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Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting, as well as women who are interested in reading about what goes on between men behind closed doors. The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!


Punished For Jerking Off

I was caught jerking off in the showers at the local pool and boy was I punished. My arse was plowed

After leaving high school I did some triathlons and the leg that scared me the most was swimming.  I was an OK swimmer but not great and not confident at the kind of distances required in the longer triathlons.  So I spent a fair bit of time swim training at the local aquatic center. The pool was a city-run center with a fifty meter outdoor Olympic sized pool, grandstand area and huge...Read On


Mr. Bill and Mr. Jeff

Two older men help a young guy explore another side of sex.

As a horny sixteen-year-old boy, I was very open to what Mr. Bill and Mr. Jeff were trying to do to me. I had just finished cutting their lawn and was ready for my payment. Mr. Bill offered me a beer, which turned into about four, and I was feeling pretty buzzed. Mr. Jeff’s hands were constantly touching my lower back and upper ass. He was trying to read my reactions to these touches. My...Read On


Poor Boy

Poor boy fucks his way to riches

I began life in a charity ward of large University hospital just prior to WWII. I grew up in abject poverty and began working as an eight-year old picking pole beans in endless farm fields for tens cents a bushel. Do you have any idea how many beans it takes to make a bushel? It was back breaking work, I can tell you. At the age of ten, a boy named Willard says to me, “do you want to make...Read On


Fucked by Ten Men

I was the center of attention at last week's Friday night sex party/orgy.

I wanted to share the details of Alex and Adam's sex party/orgy last Friday before I start getting into this week's fun with Rachel and Taz.  I also thought that writing about it would get me turned on and super horny for when I meet the young couple later tonight. A little bit of back story for those of you who haven't been following my sexual adventures over the last decade.  Alex is a guy...Read On


Meeting My Fantasy

A young sub meets his fantasy warrior by the lake under the moon.

The lake was still and inviting.  The only light in the sky was the moon.  I waded through the water feeling the sand and rocks below my feet.  I turned around checking to see if anyone was around and then slipped off my shorts.  Now nude, I moved further into the lake into deeper waters until I was chest deep.  I moved my hands through the water causing tiny waves.  Then I took my hands...Read On


The Cheater Part 3

Series: The Cheater

Cheryl finally agrees to meet with and see how she feels about a threesome.

"That was pretty amazing, babe. I'm sorry I never listened to you and tried that before. I know you have wanted to try anal for a long time. But I always felt it was kind of dirty or very kinky. I guess my thinking kind of changed that night when I fucked Alex and Tom fucked me. And that reminded me of my experience in college. Neither experience was bad, and if I had to admit it, it was...Read On



Inexpensive shoes lead to an unforgettable night of bliss…

I am not a total bottom but although given a choice, that would always my preference. I generally like bigger guys and prefer being fucked. When the occasional arse presents itself, nonetheless, I am always up for the challenge. One such encounter came out of the blue one evening when I was on a business trip in a large coastal city. If I may regress slightly, on previous visits to...Read On


Cumming Out on Spring Break

A first time snowballs into a journey of exploration with friends.

The first time I was intimate with another guy, things escalated very quickly. But in our defense, we were young, very horny, and incredibly sex-deprived. Looking back on it, it was only a matter of time before something happened between us. We were so horny and pent up, that when we decided to go on a ski vacation for a long weekend, everything snowballed, and it was the perfect storm.   ...Read On


Mornings Are For Blowjobs

Cocksucker and BBC meet on an early morning train.

For the last couple of months, Jaime hadn't been able to stop thinking about cock. And he couldn't help but regret his decision. Sure, switching to the graveyard shift had meant he'd be making more money and have more time during the day to paint, but he hadn't realized that this new graveyard shift schedule didn't mesh with any of his fuck buddies. And his mouth and ass had been...Read On


Clammy Clem

A curious fixation from Clem’s schooldays re-emerges in his life…

When Clem’s parents got married they were in their mid-twenties. Naturally, they hoped that their union would be a fruitful one, but sadly, after several miscarriages they had almost begun to give up hope. Fifteen years later, however, a miracle occurred when a male child was finally gifted to them. By now, Clem’s dad was already in his early forties and his mum in her late thirties. It...Read On


Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part 13

Feeling every delicious inch...

