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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


The Twins (Part 1)

These are the tales of Nick and Nicole. Sometimes family is all you have.

Nicholas and Nicole Langston are twins. They are in college. They are unbelievably close, as are most twins. However, this is the first time that they are apart. Nicholas, the younger one, plays football on a scholarship for Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. While Nicole, the older one by minutes, stayed in town for college at the University of Houston. In their high school years,...Read On


The Dark Stone Chapter 1

An eighteen-year-old finds a magic stone that slowly transforms him and those around him.

Sam skipped out of the alley behind the 7-11 and turned onto the old train tracks. Weeds scraped along his ankles. The faint scent of creosote rose up from the weathered wood beneath him. He hopped from one tie to the next. His brown eyes scanned the ground. The weight of his backpack cut into his shoulders. He didn’t care. It was all about finding that next remarkable rock. It wasn’t the...Read On


Bradly: The Note

A young man finally gets to see his sister, but right before their parents drop a bombshell.

"Hey, Bradly?" I asked out, cracking open the bathroom door.   "Yes, sis?" I heard him reply.   "I just got out of the shower, and I forgot a towel. I'm drenched wet and naked here."   "Okay, Jenna, I'll get you a towel," I heard him tell me, before I heard some footsteps.   A few seconds later, I saw him carrying a towel, but with his other hand up to block me.   "Thank you, Bradly," I...Read On


Family Sex Pet (Part 1 of 2)

Yvonne and her two daughters get a family sex pet

SAYING GOODBYE   Mum said proudly, "Well, Judy, you have served us well for your contracted six months, so you have earned your release. All pet conditions are now satisfied. Watch while I delete all of your videos, as we agreed." Mum picked up the remote control for the TV, connected it to the media server, pulled up the folder containing all of the videos we had taken with Judy in them...Read On


Summer With My Sisters - Ch. 3

Round two with my little sister gets even hotter.

Despite being exhausted from two separate sexual encounters with my sisters the prior night and that morning, I somehow made it through the day. Like probably any brother with female siblings, I had fantasized about my sisters in the past but the two incredible experiences within the past twenty-four hours totally surpassed those earlier visions. As I headed back to the apartment I shared...Read On


Piercings – Part VI Infidelity and Awakenings

Series: Piercings

Liz shares a bed with her daughter and husband

We were woken by Liz when she returned just after ten. Amy started to get out of the bed as she came into the room but Liz stopped her. “It’s okay Amy,” she told her. “I don’t mind and there’s no point in getting out of a nice warm bed to get into a cold one, is there?” Amy smiled as she got back into bed. Liz sat on the edge of the bed close to her. “Had a good time?” she asked her as...Read On


Being Jack Part 2

Series: Being Jack

A Day to Himself #1

That first morning when Jack became a significant part of Jackie, he kept stroking that cock in front of the mirror until the sun shone in through the bedroom window and he heard stirrings from the room behind that mirror. It was Sophia, Jackie's sister, getting out of bed. He could hear her moving about in her room for a little while, probably laying out the clothes she would wear that...Read On


Janey: Part 2

I thank my sister for a first class blow job.

Basking in the afterglow of a first-class blowjob, I watched in awe as my little sister Janey slowly stripped. First, she exposed her breasts, and fine specimens they were. B cups. Proportionate to her slender figure. Cone-shaped with puffy nipples. I felt myself harden as I imagined how they would feel in my mouth. "I'll bet your not too concerned about the fact that these belong to...Read On


Family Therapy. A Daughter A Sister Ch.1

Daughter finds love with the most unexpected person. A journey of life begins.

Dear diary, This week has been pretty uneventful. School is boring, personal life is boring, life, in general, is just boring... I'm enjoying the peace and quiet now that Dillon's off at college, however, sometimes I still miss him. For whatever reason. Mom seems to be getting more bitchy day by day. The other day she gave me shit because the screen on my phone was too bright. I mean...Read On


The Day After Halloween.

