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First Time

First time sex stories relate to virgins losing their cherry. They are typically stories of teenagers making love for the first time, and the excitement and buzz that comes from that initial experimentation. Another favorite theme in this section are young men or women, losing their virginity to an older woman (the 'milf' syndrome) or older man - the more experienced partner educating their younger partner in the art of sex.


Riding Around with My Brother's Friends

Series: My Summer's Education

The price of hanging out with high school boys.

Nathan was gone for the summer.  He had taken a job as a camp counselor and would not be back until late August.  Not that I would miss him, but I would sure as fuck miss hanging with his friends.  Let me explain.  My mother was gone and Dad traveled a lot for work, which made Nathan responsible for me.  Not wanting to stay home, he took me everywhere.  That meant I got to ride around...Read On


Delivery - Cherie & Leigh - Part 1

Cherie and Leigh find each other through a dinner delivery

Cherie was a thirty-year-old single mom. Until two years ago she had enjoyed an idyllic life.  She met her ex-husband Hank after graduating high school and had fallen in love immediately. They made a deal that Hank would go to college while Cherie worked and once he graduated, she could go to college. And the plan was working. Hank had been a good student in high school and had AP...Read On

Recommended Read

The Second Time

Tom is a quick learner

“Have you got the time, Honey?” Despite shivering in the November night, I managed to insert a key into the front door of my lodgings while glancing up the dark street. She stood two doors away and, like the naive teenager I was, I turned a little so that the dim light of the streetlamp fell onto my cheap wristwatch. I peered. “It’s a minute after eleven,” I said, my breath forming...Read On


How I Became A Kissogram Girl: Part One - The Start of My Adventure

Naive girl runs away from home

My name is Toni Marsden! I ran away from home when I was almost seventeen. To be with a cowboy from a well-known circus. He was the love of my life or so I thought. I was left abandoned in a strange town. With only the clothes I stood up in, over a year later. It started harmless enough. I'd skip college to see the horses at the traveling circus. I was horse mad and besides mum and I...Read On


No Longer My Private Gym

Allan appears in Dean's private gym.

I was naked. Kneeling down with a hard cock in my hand. Not my cock. A hard, wet cock. Wet because I had just taken it deep into my drooling mouth. Hard because I had been stroking it for a minute before I took it into my mouth. I had one hand on the six-pack abs and another at the base of a shiny wet cock. Determined to put that cock into my mouth a second time. The second time I would...Read On


Bubbles LaRue's daughter and granddaughter

Both Charlotte and Sherrie have the genes that make her them a great fuck

Sherrie Longley Whitney grew up a privileged spoiled brat. The daughter of Charlotte Longley Whitney and Alfred Hugh Whitney. The Whitney family came from high society and were not all that happy when Alfred married the gorgeous and beautiful Charlotte who was born outside high society. Charlotte never knew her father. Her mother, Abigail Longley, was a Burlesque dancer and...Read On

Peter And Mrs. Rodger's

It’s very hard when you’re introverted and shy.  It feels like speaking can be hard because you’re afraid of rejection.  That’s how it was for Peter Smith.  Peter was depressed that he didn’t have a girlfriend. It’s hard to do things when you’re depressed.  It was even harder when he went through puberty to discuss things with his parents.  He would breakdown and become anxious. Lucky for...Read On


The Inconsiderate Lover

My first anal experience.

I met Tony when I was a freshman in college. He was a transfer student from another college, so we were both new to the campus and we quickly became fast friends. That first year was spent getting to know each other and hanging out, doing what all freshman and sophomore males do: trying to get laid, partying and working to keep our grades above water. This was the Vietnam era and...Read On


Chapter I: Introducing Myself to My Neighbour

Series: My Summer Escort

Young man has sex with his salacious older neighbour

This story begins with me; an ordinary, average 18 year old boy. I just graduated high school and am a couple weeks into my last summer before I head off to university. I am bored out of my mind. My friends are all on trips with their families to their respective universities so I have no one to hang out with. I just spend the days riding around town on my bike during the day and watching...Read On


My First Time

A gentle reminder of losing my virginity.