My skin tingled all over and it felt hot. Our bodies moved in unison; Martin lunged forward as I braced myself for every thrust. His cock went in deep, and he held it there, before sliding out, but left the cockhead inside. My ass muscles automatically spasmed in delight and I relaxed so he could pump again. In and out, he stroked, slowly, and my eyes opened for a few seconds, long enough...Read On


What Happens When You Get Caught

Getting caught fooling around with my best friend leads to the real thing.

“Let’s get outta here,” I said with a slight wink and tilt of my head. That was our little code which actually meant, “Let’s go fuck!” In a flash we were in my bedroom, pants down, sixty-nining on my bed. Tommy and I were both in our late teens. We had started exploring sex together about a year and a half ago but that’s another story. For now, I’ll just tell you that we never had a safe...Read On


The Deckhand - Thursday Cruise, Part 3

This group was as eager to please me as I was to please them.

Sam slid his hands around to my ass and began kneading my cheeks.  As one of his fingers meandered toward my needy hole, I again asked, "What did you have in mind?" Sam finally spoke, "How about we head below and see what develops?" I leaned into his ear and whispered, "I need you inside me now." As I backed away, I pulled him toward the steps, and we headed down below.  Once we were...Read On


She is Beautiful - Part 6

Pierce meets a man at the hotel gym

The bed was a complete and total sodden mess. I looked over at the table clock which said it was two-thirty in the morning. We had been sucking and fucking for over three hours. There was nothing to do but call the front desk and ask for a fresh linen change-over if we were going to get any sleep whatsoever. We all came down from our high, breathing deeply, drinking champagne and chugging...Read On


My First And Only Time With A Man

I was a very naive and shy nineteen-year-old and had just gotten a job at a very upscale restaurant. I had dreams of becoming a chef. After several months working my way from maintenance/janitor, then to busboy, I finally was promoted to prep cook. The chef seemed to be quite impressed with my work ethic and my interest in cooking. He soon took me under his wing and became my mentor. I...Read On


The Deckhand - Thursday Cruise, Part 2

The Thursday cruise was just beginning and I was already bent over.

Joe really started groping them as he whispered, "You are such a naughty slut, aren't you." I turned my head back toward him and alluringly offered, "I'm your slut now," before pushing my thong down to the floor.  Joe stepped closer and began kissing my neck while sliding a hand between my cheeks.  His fingers found my lubricated anus and began plying the entrance as his other hand played...Read On


Big Love

By a curious twist of fate, Chester develops a taste for big men…

I was seventeen and in my final year of school, when a strange thing happened to me. After a series of events not only would my future sexual predilections be firmly established but also fine-tuned for the rest of my life. This is the story of how that happened. *** My parents had bought a home several years before and after a few months, new neighbours also moved in next door to us....Read On


A Ride Out To The Country

Fun stop after a short bike ride.

It was a nice warm day, so I took my Harley for a ride out to the country! I was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I also had on my biker boots. When it gets really warm I go for a ride in my shorts and get a little sun. I headed out to the country, riding down some back roads. Sun was out, so it was a beautiful day for a ride. I passed a few small towns, and after about an hour from home,...Read On


My Last Night in Scotland

A true story that happened to me during a trip to Scotland.

It was a cold blustery evening in remote Inverness, the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. It was my last night here before moving on and I’d just finished eating dinner at a local pub. I figured that as this would be my last night in Scotland, I wanted something to remember it by, and what better way than with a traditional Scottish kilt? I certainly didn’t have trouble finding a...Read On


The Sketchbook

A short story about a single gay man falling for a trans woman and the internal confusion he feels.

