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I'm a straight, much married man, and happily so. My work is unusual, and involves a lot of words, quite a bit of travel, lots of esoteric research, and interactions with lots of different people, which I love.

I like people, in general, although there are categories of people and types of people I would prefer not to know or interact with. This has mostly to do with politics and behavior. In general, though, I feel awe-struck by the diversity of humanity, and how humanity is mostly good.

In particular I like women, as friends, as clients, as people. I work better with women as my clients / bosses than men. I tend to believe that women are generally smarter and more humane than men, perhaps because of hormones, perhaps because of upbringing, but I find myself generally more comfortable working and socializing with women.

As a young man, I started out just looking to get laid, but gradually realized that women were even more fun as friends, and – better yet! – lovers who were friends. I finally got to the point where most of my past lovers remained friends, which I very much appreciated. I'm still in touch with a number of them, and we are still friends.

I've been monogamously married – to one woman – for many years, and love her more today than I did when we first married. Or even more than just a year ago.

My kink is dominance, and I get off on it. Before I married, I had two girl friends who were particularly into submission. One was a friend, and we played dominance / submission games, and really enjoyed them, but they were only games, and we were friends and had fun together outside that as well.

The other scared me. She was psychologically submissive, and truly wanted to be hurt. I was too young to really understand, plus we weren't really friends, just lovers. Without the sex, there wasn't much else.

But both women taught me a great deal about women, about sex, and about me, and I am grateful to them both. If I had a chance to go back, I think I would appreciate all the women I have loved – and lusted after – much more than I did.

I have written and published millions of words, almost exclusively non-fiction. I enjoy writing, but was always intimidated at the idea of writing fiction. However, I have a VERY active imagination, and truly believe that men who take pills to get an erection either don't have a very good imagination, or else aren't reading the right kinds of erotica.

I stumbled across the Lush website, and was surprised at the quality of writing, which is often more important to me than the plot line. I thought I would try combining my deeply dirty mind, and my love of writing. The result was that I'd written about 50,000 words in 12 chapter of a story BEFORE I even signed up for a trial membership. This is my first experience at writing anonymously, and I'm enjoying it!

Interestingly, I'm finding that although I set up the situations, the characters tell me the story, which is a bit of a surprise. Stephen King, in his book, "On Writing" (which is excellent, BTW), talks about how he asks a "What if…" question, puts some characters in that situation, and then lets them write the book. Hence, I was forewarned that this might happen.

What did surprise me is when characters just pop into existence, without any warning. One red-head, whom I do not like, just walked into one of my stories. I'm not quite sure what's she doing there, but I don't trust her. We'll see where that leads.

I find myself eager to write to find out what the characters are going to do! It's the ultimate cliff-hanger, because NO ONE knows what's going to happen, not even me. Maybe ESPECIALLY not me.

DISCLAIMER: While I'm sure I would love it, I'm not looking for, nor am I interested in being offered, a hook-up. I'm not a lurker, preferring to be involved with people. I'm not a stalker, because I believe in relationships between equals. And while I may be straight, I'm not narrow. I like people – all kinds of people. Why, some of my best friends are even straight!

James Llewellyn Gainsborough
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23 Nov 2020 20:29
Reading. Writing. Yoga. Travel (although not so much right now). Conjuring. Music (anything but country & western). Politics (reluctantly). Meditation.

People. Especially women.
Favorite Books:
Science fiction (meaning hard science fiction, not swords and lasers, or teleporters and phasers):
• Moon Is a Harsh Mistress • The Dosadi Experiment • Way Station • Childhood's End • Hominids
Biographies of people I admire:
• Bejamin Franklin • John Adams
• The Great Crash • Money
Historical fiction:
• The Richard Sharpe novels of Bernard Cornwell
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
The Hollow Hills, and The Crystal Cave (Mary Stewart – probably my two favorite novels of all time)
Favorite Authors:
Robert Anson Heinlein
Robert Pirsig
"Dr Suess" (pen name of Theodor Suess Geisel)
Mary Stewart
"Adam Smith" (pen name of George J. W. Goodman)
"Richard Hooker" (pen name of Hiester Richard Hornberger)
Spider Robinson
Stieg Larrson
Lee Child
Robert J. Sawyer
Jim Butcher
Arthur C. Clarke
Walter Isaacson
Benjamin Graham
John Kenneth Galbraith
sprite / Rachel
Favorite Movies:
Blazing Saddles
Life of Brian
Favourite TV Shows:
What's a TV?
Favorite Music:
Choral (notably John Rutter), Mozart, Bach, Fats Waller, Sinatra, Diana Krall, Loreena McKennitt, Dave Brubeck