The summer leading into my first year of college was when my innocent horniness ended. For weeks, I'd wondered how I ought to pop my cherry before meeting college boys and needing experience to do them the way they wanted to be done. I'd been to college parties, and whenever sex broke out, my friends and I would watch with cups of un-drunk beers in our hands, as a drunk girl rode and sucked...Read On


First time anal and restraint

Stacy experiences restraints and anal for the first time.

Stacy was driving over for our usual 7:00 a.m.weekend dalliance. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed with legs that go on forever, and large, sensitive breasts. Normally I have her drive through the gate and park inside, but this particular morning I told her to park outside and call me. She did so. I met her outside, had her close her eyes and guided her into my yard. I took her things, laid them on...Read On



Why online and real life might not work out as expected

She got out of her car and I knew it was her. She matched her description to a 'T'. She was even a few minutes early, which is a serious plus in my book. Fashionably late might work for a party, but not a date. "Hi!" "Hi!" She said with just a touch of shyness. I smiled and held my arm out. She took it and we went into the club for dinner. Blind dates are always risky, but internet...Read On


As If It Never Really Happened

She went to sleep wanting him and woke up with him inside her. Was it all a dream?

They had been spending too much time together as of late and she knew it was bound to have some sort of consequence. She often thought of what he’d taste like, or feel like… if he so much as crossed her mind she’d feel an electric current that sent a surge of power down her chest, passed her belly button and reached the base of her spine. If she was brave enough to let the thoughts...Read On


Jaq Shows How

Jaq shows how to suck cock

This is a true account of what happened a few years ago. Jaq was always getting me to lick the juices from her dildo; it was something that turned her on. One evening after a horny session, she blurted out that she would really enjoy watching me suck a cock. This was something that I had often thought about but never had taken any further. Jaq decided that she wanted to add this to our...Read On


Julie's Adventure Part 1

Julie reconnects with an old friend and learns something about her.

Julie was sitting on the couch next to Ann, watching a lesbian porn video and making out. As Ann slid her hand under Julie's shirt, she leaned in and kissed her. Julie felt herself responding and kissed her back. She heard a low moan and realized it was coming from her. Encouraged by the sounds, Ann squeezed Julie's breast harder and pushed her tongue inside Julie's lips, which had...Read On


Kay's First Visit

A time to remember

Recently I found out that Kay and Don had broken up after three years together, and that she was coming down for a visit with her folks and would like to come and visit me at the same time. I talked with James about her visit and having spent time with her on our own in the past, masturbating together and knowing she would be sad at breaking up with Don, I suggested to James that I would...Read On


Becoming Cum Hungry

This story is about when I first noticed I was into swallowing a guys cum and on my way to becoming a slut for cum. First, a little about me. Most of you know me from my other stories. Back when this story starts I was sixteen, I'm now forty-six years old. So over the years, I've improved my skills, but my thirst for cum has never changed. My ex-husband loved me sucking his dick on command....Read On


The First, Chapter 1

How I decided to seduce my art teacher.

First off, I’d like to begin this story by letting you know that it is based on true events. It happened about 6 years ago, so all dialogue and action is roughly what was said unless otherwise specified. Anything lacking too much detail I either forgot to add or believed it would say a little too much about my identity, and so it ended up being left out.             When I began junior year...Read On


Tricked Again

I hated Halloween, but things changed for me.

First of all, I want to tell you that I hated Halloween!  I hated it when I was younger, and I still did at the time all of this took place.  It wasn't always that way, but one year, when I was twelve, some badass teenagers beat me up and took the bag of goodies I had gathered after several hours of going from door to door in my neighborhood. I can still remember the biggest of the...Read On


Janice's Italian Job Part 2

Janice and Natalie get closer as Jance explores her lesbian feelings.

As they continued riding in the gondola, Natalie took Janice's hand and placed it on her breast, placing her hand on top of Janice's and squeezing. When Janice squeezed on her own, Natalie let out a soft moan. The gondola had circled back to where it had picked them up, and they exited the boat. They made the walk back to the car holding hands and drove back to the villa. Once there, they...Read On


Neat N' Naked: Dakota

Nude maid and client fuck their way to love.

