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Due to the sheer volume of submissions, sometimes stories do not stay on the front page for more than a few hours, and some absolute gems get lost in the crowd. Hence we've created this “Editors’ Picks” page, where we call out what we believe are some truly extraordinary pieces of writing. We may miss some too, but most of those that deserve higher praise will be listed here.

Each month our Editors pick those which we believe are exceptional. These stories will be easily recognised with an award next to the story itself, as well as in the Author's profile area, and of course listed in this section.

Congratulations to the authors of our story picks.

Editor's Pick

Apartment Seven and Eight Bid a Golden Adieu

Reminiscing and saying good-bye prove to be a challenge for Carie and Vasily

Tuesday Evening Carie made a beeline across the hallway to the opposite apartment with a small cardboard box, a plume of annoyance trailing behind her. Pulsating thrash-techno music had been erupting from inside Apartment Seven for the past hour with the noise pummelling the door so hard that the hinges creaked.  A sour frown angled her brow as she knocked. Then she waited. Then...Read On

Editor's Pick

Out Of The Shadows

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.” ― C.G. Jung   There had to be a mistake. Disappointment weighing heavily on my shoulders, I pointed to the handwritten advertisement, the monthly rent circled in red ink. “Yes, that’s right. It’s because of that .” Mrs Parker nodded to the wall behind the spiral staircase where...Read On

Editor's Pick

Last Rites

Luna's attempt at sex magick doesn't quite go as planned.

Naked beneath the silvery-blue hue of the full moon, I enter the shallow woodland clearing, just as the book instructed. Branches stripped of leaves lace the sky like frail wooden capillaries around me, whispering in the light breeze that greets my sensitive skin. I'm aware of my nipples firming under the dappled droplets of mist that cling to my breasts; hair follicles contracting to...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Green Man

Olivia put aside her quill pen and surveyed the neatly written accounts with satisfaction. As was her practice, she carefully sprinkled a little fine sand over them so they would not smear as they dried. The late September sun was streaming through the open window in her father’s office as she stoppered the inkpot. She could hear the familiar sounds of the busy London thoroughfare of...Read On

Editor's Pick

Bad Martha’s Basement

A life-changing experience leaves Martha wanting more.

I had fallen in love with the island when I was a child of eight; lying just off the coast of Cape Cod. I always thought it had been named after me; that’s what my mother told me anyway. I know it wasn’t true, but it just felt like it was. As a family, we spent our holidays on the island and I remember it as the place where I conceived Jason, my son. As far as the family were concerned, we...Read On

Editor's Pick

The End Begins

South of the equator Halloween falls in spring

The wedding invitation, blood-red script on black, didn’t surprise. However, the time and place did pique my curiosity. Aza and Harri’s wedding was precisely timed, six minutes past eleven on Halloween in the Terminus Chapel at Rookwood cemetery. Now Rookwood wasn’t just any cemetery, it was Sydney, and indeed Australia’s, largest, having been open for business for one hundred and fifty...Read On

Editor's Pick

Little Hours

When I remember Betsy Quironez I skip over things. Like how everyone at Tuscaloosa High used to rub their forefingers over their noses to mimic the way she adjusted those horn-rims that just wouldn’t sit square on her. Or how they laughed at Betsy’s squall of hair; home-cut, everyone knew. Betsy deserved better than the rumor that her family was so poor she shared a bed with her mom. It...Read On

Editor's Pick

Naked in New York

My adventure, if you can call it that, began just over twelve months ago when I was flying to New York to start my new job playing the clarinet in the Metropolitan Opera orchestra. I was in my early thirties with no romantic connections having broken up with my girlfriend three months earlier, so when my agent mentioned that the Met were recruiting I jumped at the chance. I was...Read On

Editor's Pick

His Pleasure

Dipping her head, she pressed her tongue against the base of his encased cock and rasped slowly along the shaft. She circled the tip then sucked greedily as if devouring a favourite sticky lolly. Lifting her chin, she flicked her tongue over full red lips, then dived again. Her raven curls tumbled over tanned, bare shoulders and buxom breasts knocked together while she licked and slurped....Read On

Editor's Pick

The Little Things

I take the deepest breath I’ve ever asked of my lungs, listening to the rushing water below. One hundred and thirty feet below. My legs dangle in midair as I sit on the ledge, the enormous park behind me oblivious to my presence. A warm breeze ripples through my long brown hair. Holding that breath, I look down. I stare at the distant, fast-paced river below without really seeing it, aware...Read On

Editor's Pick

Perversion Therapy

Anything can become a fetish if you’ve got a perverted imagination...