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Posted: 23 Nov 2020 13:30


Posted: 23 Nov 2020 11:58


Jeez…men are outnumbered as well as being outclassed…

Posted: 23 Nov 2020 11:42

Your story was wonderful :) It was my first-time entering too

Back at-cha, Emma! I'm glad I'm not the only comp-virgin to enter, so thanks for keeping me company!

All the best,

Posted: 23 Nov 2020 10:44

In my humble opinion, a D/s relationship MUST have a safe word. Even the closest Dom cannot read his/her sub's mind, and what worked yesterday may not today. Anyone who has done yoga knows that this is true.

But, in some repects, the greater issue is that the Dom is responsible for safe play. It is her/his responsibility to KNOW that everything is alright. If there's no safe word or signal, then the Dom is guessing, and that is an evasion of responsibility.

I hate to put it this way, but not having a safe word or signal is not fair to the Dom , which seems strange, but that's truly the way I feel.


Posted: 23 Nov 2020 10:39

Just thought of another one. Go to an airport and act like you are waiting to board a plane. When nobody is watching, strip naked. Sit there naked reading a book. See if any passengers even notice.

Thank you, RedOnBlack, for your suggestions! I'll forward them on to my friend.


Posted: 23 Nov 2020 08:36

Congratulations Susie, on a well-deserved win!

But are you sure your story was – fiction?

Posted: 23 Nov 2020 08:25

Well deserved congratulations to Susie, Rachel, and Annie! No surprises there, but excellence is almost routine for this group!

And congratulations for all the top ten authors as well. Any of you could have won. I'm tempted to say all of you SHOULD have won, but that's … well you get the point.

Posted: 23 Nov 2020 07:11

One of my friends is an exhibitionist who thrives on being stripped naked in public, apparently by accident. In a scenario she's written about on Lush, she arranged to be at a horse show, and further arranged to have a horse apparently tear her dress off, leaving her in the middle of the show, naked, and with no way of covering herself.

She found that enormously exciting, and masturbates to the memory of it.

She's trying to devise scenarios where she will seem blameless, but can engineer her nakedness, leaving her exposed in public, and prominently on display.

I've tried to devise possible scenarios, but this is not my kink, so I told her I'd ask the community.

I suggested she go to a different town, park in a shopping centre, walk in, strip off, walk out before security could respond, and drive away naked. She wasn't keen on that because she also gets off on having people talk about it, and slyly say things to her about it.

Any ideas? Note that she lives in a small town where everybody knows everybody, and doesn't want to arouse suspicions about her actions. She just wants to be exposed.


Posted: 23 Nov 2020 04:51

Big Hugs Morning, y'all. I wanted to make one last rl non-Rumple post to thank all of you for the kindness and support you extended me over the last week. With luck, I'll be able to reply to most of those post. But if I fall short, please know it's due to my incompetence not from a lack of sincere appreciation for all your best wishes.

In other words, you Rumplators Rock!

Bill the well and truly rumpled glasses8

You were missed, and you are welcome, Bill.

Stay close – I know you have good friends here.

Morning, Madam Curvy! A delight to see you here.

Morning Tonya, and hi to everyone else along the highways and bye-ways!

Morning, Carl. I love how you're so generous with drinks – on Ping's tab. Shows a true generosity of spirits, that does.

Work day today, stopping in is a pure indulgence for me, so I'm going to grab an Earl Grey tea, and skeddadle.

Stay safe, folks. It's getting bad out there.


Posted: 22 Nov 2020 14:34

Hi all!

So, A Dildo for Dessert is now on the board, with a zero (0) rating, and moving down the charts!

I had serious fun writing it, and I hope some of you will take a look. I think it's hot, but then I might be a little biased…

If Carl's around, I'm ready to celebrate with that Jameson's. I'll even buy – the first one. After we "split" the Jameson's bottle last week, and I got one (1) drink, well…

You know how these Canadians are around drink, eh?

