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This broad category of fetish stories covers all kinds of fetishism activities, whether they be for feet, latex, smoking, pantyhose, stockings, rubber, high heels, and even balloons! Feel free to write about your favorite fetishes in this section, and don't worry, there are sure to be other people who share the love of your particular fetish.


Rosie Soles

Short, descriptive foot fetish fantasy.

I had been here before. Kissing the inner sides of her thighs, working my way higher and higher... This time, however, she seemed to sense the direction I truly wanted to go.  felt the tips of her toes brush lightly against the tip of my already erect dick. The sudden realization brought me to full attention, my erection forcing its way tightly against the tiny pocket her toes made. I...Read On


My Second Wife's Secret Furry Fandom Life

My second wife is secretive about her furry fandom fetish, and I finally see her in action.

After being born and raised in Glen Ellyn, a western suburb of Chicago, I got a relatively high-paying job right out of college, as a trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). My father has contacts there, and I was also in the top of my class, earning a Bachelor of Finance degree from the prestigious Northwestern University. My name is Paul, and although I dated a few women during...Read On


The Girl In The Zebra-Print Stilettos

A sexy pair of new heels gets them all going!

Simon was house hunting; he needed a bigger place. He found what looked like a great house and arranged to meet a guy called Van after work to view it.   Arriving early, he went and grabbed a coffee from a coffee shop around the corner. As he queued up, he couldn’t help noticing the beautiful blonde girl in front of him. She was wearing a blue knee-length shirt dress and a sexy pair...Read On

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Mia buffed the huge wooden cross in the white basement, deltoids aching as she remembered last night’s muffled cries.  The debased satisfaction she knew the clients always felt with Baun.  She’d hated every moment of listening to it, though a part of her always wished the mess she cleaned was messier.   Sighing, she wiped her brow with her forearm.  Took a few steps back, looking at the...Read On

Recommended Read

A Night At The Club

A flatmate becomes a precious slave.

When six college girls room together, certain personality types become apparent. There is always the alpha female– or at least one girl who thinks she needs to be in charge of the rest. Dianne is the one whose name is primary on the lease. Everyone else is a flatmate. In addition, she has everyone’s classes and activities on her calendar. And she keeps adding group activities for all six...Read On


Tommy James Likes Panties, Chapter 6

Tommy James helps out a football player from school...

It was now November, after high school football season. However, it was about to be “the season of giving” as it was dubbed. Plus Tommy James and Ariadne had midterms soon at school. So, stress impounded unto them. Nonetheless, the two friends kept with their unique routine. From Ariadne masturbating while Tommy was watching accidentally on purpose... “Ugh... Fuck, Daddy... Ugh... I’m...Read On

Editor's Pick

Naked in New York

My adventure, if you can call it that, began just over twelve months ago when I was flying to New York to start my new job playing the clarinet in the Metropolitan Opera orchestra. I was in my early thirties with no romantic connections having broken up with my girlfriend three months earlier, so when my agent mentioned that the Met were recruiting I jumped at the chance. I was...Read On


Poppy Weaver

Getting a different buzz...

I was driving on my way back from visiting my Mom at her rest home. I had thought that I to make it all the way back in one go, but I was still about half an hour from home and I really needed to pee. I pulled my car into a lay-by, stopping for a moment to watch the setting sun over a small lake, I looked about, nobody else was near at all, I quickly moved to a stand of trees and bushes,...Read On


The Game

When you consider all the possibilities it can be amazing.

It is a rainy Saturday afternoon.  Both Bruce and Lynn are bored.  They don’t know each other yet, but individually decide to go to a local bar hoping to find some social interaction.  Lynn and Bruce sitting a chair apart at the bar, away from others.  They soon start a conversation together.  They are having a great conversation; Bruce asks Lynn if she is single.  She murmurs something...Read On



Kate and Gwen have a cup of coffee together.

Kate took a sip of coffee, the mug was almost empty, she could taste the grains of coffee that sunk to the bottom. Kate turned her head to look at her phone, it displayed a text from Gwen which read, "Sorry, had to visit my doctor and it took forever, on my way." Kate knew Gwen for years and this was nothing like her. First of all, Kate was never late, the girl was a living, breathing,...Read On


Too Far

How far are you willing to go to satisfy your deepest desire?

