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Posted: 12 Feb 2020 15:46

Absolutely not. I am proud to have a foreskin.

I believe circumcision for anything other than medical purposes amounts to genital mutilation, no better than the religious and ethnic FGM that has taken place in Africa. I don't see it quite that way. There are analogs between male and female parts.

Male circumcision is akin to labiectomies that (sadly) I hear are starting to become more common practice among plastic surgeons. Unfortunate perhaps, but not extremely damaging to a person's sexuality.

FGM as widely practiced (including clitoral removal) is analogous to removing the head of the penis. That is highly damaging to a person's sexuality.

Posted: 11 Feb 2020 14:17

Oblige? I don't think I'd wait for her to ask for it. My flexible tongue would be down there dancing with her clit as she drops herself on his cock with hammer-like blows so she can cum faster and I can hold his cock down my throat and taste her cum soaking into my taste buds as soon as possible

Same here. It wouldn't be a matter of her begging me, it would be a matter of me begging her. So many possibilities!

- I would love to suck a guy's cock and a woman's pussy while 69ing with her, and have his cum ooze out of her pussy into my mouth (or, he pulls out and cums directly into my mouth - also good).

- Or, I would have a woman on top of me, riding me like a bronco and then the other guy sticks his cock in my face.

- Or, I would love climb between a guy's legs while the woman does the same, and we take turns licking my buddy's (or her partner's) cock.

-Or, I would love to have her start riding him reverse-cowboy, and I move in and start licking them both: I suck on his balls, then pop his cock out, suck on it for a minute until he's almost ready to cum, then have him cum inside her, then I slurp it down and lick it off her pussy and his shaft as it drips out.

- Or, I would love to 69 with a guy while she watches, diddling herself silly with excitement. Either a prelude to us double-fucking the woman, or the guy and I can cum in each other's mouths as long as she kisses us afterward. I'd still be down to fuck her even after that.

- Or, I would love to suck a cock while she blows me.

- Or, I would love to be kissing a woman while the other guy titty-fucks her, cumming into both of our mouths.

- Or, I would love to suck a guy, take his load in my mouth and share it with them in a three-way kiss while my fingers reach deep into her pussy.

Posted: 11 Feb 2020 08:31

Circumcised here. Only had contact with one other cock, and it was also circumcised - so like many guys I don't really know what uncut is like.

I don't know why anyone would think either one is ugly. Maybe I didn't use to think uncut ones were attractive - I have to admit the curve of an exposed cockhead makes my own cock jump - but you know, the head's still there when you pull back the skin, and that seems to do the same thing to me. Admittedly, the last couple years seeing more uncut dicks in porn has got me curious about them.

I'd sure like to know what it is like, and I'm sure it would be wonderful to suck one. Would like to play with it of course, and would LOVE to try docking if they guy has enough skin. But I would just as much like to explore the folds with my tongue, feel all that skin squirming around between my lips ... sounds great. Somehow can't imagine the taste or smell would be issues as long as the man has bathed reasonably recently. (The cum tastes the same, amiright?) If the aroma and taste are a little stronger, well hell that might just make me cum without even touching myself.

By the way, I do know that hygiene is not an issue for uncircumcised people. That was a bullshit excuse parents gave themselves for doing it. There's nothing wrong with either choice. NEVER put down others just to help you feel better about yourself - something is wrong when you do that. Love your body. And love the body you're with.

Myths on both sides ... somebody above speculated that being cut makes masturbation more difficult. No, that's fake news too. I can tell you I can jerk myself just as easily as you can (wouldn't I LOVE to compare with an uncircumcised guy? YES! Of course that would quickly lead to my mouth on his cock if he let me). Even fully erect, there's enough loose skin left on my shaft that I can grab some and slide up and down most of the length easily, no lube or lotion needed. Have cum tens of thousands of times this way. <img src="/images/emoticons/laughing7.gif" alt="laughing6">

Posted: 11 Feb 2020 08:12

Especially if she has lots of natural juices and scents. It honestly can get me hard when Cialis seems to be failing me ... I'd pick eating her pussy until I was just too tired, and then a little rest and I'd be ready to go again.
I hear you! Yes, the combination of taste and smell that comes from a pussy as you dig into it! Love it. If I absolutely had to choose one favorite activity with a woman, it would be a tough choice between vaginal fucking or going down on her. For pussy eating (or ... mmmm ... 69) you don't have to be absolutely hard. Could do it any time, even after (especially after!) I've already cum in her pussy and my dick is done for the time being.

