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Exhibitionists get off on being watched - our exhibitionist stories relate specifically to people getting aroused by being watched having sex. Generally acts of exhibitionism take place outside - a deserted beach for example. Often the exhibitionist will deliberately expose him or herself to any voyeurs who are in the vicinity, as well of course to their lover.


The Perfect Stranger at the Spiritual Group

Sitting in a circle with people she'd never met before, Sophie felt nervous with anticipation of what was to come. It was her first time at the spiritual sensual group and she didn't know what to expect.   A slim lady with short greying hair welcomed everyone and introduced herself as Jennifer, the guide. She explained there were no rules or restrictions. "Connect to your spiritual...Read On


B Cup

I had never strolled in a bikini, let alone a transparent one.

The wallet was now zipped into my purse, and my clothes were folded in my shoulder tote bag. My sunglasses were in place as I began to stroll down the beach walkway, with no destination in mind. I had never strolled anywhere. I was insecure about my missing tits for so long, I could not recall ever wearing just one layer of clothes over my chest, ever. My new bikini was causing strollers...Read On


Flight Attendant Strips and Masturbates For Men at an Airport Machine Shop

Would you like to see a real US Airline Flight Attendant Strip and Masturbate While You Watch?

    I am a real US Airline flight attendant but what you wouldn't know from your flight with me is that I am an addicted exhibitionist. My husband understands this and has supported my exhibitionist fantasies that I sometimes act out on layovers.  But he really surprised me one time by arranging a party with his friend who owns a machine shop just north of the San Antonio airport. When...Read On


"A" Cup

Girl becomes beautiful in her own mind, finally, at age 18.

I am Elizabeth. At age 18 and a few days, I began to notice my breasts finally growing. I was trying on swimsuits at 'The Skin Shop' on the beach walkway. I had lived within walking distance of the beach all of my eighteen years and admired both men and women who were fit and shapely. As I grew up, I assumed someday I would be all curvy and feminine as most of those on the beach seemed to...Read On


The Count and the Bride

Pleasing women with his body

I let the cool water of the shower cascade down my rock-hard body after a gruelling workout in the gym. My muscles were tired, but I felt pumped up and ready to take on the world as another unemployed artist in one of the East Coast cities. I was proud of my 6’2” athletic physique, my 18” biceps, my six-pack abs, my glutei – buttocks – but most of all, my thick nine-inch cock. My...Read On


It happens this time each year

he meets the girl of his dreams

"Okay," I told myself.  "The road is straight for miles. I can close my eyes for five seconds.  That's all I need." That's where I was.  That's the shape I was in.   It was past midnight and I was half an hour from the nearest town. I was in the middle of deep, East Texas on a blacktopped road between the pine trees.  I was beyond exhaustion.  I badly needed sleep. I closed my eyes for...Read On


Revenge is a Dish Best Served Soon (ENF)

Partners fall out during beach volleyball tournament

Jo stroked her hands down the back of her thighs to release some of the sand that had stuck to her moist skin. The perspiration of the morning's play glued her loose t-shirt to her back, and it hung low over her bikini briefs. Yvette had already moved off down the beach and, after shifting her feet into her sandals, and retrieving their bags, Jo followed. Yvette was a little shorter and...Read On


Excuse Me, Mister

Can a helpless, naked young woman get a man's help?

“Excuse me, mister, can you help me?” The man walked on by the van as if he didn’t hear me. I tried to shift in my seat a little, enough to turn the window crank with my knee. If I could get it down, even just a bit more, then maybe the next man could hear me. But movement was very hard the way I was tied up. I was completely naked. My arms were bound behind my back, handcuffed together at...Read On


Watching Having Sex While Camping on the Lake

We enjoyed having sex while being watched nearby by other campers

We live in the Southwest and love to take a vacation to Lake Powell (in Page, AZ) at least once a year. This is an opportunity for just Nick and I to go on our boat and enjoy several days camping on the lake and exploring different bays and canyons. If you’ve read either of our stories, you’ll know we love to get naked. So when we find a private area in a cove or bay, which isn’t...Read On


Seducing Stephen - Chapter 5 - Stephen takes me bare back

Stephen teases me in front of a window, where neighbors can see, and then takes me sans condom

Stephen, Jim and I fell into a nice routine in the week following Rhonda’s visit. Both my men were well satisfied, and we were all enjoying the excitement of our trysts. I was certainly getting adequate attention, and admiration, from both of my lovers. I was a very happy lady. Stephen believed that he had fallen even more deeply in love with me. He was absolutely smitten with his...Read On


Going Commando Dare!

