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Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Science fiction is a re-imagining of ideas and technologies that we haven't seen yet, but still fit within our understanding of the universe. Themes can include space travel, time travel, robots, cyborgs, cyberpunk, parallel realities, etc.

The fantasy genre does not necessarily have any grounding in reality, and is more concerned with magic and myth. This can encompass everything from historical Arthurian tales of court intrigue, to epic battles for empires and crusades against the forces of darkness.


The Way To Freedom

Series: Pussytech Evolution

From female chastity to sex and more sex.

Being fired is never fun. For me, it was much worse, as I felt my kevlar patch intimately attached to my pussy. The only key has become unreachable, left in the lab of a wound-up company. Rachel was in similar trouble. Both our men were out of town, so having sex wasn’t an immediate possibility anyway. But our long-term prospects were no good. Will we become un-fucked old maids, abandoned by...Read On


Lust In Space, Chapter 6

Adam officially becomes King of Kupolinis and establishes The King's Lottery!

It was a couple of days later when the time for my big announcement came. This would also be the time the Queen would formally announce me as the king of Kupolinis and introduce me to the people–the women–of the city. It would be a big day for me as well as for the city.  Two of the palace attendant girls came in to prepare me. One of them I recognized as Saiyani the girl who had brought...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 12

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

The night was everything an evening on ship should be. Clear skies, calm seas, land distant flecks on the horizon close enough that they could faintly hear the cries of seabirds. The sunset had been long and gorgeous, full of oranges and pinks that gave way to darker reds and purples before disappearing into dusk. The western horizon was a glowing purple haze that slowly faded revealing more...Read On


Falling in Love With the Outlaws - Chapter 1

Series: The Outlaws and the Time Traveler

Plaything of the outlaws...

Zelina woke with a jolt as the coach’s wagon dropped down into a rut in the dry dusty road, causing her body to bump into the passenger seated next to her. Sitting up quickly, her eyes flew open, her hands coming up to rub the sleep from them as she tried to figure out where she was. As she looked around her eyes grew as big as saucers as she found herself in a very unfamiliar place... and...Read On


Memories Can Bring you Home

Shay rediscovers herself with help from Myn and Sally

Shauna stood outside the Bed and Breakfast, looking up and down the main street. She looked for moments frozen in time and tried to capture the memories that she should have. The street looked narrower than in her memories and the buildings smaller. " But that might be the perspective of a child over an adult. " She thought. Down south, a row of small shops that seemed to have evaded...Read On

Recommended Read

Butterfly Beach XV: Butterfly in Amber or The Garden of Dreams

From the Journal of Olivia Delacroix  Day twelve? upon The Eye of Thermisto (translated from the French). Be thankful for little mercies. My captor, who yet remains nameless has granted me small privledges or, more precisely, incentives to behave. In other words, she treats me like a pet which is, perhaps, an apt description of my new role aboard this fantastical vessel. I am, in...Read On


Lust In Space, Chapter 5

King Adam's first decree is to free the palace slavegirls

Tara and I continued to kiss for a while as I played with her body. I told her to stand up and turn around to sit back on my lap with her back to me. That way I had better access to her marvelous tits. I toyed with her tits and nipples while I kissed her neck, she moaned and rotated her ass on my lap, feeling my hard cock between her ass cheeks and rubbing it along her crack.   Just to get...Read On

The Letter

The night that changed my view of Halloween.

I sat at my computer, opened a blank document and began to type my letter. I’d been meaning to get this down for years, but the timing never felt right and I think I’ve been a little nervous about writing it down. ‘How do I tell this story without sounding crazy?’ I thought reading the Dear over and over. ‘I just need to type it all out and then take out the inappropriate parts.’ I looked...Read On


Lust In Space, Chapter 4

Adam finally meets the queen and is asked to be their new king

The next morning when we awoke, we heard the sounds of activity outside. We got dressed and went outside to see what was going on. The rest of the scouting party was already up and had begun fixing breakfast and taking down the tents.  Everyone knew that we would be headed back to Kupolinis today, so while some fixed a meal for everyone, others busied themselves with breaking down the camp....Read On


Side Story: A Drunken Confession

Working up to confess your feelings isn't always a happy ending...