Okay, if I had to choose ONE thing to do with a woman, it would be 69. If for whatever reason I can't or am not allowed to put my cock in her pussy, I'd gladly "settle" for 69. Absolutely love the feeling of giving oral affection to a woman while she does the same to me, bringing each other to climax with our ministrations. Even better: the sloppy kiss afterwards.

Truth be told, if I were allowed do one and only one thing with another man, that would also be 69. Guess I'm pretty orally oriented.

I also love a hairy bush. I have no trouble parting hair and getting some in my mouth from time to time.
Absolutely. I have loved the variety of bush across even just the modest sample of women I've been with (not to mention in hairy porn): some have fine hair, some coarse, some honey colored, some brown, some black. Some just have mostly a triangle, with a few hairs next to the pussy. Some have a thick strip along the pussy lips, and on some women it extends onto the thighs and maybe a few faint hairs up towards the navel. ALL ARE HOT! Women, if you need to trim it to fit it in a bikini, I understand - but don't think you need to trim it just to please a guy. In the winter a lot of us would love to see you grow it out.

And getting the occasional hair stuck in your throat while you're consuming a cunt (just think - a lot of young men today don't even know what that's like?!) is the price you pay for the beautiful work of art that is a natural pussy. Worth it.

One of the hottest bushes I ever experienced was on a woman who had darkish red hair on her head. She had a very full, thick rich bush, including below the triangle, not quite onto her thighs. PLUSH might be the most descriptive word. But the most magical thing was the color: dark, almost black but with a glint of red in it. Not just a redHEAD. Absolutely heavenly to behold.

Posted: 09 Feb 2020 16:43

Remember the Black Jeopardy episode on SNL 4 years ago with Tom Hanks?

A: "What a skinny woman can do for you"

Doug hits the button

Q: "What is ... not a damn thing!"

I don't feel quite that strongly, and don't mind thinner women, but overall I like them a bit thicker. Never understood the overemphasis on thinness. Has caused so many women so much pain. Let your body be what it wants to be. If you're naturally thin, fine. Be proud of your body, but don't think it makes you better than heavier people. Naturally heavier? Be proud of that too. A lot more guys dig it than society would lead you to believe.

Posted: 09 Feb 2020 16:38

Like colin, hasabrain and bleueyed, I prefer a full bush, though trimmed for bikini season is fine. Bald is a turn-off. Would feel like I'm with a little girl. I like women with pretty much all body types, hairstyles, skin tones and even genitalia (trans okay with me) but a shaved pussy is a hard pass for me. Just not sexy.

Hair down there is natural for women. Even in porn they only started shaving in the 90s. Full bush wasn't just a 60's/70's hippie thing when women let all their hair grow. For pretty much forever, women shaved their pits and legs, but let their bushes alone. Not sure why that suddenly changed about 25 years ago. I do notice that bush is starting to make a *little* bit of a comeback in porn the last year or two.

Posted: 09 Feb 2020 16:30

... weird that would only start when you were 38. My cock has always been that way, shrinking down to an inch or two at times. Maybe you don't remember the Seinfeld episode where a woman George liked saw him in the "shrinkage" state?


What you're describing is perfectly normal.

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 21:35

Did once, and loved it. That was many years ago, and I am still grateful that I had that random encounter, so I don't spend all my time wondering what if. I KNOW what if. I don't feel the need to stray from my wife to find out, and my fantasies are better and more vivid than if I hadn't done it. If I didn't KNOW what it feels like to have a beautiful cock erupt into my mouth, I might have been tempted by now to go and have the experience. Better I did it when I was single.

At the time, it was kind of imperative that no one else know. Now people are more accepting of bisexuality, if I were a young man today I might have been a lot more willing to "try something" with a buddy.

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 21:29

For the most part I don't envy women, and I'm glad I'm a man.

I think the only thing I envy about women is that bisexuality is more accepted, and even considered normal. No one bats an eye at a "straight" woman going down on another woman occasionally. I would probably have had a lot more experiences with other men if it weren't so looked down upon (carrying with it the real risk of getting beaten, or ostracized by your friends) when I was a young man.

It does look like things are finally changing, and male bisexuality is much more accepted than it used to be. Hooray. And having just discovered avataransk.ru, I'm also thrilled that it's particularly accepted here, and that we bi guys can talk freely about our fantasies and experiences, even away from bi/gay forums, and not be judged for it. This is the only place I've ever been able to express this side of my sexuality - and you WILL be rewarded with stories soon. Thanks everyone!

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 21:18

All the guys claiming more than 8" need to prove it with pics. I would like to see them.

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