I met a stranger going commando and learned from her the art of losing one's inhibitions

It was a Saturday night, almost 1 am. I was sitting on the subway after meeting a friend for a movie in the city. The cabin was empty except for a guy sitting on the bench next to me, a girl on her own sitting on the bench opposite me and another couple of girls sitting next to her. The girl on her own was dressed in the full clubbing attire. She wore a short, short black cotton dress,...Read On



Veronica decides to fuck.

She wonders what is it with posh restaurants that makes them serve such small portions. God, for that price she could have eaten so much more in a normal place. And it wasn’t such high quality either. She actually could have done it better herself at home. But anyway, she reminds herself, she isn’t there for the food.     With a sigh, she looks up from her empty plate to his face. He’s...Read On


Sultry MILF's Exhibitionism Leads to Gangbang

My neighbor and his friends watch my wife and that leads to her fucking all of them.

My wife, Monica (not her real name), and I were born and raised in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, and after graduating from college in upstate New York, my career brought us Pittsburgh, where we currently reside. We’re in our early forties now, and live in a hilly suburb, which is typical for this area, and that helped give rise to this story. My name is Leonardo (Leo),...Read On


The Caribbean Experiment – Chapter 2

A continuation of Jean's experimentation of exhibitionism on holiday

I woke before dawn the next morning refreshed and feeling a renewed sense of confidence, energy and excitement.  I got out of bed, leaving Jacque to sleep in and fixed a large cup of coffee then made my way down to the surf.  I was making it a habit of enjoying a short morning stroll on the dark beach, naked, with just my cup of coffee after dropping off our beach chairs to save our spot for...Read On


Donna's Sex Scene

A difficult actress gets help getting through a tedious scene

She lay on the bed. He lay on top of her under the covers. He was thrusting his body onto hers. “Oh,” her voice echoed in the room. “Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Fuck me! Oh, fuck me! Oh…” He continued, his eyes closed, teeth clenched. She threw her head back, wanting to get louder. “Your cock is so amazing! I love it. Oh! Oh! Oh, yeah! Ooh, yeah. Oh!” “I love you,” he said to her, facing the...Read On


The Caribbean Experiment - Chapter 1

The begining of a Carinbbean holiday turns into an experiment in exhibtionism

The strong Caribbean winds buffeted Jacque and I as we strolled along the one mile stretch of pristine beach at the start of our three-week holiday.  The warm breeze and the taste of the sea was a welcomed change from the hectic month we had in the city.  We didn’t even stop to unpack once we arrived and made a beeline straight for the beach.  We have always relied on these get-a-ways...Read On


Big Spender

Being exposed as a gambler can be fun

My name is Amber, and you may remember me from the story, 'Not Everything in Life is Black and White,' with my friend Kat. Well, I want to tell you all about my summer, and the pickle I got myself into. I had the opportunity, with Kat, to work as a hostess at a Casino. Our work was to cheer up the punters and help make their day, build them up when they won, and make them feel better when...Read On


Wife Showing In Puerto Banus

Wife flashes her boobs for our mutual pleasure

We were away for a weekend in Puerto Banus in Spain and were going out for a special birthday, champagne and all the works. My wife, as usual, had dressed to please me in a white cotton dress that was tied gypsy style across her breasts. Although not overtly see-through, it gapped sufficiently showing she was not wearing a bra. Underneath, she was completely naked; she had shaved herself so...Read On


A Theatrical Exposure

A young actress from a conservative background is exposed on stage...

The butterflies in my stomach threatened to explode as I waited for my cue to make my next entrance on stage in my first professional theatre production. I had to get back into character quickly. I closed my eyes, emptied my mind and let the blond Suzie, the slut, take over. This wasn’t an easy task. As the daughter of the small-town pastor, I hadn’t known anything about acting – movies...Read On


Jean Exposed in Paris - Chapter 4

The final chapter of Jean's visit to Paris with her husband, Jacque.

