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Flash Erotica

Flash erotica stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of erotic flash fiction, is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Something erotic is often a fleeting glimpse, a flash, a stolen moment, a secret! The challenge to authors, is to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Stories in this category transcend nearly all our other categories.

For readers with only a limited amount of time, or who prefer reading short sex stories, this is the place for you.

Authors should not submit multi-part stories here, they need to be standalone pieces.

Stories should be clearly tagged with as many keywords as possible, so readers will immediately know what kind of content to expect, and not be in for a rude shock!


Sissy gets caught!

Can you keep a secret?

It started off as a normal weekend, my roomie left to visit his girlfriend's house leaving me alone in the apartment. I wasted no time stripping off before showering and shaving myself smooth all over.  I loved my 'me' time, the chance to indulge in my sissy desires, dressing in stockings, high heels and slutty lingerie. I would practice fixing my hair and applying my makeup before...Read On


Latina Cop Lets Me Off with a Warning and Swallows

I avoid a ticket by sucking a trans Latina policewoman's juicy 'clit' and swallowing her cum.

My name is Jacob, and although I work in downtown Tampa, Florida, I live in a suburban area just about eight miles outside the city. I’m in my early thirties with a beautiful wife and two kids in elementary school. I like to think of myself as being an honest, law abiding citizen, and my only scrapes with the law have been due to traffic violations. I drive through a rural area with...Read On


Caught Flirting

Your message told me to meet you outside in the hall straight away. So I leave the party and sneak out when no one is looking. I spot you down the path a way and I hurry to join you. As we walk further down the street, you suddenly pull me down a dark ally by my arm. Earlier at the party you saw me flirting and knew I was doing it to piss you off, to get back at you for not giving me...Read On


Dr Frankenstein, I Presume.

It's Monday morning. Husband and dog have been attended to. One lies dozing in a basket by the boiler cupboard. The other has gone to wow the accountancy world. Frankly the dog has a more winning personality but struggles to operate a calculator. I sit in the tub chair in my office reading a book; a little gothic number by Mary Shelley. In my constant quest for self improvement I am reading...Read On

Recommended Read

Mirror Image

He tells her to spread her legs. She frowns and he tilts his head, disapproving. She blows a deep sigh and hesitates. “It’s embarrassing.” “I know.” “Then why?” “It’s one of those things you need to get over. You shouldn’t be embarrassed around me.” “I’m already naked, and you’re … well … not. Shouldn’t that be enough?” He’s standing at the foot of the bed while she sits upright,...Read On


She Said You'd Like It

Never trust your wife – never!

I had turned sixty, with just a few fantasies left to play out until I could call it a day, sexually that is. My wife had decided to buy me a special gift, a day out with an escort, or should I say, a day in with an escort. Two things struck me as odd. The first was that I wouldn't have expected my wife to do that, and second, it was to fulfill all my fantasies. I raised an eyebrow at...Read On


A Dream Comes True

Two coworkers realize a shared desire.

You are sitting across a glass table from me. We are in my office. We’ve been close colleagues at work for some time, and this is the first time we’ve been alone together for an afternoon. We stop every now and then just to look at each other. Instinctively, you open your legs and I can make out red panties under your skirt. I catch you smiling as I look down at your crotch through the glass....Read On


I Woke Up Horny

I woke up horny. Luckily, my favorite hook-up app delivered.

  I woke up horny.  Not at all an unusual situation for me.  While I’m forty-nine years old I have the libido of an over-sexed thirty-year-old.  So, I grabbed my phone with one hand and my raging-hard cock with the other and stroked it while thumbing through my favorite hook-up app.  Soon I got a response from a hot little cougar named Alice.  Her pictures, while not showing her face,...Read On


Seduction In The Dark

Imagine yourself in this scenario.

Approaching home, you notice your neighbour bending at the boot of their car and you can’t help thinking, (not for the first time)  That’s a sexy sight. You're reminded of the regular flirting and various fantasy scenarios your partner and you have discussed in the past. Snapping back to reality, you pull up in your driveway, your neighbour looks up, smiles and waves. Of course, you smile...Read On


Opportunity Knocks.