"Now that was a party," were Lance's first thoughts as he slowly woke up. "And people wonder why I love Halloween so much." Yes, it was a spectacular party. Good food, music and people. Plus there was a never-ending supply of alcohol. Lance had so much fun he didn't remember walking home. Despite his bedroom being almost pitch black thanks to the blackout curtains and subdued wallpaper he...Read On


Me &My Son First Time. Part Four

Steamy action leads to mother and son revealing some surprising secrets as more lines are crossed

Taboo Passions Unleashed. After reading previous chapters, you’ll know that I’ve had sex a few times with my sixteen-year-old son Sam and that it greatly excited both of us. I became relaxed about it but I also wanted to excite him even further. So, in our remote home, I became very laissez-faire about my attire around Sam. Unless we had visitors, when I’d dress conservatively, my tops...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 16

Series: Tell Laura

The end of the trip and home again.

Laura I could feel him pushing the ring down my finger as we kissed. It was slow, steady but inevitable, just as our relationship had been. I just hadn’t expected it to happen when we came away. These last couple of days had been a whirlwind after crossing that last line. It felt like we were fulfilling a destiny of sorts. However, I needed it to be different. I broke off the kiss...Read On


Swinger Vacation Day 3 / Part 4

Father and daughter all-inclusive vacation with surprises!

It was the third day of my vacation with my daughter and she had just told me a story about her past that had my head in a spin. There was so much information to take in. My son Mark was bi, her twin friends Tiffany and Brittany were having sex with each other, as well as Sofia. She was also having sex with their jackass of a father and to top it all off, she had also been having sex with...Read On


Family Embrace - Chapter 2

Getting closer to his sister...

“Devin, what did you do?” Oh god. She knows. How? Did I pick up the call by accident? “ Mom, I can explain. I didn’t mean to pick up the call. I’m sorry you had to hear that.” “Honey, what are you talking about? What did you do at Emma’s? She said she broke off her engagement.” “Wait, what? She did? Oh no, I can’t believe this. It’s all my fault. I should have just moved back home...Read On


Piercings - Part V - Infidelity and New Beginnings

Series: Piercings

Mum, Daughter and Step-dad ease into their world of new beginnings and new sexual adventures

We showered and changed soon after and Liz sent a text to Amy telling her where to meet us in town. We decided to take a taxi into town. Liz and I usually enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine with our meals so it was a simple decision to make. But which taxi firm to use was the hardest decision – was it to be the local village one or the town one. “It’s up to you,” Liz had said. I thought...Read On


Summer with My Sisters - Ch. 2

After an evening with my older sister, my younger sister wants to play

The sound of footsteps walking downstairs woke me early. The lingering party pals from the night before were wandering out into the dark Boston morning. Despite my hangover being clearly intact and my thoughts a bit cloudy from the prior night’s imbibing, I understood I wasn’t in my own bed; nor was I alone. I rolled over, coming face-to-face with my older sister – still sound asleep. ...Read On


Family Embrace - Chapter 1

A story about family love . . .

My hands clench and unclench as I stared at my phone. The number dialed, I just have to hit the button. I have nobody else to turn to, I have to make this call. My mother would help me in a second, but she’s done so much for me already. I can’t make her drop everything again, just to bail me out. My mother has always been very strict, but underneath it all I know she loves me...Read On


The Beginning of the Domination of Randi 13

Sir breeds Kitten in from of husband

Chapter Thirteen: Sir impregnates Randi in front of Bill. “Slut, please get Kitten ready to receive me tonight, as I plan to breed her in front of her cuckold.” Jill immediately went down on her mom and had Randi begging to cum in no time at all. While this was going on Bill looked at Mike to see if he was serious about breeding Randi. He could not stay quiet and said, “I forbid this...Read On


Family Therapy. A wife a mother ch.1

A mother discovers things about her family and herself that she never expected.

"So how was your week been, Alice?" Well that's a loaded question I thought to myself "It's been... Confusing... Everything just seems like a mess right now," I said nervously. "Well how about we talk about this mess then Alice?" "Oh, where to begin? I guess we should start with this fact that I suspect my husband is having an affair with a younger woman," I said as my nails...Read On


Confessions of a Catholic Schoolgirl - chapter 5 - Gary's visit

With Marc's encouragement, I invite my borther to visit us, and he accepts

“C’mon, Julie, you’re fucking with me?” Gary exclaimed. “I’m really not.” “I don’t believe you…well then, Marc is fucking with you…no way he said that,” Gary insisted. “Gary, I understand your apprehension, but trust me on this: Marc is not only okay with your visit, he suggested it,” I assured my brother. “So, let me get this straight, you told Marc all about us…all the stuff we did...Read On


The Beginning Of The Domination Of Randi 12

Bill gets caged.

