cuckold and wantobe men

Cuck or not
by Upforit200891 29 Apr 2019 16:25
Hi all I love to screw my wife but allow others to join in. What's the difference between this and cuckold? Because I don't consider myself to be a cuckold. Does anyone have a view.
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posted 03 May 2019 02:06
The definition of cuckold, really, does vary. I would consider you to be a cuckold of a sort. I think the one, common thread is that you enjoy seeing your wife having sex with other men. Enjoy, believe me, you're not alone.
posted 10 May 2019 15:11
I also consider you a cuckold. But as Gmeter points out the definition of cuckold does vary. I think the accepted definition is the definition in the standard authoritative dictionaries.

Meaning of cuckold:

Merriam Webster dictionary: a man whose wife has sex with someone else : a man's whose wife commits adultery

Cambridge dictionary: a man whose wife deceives him by having a sexual relationship with another man

As you can see, the husband does not need to be aware that his wife is cheating on him to be a cuckold. He is a cuckold when his wife has sex with another man, with or without his knowledge. In fact, the Cambridge dictionary states that the wife is deceiving her husband.

However another consideration is that your wife is NOT cheating on you. But she is having sex with someone else.

Many people make up there own definition so that it applies to them and there are also various degrees of cuckold defined by types of cuckold play. From mild, where the husband does not even know is wife made him a cuckold, to extreme where the wife does not have sex with her husband or even allow him to masturbate even though she fucks other men in front of him, the wife intentionally has other men's babies, sometimes with the husband's consent and support, and some times eve though opposes the idea of his wife having another man's baby, wives sometime have Bukkakes with many men, gangbangs, black cock only gangbangs and even other types.

Many men the live your lifestyle, call themselves Stags. However, none of the standard dictionaries definitions of "Stag" support stag in this type of sexual relationship. However, I did find one definition of Stag that does support your type of relationship. however, the definition was created by a woman so that it fits her lifestyle.

A Stag is a word to describe a straight man that shares his wife or girlfriend sexually with other men and derives his pleasure solely from watching her arousal. This arrangement, called Stag Hotwifing, typically occurs in one or more of the following ways:
By bringing another man/men to pleasure the wife or girlfriend, where the Stag can either actively join in and participate, or passively watch as a voyeur
As the Stag overtly or covertly watches or listens to her play with the other men
As the wife or girlfriend recounts the details of her adventures with other men to the Stag after the fact. You can refer to the following site for her definition of Stag.

posted 17 Sep 2019 11:34
I'm in the same category as Upforit. We had partners join us a year after we started living together and well before we got married. The first time we had a couple over I heard about it the next day. She wanted no part of seeing me with another woman. To be honest, it was okay with me. No disrespect but the lady our male friend brought with him was really my cup of tea. So it was then on that we only did MFM.

This is not to say that we had many different men over. We had two over the past several years. One was married the other was not. They knew each other as well. We all belonged to a Yacht Club and although there were over 150 members our friends never let the cat out of the bag.

At first I would join in and we'd ravish my wife. One night, by accident I reach across and though I was reaching for my bride body I and I repeat accidently grabbed his cock. I pulled my hand away quickly but he took my wrist and placed my hand back on him. I went with the flow and got caught by my wife. She told us both that it turned her on. After a few minutes of her watching, they fucked again. After they finished I put my dick in my wife and for the first time had sloppy seconds. It was weird and exciting all at the same time. I came super fast knowing his cum was on me.

The next evening my wife and I talked about what had happened. She told me it turned her on to see me playing with our friend's cock and wanted more. She suggested I try sucking him. I rejected that proposal at once but she kept on. I believe her nagging went on for a month before we had our friend over again. This time she suggested he let me suck him. He was all for it. Long story short, I did, and I have almost every time since. At no time has he blown his balls into my mouth...….. but my wife is pestering me to let him. He refuses to reciprocate and that makes me feel uneasy about me doing him. She has even promised me that if I let him finish in my mouth that she'd bring home a woman for me to have sex with. Tempting to say the least.
posted 17 Sep 2019 13:10
Its just great to watch, total satisfaction of my lady is key. We played with couples also, same room and seperate. All fun times.
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