Reasons to be cheerful. It is Friday. The sun is making a valiant effort to shine. My ideas bank is almost as full as my bra cup. The only cloud on my horizon is Alex. My husband seems reluctant to leave the house and keeps drifting in and out of my work room. "You haven't forgotten about tonight, have you darling?" Here he comes  again. Reappearing like Banquo's ghost. Alex is the...Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Little Whore

She utters that mmffff -like sound neither gasp nor moan yet somehow both when his fat cock deepens inside her in that first, aching surge of blind motion. They’re lying on their sides, facing, her slight leg flung over his hip. The whole shank sinks deep and he holds still, grasping the cheek of her ass in one hand, and there’s that sensation that comes with moments like this that the...Read On


Evening Surprise

Husband comes home too early

After a long day of work, I finally get to fall on the couch and enjoy my favorite Netflix show with my wife. Luckily, I finish my reports early today, so I’m getting home a little earlier than usual, which is always fine as far as my wife’s concerned. Getting from the car to the front door is the last obstacle I’ll have to overcome for the rest of the weekend. The summer heat has been...Read On


Can I

That night – everyone was a little too polite.

My girlfriend and I had always been friends with Pamela and I kind of had a thing for her, but even though my girlfriend and I shared people, Pamela didn’t. However, she did start to drift when life with her boyfriend got a little too complicated. It was Melissa that caught her advances first, though I didn’t know it at the time. It was weeks later that Melissa confessed that she and Pamela...Read On


Professor Gordon's Office Hours

"I'm fingering my pussy on top of your desk."

"Help me, Professor Gordon. You're my only hope." "You don't even go here, Amber." I shut the door of his private office behind me. “Do I have to enroll at this college to get some assistance?” “Or you could wait until we go home.” “We keep getting interrupted by the other people who live at our house.” “Meaning our children?” “They can really harsh my mellow, Q.” I pouted at my...Read On


Monte Carlo Here I Come

I just thought of a new writing name. CandyCups. Right, Dr. Google! Don't you go bringing me no bad news. I type in the name and pause. Well, do you feel lucky punk? I hit search. Hmm, cake decorations. All you need for the perfect finish to your bake. Are they kidding? Cake is something you buy! Oh well, back to work. I return to my sales figures. The override commission generated by...Read On

Recommended Read

Frisson and Fusion

The soothingly bucolic view was a real-life Constable landscape. Sarah’s pottery studio, her escape from the rat race, was idyllic in summer. Back to the kiln, moulding wet clay with her hands, she usually was absorbed into the sights, sounds and smells seeping through open casement windows. That sensual tranquillity was, however, infused with the piquant bite of sexual tension. First felt...Read On


So Happily Ruined

If you change your mind, you just let me know.

It was one of those moments that gives a punch of sobriety in the nose after existing for a month or so inside a basic haze. I surveyed the bookshelf for a tome to get lost in when I saw a vision of who I'd been before my wife became my mistress who made me clean her pussy after men fucked her, the men often fucking her in my presence. I'd put up measures of resistance at first but she'd...Read On


Sweet Inspiration.

The screen remains stubbornly blank today. I'm not sure what to do to get the juices flowing. Aside from a repeat of my performance in the shower an hour ago. But it's early yet and I never masturbate more than three times a day. More than that smacks of self indulgence. Anyway, I'm not sure the two juice flows are synchronised. I consider changing my writing name and type a few ideas as...Read On

Recommended Read

That Time I Fingered My Wife's Best Friend in the Front Seat of Our Car

Shortly after the car turned out of the Red Lion car park, Gemma reached over and began to rub my cock through my jeans. We'd kissed briefly outside the car before setting off. By the time I was behind the wheel, my erection was in full bloom. Her fingers dismissed my fly and quickly coaxed my cock into the chilled air. I focused on the road while my robotic feet worked the pedals. Sixty...Read On


Over Me

She was cute, very cute and very naughty.

