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Love Stories

For all you romantics out there, here is our love stories section. These are stories of romance and love, which are generally on a deeper relationship level than stories in other categories. This story category focuses on falling in love, being in love, and developing a loving relationship. Please submit your real life or fictional love stories here.


How Far Would I Go For Love 7

Love is complicated and so is revenge.

Hanna took Jerry to the Black Flamingo for dinner and dancing. The meal was so good Jerry didn’t know it was vegetarian. “Jerry, would you like a suggestion about our rules?” ‘In what way?” “Julie and I aren’t the military. Our rules, those that you helped make, can be asked about. They can be changed, improved. All three of us want you to succeed. Please, don’t view the lack of success as...Read On

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Butch Cassidy and the Vegemite Kid

Is the girl of my dreams a bogan Sheila?

  Do you know Audrey? To ask, “Audrey who?” is to lose. No breakfast at Tiffany’s for you. You'll be relegated to IHOP. My grandad loved Audrey. Because of him, I am, maybe uniquely, a millennial bought up in her image. I even named my cat Holly Golightly. For once he surprised me, for some reason that role underwhelmed him. Holly was free-form, fluid and difficult to...Read On


Sinnndy Meets Billy

I meet the man I eventually marry...

I was eighteen, I had graduated high school about a month ago. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start college this year, or delay it for a year. It was a rainy July night. My softball game had been canceled, and I decided to go to my health club. I saw some familiar faces there. I had worked out earlier in the day, so I was really there to socialize. There were a couple of guys that I had...Read On


Love For An Older Man - Chapter 3

Amy brings a friend.

A couple of weeks had passed since Michelle had met Amy and they became good friends.  Amy would meet her in the gym every morning and they would work out together. Afterward, depending on their plans, they would come back to the condo and have some wild fuck sessions.  Since their first time, Amy had become an expert at girl-on-girl pleasure. Sometimes Bob would join them, but if he was...Read On


Pontiac Bonneville

A little 'Respect' can go a long way, in time.

The year was 1965.  The country was still wounded by the assassination of John Kennedy, the Righteous Brothers crooned, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” the 289 Mustang was a car phenomenon, and American boys were dying in Vietnam.  I was about to complete year one of community college when I met Carla.  She wasn’t the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, but close enough. I thought she...Read On


My New Doctor

His first time with a lady doctor blows his mind

'Mr Wilson?'  I looked up. The pretty, no, make that the beautiful nurse standing in the door of the crowded waiting room, was tall, with jet black hair and bright blue eyes that scanned the room. I put down the magazine and stood. 'That's me.'  She smiled a beguiling smile and held out her hand. 'Hi, I'm Dr O'Hara. My office is just down the hall.' She held the waiting room door open for...Read On


My St. Pauli Girl, Pt. 2

Chelsea and Charlie have a morning to remember his last day in the mountains.

The warmth of Chelsea’s lips woke me, kissing along my neck. My eyes fluttered open to the sight of that beautiful, smiling face. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said. She straddled my lap and hugged me close. Her breasts pressed into my chest. I noticed her knees, still clad in those sexy white cotton thigh-highs, moving on either side of my waist. An even greater warmed emanated from...Read On

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Medusa Part 3

(Read parts 1/2 first) She knows what she's got. And she knows how to use it.

Love was the sort of thing that happened to other people and not me. All that mattered was that I had a head for business and a bod built for sin and I rode that sucker as hard as I could for as long as I could. Love them and leave them was my motto. Hook up, fuck-hard, and screw regret. Men - and women - have come and gone over the years and not one - not a single one - has made me take...Read On


My St. Pauli Girl, Pt. 1

I kindle a new flame with an former coworker in Washington's central Cascades.

I walked through the crowd of sexy beer wenches and lederhosen bros, sufficiently buzzed and enjoying the Leavenworth Oktoberfest for the first time during my short vacation in the central Washington Cascades. Looking at my Instagram stories, I knew that Chelsea, my veritable Barbie doll of a former coworker at a beachfront resort on the Oregon Coast, was also in town. Before moving to...Read On


But The Greatest Of These Three...