Laurie moaned as the hand tightened around her neck. The man above her was wearing a ski mask and he slammed into her with such force, it bordered on painful. Her fingers curled around his wrist and looked into his eyes. “Tighter,” she whispered and felt his grip tighten. “Harder.” “Jesus, Laurie,” the man said in disgust. He released her and pulled out, leaving her aching and empty. ...Read On


Red Noses

My teen years Who am I? I am scared to share my feelings. I feel less than . I am often sad. If I bring home a "B" from school, I am punished. If I falter in one of my chores, I am punished. If I express an opinion instead of silently obeying, I am punished.  The worse thing I endure is the disappointment in my parent's eyes when I fall short of perfection. If I am not perfect, I am...Read On


His Antinous

A tale of a love for history, art and lust

I was recently transferred from NAS Point Mugu to NAS North Island in San Diego. I was recently single and exploring my new city on a Saturday afternoon. I was studying some art work at the Art Museum  of San Diego when I was approached by a friendly looking older man, probably in his late 50s early 60s. He was about 5' 8" and 175 lbs with graying brown hair. He sported a trimmed beard and...Read On

Editor's Pick

His Pleasure

Dipping her head, she pressed her tongue against the base of his encased cock and rasped slowly along the shaft. She circled the tip then sucked greedily as if devouring a favourite sticky lolly. Lifting her chin, she flicked her tongue over full red lips, then dived again. Her raven curls tumbled over tanned, bare shoulders and buxom breasts knocked together while she licked and slurped....Read On


Learning to Read and Write

One girl’s passion to write stories feeds her girlfriend’s fetish for hearing them read.

Read to me. I never imagined that words, especially those three uttered by my girlfriend, would have had such orgasmic impact. They did. I knew everything about her, or so I thought. Spent countless hours studying her face, her body language, all her mannerisms and quirks. That adorable little wrinkle she gets in her nose when she’s perplexed or how she bites the bottom corner of her...Read On


Lips or Lipstick?

I painted her left nipple with the lipstick....

I have a fetish for juicy red lips.  Well, at least I think it is for lips, maybe it is just a fetish for lipstick.  You tell me.  Here’s my story. I love  those television commercials for lipstick where the model is applying a very red, glossy or matte, lipstick very sensuously, or it appears to me that way.  Makes my mouth water to kiss those lips or imagine them wrapped around my cock.  ...Read On

Recommended Read

Something About Feet, I Don't Know

Just can't beat them feet.

Preferences, proclivities, and kinks. Whether they are mainstream or rare, subtle or gross, or gentle lovey-dovey to rough and nasty, they're part of us. This is the tale of when I embraced my foot fetish. I had developed it casually over time but didn't share it with anyone for fear of being labeled a freak. Today my freak flag flies like a motherfucker, bitch. (Sorry, stoned) Not...Read On

Comic Sex

A couple finds inspiration and context for their fantasies in the Sunday comics.

The naked woman was spread-eagled on the raised platform, preparing for the worst. The evil ruler could inflict no pain great enough to get her to divulge the information. He approached her bound foot, holding the menacing device with three gleaming, sharp metal tines. She tensed every muscle, anticipating the shock of them penetrating her soft flesh. Barb squealed and jerked when Tony...Read On


The Foot Model

my sexy foot fetish.

Podophilia, the arousal by feet, basically a foot fetish. I think that is why I got into the business I am in. I'm a cameraman for a shopping catalogue, but I specialize in leg and foot jewellery. Toe rings, anklets and things like that. My name is Kevin, and I am twenty-six years old. I dress smart and try to look presentable at every occasion. I work hard and often get sent a whole box...Read On


That ain't no way to treat a Lady?