Take care all!


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Chapter 12: A Dildo For Dessert

Marta is James’ eager sex slave and slut. He told her he wanted to take her out to dinner, and that he wanted her to look like a slut. She went beyond what he had asked, and appeared naked except for high heels, a dress that was three inches too short, and a white fox tail that was attached to a butt plug, and hung down to her knees behind her. Plus her dog collar and wrist and ankle cuffs,...

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Chapter 11: Ready to Eat…

I had told her I wanted her to look like the slut she was when we went out to dinner, and she had promised me she would. It was still a shock when I saw her. She wore a lovely dress, with a flared skirt – that was about 3 inches too short! From where I was, sitting in the car, I could see her naked pussy flashing me from under the hem of her dress when she walked. I began to wonder if...

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The Wager

“Are you sure you can do this?” “Watch me!" She chuckled, “Okay, but on your head be it.” I snorted, then lifted into my headstand. “Now!” I said. She kneeled in front of me, knees spread, and took my cock into her velvety mouth. Then she sucked me, careful not to disturb my balance. I could smell her cunt and see it running honey, but I couldn’t reach her. I’d feast on it once I...

Added 19 Nov 2020 | Category Microfiction | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 207 | 4 Comments

Chapter 10: Nearly Naked

He pulled the t-shirt over my head and picked up the shorts I had been wearing, leaving me naked, standing in the corridor… Preparations: Marta When Sir finally allowed me to escape into my condo, I closed the door behind me, made sure it was locked, then collapsed against it. I was a mess. Being in the familiar surroundings of home made it all seem unreal, somehow. My body was...

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Audio Story I Moan When You Suck

You haunt each day and dream You drive my cock to cream You know I love you so like this When you kneel and suck me off to bliss I pull you deep upon my tool And leave my cum in your mouth to cool And though I force your lips apart We know it’s you that owns my heart I moan when you suck Can’t wait to fuck Rocking hips out and in Drawing me on to sin So I’m no longer free You own that...

Added 16 Nov 2020 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 359 | 3 Comments

Chapter 9: Enslaved Again…

The Slave Returns: Marta I was – once again – astonished by this man while he sobbed in my arms. I held him tightly, kept him deep inside me with my legs around his back, and smoothed his hair, whispering soothing words, and kissing him. This poor man. He was, by any account, extraordinary, and had overcome enormous obstacles to become the man he had. Yet, along the way, no one had...

Added 10 Nov 2020 | Category BDSM | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 910 | 2 Comments


He stripped her, bound her hands behind her, and when he saw her exhale, grabbed the back of her head, locked his mouth to hers in a French kiss, then pinched her nose closed, stopping her breath. She was surprised at first, then started to struggle. Finally, when she began to feel desperate, she tapped his ankle with her foot. He released her immediately. She gasped, panting hard,...

Added 12 Nov 2020 | Category Microfiction | Votes 3 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 264 | 2 Comments

Chapter 8: Love, Pain, And Anguish

“I have just two words to say to you…," Marta had said. He looked both anxious and resigned, so she drew out the suspense. Then she said, “Wanna fuck?” dropped the robe, spread her legs, and clasped her hands behind her head, leaning back slightly to push out her tits. James I let out an explosive breath, relieved. Then I smiled and stepped forward. I shucked out of my robe,...

Added 07 Nov 2020 | Category Love Stories | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 742 | 3 Comments

Chapter 7: The Reckoning

Morning Sunlight was streaming through the windows when he woke. It had to be late – and he never slept late, not even on weekends. He was also famished, remembering that neither of them had eaten last night. They were – preoccupied. He was still stunned that she had shown up at my door, naked, bound, and on her knees. And he was stunned and astonished at how she connected with...

Added 04 Nov 2020 | Category BDSM | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 720 | 2 Comments

Part 6: The Troll Awakens

He was silent for quite some time, then leaned down and kissed me, softly pushing his tongue into my mouth. I welcomed his tongue with mine, shivering all the while. He broke, pulled back, and whispered, “You may cum now…”. Climax: Sir Her body went rigid in my hands. Her legs, which had been apart and bent at the knees, came together, like a vice around the hand I had in her...

Added 31 Oct 2020 | Category BDSM | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 979 | 2 Comments

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