On a steamy evening in the middle of the village, the doors to the whorehouse swung open. With rosy cheeks and a thick aura of alcohol, a woman stepped inside. Her full, round features jostled with each unsteady step. Patrons, otherwise occupied, all gave the woman a wary glance. At her hips hung both a shield and an axe. “Welcome Lieutenant Maura,” greeted the door escort. Her blonde...Read On

New Beginnings Part Five: A New Dawn

Adrian Gets Tired of being used

The view was magnificent from up here. Alex had finally gotten out of what he was beginning to call his jail cell. Although he loved his place, he wasn't allowed much freedom to roam. It had been weeks since he had arrived on Solaria's home planet, he had met the Queen of their society, and it had become very apparent that he was essential to them as a human battery. At least six times a day,...Read On


Lust In Space, Chapter 3

Adam has sex for the first time with one of the women of this alien planet!

It was shortly after I had coated L'natria's mouth with my cum that I discovered another very pleasing aspect of this alien world. Shatabhisha Galli had incredible restorative powers! Back on Earth after an orgasm like I had just experienced, I would be done for at least a couple hours as I recovered and reloaded. But here on this planet, I felt recharged and ready to go in just a few...Read On


Lust In Space, Chapter 2

Adam learns some customs of this planet... and he likes them Very much!

I looked into the soft face of this Kupolinite woman. Strangely enough, despite the fact that she and I were from different worlds, who knows how far apart, she appeared very human from what I had seen so far and very beautiful at that. Her clothing was different than I had seen before and more utilitarian, but then she was on a scouting mission. Her skin seemed to be a shade or two pinker...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 11, part 1

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

Will’s head felt like it had been stuffed with cotton. He was cold. He was naked. He was stiff and sore. He was in a bathtub. Uncoiling himself was a process. He caught a whiff of himself and recoiled. What had happened? “Oh. Right,” he croaked as memories came flooding back to him. He reached over and started working the pump. In sputtering bursts seawater came flowing into the tub. It...Read On


Lust In Space, Chapter 1

A routine space mission goes wrong, marooning him on an alien world...

The date was June twentieth in the year 2348. I was sitting in the pilot's seat of the Intrepid III, a cargo ship bound for the lunar mining colony. My job was to deliver the supplies that they needed to keep the place running and producing the mineral deposits that the company had discovered. It was supposed to be just a routine mission–one I had made at least a dozen times before. The...Read On


Spontaneous Beginnings

Series: Pussytech Evolution

Laura avoids temptation, and finds an accomplice.

Wednesday The workload was light and it would have been a quiet afternoon in the science lab, if not for my concern about Michael. To be honest, I was the guilty one, because I cheated on him when he was on a business trip. Now he is away again, in a different time zone, and I don’t want to cheat again.  We are doing “online sex” over the internet every day, and I make sure he comes...Read On


The Goblin Village - Chapter 01

When faced with an opportunity for greatness, will a goblin sacrifice his whole village?

The sun hung high over the goblin village. By now, every villager was already awake and tended to their duties or, if they finished them already, was either playing, resting or fucking (the goblin hobby par excellence). Of course, the village in general currently waited for the hunting party to return from their bi-weekly expedition into the forest surrounding the village, which both served...Read On


Delta-V: Chapter 1

Captain Selena Wan is alone in space, her only companion the ship's AI: Delta-V.

“Captain Wan, when was the last time you masturbated?”  Captain Selena Wan paused, hands frozen above the palmtop computer she was holding. The voice was not obviously male nor female, old nor young. Clearly synthetic, but with a timbre and pitch carefully calibrated to be pleasant and soothing to the human ear. Although its volume was gentle, it filled the room completely. There were...Read On

The Mannequin Who Wore Only A Blouse

I walk into the mannequin sex bar...

I walked into the mannequin sex bar one night. As usual, my favorite bartender waved me over for a complimentary drink. I’ve known him for years. I'm a guy in my forties. The grunting noises from the other guests were pleasing to hear. “Everyone’s having fun.” I sat my bottom on the cozy stool and shook hands. “You will be too, I’d imagine.” He poured me a shot. “Anyone catch your fancy?” ...Read On

Recommended Read

Butterfly Beach XIV: Captivity

A mockery of a woman, most decidedly feminine in feature, stood before me appraising me in silence.  In return, I examined her as well, more curious, at the moment, than afraid, although I wasn’t entirely without fear.  She would have once been regarded as beautiful, I surmised, despite that her features were somehow alien in cast – her single eye slanted and overly large, a lavender...Read On


