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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.


The Dance of Desire

The club a cacophony Her tranquil glance Seductive blue eyes A call to dance   Swirling black frocks Quarter cupped breasts Slyly touching fingers Frissons of enticement   Lip gloss kisses Tongue led tango Silky dresses puddling Around killer heels.   Taut nipples brush The dew of desire Our aroma signals The need for touch   Petals are opened Dancing wet fingers ...Read On


Desperate Need

Give me More

My pussy sore my body aches but still am wanting more I can't contain my aching need as I drop down to the floor my fingers seek my heated core my pussy throbs and aches seeking that sweet release there I lay in orgasmic glow my dress half on and off panties bunched on the floor legs wide open shamelessly begging forever more as I move toward my bed my pussy dripping wet I...Read On

Audio version available

My Submission

  Will you work for it? I won’t give it freely, you know. You have to earn it. It takes commitment.   Will you take the time to analyze my needs, learn my desires, understand my limits?   Can you demand what I freely submit?   You have to see my strength. Submission is not a sign of weakness. To freely give power and trust to another takes the greatest of courage.   I am a...Read On


Sex On The Beach

Seaside Delight

Standing alone, in a short mini skirt with knee-hi socks, no panties, and a tight blouse over swollen breasts. There is nothing left to the imagination as she waits for her lover to arrive. Her nipples are like large erasers and her pussy dripping its sweet nectar and leaving a trail down her thighs, her body flushed with excitement recalling their last rendezvous. She is busy watching...Read On


Night Time Lover

Night time Lover

The phone rang and woke me up It was the middle of the night I had been out with my lover and it all had felt so right   He was the best at what he did He knew exactly what to do like he knew my every desire and he pleased me through and through   From the moment we first met to the moment we where done He knew every note to play A fine instrument to be strummed.   From my lips...Read On


Show Me The Way

His youthful zeal became her squeal.

Swept within, you guide with skill, Delicate fingers promise the thrill, Me innocent, younger, and so naive, Enfolded within, wet warm reprieve.    You coax, instruct, “go slow the pace,” While hearts contrary rampant pace, Defy young need for all in haste, Your older calm instructs in tastes.   My urge insists my surge rise quick, Your hips slow lift engulf my thick And...Read On


A Sonnet for Meg

The odors of love fill the air

Her natural scent imbues him with a need, As blooming flowers in the fields of May Intoxicate his mind and heart, indeed, Refreshing, craving on a summer day. His natural scent creates a homey clime It make his body feel so safe and warm. Aromas linger from their pillow time At night, in dreams, she's safe within his arm.  Addictive passion rises to new heights. Fierce love, desires to...Read On


The Call of the Wild

  Blood surges through my veins like a dark winding ribbon forging a path out of fear forging a path out of love   I stand naked at the window my hands roaming over my body weathering yet another storm breasts full of life and nipples taut   Fear and love exist together both war together inside causing an earthquake of lust and desire to rise up within me   From the top of...Read On



Online ...

Everything started getting online Making friends to a total strangers Someone without seeing their face Becomes intimate with your secret A daily habitual friendly banter Shared images to tickles one's mind Awakening their innermost needs Imaginations run wild from reality Passionate fire lit up two bodies Forgetting the real world and hide Amongst virtual intimate kisses Low moan of...Read On


The Training

orgasm without touching

CUM   She lay across his lap naked and vulnerable her legs partly spread soft moans from her lips   “Cum,” was the only word she heard nothing more and nothing less and her body was on fire   He said it with firmness and she knew what it meant she lay there, body shaking and shivering with desire   “Cum,” he said again this time a bit more demanding and her body was reacting...Read On



Tracing your tattoos Stuck in bed like we got the flu Slippin’ your clothes off slow Like you givin’ me clues But I already knew What was under that fabric The L your last man took was tragic He ain’t even see B comin’  I popped up like I was summoned Showed up on time As If you served me with a summons So incredible Delectable Tonight you can be my edible Martin in the background But...Read On

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I just want one night ...

Being good, being perfect, being everything everyone expects me to be is exhausting.   Bibles strike my skull, warning desires to stay hidden. Verses cram down my throat, choking the life out of me.    Battles rage between my head and my heart, resulting in denial of pleasures.   Goodness commands, perfection demands, longings are cast aside.   For one night, I want to...Read On


Brianna Goes Cosmic

Brianna goes across the universe looking for her lost love Jenna.

  Drifting apart in the cosmos You have escaped the meatspace The accursed shackles of the flesh Long may it die Atomic particles Still it floods your fluid and electric form The memories of the corporeal life On that black and smouldering planet What a horror show that species was They took a green and fecund galactic miracle And casually turned it into a fucking smoked out...Read On

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Pulsing walls of bodies and sin Line our altar of flame   Strangers’ hands On my skin On yours   Swirling their cum with my sweat Lining the curves of muscle and bone In the flesh you own   Your thrusts clap like snare drums Through my desperate, moaning song Shadows strobe in huffs over your body As you fill and release me Then flickers of light possess your eyes   “Suck him.”...Read On



Silence hurts more than words!