The ride back to Hôtel Barrière seemed to take an eternity, even though it was only a few miles away.  I felt lost in my husband Jacque’s touch and as we pulled up to the front of the hotel my dress was still open, and I was reveling in his knowing fingers on my swollen clit.  As the doorman opened the car door to greet us, he was met with the view of Jacque kissing me and my breasts in...Read On


The Widow And Her Stepdaughter (C2: The Speedo)

Brad walked over to the bathroom and closed the door. Wow, this is nice , he thought to himself as he took in the size of the master bathroom. He'd only ever seen bathrooms like this in magazines. One wall had his and her sinks with a mirror from the counter all the way up to the ceiling and the whole length of the room. Right in the middle of that was a built-in vanity with drawers, a...Read On


Naked in Las Vegas

Nerdy young genius finds way to safely flash Las Vegas.

Julia DeMarco was a genius, a scientific protégée, and an extreme techno-nerd. She could read and write well before her third birthday, had graduated from MIT before her fourteenth birthday, and received her third doctorate before she could legally drive at the age of sixteen. The breakthroughs in long distance holography which she developed while getting those doctorates were...Read On


New Friends Met Camping With Kelly

We met Donna and Mark and the spark was there. We spent our trip fuckiing.

It was June of 1982. Kelly graduated from college a couple of weeks prior. We decided to take a week-long camping trip to celebrate. With the stress of school behind her, I could sense the devil in Kelly getting ready to uncork. We were both twenty-two. We had a small pickup truck with a cap over the bed for sleeping. Even as we were loading our gear into the truck, Kelly was a constant...Read On


Pirates of Porn Part Two

The sexual awakening of Kat, a porn director

Dick suddenly pulled his shaft from Cheyenne’s pussy and pushed it into my hungry mouth. When I tasted her sloppy juice on my husband’s cock, I knew that I was hooked on sex forever. I laid beneath Cheyenne on the soft grass next to the waterfall, while Dick fucked her doggy style, squatting with his leg next to hers. Her tits were squashed against my belly as her face was stuck to my pussy;...Read On


A Wild Weekend, Part 4

With the neighbors watching, we delve into new fetishes.

I continued to view the couple as they watched the girls come down from their highs. At this point, the man was leisurely slipping three fingers in and out of the woman while brushing across her clit. The woman was stroking the man’s slowly growing penis while twisting her right nipple through her top. Their casual approach led me to believe that this wasn’t their first time as voyeurs. ...Read On


Nude By My Pool

My neighbor watched and got hard...

I’m Cara, forty-two years old. I’m a middle school science teacher. My husband Tom works for a biotech company. During the school year, I keep my nose to the grindstone. Summer is “me time” to get myself back in shape by running and stand up paddleboarding. Also, I hate tan lines.   We live in Southern California; our house is on a cul de sac. We’re lucky to have a pool in the back yard....Read On


The exhibition

As the rush comes

She is this… exhibitionist gets her kicks from getting it in the centre of a room full of oversexed, overconfident, likeminded people. The drinks are flowing but that's not what they came for, they're just the beginning of one hell of a night. She takes to the floor, experienced enough to not to wait for a hush that refuses to come, the best recognition is knowing you can’t hear your own...Read On

Recommended Read

Charlene's Football Party

Not likely he'll say anything...

“That girl is so full of shit,” Charlene mumbled under her breath. “Huh?” questioned Tommy. “That girl... talking about unwanted touching at a fraternity party... she’s lying.” Charlene was referring to a story they were watching on the nightly news. “I’m not saying that I disagree, but I am curious about why you’re not buying it,” Tommy queried. He and Charlene were college roommates,...Read On


Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter Nine.

Brittany and Lisa get it on and off in the car again. This time with an audience.

They sat down after ordering at a nearby cafe and began talking about their purchases.   “So Rob wants to see you in a naughty nurse uniform, hey?”   “He's got no idea what he wants to see me in, other than nothing at all. I like surprising him from time to time, though. He might come home from work sometime this week and I might decide that he looks a little ill and needs some...Read On


Riding Chaps

Riding Chaps

Riding the bike was the best part of my day! It was a low-rider cruiser with a big loud engine and enough chrome and steel to look mean in any situation. I pulled into the Tim Horton’s parking lot and looked around for a space. It was a busy night and there weren’t many spots left. I considered riding it up onto the walk close to the door and leaving the bike on its stand there. I’d done it...Read On

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