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Lesbian sex stories feature sexy tales of women who love other women. These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women. Feel free to post your lesbian stories here for others to enjoy and embellish.


Glorious Gloria, the Client's Daughter

Is it a rebound when the first date with someone never happened?

I did something I never do, I gave someone the room key for my hotel. I know, I know, absolutely dangerous, but if you had seen her, you would have been just as enthralled. You see, I was on a business trip that lasted way longer than it should have. It was going pretty well, but the client was one that required careful handling and my company had me stay to oversee the work personally....Read On


Sister Of A Friend

Friend had a lesbian sister for me.

This guy was very sweet. He understood how I am. In the past, he tried to make a pass at me. But I was not interested. He smiled at me and he said that I must be a lesbian and that he liked lesbian girls. I smiled at him too and confirmed that I’m lesbian. Being a lesbian was hard. I had not found a lesbian with whom I could have a long-term relation. I told him that and I asked him if he...Read On


Bets' First Kiss (A Kiss is Just a Kiss, Isn't It? Chapter 2)

Series: First Kiss

The same story, but from the point of view of Bets!

I was getting in line at the airport when I saw Kim, who had her arm around another woman, a striking blonde. I kept half-an-eye on them and was more than a little surprised when they kissed before Kim boarded the plane ahead of me. The blonde passed me by and I saw her wedding ring and realized it was the same one as Kim wears. “ Kim is a lesbian? ” I thought. I wasn’t overly shocked,...Read On


How I became a Kissogram Girl: PART TWO Making my own Way in a strange City

Young Lass finds life can be hard

Cowboys may stay in the saddle a little bit longer but they get bored very easily. Soon my cowboy and I after a year of living like man and wife were continually at each other’s throats. Mostly because he became so jealous. An older lover is great but they have to be confident in themselves. So here I stood, in a city, I did not know and with only a few clothes I had brought with me. I...Read On


Emily Made Me Realize I was a Closet Lesbian

Emily was my neighbor, I was married and so was she. We still are. But that doesn't stop us . .

I am a happily married middle-aged woman- a stay at home mother. I am thirty-five, but proudly, I must admit, I look much younger. Folks tell me all the time I look like I am in my late twenties. My husband has a job that takes him on the road, something that I hate since I can’t go with him. I try to not let it affect our relationship. I keep a lot of my frustrations to myself, just to...Read On


The Subway

Commute home gets cramped and very very hot...

I looked up at the subway map and counted the stops. Ugh, twenty more stops to go… I started doing the math in my head as I twiddled with my black clutch that perfectly matched my black leather high heel boots. So like five min between each stop so like an hour to go…. Ugh… The clacking of the subway echoed through the incredibly cramped car. More and more people piling on at every...Read On


Beth and Tracey Chanpter 3 of 3 (Part 2 of 2)

Tracey winning a bet with Beth concludes!

I stayed for a while, just sipping some wine and talking to a few people. I decided to call it a night and when I flipped the lights in my room on, I was surprised to see the sheets move and a beauty woke up. Temple! "I hope you don't mind, I got off and was tired. I wasn't sure when you would be coming back." I started stripping off my clothes, looking at my little present. She didn't say...Read On


Beth and Tracey Chapter 3 of 3 (Part 1 of 2)

Tracey finally wins a big bet with Beth!

Quick, write this date down! I won a bet with Beth! I won! I won! I won! I was gloating to myself for reasons you may or may not understand. My lover, Beth, is a betting fool, we bet on so many things -- TV shows, sporting events, even stuff like whose mom is going to call next. The stakes range from the simple; like who's cooking dinner, to the bizarre, like accompanying her to a...Read On


Phoebe's Treats

A New Job Triggers Tania's Awakening

After three months of Uni, I was happy and settled. I had a great roomie, excellent courses and a nice little job in the Uni café four evenings a week, which helped stretch my meagre funds. Of course, it was all too good to be true. The Uni authorities decided to sell off the café to an outside company to reduce costs. Not the cost to students, of course, as the prices all went up, but...Read On


Commando Rules!

Emma shouldn't have mentioned it!