Discovering my girlfriend's unladylike desires

“A fucking lady? No way; how, why?” I babbled, shocked. “Lady, darling; the word is always capitalised,” Cyn, my girlfriend of four months, clarified, “I’m Lady Cynthia Fortescue-Smythe, second daughter of Edward, the Earl of Battersea." “And you are me telling this, why?” I asked, as we lay, post-orgasmic, in her Knightsbridge apartment wrapped in sheets which were, apparently, cut...Read On


Criminally Obsessed

Sometimes danger can be a turn on

Lydia sat on the couch a bowl of overly buttered cancerous looking popcorn placed in front of her. Her favourite show was about to air. She sat tensely, her body filled with the excitement of someone who was ready to ride a rollercoaster. Who knew what the show would talk about tonight. Would it be UFOS, John Wayne Gacy, unsolved terrifying grisly murders, or lost love? Okay, that one...Read On


Fucking Cinderella

altocalciphilia is the sexual attraction to high heels

The man staggered along the Grassmarket. The area below the Castle battlements was thronged with crowds on a rare sunny Saturday afternoon in Edinburgh. He looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks. His hair was dishevelled, sticking up as if he’d stuck his finger in a plug socket. His face was flushed but it was his eyes you noticed. They were wild, staring. He scanned the ground, then the faces...Read On

Recommended Read

The Milky Way

A short tale about life, love, lactation, a husband's and wife's pleasure from breastfeeding

I had not been taking the pill for about six months. Greg and I had decided that after two years of marriage we were ready to bring a baby into our life. Our usual active, satisfying and spontaneous sex life was now more controlled. I had been charting my periods, trying to pinpoint my fertile window. All the literature said the day of ovulation was usually fourteen days before my next...Read On


Lovers in the Mist

Husband indulges wife's fetish

"Come with me!” Not a request, nor a question. She was tugging at my arm as soon as I walked through the door. There was no, ‘Hello, how was your day,’ no, ‘What shall we have for dinner.’ I had half-guessed this would happen as I came through the valley. It had been a blistering hot day, following a week of rain. In other words, your typical British summer. The Sun had set and yet...Read On


The Orifice

A Day at work at the Orifice

                                                                        The Orifice  Blunder Muffin a fine American company makers and sellers of high-quality butt plugs.                      A little about Blunder Muffin. My name is Michelle Snot I am the regional sales manager for Blunder Muffin. We lovingly refer to our company as BM it can occasionally be a shifty place to work....Read On


Tiny Dancer and Daddy Danseur

Daddy the danseur finds his own little ballerina

"Dance for me, Princesa. Pirouette, tiny dancer." And I twirl around the room, doing penchés, retirés, and Arabesques, giggling and spinning for my Daddy. Loving being his little one and dancing to please him. Pleasing him in every way I can. My arms are lifted into the second position and I go up on pointe. But I glance over along my arm, then cry out.  "Daddy! Please, help me, Daddy....Read On



What if your one true friend is just a Barbie doll?

I always had a fascination for Barbies. I still remember my first Barbie that I got when I was just nine years old. It was a snowy Christmas morning and the tree was littered with gifts of all shapes and sizes. Each present contained a small parchment with each of my siblings names written on them. I reached for the yellow rectangular box and hugged it tightly. I scrambled to the fireplace...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Little Things

I take the deepest breath I’ve ever asked of my lungs, listening to the rushing water below. One hundred and thirty feet below. My legs dangle in midair as I sit on the ledge, the enormous park behind me oblivious to my presence. A warm breeze ripples through my long brown hair. Holding that breath, I look down. I stare at the distant, fast-paced river below without really seeing it, aware...Read On


Altocalciphilia: Auntie Rachel's Stilettos

Caught in the act.

Anthony huffed and rolled his eyes at his mother’s question. He was in the back seat of the family SUV, on the way to his uncle’s new house for Sunday lunch. His mother had her back to Anthony and didn’t see his reaction. His dad snickered. He had witnessed Anthony’s reaction in the rear view mirror. They were driving to Anthony’s paternal uncle Mario’s new home. Mario had recently...Read On


A Bicycle Built For One

Leather or Lace? No contest, they don't make bike seats from lace!

I didn’t realize I might have had something unusual about me until an orgasm hit me halfway through . . . OK, I think I need to spell it out a little better. You see, I like to exercise, but it was always running, weight work, and yoga for flexibility. I was in excellent shape and I knew it. But I hurt myself. Well, that’s not the whole story, but it’s enough. I hurt my knee doing...Read On

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