Well, what could I say? She was very cute. So cute in fact that I made a note to have my eyes tested to ensure cataracts hadn’t formed. I stopped looking too closely, but her bottom was so curvy, firm and rounded; her skin as tight as cling film. I was convinced that water or any other type of fluid would not stick to her skin. She was definitely Teflon coated. She laid her towel on the...Read On


Just Like In The Pictures.

You look good in shorts. I fire off a message telling you so. You reply almost immediately. I ignore you. It's a real struggle today to keep my wandering mind focused and my restless butt clamped onto my writing chair. On the screen a story is taking shape. It's about a photographer in Las Vegas who takes portraits with a HasselbladX1D.  I know nothing about cameras. I just like the name....Read On


She And Him And The Zone

Belief makes things real, makes things true.

She knew what she wanted. She remembered when the winter had transformed to spring. Her suitor had come in strong, unsure, yet inspired. She let him in cautiously, as she had been twice bitten, still recovering from the wounds. They shared the humor of two sensitive individuals who were pleasantly surprised that they had found each other.  Then came the predictable shift, which started...Read On


Fingered In A Bar

Stacy loses a bet to a stranger in a bar and has to pay up.

Stacy and I were at a casino in Las Vegas and were going to be taking in one of the shows. When Stacy was getting ready for the night, I noticed she had chosen one of her very short and sexy dresses. This dress had a very low-cut top, which meant the bra was going to stay behind. I also noticed that she decided to go without panties. After the show was finished, we made our way to one of...Read On


I Just Couldn’t

It wouldn’t be long before James would be here but I just couldn’t wait.

I had been home all day, pacing the floorboards and waiting for James to arrive. I had taken an early flight to our holiday home and because of work, he would be following a day behind me. I tossed and turned in my bed; restless without James by my side. I busied my thoughts on how much quality time we would get together over the weekend and how much we needed it, but my dirty mind kept...Read On



One look, and it is easy to understand why I am inside of her all night.

Did she approach me? I am uncertain. Maybe. I cannot remember where and how. I only remember that she made it abundantly clear that she is about it. Things escalate rather quickly. Anna knows what she wants. Anna believes that I am her type. Anna is absolutely right. The first time ended up being multiple times that night. It happens that way sometimes. Her body is unhinged. Her hair rolls...Read On


Going Back.

To go or not to go? Jennifer thought, that was indeed the question. Setting aside the last of her marking she retrieved her phone and scanned a saved email from a month ago. The Ridgeway School was holding a reunion for the class of 2009. Much had happened in ten years. University, marriage to Brian and her first job as an English teacher for a start. The email closed with a list of...Read On



This is a game here. This is an erotic play.

There is something severe about her. There is cold in her eyes. There is warmth in her soul. Straight black hair. Beautiful lips. Red lipstick. A celestial smile and sharp fangs. Raquel is a French doll. Raquel is from Montreal. She lives up to the reputation notorious of Canadians. Charming and real polite. Raquel is incredibly nice. Raquel towers in those heels. She is wearing a plum...Read On


Me Too

When Melissa saw them, she knew what she wanted. It was a case of me too!

Melissa had danced hard in the arms of her many Spanish Toreadors that were queuing to accompany her. Her head flung back against the lift as she pressed the button for the fifth floor and it was with relief that she opened the door to her apartment, poured herself a glass of chilled white wine and headed to the veranda to suck in the cold breeze from the shore. Melissa wasn’t expecting...Read On

Recommended Read

Bits and Pieces

There’s a moment, a split second where a dream is so vivid, yet it slips from your grasp all at once

Trudging into the bathroom, I flick the switch. The light is dim yet it still blinds my weary eyes, adding to the miserable feeling that I woke with.  Another dream.  Her.  Steadying myself against the cool ceramic sink, eyes blurry, still exhausted, I try to focus on the figure in the mirror. Heartbreak is written with a single tear sliding down my cheek. When my eyes close I see hers,...Read On


Catch the Gust

She had to hold the dress down against her legs when the breeze shifted to gust. The dress was white, mostly white, red trim on the edges; creamy candy cane, but rung with vanilla and cherry; and her fingernails were painted dark blue and the tone of her skin was a tanned olive, and her hand began to release the dress but the gust came again and this time the dress escaped and her act of...Read On

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