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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.


Love Angel

I loved you like I have never loved before I gave my heart I gave you my soul You threw me aside You loved another I was destroyed Nothing left to live for A light shined on me The light said you are loved The light said I love you My eyes opened from my despair I saw you in the light An Angel sent to me The Angel saved me from myself I now know true Love Love comes from within...Read On


While My Love Sleeps

I love to watch you sleep

You are lying there Sleeping peacefully Innocently dreaming While I snuggle against you My arms hold you tightly All of you You fill my heart with joy Longing To stare into your eyes Though I wouldn't dare Wake my precious love The one who unknowingly Broke through the wall, And captured my heart The one who Sleeps in my arms, And says not a word Yet whispers everything I long to hear...Read On


Brigadoon By The Sea

In all my dreams of sleeping You will be there next to me In our Wee Willie Winkie Of Brigadoon by the sea A shadow's twilight   Beneath the sovereign oaks In the hallowed woods Of a lovely meadow green In your arms of open alms Of Brigadoon by the sea And at the dawning of dew Of a lover's homily In our Wee Willie Winkie Of Brigadoon by the sea We kiss the sunrise      ...Read On



Fuel to the Fire

Thoughts of you consume me. Through the day, long and longing. Time but flashes away, yet burns. I want your need. I need your want I want your desire I desire your passion  They are the fuel to the fire. Fires that burn through time. Fires that burn through me. Smoulder against me within my arms. Take the heat of my heart engulfing you. Kindle our moments.  ...Read On


Sable Sky

Lost in the creeping darkness Of the humid night sable sky A feeling crawling over my skin Like a petal of a finger  And a ringing of voicemail Silence goes with the wind While in the corner of my eye A breath caress my needy soul Lingering at the nape of my neck To the hardening steel of prowess In the stillness where I lay in bed With my callus hand around my shaft A secondhand host...Read On



I don't yet know what once  opened and marked you forever, like kissing the glyphs of a lost language so quietly trying to tell my lips something. The beautiful lines of a map, gliding across and inside your skin. Beyond that permanent border, my tongue trespasses lower,  closer to stardust and rainbows while lapping at searing nectar, sweetness flowing from the nexus parted to be...Read On


That Old Dream

The gift of C

  Tonight my mind wanders over that old dream That night so long ago When in your need you reached out to me And I first tended to your need   That old dream haunts me still Of those nights as time went on When we satiated ourselves in each other As we shared our need   Nothing has ever covered those thoughts Etched forever in humble simplicity That you cause me to remember ...Read On



Together forever

Forever  Was the one word she thought of  When she thought of love  Forever With him is what she dreamed of  She wanted the love she read about in all the books  Saw in all the romantic movies  She knew he was the one  He wanted her always  Forever exploring in the bedroom  Forever hand in hand  exploring the world  Passionate  Love  Forever ...Read On


What Are You Afraid Of?

Why are you so afraid?

What are you afraid of? Sitting there all alone And each time I get close, Building that wall a little higher Until I can''t see see you through the bricks What are you afraid of? Standing so close, I can smell you, But I can't touch you Leaving me wanting you What are you afraid of? As you hide behind your smile I am not hiding a hammer to bust up your heart If you dare show it to me ...Read On



Listening to the falling rain, splashing in the downspout, in heat of lust, our Butane, that sets us aflame. In the silence of our love, beneath grey flannel skies, and blue-blooded veins, of the pouring monsoon, Beneath the ravenous moon, for our rendezvous, listening to the falling rain, falling on the pane. On our game of charades, with the devil's ensemble, as he resins's the bow, in...Read On


In My Corner

I’m in my corner but you haven’t sent me.  It’s where I feel safe and hidden from those who don’t understand me.  If you can’t find me you know I will be there.  Sometimes you pull me out but other times you don't care. My corner is my place to sit and hide.  I don’t play there, I don’t edge there I simply hide there.   Most wont understand and I don’t think you really do.  No one...Read On



Too many nice things to say. Nice thoughts, nice images, nice memories. Smiles that warm my soul, Hugs that contain my enthusiasm, Effervescent energy that whisked me along, A whirlwind of arms and legs and laughter. Twisting, entwined, together. The simplest things created laughter. I drifted to sleep and I awoke With you in my mind. Remembering something you did or Something you said. ...Read On



Kintsukuroi (n.) (v.phr.)  "to repair with gold"; the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken   Warm hands slip over my body As lips press gently onto my skin The girl I watch from afar Close to me at last   I wonder what she sees in me But she seems to see me Exactly as I am All my flaws...Read On


When Dreams Become Reality

When your silly dreams turn into reality

She sat alone in her room Wishing on a star For a love she'd wait years to understand It's a world she knew nothing of Outside of Disney movies and princesses Yet night after night she sat in her secret place Deep into the darkness And pray for a lover Who would one day appear To hold her and love her And sweep her off her feet Like Cinderella at the ball Or like Sleeping Beauty Waiting for...Read On


Only You

As a general rule I entrust myself to no-one Not in my entirety Just pieces Moments Fractions of myself Nobody is ever paid in full Lest I be lost to one who hurts me Who brings back the pain and torment That tortured me so long in ages past So I may keep myself intact longer Only crack at the edges The veneer Never where I bear the load I entrust myself to no-one Hold...Read On