New Rule: Never tell your girlfriend you aren't wearing any knickers! Well, that might be a little harsh, so how about be careful who you tell you aren't wearing knickers because what might happen next will change your life! Yea, that's better. Now whether the change is for the good or for the bad depends more on you than your girlfriend! That was the start of it, silly me fighting my...Read On

The Woods

Two best friends finally get together in the woods... but they're not alone.

"Hi, Connor," Lyla purred, sticking out her chest so that Connor, the cashier at the supermarket, would be forced to look at her cleavage. Even though Lyla was petite, she had an amazing fit body- thanks to her past experience in soccer teams while growing up. Connor visibly swallowed, his eyes glancing down at her chest before meeting her eyes. He was always nervous around her, mostly...Read On


Finally Popping My Lesbian Cherry

After months of flirtation and uncertainty I finally ended up in bed with my best female friend...

I first had sex with a woman when I was twenty-five. Her name was Prisha, and we were sales reps at a company in West London. It was the early 1990s, and, to quote my darling mother, I had “finally joined the human race.” Her way of saying she approved of me leaving my biker and rock chick friends behind. I spent most of my late teens and early twenties zooming around on the back of...Read On


Good Night, Miss Ford

Becca is Karrina's favorite denizen...

Smoke filled the air, but Karrina Winston didn't smell it. All she could smell was the overwhelming scent of her favorite denizen, sliced open and feeding someone somewhere in the den. Her fangs ached, venom swirling in her mouth and down her throat as she tried to control the hunger. She'd already been warned once by the owner that "such flagrant displays of possessive behavior toward...Read On


My Brother's Girlfriend Pt 2

Following the text I recieved from Megan I became very nervous, but excited. I'm imagining the way she would feel brushed up against my skin with her tight ass. I feel down below the covers and realize how wet I am. Slowly I begin to tease my clit with my right hand and reach up to grab my left breast with my other hand. I come to the realization I need to orgasm but not by myself. I...Read On



Toni is invited to an invitation-only lesbian party with an initiation rite.

REUNION   "Toni, it's so great to see you!" My old friend Jane rushed up and hugged me so tight I could hardly breathe. "It's been what, ten years?" "Twelve, I think." Jane was one of my oldest friends. We met at university as bewildered first-year students, and we bonded for survival. In our second year, we became roommates, then more than roommates. Neither of us had ever been with...Read On


Halloween At The Grange

Halloween will never be the same for Bethany

My name is Bethany, I’m gay, single and ready to mingle. ~~~~~~~~ I picked up the mail from my doormat as usual. Flicking through the bills, junk mail and flyers, one letter caught my eye. It was addressed to me and marked private and confidential, it stood out from the others because it had a small Halloween pumpkin face on the reverse. Other than that, there was no clue to reveal its...Read On


Fantasies Can Come True

She never showed any interest before, but when she did, she really did!

I opened the car door for her and she caught me glancing as her dress rode up a long expanse of tan thigh. She smirked at me and I smiled. Getting caught looking at her lovely legs wasn't going to make her mad at me, in fact, I think she likes that I can appreciate her physical charms without getting all stupid over them. All I know for sure is that if I really made a play for her, I would...Read On

Recommended Read

If Only It Had Stayed In Vegas, Part 3: The Girls at the Party

Helen meets the teenager Yalena — another of Erika's sexual projects.

Helen does not speak during the taxi ride. Her nerves are on edge, stomach in free fall. Is this how paranoia begins? A suspicion others are scheming, hatching plans for you? To distract herself from her thoughts, she looks out of the window, watches the city and its nightlife scrolling by. The people on the streets. Surely their lives simpler than her own. "It'll be great. You'll see,"...Read On


Room For A Third?

Love in the Locker Room

Prudence and Jacqui had been friends for just under a year, having met at a local charity event. Their friendship soon developed through their mutual interest in golf, usually a mid-week round of 9 holes at the local club. Returning to the clubhouse one afternoon they passed the captain of the club’s Ladies Section. The two nodded courteously at the buxom woman but made no attempt to...Read On


Fun In Cabo - Part 1

Series: The Cabo series

Reconnecting with a college friend in Cabo San Lucas

The spa had been closed for over an hour, and all the employees had left shortly after closing.  The cleaning crew would not show up until early morning, so we were there alone.  I was lying face down naked on a massage table, my legs spread apart.  Linda was also naked standing next to me with an old fashioned shaving mug and brush, along with a bowl of warm water.  She lathered up the soap...Read On


The Beginning of the Domination of Randi Ch 8

Randi tells Bill about her shopping trip with Sophia.