The Embrace of Darkness

A lovely mortal meets the lord of darkness

Abigail stood naked in the waist deep pool of warm water. The 19-year-old blonde watched as her jeans, T-shirt, underwear, shoes, and all the personal possessions she had had on her were put into a black drawstring trashbag and taken out of the stone chamber by a figure in a dark hooded robe. Three women, dressed only in swimsuits, attended to her; two vigorously scrubbed her with sponges...Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man’s Land (Chapter 45)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

"I'm getting too old for this shit," I moaned and plopped into one of the Situation Room's ergonomically designed conference chairs. I massaged the sore spot on my shoulder and shifted and squirmed and as I searched for a less uncomfortable position. Nothing worked. I hurt in places I didn't even know I had. The steaming mug of fresh brewed Colombian laced with the Sisterhood's brandy warmed...Read On


Satyrs Inseminate Hotwife Archaeologist and Her Assistant

An archaeologist and her assistant go on a field trip and are bred by mythological satyrs.

My name is Alexis, and this story chronicles an experience my graduate assistant, Rhea, and I had on an archaeological fieldtrip on a supposedly uninhabited island in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Greece. But it will be helpful to provide a little background before I get to the main events in the story. It took me a while to decide on a major course of study in college, but I finally...Read On


The Tale Of Astra Pt 3: The Eremite

Astra encounters Cass, a young elvish priest sworn to celibacy. These vows will be tested.

“Can we stop for a bit? I need to get a drink or I’m going to pass out.” Kal wiped his brow and adjusted the awkward weight of his traveling pack. The mid-day heat had made his dark skin shiny with sweat and his mouth and lips were gritty from the dust of the road. Astra was walking a few paces ahead, which had at least provided Kal a pleasant view for the last few hours. The sight of her...Read On


The Tale Of Astra Pt 2: Time To Go

Kal and Astra escape into the wilderness following a violent encounter.

It was several hours later when Kal awoke, still well before dawn. The shoddy traveler’s lodge wasn’t the sort of place he preferred to stay but Astra had been demanding. After she’d finished wringing him out he had been left completely worn out and rather than wending his way back to the more comfortable room he was renting for himself, he’d simply collapsed into bed next to her. She was...Read On


The Fog Came One Day Episode 1

A mysterious fog settles over a seaside resort and people turn bizarre...

All day long, the sky seemed hazy. In this sprawling metropolis on the Gulf Mexico, where urban planners were constantly over-ruled by development oriented elected officials, the air moisture seemed strange. After all, when politicians have real estate investments, or urban sprawl developmental interests, the collusion is in your face. Regardless, the smoggy atmosphere seemed eerier than...Read On

New Beginnings Part Four: Be Our Guest

Adrian finds more than he expected on the home planet

"We are here," Dexter said interrupting Solaria and Adrian.  Adrian was lying on his back as Solaria's large body bounced up and down on his dick. Solaria expertly rode his dick without causing her massive body to crush Adrian underneath her.  "Just a moment," Solaria responded as she felt Adrian's body tense under hers.   Adrian nodded as he stared up at her enormous tits bouncing up...Read On


The Tale Of Astra Pt 1: A Bit Of Fun

The nymph warrior Astra runs into an old friend and the two have a bit of fun together.

  The room is a small, run-down bedchamber, the kind rented for a few coins to merchants or tired travelers looking to sleep off the rigors of the road. It contains little more than a bed with a threadbare mattress and blanket and a small shelf with a water pitcher and an unlit oil lamp. Its floor is bare wood, stained by water and worn by the feet of its many tenants.     The room...Read On


Colonizing Andromeda Part 2

Series: Andromeda

The androids tell their side of the story

I am a model AF49-C android. I was initially designed to assist human engineers on earth while they were developing space ships for interstellar travel. I possess artificial intelligence as do the majority of androids that exist. Androids have been around for over one hundred years. We perform many tasks, some that are considered too dangerous for humans, while others are designed to do...Read On


The Queen and the Soother Part 4

Who would the pregnant queen’s baby reveal as the father and Jeena’s new husband?

“You are pregnant,” the physician barely whispered. The news struck like lightning, stunning Jeena for a few seconds before the implications hit her like a roar of thunder. She burst out laughing, frightening the middle-aged woman. “Do not worry,” the queen smiled. “I have been trying to decide which prince to take for a husband, and it seems the decision has been made for me.” “Who is...Read On

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