Kit spent most of his time alone. He was a bit of a slob and was feeling very lonely. He was looking for someone to spend time with who would help him clean his house. About a week ago he heard a rumor about this service. He didn't believe the rumors but figured he'd at least call the number he was given to find out a little more about it. He picked up his phone and began dialing . . . "Neat...Read On


Geeky Buns

Geeky girl turns from ugly duckling into sex goddess

In high school, she acquired the nickname of Geeky Buns. Virtually everyone considered her a total geek, but that did not stop the guys and some girls from checking out her buns. Guys would say, "Damn, she is a total fucking geek, but she has a great ass." Yet none of them ever hit on her.   Later, after high school, she landed a job in a large real estate title company. One day in...Read On



Married man learns to suck cock

I traveled the Amtrak line between Raleigh and Charlotte several times a week. I work in Raleigh but need to visit our Charlotte office on a regular basis. Sometimes it is necessary for me to stay overnight in Charlotte. You often see the same people traveling on Amtrak. One distinguished-looking gentleman was a regular that I had struck up a conversation with on many trips. Like me, he was...Read On


Two Men Kissing

I saw them across the river but never expected what came after

It all began when I saw two men kissing across the river. They weren’t subtle about it. The younger of the two, or at least he looked younger from a distance, was practically fastened to his companion. His hand caressed the other man’s bare, hairy chest as they shared a long, lingering kiss. By the end, the young man’s hand was massaging the front of his companion’s shorts. The older man...Read On


Losing Virginity to a BBC, My First Sexual Experience

I lost my Virginity at the age of 21 to a BBC and this story is about the session

Whenever some one asks me about a sexual encounter that I remember the most, I have only one story to tell and that's my first experience. Though I have had more sex after that, this one remains as a classical encounter for me and I am pretty sure that I won't forget it till my death. I'm not overrating the story but I still, I repeat, I still remember each and every second of that three...Read On


My First Time Was With an Escort

This story is true. I promise. How can you tell? Because it contains humiliating details. I was 22 and a chronic virgin. A mixture of being somewhat timid and overtly religious until that point had prevented me from advancing far with the opposite sex. Of course, being religious didn’t mean I had been a good boy the whole time. I had had my fair share of sexting with strangers I had met...Read On


Catholic School Girls

The new girl at my school is a little different.

The rain was coming down steady from a sky the lightest shade of gray. It didn’t seem miserable, but fresh. The first true spring rain to come to the area. The air was warmer than it had been over the long cold winter, and it was the first day that gave you hope that spring was really here. As the breeze flowed in, I looked out the window and felt my gaze settle on her.    She was...Read On

Recommended Read

Eric's Secret

A discovery about a school bully leads to a steamy first time for Terry

I shook like a leaf as I hid in a stand of thick bushes. Eric Cross walked slowly across the playground in front of me, his dark eyes darting about. He was dressed, as always seemed to be the case, in tattered jeans and a t-shirt for some metal band. He was not someone I wanted to meet when I was alone. The guy had at least one conviction for assault that I knew of and probably some minors...Read On


To Lachlan With Love

Alex realises a hidden desire on a business trip.

A recent business trip to Australia caused me to redefine my definition of pride. Before the trip, I always took pride in my work, my achievements and my ability to focus on my targets and goals. I knew what I needed, what was needed of me and I acted to the best of my ability to fulfil those needs. When one lives life on those terms it becomes very simple.  The Australian trip started as...Read On


Lean In

A woman has sex for the first time, in the body she's dreamed of.

You keep teasing me under these stars. You lean in ever so close; I can feel your breath mix with mine, your lips invade the bubble around mine. And then you back away, and I can see the sky, but your eyes are burned into my thoughts, a soft hazel I can just barely make out. You’re the girl of my dreams, and this is the scene of my dreams. I want you to pinch me. I want you to reassure me...Read On

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