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Posted: 15 Apr 2020 15:44

For the record it can go the other way. I've known women who were grossed out by tasting their own juices on me. No sucking my dick, licking my finger or kissing my lips once they've been in/on her. One woman even had me go wash my cock off after I had fucked her, and then she sucked me. That was 25-30 years ago, maybe more rare now.

Both kinds of fluid are sweet and delicious to me!

Posted: 15 Apr 2020 15:40

Hey, Ddb when you say "I'm not bisexual" I think you're using a pretty narrow definition. Maybe you think it means 50-50, enjoying sex with both genders equally and in the same way? That describes pretty much zero people. What bisexual means is you enjoy or are interested in sex of some kind with both males and females. You can still love vaginal sex with a woman the most. Sucking cock and feeling "a big gushing load of sperm that I need" is definitely a type of sex. Nothing wrong with that!

If anything, enjoying women - with their emotional femininity, their soft bodies, their warm slick pussies - but wanting the occasional hard cock and sperm load, is probably one of the MOST common forms of bisexuality! I know it describes me. Own it, man!

Posted: 02 Apr 2020 08:11

Usually a tissue. Sometimes into my hand, sometimes I'll flip over so I can shoot directly into my mouth from a few inches away. Once in a while onto my chest and belly.

Posted: 02 Apr 2020 08:07

I'll be honest. Most of the women I've been with were a one-time deal, sometimes involving alcohol, and I may not have been tuned in to their needs as well as I should have been. I generally made sure to do plenty of foreplay and take my time - and genuinely relished the body of every woman I slept with - but when I finally came I came, and I didn't necessarily check to see whether she did. Which means probably not. We were young.

My first sexual experience was with a girlfriend who turned out to have major psychological problems - which I didn't figure out until after we broke up. Although she always pretended to cum, I don't think she actually ever did. Among other things she was a compulsive liar - a messy web to untangle after she dumped me and the pieces started falling into place. Not least her manipulative manner in and out of bed, which messed me up for a while.

Fortunately my second serious girlfriend was amazing and enthusiastic in bed. Even more fortunately, she was honest that she didn't always cum, which required her to be in the missionary position. She enjoyed many other positions - even 69, which a lot of women don't seem to be into - and loved having me eat her out, but that wouldn't get her there. She absolutely had to be lying relaxed on her back, matching the rhythm of her hips to mine just right. So I don't think she ever faked it. In fact she couldn't have. In her case, she broke out in a sweat all over, her skin instantly suddenly clammy and goosebumped at the moment of orgasm. No one could possibly fake that, and it happened dozens of times over our long relationship.

As for my wife? I don't talk about my current relationship on here. Suffice to say she wouldn't be my wife if we weren't compatible, and leave it at that.

So that's three women for sure, accounting for untold numbers of orgasms.

Posted: 02 Apr 2020 07:51

Only one but I have sucked it many, many times and yes, I always swallow. Absolutely! The swallowing part is without question. I only had a penis in my mouth once, and of course I swallowed the load. Couldn't imagine not. I can imagine the gooey stuff swirling around in my mouth and slipping down my throat like it was yesterday. Lucky you to have a regular cock to suck.

By the way, I love how right now six of the threads on the front page of this forum are about same-sex activity, either kissing or sucking other guys. I love that I've found a forum where guys can actually talk openly about craving other men in addition to the women we love. I always suspected it was more common than most people would let on, but this place is proof.

Posted: 02 Apr 2020 07:44

/ Elwood, that pic is so fucking hot! One of the best selfsucking clips I've seen. What I always wished I could do, and sometimes came so very close to achieving.

Posted: 02 Apr 2020 07:42

I was sometimes like that when I was younger. Would have this crazy desire for cock and cum when I was horny, then it went away the instant I came. I often tried to suck myself, and would masturbate with my cock an inch from my lips. Sometimes I'd cum into my mouth, but sometimes I'd pull back the instant I came, suddenly not being into it.

Guess what? It went away as I got older and more comfortable with my bisexuality and my cravings for penises and cum. Now I eat my own cum more regularly, even though I can't get my dick to my lips anymore. Still enjoy aiming it into my mouth, or cumming into my hand and licking it off.

Be patient with yourself and acknowledge your desires, both when you're horny and when you aren't.

Posted: 02 Apr 2020 07:32

More than most women imagine! I suspect almost all guys wish their partners talked dirty more. It's such a shame our society conditions women to be inhibited, telling us men are hornier than women when the opposite is almost certainly true.

Posted: 26 Mar 2020 18:43

During the day? Never. Not even when I was a teenager.

Only once even had a nocturnal emission. We had houseguests for several weeks, and I was super busy with work and went something like 12 days without masturbating. Woke up from a sexy dream to find a mess of cum in my pajamas.

From that you can infer that 12 days is the longest I have EVER gone without masturbating. Certainly have never let that happen again.

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 08:22

I like cocks and pussies with all the hair God gave 'em. Trimming for swimsuit season is okay, but less hair than that is a turnoff.

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