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My Brother and I

Twins Jeff and Jana have an adventure during movie night...

Chapter 1 - Movie Night Bored with the same Sunday movie night with the parents, I turned to my sixteen-year-old twin brother, Jeff, to give him an eye roll and that’s when I saw movement under the throw blanket. We were sharing the love seat perpendicular to the big couch that our parents were lying on while the movie droned on. They’d fallen asleep half-way through the movie, and I’d...Read On


It Isn’t Always So Easy

Being with mom for the first time has its difficulties.

I maybe shouldn’t have told mom I was still a virgin at nineteen, but I’d had a weak moment after yet another unsuccessful date. This revelation led to one of the most important moments of my life. “You’ll find the right one some day,” mom said. “That’s what everyone says,” I retorted, and they did, especially the sweet girls who liked to keep me safely in the friend zone. Mom came to my...Read On


Weekend Chores

Mom gets him going on Saturday morning

Jeff was eighteen years old and a senior at Wilmington High School. He was just about to slide his hard cock into Varsity cheerleader Penny's sweet tight pussy right there on the fifty when the stadium lights came on in a blinding glare. He groaned as he heard his coach telling him to wake up.   "Wait a second," his boggled mind told him. "That's not coach..." "Wake up!" she yelled,...Read On


In Between CH. 5 & 6

Bryce's busty aunt moves in next door. His mom isn't happy.

Chapter 5 – Make up   Bryce left the room and his aunt’s house as fast as his legs would let him. I was such an idiot to think a gorgeous model of a woman like that would actually want to date me. Sure, she slept with me, which is twisted, but I kind of understand the logic of trying to get closer to me, especially after being apart for over a decade. So then should I really be upset,...Read On


Me And Sherie Chapter Two

The cousins go camping

I was startled to sudden consciousness by Sherie. As usual, I had kicked off the covers and was lying on my back in just my boxer briefs. Sherie had plopped on the bed beside me and was patting my shoulder. I could feel my morning wood string in my unders. ”Wake up, Cuz,” Sherie demanded with a smile, ”Gramps has breakfast ready.” ”Okay,” I grumbled, ”I'm up.” I saw her eyes trail down...Read On


Luke's Perversions Ch. 02

Luke's adventures continue

12 Luke spent the next three months working on completing his dissertation.  He isolated himself from his social circles; focusing on his final presentation. His friends began to wonder if all was well with Luke. Luke wasn’t the kind of guy to kiss-and-tell.  He left his friends to their own points of-view and opinions. He did not receive many messages from Meg; Sarah, however, was in...Read On

Brother And Sister First Time

Samantha and Robbie were sister and brother.  They were fraternal twins.  They recently both celebrated their sixteenth birthday.  Their folks took them to a Japanese style dinner where they sat in front of a hibachi chef. They enjoyed all the cooking tricks the chef did.  The parents didn’t really have the money to have a party like some of their friends had.  The kids were used to not...Read On


In Between CH. 1 - 4

Bryce's busty aunt moves in next door. His mom isn't happy.

  Chapter 1 - Moving Bryce pressed the brakes on his Toyota Camry, coming to a stop in front of his white and black, one-story house. His mother’s own black Toyota was parked on the left side of the paved driveway. As he exited the vehicle and started for the door, a movement to the right made him look to see a middle-aged woman with straight, black hair that fell just passed...Read On


Luke's perversion

Luke's unexpected ...

Luke waited at the airport for almost an hour.  He repeatedly called and texted his mom, Megan, to figure out his ride home.  The red-eye flight was horrible.  He couldn’t wait to get into his own bed.  Frustrated, he called in Uber service. An hour later, around 8 am, he used his spare keys to get into the house. He entered to the homely silence that he remembered from his days before he...Read On


Visual Memories

Viewing mom's video collection.

I was glad no-one was home, so I could once again look at the videos I had copied off the DVD mom had hidden in the bookshelf with her chemistry books. Although she was a professor, she was surprisingly bad with computers. She still used DVDs instead of memory cards and she did not seem to know how to protect files with passwords. The videos showed young men between 18 and 20 years of...Read On


Like the Best Ever

Cute raver girl gives dad a nice present.