It was strange seeing you like this. Your parents were excited to see you home, and I was certainly accepting of your change. Here was this twenty-one-year-old woman. You dressed like a bit of a dork, but it was an interesting quirk of yours. You had on a red converse, leggings under your knee-high shorts, and a 3/4 length ball tee with a rich red flannel that matched the converse. It...Read On


White Lightning

A story about the brazenness of youth…

According to Google, Witblits is a white brandy made of the leftovers from a winery and contains a fifty-five, to sixty-five percent alcohol content. According to the local maker, however, it is actually based on an Italian Grappa recipe. The name Witblits is an Afrikaans word, a language indigenous to South Africa and translated it means; ‘white lightning.’ It is a very popular beverage in...Read On


Curiosity Satisfied

A winter storm provides opportunity for curious teens to explore.

The teen years are confusing enough for everyone but, for those, like me, who don’t quite fit the description of normal, whatever that is, they can be extremely confusing and frustrating. In my case, there really wasn’t anything normal about me. First, I was not a member of the predominant religion in the area that over ninety percent of my classmates were. In addition, I was physically...Read On


Blowjob Guilt

Charles' 19-year-old boyfriend Tom sucked me off right in front of him.

Charles is an old friend of mine.  We've hung out for years and he is a good friend.  Charles is a few years older than me and is a really good looking guy.  For years, the group of friends we'd hang out with thought Charles might be gay, but nobody really knew one way or the other.  One night, over a few drinks, I just asked him and he said that yes, he is gay. Over time, I told him that I...Read On


The Night Nurse

Darcy’s duties as a night nurse take an unexpected turn…

Darcy was a really devoted nurse. Great nursing is a gift that very few people are born with. You either have it or you don’t. If you are empathetically challenged, then it is not your calling. In the oncology section of the hospital he worked in, Dr. Johnson recognized his special talent with the terminal patients and often made mention of it to Darcy. In fact, Dr. Johnson was the one...Read On


A Holiday Romance, Ch. 02

Theo wakes up to a morning surprise

Theo opened his eyes to the early Greek sun streaming into the room through the thin curtains. He rolled, to see Raoul lying on his front beside him, his perfectly toned shoulders and tight buns glistening in the morning light. The white sheet which topped the bed was lying between them in a crumpled pile. He lay there for a few moments, drinking in the view, feeling himself becoming aroused....Read On


A Holiday Romance, Ch. 01

Theo meets a mystery man on a Greek holiday isle.

In the beautiful, sunny beachside resort of the Hotel Adelphi, Theo lounged by the pool, catching a tan. He had not long finished swimming and water beaded on his smooth torso. His abs were hardly a washboard. He had been training a lot in the gym, but too many slip-ups with late-night snacks had held him back. For the first time in a long time, Theo was completely relaxed, and could feel...Read On



A peek into Ainsleigh’s sex life…

Ainsleigh was an unremarkable-looking guy. He stood five-foot-eight-inches tall and was lithe and actually, if one was perfectly honest, he bordered on skinny. He wasn’t ugly and had a rather pleasant face. Fully clothed, he never caught the eye of the butch tops that he had a predilection for. Ainsleigh, however, had a magic weapon in his arsenal. He was gifted with one of the most...Read On


Earl, a limp Earl

I get a limp Earl off.

Our next Sunday barbecue was rained out so Baxter grilled steaks in the oven. The meal was good and after cleaning up, we settled around the kitchen table to play cards. My wife’s therapy has improved her mobility to the point where she can do all the necessary exercises at home. Thus, in a month, we will be going back to Boulder. I gave my notice to an unhappy Earl. I had not been called...Read On


Banishing The Past.

With the end of one relationship, begins another.

It had been eighteen months of uncertainty, kept apart by work, distance and spouses on both sides. In that time we had managed just a few days of actual contact, wondering when the next time might be. Several times we had run close to being found out but had managed to convince our other halves that nothing was happening. Then it happened, a weekend of no contact, I had become worried and...Read On


Bus Trip

A bus trip initiates a new chapter in my life…

Upon entering, I was very pleased to see that the long seat at the back of the bus was unoccupied. In fact, with five minutes to go until departure, the bus was fairly empty, with no more than twelve other passengers on board. I eagerly headed for the back of the bus to claim my prize. With most of my fellow travellers seated from the middle to the front of the carriage, my happiness was...Read On

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