Knowing she was now totally owned by Sir, Randi went home to prepare for Saturday and the poker game at his house. Nothing happened in her training the rest of the week and everything at home seemed to be very good. She did call Sophia and they made plans to get together on Friday to do all of the shopping needed for Saturday. Sophia seemed very excited to spend some more time with Randi...Read On


Friday Night Lights Out

Her tongue led her to romance and just as quickly to loss.

Friday night in Anytown, USA. High school football is king for students and former jocks lying about their glory days on the gridiron. (What the fuck is a gridiron?) Since I know more about quantum physics than football the local dive was my destination along with the other drifters and losers, my intimate circle without any intimacy. I'm Iris Periwinkle,  mid-thirties, no Prince Charming...Read On


The Doctor (Part 16 – Sophie And The Girls)

Sophie calls the girls and they go to Doc's place to spend time with her

On Friday morning, I had to go to the office as I had four patients, three in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sophie was still sleeping when I got up, so I wrote her a note: Good morning Sophie, You are the most amazing woman in the whole universe. Thank you for choosing to spend time and love with me. Please stay here all day, just make yourself at home. I have no secrets that...Read On


The Coffee Shop

You never know where you will find love.

She was beautiful. From the first moment I saw her walking past my studio windows I was captured. Every afternoon, at the exact same time, she came by and I stopped working and watched her walk into the distance. In the second week, I’d made up my mind; I needed to learn more about her. I decided on a simple course of action: follow her. I know, I sound like a stalker. But I needed to see...Read On


First Night With Cousin Julie

introduction to a long summer of new pleasure

We were having sweets and tea at the picnic-style table in the kitchen. I’d just bathed and had on my nightie. Cousin Julie also had on her flimsy nightie and sat so she nudged me so our arms were as though stuck together, the little hairs standing at attention, warmth kindling higher the longer Cousin Julie sat so insistently close to me. Even when I politely scooted down the bench to...Read On


Dark Horse

Gala meets a dark horse but just how dark is she?

I first met the dark horse when I was working as a waitress in a gay bar in London. It was a great place to work because the guys kept their hands to themselves and so did most of the women. The bar was owned by a friendly older dyke called Ham and she liked me. Every now and then she’d take me up to her flat over the bar and fuck me but it wasn’t a relationship, more a sort of now and...Read On


Ellie and Grace - Ch 4 of 4 (Complete)

Straight girl Ellie meets a mysterious woman on the way to the offce.

Ch 4/4 Complete Chills ran down Ellie’s spine and Grace could feel her shiver. Grace’s breath tickled her ear which tickled other parts of her body, though not noticeably enough that Ellie registered her body’s response. Grace’s face was so smooth against her cheek and it made Ellie wonder how smooth the rest of her body would be. She blushed at the thought. Then, she felt Grace shift...Read On


Tales of Priya Part 2 - Fuck, Fuck, Fuck and Futa-Witch

Lots of hot lesbian sex ends with a witch with a monster cock.

  #7 Empire Builder, Milwaukee to Wenatchee, WA, Cabin E, Upper Level, Superliner Bedroom, on route Bell and I are on route to Washington State, something about a place called a Coven. The train is greedily gobbling up the track going click-clack. We are in Minnesota; it’s just after midnight. We have our beds sorted, full bellies, and are enjoying a few red wines. We have been...Read On


Autumn Winds

A Windy Day Changes a Life

Friday morning Autumn has blown in with a vengeance early in the week.  Cold, squally winds and heavy cold showers are yellowing the leaves and ripping them from the trees to be trodden underfoot. My partner, Jen decides that walking to the station is no longer an option.  Normally she dons sneakers with her business suit and walks the fifteen minutes down the country lanes to catch her...Read On


The Beginning of the Domination of Randi - Ch 6

Randi learns of lesbian love

On the way out of Mike’s door, Randi heard him tell her to make sure that Bill reclaims her.  She continued running but was thinking about how to proceed when she got home. She ran into the house and found Bill sitting in his chair in the living room watching a baseball game.  She immediately dropped her heels and crawled into his lap giving him a very erotic kiss with a lot of tongue. ...Read On

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