mainly get the attention of the creepy pervs or the cocky arseholes. I think normal...Read On


Reclaimed In Full (Chapter 3)

Simon finally decides to confront his wife.

I went to my locker to grab my clothes and keep back my bunker gear. The first week back at work was rough and tiresome; just the way I liked it. I was done for the day but was not looking forward to going home. Home! A place where your loved one live and where you long to spend most of your time was only a dream at the moment. After talking to Carol, I had managed to get her approval to go...Read On


Girlfriend's busty co-worker - Part 1

Series: Girlfriend's Busty co-worker

Drunken temptation with my girlfriend's busty work colleague.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for over two years now and she is a lovely woman. We get on well and she has a great personality but if I’m honest, her body doesn’t drive me mad with lust. She’s cool and we have okay sex but she’s overweight and it is more comfortable affectionate sex rather than dick stiffening, lust crazed sex. I enjoy the physical intimacy but it doesn’t excite me, if you...Read On


Reclaimed In Full (Chapter 2)

Aftermatch of the heartbreaking discovery

I made it back down to the reception desk where Sandra, my daughter, was being entertained by Susan, the receptionist. Having managed to wipe my eyes dry, I put on a calm mask but was unsure, how long I could keep up the masquerade. “Simon! Is everything fine?” Susan asked in a low, concerned voice. I looked at Sandra and the innocent smile on her face which grew upon seeing me. “Yes… I… I...Read On


Brenda The Reluctant Cocksucker

She reluctantly learns to suck cock...

Brenda was soon to become a reluctant cocksucker. Before she and Bob were married, she was not a virgin but had never sucked cock. After the ceremony and reception, Brenda was hot for Bob to fuck her. She had never wanted cock more than that night. But Bob had other ideas. Brenda was a very ordinary-looking teen who had blossomed into a real beauty after she had graduated high school. She...Read On


The August Chronicles

My journal

August contained some swingers parties and a few other nights worthy of putting in my journal. Truthfully, I’d been sort of depressed but I managed to have some fun. We met an awesome black couple at a party and had a blast with them for a few nights until they went South. We haven't heard back from them yet.  On the personal playing front, I had a few that I will remember or revisit.  Dan...Read On


Reclaimed In Full

A perfect family shattered by heartbreaking discovery.

Being Sunday, we had returned home from visiting Carol’s parents and were preparing to have our supper. I was too tired to cook, so we had brought food from the local takeaway on our way back home. Sandra, our six-year-old daughter was helping me lay down dishes for supper while Carol was upstairs, showering. “Honey, is the food ready?” Carol's voice boomed from the room above. “Give me...Read On


Cheating Sexual Desires

Series: Cheating Sexual Desires

A proposal becomes a tragic betrayal

Derek was excited about the day he had planned. He was going to go over his girlfriend's place, to make a surprise romantic dinner while she was at work. After dinner, he was going to surprise her with dessert which included an engagement ring on top. When he pulled up to her house he didn't see her car so he thought she was still at work. When he opened the door he heard soft music playing,...Read On


The Cheater Part 2

Series: The Cheater

Jason confesses to his wife that he had sex with another male after getting drunk at a bar.

After fighting with his wife, getting drunk and having sex with two men, Jason wondered how he was going to face his wife when the cab reached his house. He paid the driver for his ride and the ride to take the man that had driven his car home back to the bar. The man parked the car, handed Jason his keys, got in the cab and waved as the cab drove off. The whole ride home, he had wondered...Read On


A Call from Andrea’s Sister

Series: My first crush

Happy to be part of Andrea’s family.

I’d been dating Andrea for a week following the pool party when I had a phone call from a number I didn’t recognise. I was actually relaxing in my back garden, reading the news on my iPad, so I ignored the call. Minutes later, a text arrived from the same number: ‘Hi, hope you’re ok, it’s Sally here. Can you talk?’ I know two girls named Sally — one at work and Andrea’s sister. ‘Sally who?’...Read On


Who Needs Innocence

Series: Who Needs...?

Her eyes burned through my soul.  Who is she? I wondered.  The coffee shop was fairly busy, but for some reason, my gaze was locked onto the beautiful, blonde college student who stared back in challenge.  I was caught like a deer in the headlights, as though an oncoming semi-truck was about to plow through me.  Little did I know just how accurate that omen would turn out to be. I...Read On


Julie's Adventure Part 2

Ann rekindles her old feelings for Julie and they get closer, but Julie has feelings of guilt.

About four months after Ann came back, Jim's company was sending him off to a training seminar for a couple of days. Julie called Ann and asked if she would like to bring PJ over and have dinner, then spend the night. "Does this mean what I hope it does?" "I don't know Ann. Let's just say I have been thinking about it. I asked Jim what he thought about you coming over, and he thought it was...Read On


The Vixen

I catch my wife fucking a friend

One rather chilly night during the early spring I was in my bedroom asleep when I awoke in a rush from a very lucid dream. I was initially in a panic, probably still feeling emotions from whatever the dream was about. I rolled over to cuddle my wife, in an attempt to lull myself back to sleep; my wife's curvaceous and soft ass always seemed to calm me at night. To my surprise, her side of...Read On


The Nuclear Option

Hotwife breaks the rules which leaves the nuclear option.

It was not a good day. The arthritis in my fingers was playing up making the keyboard an instrument of torture. Dictating with one of those speech to text apps gave some relief, but not a lot. That was half of the problem, the other half was never knowing whether to sit still or keep moving; whatever I did the pain crept into my hips and spine. If I kept my chair at exactly the right angle,...Read On


Stealing Away

That kiss tells me he wants me, the hardness in his pants tells me how bad.

He meets me in the parking lot and pulls me tight against him. Lowering his head, he crushes my lips with his. That kiss tells me he wants me, the hardness in his pants tells me how bad. We pull away and he leads me into the hotel opening the door and escorting me in first. He’s always a gentleman except when we’re behind closed doors. As soon as I’m inside the room I put my things down...Read On

Recommended Read

After Dinner Minx

Two hungerstruck lovers risk it all during a meal out with their spouses.

I should be paying attention to my wife, sitting beside me in the restaurant, but she doesn't suck dick like Jessica does. Doesn't let me take her on a twisted, teasing sexual journey where the only goal is pleasure dialled to eleven. Above the lively conversation from other diners around us, my wife's engaging and funny. Successful, smart, pretty. Those tumbling blonde locks shake as...Read On


Cheating With My Asian Neighbor

Married man has sex with his married Asian neighbor.

I couldn’t help but feel my Asian neighbor across the street is sexy! I’ve never had the opportunity of tasting the pleasure of an Asian woman. You could say it’s been on my bucket list but thought it would never happen. I was wrong. Dreams do come true. Prologue - How It Started With Her… We lived across from each other for years. We never talked until one day when I picked up a piece...Read On

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