It is interesting to whisper it in dad's ear during breakfast one morning: "I want to give you a BJ, dad. Like the best ever." Luckily mom's back is turned so she does not see his expression and the way he almost fumbles the dishes to the floor. She only wonders about the strange coughing fit he suddenly gets and comes pat his back helpfully. Terri is humming an innocent melody and tapping...Read On


Christmas Madness

Out of nowhere, Susan and her son are seized by insane lust.

As he watched her interact with their guests at the Christmas party, Nathan marvelled at the transformation in his mother. She'd told him that she started a new diet and exercise routine to take her mind off "empty nest syndrome" when he'd left at the beginning of his first semester at State. Honestly, he hadn't given it a second thought, so wrapped up in his own change in circumstances....Read On


Woods Of Ardor

University student shares a special moment with grandma.

Not far from Wynterton lay a small yet ancient grove of woods where passersby rarely ventured. In the olden times, it had been thought to be the home of witches and elves, but the truth of the matter was that people rarely had any business in these woods. They were strangely devoid of game to hunt and while the scenery was quite beautiful, it was nothing exceptional for this part of the...Read On


Voluptuous Slut MILF Fucks Her Son and Others

A voluptuous, slutty MILF fucks hubby's friends, her own son, and his friends.

My wife, Cynthia, and I are in our early thirties and living on a small farm outside the small town of Waycross, Georgia. I have an insurance agency in town, and Cynthia stays busy on the farm and raising our two kids. I’ve recently been thinking about the amazing experiences I had growing up with my parents in Waycross, where they still live, and even continuing, recent experiences. My name...Read On


Lucky Grandpa

An old man gets lucky with his sixteen-year-old granddaughter

Shortly after my sixteenth birthday, I went to spend a month at my grandparents’ place in Naples, Florida. They lived in a beautiful apartment complex that was complete with swimming pool. An added plus was that it was only a few blocks from the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. My grandfather and grandmother were my father's parents so I felt very comfortable with them, although I hardly...Read On


A Father's Forbidden Love, Chapter 2

Series: A Father's Forbidden Love

Part two of a forbidden erotic love between father and daughter.

Adam woke up to find himself in his recliner alone. The family room was almost entirely dark except for the glow of an end table lamp. When he looked down, he noticed a colorful knit blanket over his legs. Where is she? He wondered. There was no sign of his daughter Victoria in the family room, and he thought that maybe she had gone to bed. He took a look at the time and saw that it...Read On


Me and Sherie Chapter One

My cousin comes for a visit.

I was twenty-two years old when I moved in with my grandfather. I was just out of the service and starting a new job. Gramps was alone and welcomed my company. I settled in and we had a great time. Every evening he would have a great dinner ready when I came in from work. He would turn in no later than eight-thirty in the evening, leaving me to the television or whatever book I would...Read On


"You Go First," Samantha Said

Samantha takes Jake and Donnie for a test drive - without a car

Jake phoned me Tuesday morning and told me to come visit him that afternoon. His parents were going to take their houseguests to the world-famous museum of fine art in our city, and he and I would have the house to ourselves. Of course I knew what he meant – Jake and I had been having sex for months now, though until recently always at night, in the back seat of his car. This was...Read On


Mother and Son are a Criminal Enterprise

Mother and son are prostitutes that extort their way to prison

Chad started sucking cock at sixteen and most of the cocks were bigger than his own. But by the time he was eighteen, his cock had grown substantially, and he had a nice thick cut cock, just under eight inches. This was both a blessing and a curse, as most guys wanted to suck him, rather than have him suck them. However, that was different with the ladies. The mature ones wanted to suck...Read On


The Experience

First Time.

Mom's eyes were closed in concentration. Her hair was short and mousy brown. She had no curves, what little she had for breasts were flat and saggy, although her nipples and areolas were big. She was on her knees and she had a thicket of bushy dark hair between her legs. What can I say, I don't think many people would find their own mother attractive. I certainly didn't, not in that way. ...Read On


Uncle Marty - Part 2

I visit my brother's son at his place for round 2.