I lose myself in you Strangers Your hands on me In me Taking me to some other realm Cleansing Taking away the hurt Albeit just for a fleeting moment You make me consider who I am Realise I find myself in me I take the fragments and reorganise Add them back into my neat little folders I create space I find meaning Purpose You aren't a forever Just a page Not even a chapter in...Read On


My Cocaine

When the silence of the night is nearing the ground, with leaves like gliders of golden brown, falling from the Midas trees,   like raptures in the twilight as we caress. As the winds whisper in dreams of our love, through eyes of your negligee lace, with a brush of warm breath caressing me, from your lips of sweet rose cocaine, Swaying in your cradle where life begins, in the winter of...Read On


It Is Always Winter In My Heart

It is always winter in my heart The cold has is icy grasp on my soul I need to thaw but I find no shelter yet Endless walking Tired footsteps and a weary mind It is always winter in my heart Chilled tendrils of loneliness ease their way around me Cling on and make themselves at home They are an unwelcome guest Stayed past their exit window They seem set in for the night But the...Read On


Waving at Trains

What's not to love?

My lady is so naive that she still waves at trains whenever they pass by just hoping that the engineers might see and someday, perhaps, to make her day they'll pull the whistle loudly just for her. Just for her. So shy is she in normal ways but they're so far away, that she feels free, so free to be the funny young girl she'll always be. She'll never change. She rattles on about her...Read On


Winter Beauty

On a floor of fresh snow, We dance a stately waltz. As the trees look on in silence.   If we can listen past the thunder of our hearts, We might hear the stars sing in silver tones. Giving time to our dance.   The moon gilds our forms, Made stark by the cold ice of our ballroom. Our souls cleansed in its light.   And in this dance,  We are one and the same. And I give you...Read On

Recommended Read

Gunmetal Blue

It was long ago and when  we were full of light and motion.  The movie's screen bathed us  in its electronic glow although  our bodies were mostly silhouettes.  My fingers were running  through your colored hair,  silky strands of dark gunmetal blue,  and along your neck the pulse is a far away drumbeat that was  always crying out for something more, something rapid and raw and alive. ...Read On


Through Our Eyes

Standing astride the roof of the world, I stare at the vacant blue bowl of the sky. Marred by spare clouds like pillow stuffing. And as they dance across the somber sky, I wonder if you see what I see.   Half a world away, What do you see in the sky? Does the sun hang like a bronze coin? Distant and warm? Or is it a god's first? Pressing down mercilessly?   And when the sun...Read On


Gossamer Wings

All she wanted was for someone to look at her see the person she hid so well Atticus

  Gossamer wings Shining like stars Heralded the dawn Of a new day Alighting first on my hand Then on my heart First to see Rapturous beauty That she hid so well As she opened her wings Showing beauty most rare Her heart So exquisite, so tender So pure Was radiant with colours What joy can compare A rainbow of virtue That shines in the sky That comes as I look At...Read On


The Candle

When in the pain of darkness When hope is non-existent And breathing harder still One stands in the shadows  Alerted to your need Imperfect yet present  Willing to be the hope you don’t possess   There in the darkness  You take a chance Reach out  Lighting their candle The aroma of the candle  Making each breath easier to take   He looks to her  And she to him  And as the...Read On


Silence Of Chloroform

In our dark place of silence, where ravens don't dare, she calls me.   Calls me to the window, of eternal moors and spirits,   whispering with a face of no name.   In gothic shades of pale, and midnight blue, the moon looks down on her loveliness. In the silence of our Chloroform, laying down to sleep in our tureen, waiting for life to begin. In closed-caption of lullabies, where...Read On


Angel Of My Gemini

Standing in the night as spirits spawn, with a dark angel of my Gemini mind, a simple sheet she wore a gray of dusk in hours of a cold-cold moon. No brilliant stars just a shade of pale, in a resemblance of its own dark hell, as night prepares to swallow me whole, without clouds feeling the rain. In the twilight of the falling sun, her eyes I behold of cimarron red, with lips of...Read On


Dream Lady

A humble sonnet

Last night she came to visit With one thing on her mind Her presence all encompassing Her hunger, not refined Not sure of anything but greed Her passion, was enthralling We danced awhile, romanced some more My name she was a calling She took me to her bed, once more My passion was exploding My Sword was buried in her hilt The battle now was raging My dream, was shattered when...Read On


Dawn A Winter's Snow

In the dawn a winter's snow Where we built many snowmen My memories turn to loneliness Sayin' goodbye Now with a breath of frost I feel your breath on my lips So crimson, so red Glowing in my heart In the condensation of my tears And the years of our dreams Forever the sun raining down love On our old oaken bed Loving you was easy Sayin' goodbye was pain Now all the leaves are gone With...Read On



Without breath there is no life Without your kiss I am breathless without my kiss you are breathless You give me life with your kiss With my kiss I give life back to you Without your touch I am breathless Our love breathes life into to us Your warm breath on me Gives me life My warm breath on you Brings you life Without your kiss as we make love I am breathless Without mine...Read On



Is it ambiguous to favor the night? With me in the dark, Just when I stopped dreaming, And your spirit floating in the air. Wearing a bee's cap, collecting honey, With a scent of wooded Columbine, Petals of dew, pollen too, And I in dreams of euphoria.   Over the moon, On a romantic seesaw, Of stars stored in Tupperware, Just when I stopped dreaming. But the night is my aurora, With me in...Read On

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