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The seduction of horror in the literary world is as captivating now as it has ever been. Entice your audience to experience the forbidden, carnal exhilaration that a cocktail of sex and adrenaline-pumping terror can evoke. Titillate their minds and senses with consensual masochism as they willingly submit to the pleasures of fear. From the Gothic desires of sensuous vampires to the spine-tingling suspense of psychological torment, sate your readers unquenchable thirst for blood and bosoms.


Slasher Party Massacre

Straight to Video at a Blockbuster near you

The three of them sat watching movies and tossing popcorn back and forth. It was their usual Friday night ritual and had been for years. They were all now in their early thirties. They had gone through jobs, marriage, boyfriends, and probably some girlfriends. Whatever life had flung their way. Nothing changed it. They made one solemn vow at the end of high school and even cut their hands...Read On

Recommended Read

The Tunnel

A Victorian scientist demonstrates his discovery of a tunnel through other dimensions.

"Wake up!" Devon was gently shaking the pale figure lying on the ground next to me as I was roused from sleep at the sound of his raised voice. He was tugging Partita's arm from beneath her curled-up body and working to release from her wrist the metallic clasp which had become entangled in her long black hair. He quickly turned to me as I got up and kneeled beside him over my friend's...Read On

Editor's Pick

Out Of The Shadows

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.” ― C.G. Jung   There had to be a mistake. Disappointment weighing heavily on my shoulders, I pointed to the handwritten advertisement, the monthly rent circled in red ink. “Yes, that’s right. It’s because of that .” Mrs Parker nodded to the wall behind the spiral staircase where...Read On


All Hallows Eve 1870

I just fucked a vampire

It was a dark rainy night; the full moon peeking out occasionally from the dark ominous clouds. The horse plodded along, its rider hunched over the pommel tired, hungry, and wet. Although Rob wore a rain slicker it did nothing to keep the rain from sneaking under the opening at the top and drenching his clothes under it. The wide-brimmed cowboy hat kept his hair fairly dry but the drips off...Read On


Because She's Worth It

The substitute teacher makes a big impression on his English class...

The substitute English teacher seemed harmless enough when he first entered the classroom just a few mornings ago.  “Good morning everyone, I'm Mr Brodie and I'll be covering Miss Johnson’s classes for the rest of the term.“ Tara rolled her eyes as Deirdre Donnelly jiggled her boobs in front of him as she asked some inane question in a desperate attempt to get him to notice her. DD by name,...Read On


Those Familiar Blue Eyes Kill Me

Have you ever had a recurring nightmare?

She disliked her name, Elvira, up until just recently. She always went by Elle, which helped her to avoid the references to the Oak Ridge Boys. Her parents named her after the character Elvira, Mistress of the dark. Tonight, she would embrace her namesake one-hundred-and-ten-per-cent. Christine, her best friend and the one that talked her into this party tonight, was helping her get into...Read On

Recommended Read

Dread Locks

The myths come to life.

She gazed out through the raindrop dappled glass doors. There had been a harsh, thunderous rainfall last night. The web appeared intact, at least partially. The spider was still and unmoving. The golden patterned arachnid must have been slowly moving up and down, over and across, mending it earlier. Fixing it. Keeping it ready for the victims flying into its home. But now the spider...Read On


Strange Brew

The wine was enchanting, and its effect, well do you really want to know?

I picked up the Citroën rental at Toulouse Blagnac Airport, making sure it had satellite navigation and a tank full of fuel. Baggage stowed, I set off for my destination and lover's reunion. My talented artist girlfriend Arianne, lived, in a tiny village in the foothills of the Pyrenees. There she painted landscapes which she sold online. She had painted one for me and I was excited to see it....Read On

Recommended Read

The Sister Witches

Can this spell be broken?

People gravitate to you But that will change before we’re through You’ve had the limelight long enough But cast out, you won’t be so tough I’ve waited years to be the one Whose light shines brighter than the sun So, Kat shall be a cat you see Perhaps for all eternity Nine lives have cats and so, will you To make his love so deep and true If by sunset he holds...Read On

Recommended Read

Z.I.L.F Or My Girlfriend The Zombie

True Love...Never Dies

Everything went to complete shit on Halloween night. At least that's what most people who are still "human" would say. But not me because that's the night that fate opened up its door and gave me the woman of my dreams. So what if she's a drooling cannibalistic corpse. She's actually still pretty hot, a total MILF. But I guess the correct term for her now would be... ZILF. Real love is not...Read On


Jack O’ Lantern - A Halloween Story

W investigates a series of small town Halloween kidnappings.

