Foolish Competition

Foolish Competition

We thought we would kick off our "Foolish" competition with comedic timing. On April Fools' Day.

We are looking for stories which contain some comic relief. Maybe someone is being fooled into something or has done something foolish.

Synonyms for foolish:

1. Stupid, witless, brainless, senseless, unintelligent; ridiculous, absurd, nonsensical, preposterous.

2. Imprudent, thoughtless, impetuous, rash, reckless, foolhardy, half-baked, heedless, incautious.

3. Having or showing a lack of good sense, judgment, or discretion.

Other synonyms: absurd, asinine, balmy, brainless, bubbleheaded, cockeyed, crackpot, crazy, cuckoo, daffy, daft, dippy, dotty, fatuous, featherheaded, fool, half-baked, harebrained, half-witted, inept, insane, jerky, kooky (also kookie), loony (also looney), lunatic, lunkheaded, mad, nonsensical, nutty, preposterous, sappy, screwball, senseless, silly, simpleminded, stupid, tomfool, unwise, wacky, weak-minded, witless, zany.

Competition Theme

There should be some kind of foolish, dumb or silly element in the story.

So, things like ill-thought-out sexual acts, dumb places to have sex, people being fooled into doing something, acted the fool, absurd situations, wacky scenarios etc..

As an added challenge, stories should be kept to under 5,000 words.

All our standard story contest rules apply. All characters must be over the age of 16.


  • Winner: $149.86
  • Second Place: $101.03
  • Third Place: $50.12

Entering the Competition

There is a competition section added to the Story Submission page beneath the usual story categories. Please make sure you check the relevant button, otherwise your story will not be entered into the competition.

Important Dates

The closing date for this competition is 06 May 2021. Winners will be announced on the 15 May 2021.

If you have any questions regarding this contest or rules, please contact us.

Thanks to all those that participate, have fun!


Competition Entries

Title Author
Cross Burning For Dummies RumpleForeskin
Pussified VioletVixen
When The Time For Clowning Around Has Passed bad_mann_ers
Mindfuck: Love and Payback Jaymal
Was It Foolish Or Not? Ceolaine
The Worst Best Day Of Her Life vanjac69
Civil Duty wiha
Mr. Cox armagnac
Foolish Flashing Fantasy verytrustedsource
For The Sake Of Charity LakeShoreLimited
The Middle Sister LucaByDesign
Heads You Win, Tails I Lose Trousseau
Mesmeric Tarot PervyStoryteller
Hindsight el_henke
Did I Do Right? Brookell
The Busy Husband dronette56
Her Master’s lesson Lucky_lildragonfly
Gillian's Isle AAnna
The Fool JamesLlewellyn
Diary Of A Special Girl DaisyChained
Dear Cum - The Fools CumGirl
Beauty and The Sexy Beast gracefulxgem
She likes Football...Players Daddy_D
What Was I Thinking PalindromeRedux
The Truth DarkSide
April's Talking Vibrator Mysteria27
Albert Gets His Wish? verity100
Playing with Dolls dolphinman
The Mother-in-law AndreaDetroit
One Foolish Mistake By The Headmistress Peter242
He Entered A Contest Caramel_Infidel

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