“Hello. My name is Quoz and I’m addicted to sex.” The public admission was Everest. Many addicts had lost friends, family, jobs, self-worth, and dignity. They’d become shells of their former selves. Hollow. Empty. Admitting their demon’s existence was like summiting that tallest peak without oxygen. It was breathtaking. The church support group was small, serious but anxious, and had...Read On

Editor's Pick

Behind Closed Doors

You never know what goes on behind closed doors

Plumes of sparks rose over the logs as I stoked the flames. Satisfied with my handiwork, I placed the poker in the rack and sat back to enjoy the dancing, orange-red glow. I’d always loved a crackling fire. The heat on my face and the rich scent of burning wood filled me with a relaxing calm. The century-old, stone hearth was our cabins only source of heat. With the December chill deepening...Read On

Editor's Pick

Lost and Found

A young couple attends their first Pride parade, and they have some questions...

“Nervous?” Abby looked up at her boyfriend as the elevated train car rattled and screeched around a turn before straightening out and heading towards the loop. “What? No. Why would I be nervous?” “A million people…” She shook her head. “I can’t imagine that many in the same place at one time.” Justin nodded and laughed. “Can you imagine if they threw one of these things back home? There’d...Read On

Editor's Pick

On Oxford Street, This Gay Girl Found Pride While Playing With Balls

Eden. The word doesn’t need adornment, alone it evokes the image of paradise. Except, it doesn’t in my case. Though not hell by any means, my Eden wasn’t the paradise you should find yourself praying for. For you see, my Eden was, and maybe always will be, my community; a coastal Australian town, about five hundred kilometres, though at times it felt more like five hundred years, away...Read On

Editor's Pick

Love is Love

"Never EVER apologize for who you love"

Here I sat as I wondered how I could tell my parents what I’d hidden for so long. I’ve always known something was different about me, but I tried to continue on what society considered the “right” path. I went to prom with Jack, from down the street, as was expected of me. We followed the rituals of pictures and dancing as we were supposed to. We even had been voted as prom king and queen....Read On

Editor's Pick

That Time Cousin Milly Helped Me Seduce Sean.

When Richard meets the beautiful Sean, all his assumption about his own sexuality are overturned

Before I met Sean, I'd never considered sex with another male. The social mores of my childhood had infected me with a virulent strain of denial that reason failed to cure. The lashing taunts of my schooldays still cut to the quick: "You fucking-puffter", the ultimate shaming. I had just turned twenty and needed perspective. After two years with Milly, I had become someone I hardly...Read On

Editor's Pick


Some men don’t know what they need until it fucks them in the ass…

Bewitched by the retro vibe being cast from the night club walls, Lizzie McDonald crossed her cork wedge sandals and squeezed together her sweaty thighs as she impatiently listened to the muffled beat of “Hot Stuff”. Between Lizzie and bladder relief stood a slow moving gaggle of raving neon disco dance queens, all in need of a similar release. Lizzie required immediate distraction. ...Read On

Editor's Pick

Other People’s Stories

Other people’s lives are brighter than my own. Smart people tell me I shouldn’t think that way, but at least it explains why I scavenge in secondhand bookstores. Finger with care what someone has once read. Foxed pages, awkward inscriptions, a journey bookmarked by a bus ticket. In vintage clothes shops, I sparkle in cast-off dresses; their sheen of summer evenings in restaurants opened to...Read On

Editor's Pick


He couldn’t get it out of his head: that thrum, that trill, that quiver.