I never thought “tomorrow” would arrive, but it did, and I woke up with my small penis tenting my panties thinking about what I was going to do today. Rose was sound asleep next to me as I thought about what had transpired between my brother’s son Junior and me and what was going to happen today. I was always impressed with the size of my brother’s cock, which explains why I was addicted to...Read On


Joining In With Danica And Tara

To end the series, Kirk gets to experience both his step-mom and step-sister together.

I saw the mother/daughter duo come up with me, and they each took a side of me. I found myself speechless and frozen, but still very horny. Tara smooched my cheek and took my dick in her left hand. "I know you'd love to brag to people that you scored with a mother and daughter, but we're going to need to keep quiet about it. Can you do that for us, Kirk?" she pondered, stroking it. "She's...Read On


A Father's Forbidden Love, Chapter 1

Series: A Father's Forbidden Love

Part one of a forbidden erotic love between father and daughter.

Adam’s left hand tenderly caressed the soft skin of exposed thighs which extended from the petite feminine frame perched sideways on his lap. The bronzed, shapely legs which dangled over the armrest of his favorite rocking recliner belonged to his daughter. She was nestled against his chest and his cheek rested gently on her forehead as he rocked them slowly. It was their typical Friday...Read On


Photoshoot turns kinky when daughter makes an appearance

A photoshoot with an aspiring model gets out of hand when photographer's daughter gets a late invite

My photography business had been getting busier and busier in the past few months with myself and my assistant Silke being rushed off our feet going from job to job. Most of the work was fairly humdrum - weddings, family portraits, product launches and other corporate events - and was time-consuming and not hugely exciting. We had done a few recent shoots with aspiring models, which was...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 19

Series: Tell Laura

Kazumi's second visit continues

Laura I took hold of Tommy’s wrist and pulled his finger out, kissing the tip. I then brought Kazumi’s to my mouth and kissed her fingertips. While I was doing this, I felt Tommy stroking my thighs again. This time he did not touch my pussy but kept getting close. I tried to squirm around when he got close, telling him without saying anything that I wanted his touch. Kazumi in the...Read On


Tara Putting On A Show For Me

Tara finds herself so touched by Kirk, that she wants to do something extra special for him.

Tara kissed me again and then had us both come up onto our butts. I surely didn't know what to expect, but given her words, I knew I was in for an even bigger treat. I failed to say anything, but she took my hands in hers. She gave me one more kiss, but stayed close. "Kirk, will you promise me something?" "What, step-sis? Are you crying?" "Promise me you'll never stop loving my mom here...Read On


My son's winter fantasy

My son’s curiosity became my quest to satisfy him.

"How may we help you, ma'am?" the desk clerk asked. "I'm Doris Mason and we have a reservation for the weekend." "Yes, welcome to the Summit Chateau. I see you have a room for three nights, checking out Sunday," he read. "Please provide me with an ID and method of payment. Do you need assistance with your bags?" "No, thanks. My son and I can manage." I replied.  The long drive up proved...Read On


The Beginning Of The Domination of Randi Ch 16

Sir ramps it up with both subs.

In the other bedroom, Jill was listening to the ringing on her phone. She was worried it would go to voicemail when Jack finally answered. “Yes, Jill? What can I do for you?” "Hello sweetheart, I was calling to let you know we are here and our suite is amazing. I wish you were here with me. You sound funny is everything ok?” “Oh, I don’t know, why would anything be wrong? Maybe the fact...Read On


Running Together

Dad and daughter get in shape

Part I Tom Clark slapped his belly as he looked at himself in the mirror. Rather than the flab he gotten used to over the years, his flat hand met real muscle, and like they said on those old cereal commercials, he no longer pinched more than inch on his waist. It was true that at the age of forty-seven, Tom was in the best shape of his life, and it was all thanks to his daughter, Brin....Read On


Spilling My Guts To Tara, And Loving Her Too

Tara finds out how her step-brother feels about her.

"Just be quiet, Tara or my dad can't barge in here." Then we heard some knocks on the door. "Hey, Kirk, could I talk to you?" Tara asked, opening the door. I felt my heart take a hard turn towards stopping, and I couldn't even tell Danica to hide. "Crap." "Mom, what are you doing in here, and why are you naked?" she questioned, before peeking at me. "Kirk, are you fucking my mom?" "No,...Read On

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