Chapter Twelve: Bill is turned into a wimpy cuckold and caged. When they arrived home, Jill went to her room to get ready for bed and Randi went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. As Randi was heading to bed, Jill came out of the bathroom and ran right into her. “Sorry, Mom, I did not see you coming.” “That is ok, dear. Are you ok after all that happened tonight?” “Sure, why do...Read On


Self-Sucking Sissy 3

How far is he willing to go to please his sexy but domineering step-sister...and himself?

My step-sister Avery was dancing around her bedroom in a red thong and a lacy red bra when I peeked in through her open door.  She checked herself out in the mirror, struck a few sexy poses, then danced around some more while looking into shopping bags and rummaging through one of her drawers.  Even though I just blew a huge load outside with her mom, I was more than ready to go again.  The...Read On


Jayne Part 1

Jayne was an eighteen-year-old young woman. She had finished school the year before and now had a job. She worked in an office typing pool. The job was boring, but the money she earned gave her some independence.  Her taste in fashion, to put it mildly, did not exist. There was nothing distinctive about her clothes, she had little fashion sense, and really never cared that much for shopping...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 15

Series: Tell Laura

A day at the beach with others

Laura It was my turn to wake early. I took advantage of my internal alarm and set up my camera to capture the dolphins. As I was setting up, I was also mulling over the previous night and the day before. Tommy and I had talked a little more as he held me in bed last night. He had confided that although it had a happy ending, at least for me and the girls, he had been a little upset when...Read On


Rite of Passage - Julie's Story

Different Branch of the Family - Same Tradition

My name is Julie. This is how my husband and I both have come to have sex on a regular basis with our young adult son and daughter. It’s kind of a long story. I am well aware that what we do is not something you’d advertise. I don't even know why I am putting this down, other than that something in me wanted it to be out, so perhaps I could share it with others with similar views or...Read On


Two Moms, Two Sons 30: Sandra Proves How Much She Loves Her Son And Daughter

Sandra also comes to terms about everything, and makes it clear about the future too.

POV Sandra   We all went into the bedroom, shut the door, and I yanked Pete right to me. "How do you feel about having two wives?" I giggled, before a gap where I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I'm sorry, I'm trying to lighten the mood. Are you okay, son?"   "Yes, Mom, but it’s kind of been that way for a while now. You're not a mistress. Gia knows all about you, and she does it with...Read On


Swinger Vacation Day 3 / Sofia's Story / Part 3

Father and daughter all-inclusive vacation with surprises!

We got the text message we had been expecting from the twins. Mark was to meet us after cheerleading practice and drive us to their house, where they would take us through their plans. We were both nervous about what they had in store for us. Neither of us knew exactly what the two evil bitches would have us do this time?   We all sat in silence on the way to their house, till we were...Read On


Piercings - Part IV - Infidelity and Reparations

Series: Piercings

Liz tells her husband about her infidelity the night he fucked her daughter...

We lay in bed shortly afterwards. I had given Liz a good spanking; made her cry, gave her release and left her marked. Before fucking her across the table though, I had knelt down behind her to enjoy her cunt with my tongue and compare her taste to Amy’s, I immediately encountered the remains of Joe’s fucking. I told her that I could taste him and she just groaned that he did cum a lot....Read On


Confessions Of A Catholic Schoolgirl - Chapter 4 - Reliving The Past

I tell Marc about my phone sex with my brother

Marc arrived home around four o’clock, his shirt soaked with sweat from his ten-mile run. He found me relaxing on our back patio, sipping a glass of chardonnay, enjoying the California sunset. He wasted no time before he started prying me with questions.   “So, did you get a hold of your brother?”   “Yes, Gary and I talked for a while. It was good to catch up with him,” I replied,...Read On


Swinger Vacation Day 3/Sofia's Story/Part 1

Father and Daughter all-Inclusive vacation with surprises!

I've woken this morning before Dad. We are in the exact same position as yesterday. Dad is spooning me from behind with his big man paw on my boobs. His hands are so big. Everything about him is big. I remember when I was younger, thinking that he was a giant. All my friends used to call him Superman, as he was so big and muscular, with his big square jaw and piercing blue eyes. It...Read On

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