Silence is deadly, it stilled my heart, So quiet, yet able to blow my world apart, It deafened with a force beyond description, Where before, your words were my world, my passionate addiction. The silence deafened me when you took your words away, No more slow, enticing verbal foreplay, No more promises of how I was everything you'd need, Each vow I consumed with a lover's greed. ...Read On


Victorian Smut

When getting smutty in the literature the Victorians had the right idea in keeping core principles simple; no need to conjure a headache, just put down a pink slit and move on to the gent, a quick prick penning working as good as any; scribble in the bushy thatches and then get those petticoats out of the way for grapples lusty and the dance of the lance, and someone's bottom better be...Read On



Isn’t it best fucking done  Through a wild and threatening storm? That night there were flashes along the horizon Mingling with the glistening city lights That winked in the distance like fireflies Through silver streamers of driven rain. No moon, No stars.   Safe inside your room I was safe inside you. We went at it in the inky blackness Ripped bright by blue-white flares. ...Read On



First, she guided me down. I followed her taste to her center. Plaisir de la mer . I lapped at it until She gifted me a shudder As gentle as a fawn waking. She declined a search  For more from me Instead, urging me to mount.   “Inside,” she said. “Go inside.”   We joined.  We mingled. Choirs sang the Angelus. Tremors came on  with shoot and clench. Then a sweetness came...Read On

Audio version available


You see me, pressed into the wall, and dust off my cobwebs. I am starving and you feed me.   You moisten my dry lips, and soothe my parched tongue. Touches awaken sleeping nipples,  fanning the hidden flames within.   Your body fills my empty spaces, squeezing out loneliness. Your searing cock melts the ice between my legs. I find my voice, screaming with my longing fulfilled. ...Read On


Friends to the End

Such good friends deserve a mention

  You are always with me And have a certain flair You always do my bidding Detached of any care You do not ever question Or think anything's amiss  Like partners in crime You render me to coital bliss  So intimately touching As you join me in my bed  Caressing my hot sex As if in braille, can be read To conjure joy euphoric In afterglow that lingers  Oh, where would I be dear friends...Read On


Hot Oil

It’s been so long Here we are again Every fucking time Ignoring the angry popping of hot oil we fuck locked together writhing breathlessly on the kitchen floor Gasping for air all the while In this second we are together In this moment it’s easy to remember (us) That feels good and we will not easily give it up Smoke is filling the air but we ignore it favoring passion over sense ...Read On



The reaction from her body, To the forbidden touch Of my lips upon her skin With each of the million kisses That land a soft deadly blows. Upon her bare chest, Between two miniature hills With rivers of saltiness, that flowed Upon her skin, with my tongue That elegantly glides, towards one’s goal. The sweet nectar from her core, That’s drawn forth, through delicate petals From the orchid,...Read On


Take Me

Pussy lips around his dick Up and down, slow then quick Taking moments in a chance Fucking in a lovers dance Riding in a rough embrace Heart is beating in his face Heaven in this single moment No one else to ever covet Stretch my lips around you sir I need to be your dirty girl Velvet moisture and so hot Craving so much more than cock Fingers teasing my clit with flare Taking...Read On


Put Your Hand In Mine

Together we ascend

Tonight's my turn for spooning you had a go last night tomorrow is still coming no worries in our sight Together we're ascending each step we're holding hands approaching near Nirvana it's time for fun in bed You hold your hand towards me a pinky promise made that all the time that's left us we'll spend as lovers can The calling of a hoot owl will echo 'round the 'hood this still and...Read On


Full Immersion

You always stalked, The fringes of my dreams. I always pondered, How you imagined me. I devoured your words, A salacious nourishment. Wondered when I wrote, Was I feeding you too? In the dance of our lives, We nodded across the room. I was always curious, The words we might whisper. We chatted; soul mates not presumed, Thorny queries, privately unveiled. The opening stanzas, one light...Read On


For You

I hear your words, whispered to me in the night My body reacting to every single thing you say Passion colliding with devilish lust Tinged to the core with something more That'll I'll deny (That you'll deny) A thought kept locked in silence Like a rattling cage I try to fight it (You probably like it) My heart pounds loudly in my chest Like an angry metal drummer A tightness comes My body...Read On


Dancing in the moonlight of desire

  We met one night under a full moon A hint of fall in the air The band was playing I gazed across the moonlit room You were sitting alone as I was I walked over to you and asked Care to dance? You nodded yes The moon showed off your beauty The music was entrancing We danced we hugged My desire grew with each dance As I thought yours’s was You were intoxicating to my sense’s...Read On



He marks her for the very first time.

Our insatiable love carved in your skin, your breath quickens, my grip gets tight, surrender kitten, don´t try to fight. Moaning and gasping you finally give in, a desperate tear runs down your trembling chin. Your passion is a gushing wound, I grab your hair, pulling back your head, one hard stroke, your bubbly ass turns shiny red. My fingers enter your gushing mound, your begging voice,...Read On


The Lost Lives of Ms M Kind

The fog rises over the graveyard As ancient tombstones reveal hidden secrets beneath The lost lives of Ms M Kind News about the way she died The ground where people stood and people cried Then the sun rises and the ghosts of the night burn away Creeping back into their shadowy depths The nights tendrils losing their icy grip as the day is born Then there is you Your fingers fill me...Read On


Metal and Death

I run my tongue over the stinging knife's edge Tasting metal tinged with death Knowing soon you'll be Sending me six feet under Yet somehow I can't help but dance with you tonight Entwine our bodies like threads woven together And move Like a moth drawn to your lethal flame Knowing Waiting Almost wanting To get my wings singed and cut But I crave you anyways Because baby, I'm insane...Read On

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