I’ve handled some long term cases before, but this one was the granddaddy of them all. Frank Reynolds handed most of his open cases down to me when he retired, but he kept this one back. He had been working on it for over fifty years, and hoped he could solve it before he died. He didn’t, so he left it to me. It seems that some sort of serial kidnapper has been striking every ten years...Read On


Do You Remember Love?

Man sets up a cosy Hallowe'en evening - he thinks!

“Do you remember love?” Craig Neilsen pulled a face as he reached the ground floor. That was the second time those words had drifted through his mind. From the office frontage, he could see the taxi waiting. His car was in the garage for service and now he was thinking that maybe he shouldn’t go home on this night. October 31st could be considered an anniversary of sorts. To hell with that....Read On

Recommended Read

Alene's Monster

Shadows danced and morphed on the grey brick walls, a variety of mosses, mold, and mildew growing in between some of the bricks, dank water leaking and dripping, following the patterns of the brickwork from the top of the wall, all the way to the bottom. The sound of water dripping and plopping on the stone floors became a part of the white noise of the constant corridor, as she walked on...Read On

Editor's Pick

The End Begins

South of the equator Halloween falls in spring

The wedding invitation, blood-red script on black, didn’t surprise. However, the time and place did pique my curiosity. Aza and Harri’s wedding was precisely timed, six minutes past eleven on Halloween in the Terminus Chapel at Rookwood cemetery. Now Rookwood wasn’t just any cemetery, it was Sydney, and indeed Australia’s, largest, having been open for business for one hundred and fifty...Read On


Dr. Hilda and the Monster

A mad scientists' tragic attempt to defy the laws of Nature

Olga was cleaning up in the lab when a harrowing howl echoed along the drafty chambers of the ancient manor from the direction of the mistresses’ bedchamber.  “Oh no,” she thought, “the time has finally come.”  She rushed there. Sitting bedside and sobbing over an inert young woman of exquisite beauty was the lady doctor.  Olga approached the bed and rested a hand on her convulsing...Read On


Harold's Betrayal

Harold decided it was time she repaid him for the years he had given her.

She was old or more to the fact of age, she was ancient in terms of human life. She had walked the earth for centuries searching for the men she craved to survive on.  Men of wealth and means, men of fame and fortune and men of great physical stature, she had them all over time, used them all and in most cases killed them for their life-sustaining source she needed to survive. Yet that...Read On


Innocent Blood

Shy virgin receives a dire prediction from a fortune teller at the Halloween Festival.

Kara walked at her friend’s side through the Halloween Festival grounds, feeling as if the world was closing in on her. Never comfortable in any social situation, the vast number of people patronizing the fair made her feel anxious – on edge. Jamie let out a quiet moan at her side and said, “Look, there’s John. God, he’s so fucking hot.” Though she did instinctively follow Jamie’s gaze,...Read On


The Girl Who Cried Wolf

An American woman goes to Ireland in search of the mythical werewolf

The moon was full. The moors were empty. Inside the 'Rick and the Baker' pub, villagers milled about nervously, listening to the feral howls that sliced through the fog like razor-sharp talons. Even the most macho Irishman seemed jittery, even frightened by the never-ending din surrounding the rural countryside. So jittery in fact with each blood-chilling bay, darts were thrown errantly...Read On


Said the Spider to the Fly

Halloween is upon us. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and goblins are on everyone's mind. It is fun to get jump-scared by these mythical creatures - knowing no harm will really befall you. But, there are some real horrors in our world. You might not know of their existence; maybe it is better that way. Stop reading now if you want to maintain your blissful ignorance. I will tell you of a...Read On



Hooking up at the Halloween ball. A beginning, or something else?