Alex’s cell vibrated in his pocket and his cock hardened in simple-minded kneejerk Pavlovian response. He knew the vibration signaled a text, and he knew Evie had sent that text, which could mean only one thing.  Evie was back in town. Fuck. She said she’d be here this week. She had keys to his place. Not that she ever bothered to use them. It had to be her. He leaned forward in his...Read On

Editor's Pick


I'm notorious for entering comps late, so this isn't too bad an effort

“I think of myself as an actor, first and foremost. That’s the real skill. Anyone can...” I pause for effect, watching her doe eyes widen. She’s young, sweet and innocent, but not stupid. I need to play it gently. “Can do what I do. The skill is in walking past everyone as though nothing has happened. Blending into the background.” “Goodness,” she says. “Have you ever...” She pulls a...Read On

Editor's Pick

Going Higher

Sofia had to get back to the congressional hearing but everything was going wrong. She looked desperately at the camera in the journalist's hand. “Please delete them,” she said. “ Delete them?!” He frowned incredulously. “They're priceless! Sofia Jordan, the left’s notoriously outspoken congresswoman has a coke habit? This is gold!” Sofia gazed at him helplessly. They were facing each...Read On

Editor's Pick

You Would Do Well To Listen

You would do well to listen. Hear her stories and I don't just mean the smallest details even though you should commit them to memory, take note of the electricity in her eyes, beautiful hues we have no true spectrum for, the change in her cadence and volume when she wants your eyes locked with hers, there is a beautiful unspoken power in that stare. Hear her because she isn't just telling...Read On

Editor's Pick

Attention Whore

As she walked out of the club, she stumbled a little. Not that she’d had much to drink, it was only for the benefit of those ranks of lurking cameras. She teetered down the steps in her sky-high heels, clinging to the rail, allowing one of her generous breasts to momentarily slide out of the low neckline of her top. After all, the papers always loved boob shots. As she stumbled into...Read On

Editor's Pick


With devious intent, the course of holiday celebrations are conspiring to change forever…

“I’m sooo fucking tired playing second fiddle to that fat asshole.” “I know, baby,” Jess patronizingly replied while filing her nails. “You’ve mentioned.” “Who the hell does he think he is?” “Well… he’s Santa Claus.” “Fuck Santa. Screw Saint Nick! I’m the motherfucking Easter Bunny,” EB raged while on yet another bourbon bender. “I bring people chocolate. I get people laid.” “You...Read On

Editor's Pick
Series Award

Echo's Run 3

Echo studied her hair in the rearview mirror of Hawke’s truck. He hadn’t done too badly cutting it, and it hadn’t taken her long to add a few finishing touches with the scissors. The change was simple, yet drastic enough she barely recognized herself. A sense of exhilaration played at the edges of her nerves. In a long sleeved blouse and oversized shades, Trey could pass her on the sidewalk...Read On

Editor's Pick

Prom Slut

There's nothing she wouldn't do for a vote

"You're disgusting," Jenna said as she watched Carly deep throat a banana in the lunchroom while making sure a group of 'Magic The Gathering' nerds watched at the other table. They were watching intently like it was the most magical thing they had ever seen, and maybe it was. Carly was now licking and stroking the banana completely unmoved by her friend's disgust. "Why are you trying...Read On

Editor's Pick

How To Get On In The Movies

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire

“Her tits aren’t very big, are they?” mused Cindy, watching the screen with amusement. “No wonder you left her for me.” “What’s the size of her tits got to do with it?” snapped Oliver. “People aren’t watching this because of her. It’s me they’re talking about. They’re already calling it “Oliver Burton’s notorious sex tape”. How dare she put it online like that.” “Don’t fuss, hun,”...Read On

Editor's Pick

Notoriety At The Office

For Melissa, business comes second to exhibitionism.

Melissa looked sideways at her husband, Jonathan, before looking into the eyes of Alfred and Matt. The meeting was taking a nosedive and she could sense it. “Would you mind if my husband and I speak privately?” She motioned to the door as she turned sideways to stand. They left the room and carried on a somewhat one-sided conversation outside the office. The situation was reminiscent of...Read On

Editor's Pick
Series Award

Echo's Run 2

“Echo,” he said. “It’s time to get started.” She had to blink a few times to get focused. Hawke was sitting on the bunk opposite hers in the trailer. He was leaning onto his elbows down on his knees, watching her face even though the cropped T she went to sleep in had ridden up over her left, candy tipped breast. She wasn’t even aware of it until he reached over and gingerly pulled the edge...Read On

Editor's Pick
Series Award

Echo's Run 1

The machine streaked across the desert, screaming through bleak vistas of scorched earth where nothing lives without a little outside help. Joshua trees and desultory vultures. Fossils buried under the salt floor of ancient seas. She was hammering the gas, white knuckling the wheel until the screaming of the engine drowned out the screaming in her mind. She was riding inside a shot bullet,...Read On

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