The company Halloween party. I hated it, but you scored big points with bosses for attending, assuming they saw you among 300 staff milling around the dim hotel ballroom.  My costume was the same low-effort as last year: vampire teeth and a high-collared cape, hair slicked into a widow’s peak. I had just arrived, standing at the edge of the crowd, nodding and yelling pleasantries over...Read On


The Wizard

The horror of the fall festival

A beautiful October evening. Fall is in the air. My bestie, Erica, and I go to the Fall Festival every year and have since we were kids. We go primarily to eat everything that is deep-fried fried and sweetened. Which is practically everything. We enjoy looking at the fall leaves and pumpkins plus the smell of fair food amid the cool, crisp weather. Sometimes we go on the hayrides or some...Read On


The Realm of Pleasure - A Halloween Story

Dabbling with magic on Halloween night can lead to trouble.

It was supposed to be a frickin’ joke! It was just a bunch of Halloween mumbo-jumbo to get the girls to take their clothes off. I didn’t really mean it. I wasn’t trying to summon anyone... or anything. I was just trying to get laid. The six of us boys came up with this plan over the summer. Actually, it was my idea, but everyone went along with it. As Halloween approached we would all...Read On


Lesbian Vampire Lust

Two letters from the private archive of Abraham van Helsing

First Letter, dated 12 February 18-- From Emily M-------d To Lady Cassandra B---------n My dearest Cassandra, I fear it is over a week since I last put pen to paper, and indeed I cannot tell when you will receive this letter, if it reaches you at all (given the unreliable nature of the post in this benighted corner of Europe). However, I know you will wish to hear of the events of...Read On


You Cannot Remember

Don't worry, I can help you remember.

You can’t remember, can you? Yes, you staring into the cold glass screen, probably in in private or incognito mode. Yeah, you can’t remember, which is quite a pity. She remembers, and she’s waiting for you, but you don’t remember her. Perhaps I should remind you; maybe I’ll get something out of it too. It was unseasonably warm that night, and you were drinking alone at the bar, the one in...Read On


Be My Valentine

All my life, I waited for the perfect someone. The one who would finally understand the real me

I had just left my usual coffee shop, it had been more crowded than usual so I didn't stay long after ordering. I had tried to read the book I had brought along but the noise became unbearable and I left. I found myself completely lost in thought as I walked down the recently rain-drenched street. It had grown dark so early. I hated February, it's a good thing it was the shortest month of...Read On



A dream holiday soon becomes a worst nightmare

This photograph of Janet was taken by her best friend Blanka, on their holiday to Prague in 2016, just after Christmas. While Janet was Australian born to Australian parents, Blanka was Australian born as well but to Czechoslovakian parents. From the rooftop of a city building, Janet was overlooking the Vltava River and the Church of St. Nicholas, the building with the dome and green spires....Read On


The Cold Fire: Part 1

A repressed housewife and her stepdaughter fall prey to the charms of an enigmatic young woman

I My name is Anna and this is my story... It was the night before Halloween and dinner was almost ready.  I had spent the afternoon with our nine-year-old Stan carving a jack o’lantern.  He was out on the porch cleaning up the innards while I fretted in the kitchen.   I was anxious, my stepdaughter Jenny was bringing a girlfriend home to eat with us. I was always nervous around her...Read On

Nerds on Vacation

Going on vacation should be fun? Shouldn't it?

I looked around the small bar. It wasn't like most of the sports bars back home. There were no huge televisions that showed multiple sports games at once. There was just one small monitor above the bar. Two ladies were serving drinks and food to the patrons, they weren't dressed in skimpy little outfits, but regular clothes.  "We could have done this back home," I shook my head as I returned...Read On


The Nightmare Inside Chapter 7

Lori had been sitting at her desk for over an hour. She was supposed to be doing research, but instead, she sat there staring at her screen and thinking of her options. On the one hand, she could just allow herself to become the succubus and continue doing this for the rest of her life, or on the other hand, she could go take one last soul and be done with it. Did she really want to do...Read On


The Nightmare Inside Chapter 6

Lori had been home from Harriet’s for a few hours. She felt energized and slightly electric, but what had actually happened was a little blurry. Her body could remember quite clearly just how good it felt. ‘Who knew that Harriet could make me cum like that,’ she thought and her hand slid down between her legs. She cupped herself and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her cunny throbbed as she...Read On

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