The bell clanged again when the door swung back shut. “We’re about to close,” she said. “I’m here about the job? The one…” She smiled briefly as she looked me up and down, then stared into my eyes. “And how much experience do you have with herbalism?” “I worked in an herbal shop for a year in high school.” She nodded slightly and waited for a moment, her unblinking brown eyes watching...Read On


Love For An Older Man - Chapter 2

Michelle brings home a friend to play

After their first sailing adventure, Michelle decided to move in with Bob in San Diego.  She and Bob went to New Mexico to get her belongings and say goodbye to her friends. Of course, Bob told her that her friends were welcome to come and visit anytime. Bob had done pretty well on his court settlement and, along with his sailboat, a new truck and a convertible for Michelle, he had bought...Read On


Knowing When To Say No

Fear is a product of our own imaginations; the monster I should fear is me.

I should have said 'No,' right from the start. I should have said 'No,' a dozen times along the way. I've always been a sucker for a pretty woman with a sweet voice, and I said 'Yes.' One too many times I said 'Yes,' and all along it was leading to me standing with my knees shaking and my pulse racing and the cold sweat of fear threatening to break on my brow. Certainly, I was safe for...Read On


Love For An Older Man

The story of a young woman who goes sailing with an older man.

Michelle looked out over the blue-green waters of San Diego bay on this warm summer’s morning.  There were just a few white wisps of clouds in the sky and it looked like it was shaping up to be a beautiful day to go sailing.  She had never been sailing before and wondered how she had come to be standing here. Michelle was a twenty-six years old tall and shapely brunette beauty, standing...Read On


Medusa Part 2

She knows what she's got. And she knows how to use it.

Hey, hey, hey! Still here? To be honest, I wasn't sure you would be. People probably think I'm a bit much to take all in one go. It's true. I can be a total motormouth most of the time but that's just my way of hiding how nervous I get around others. The same goes for the cussing. I swear for a reason. Men are always coming on to me and I've discovered the best way to put them off is to use...Read On

Recommended Read

Medusa part 1

She knows what she's got. And she knows how to use it.

Hey hey hey, how goes it you bunch of awesome perverts, hopeless romantics, total losers, happy boozers and jacuzzi users... Here's the deal. The gist as it were. A little background to get everyone up to speed. Let's call me Carol. I like Carol. It reminds me of Christmas which I love and since its early December, it fits perfectly. I'm a five-ten, twenty-nine-year-old, redhead with a...Read On

Recommended Read

The Last Chance - The Pleasures of Greece

Series: The Last Chance

She said, "I love you." What do I do now?

I am in a state of turmoil as I realize that what is happening to me should not take place. I set out on this extended vacation with the intent of sharing my thoughts and impressions with a woman who is simpatico to me and with the resolution not to get into a physical relationship with her. Jan answered my advertisement in a local Boston magazine and me, poor fool, was beguiled by her...Read On


Unemployment Benefits, Part II

The payoff...

Thursday had become my usual day off during the week. Saturday was my other day off, and these had also become my usual days for an early dinner or late lunch with the girls, as they insisted I call them. That Thursday, Lindsey and Belinda were supremely irritated with each other, sniping at each other four times in three minutes once they arrived at my table, and shortly after Lindsey went...Read On


Honey Eyes

He kept her waiting, but the wait was worth it

It was late, and I had kept you waiting. I hate doing that, but the press hounded me because of my talk on ‘stochastic models for predicting geographical responses to global warming’. It was really hard to get away. You can even see me in the television interview looking at my watch. I was sure you would be tired of waiting, and not terribly happy with me, but I wanted to be with you way...Read On


W Is For What Could Have Been

"I would invite you to my room, for sleeping only, but would that be improper?"

"Tell you a story?" "Of a bygone love. I like learning more about your former paramours, Honey." "Love?" In my bed--which had recently become our bed--I rolled over into Jacob's arms. I was barely awake, as it was early Saturday morning. "How about a former infatuation?" He adjusted himself between my thighs, comfortable in our new arrangement. "Acceptable." “It had to be a decade ago. I...Read On


Having A Break Part 1

Series: Plain Jane

Plain Jane has a break...

I woke to hear my alarm clock radio telling me the weather forecast for the next district, having just missed my district. The weather forecast should come on just after I get out of the shower, so I can then decide what I need to wear for the day. But it should not be already on when I wake up. I had slept in again, and I was running at least twenty minutes late. I quickly dived into...Read On


Unemployment Benefits, Part I

The tension before the release...

Really, yoga will help with that,” I heard Belinda say. She said it a lot. Whenever anyone complained of a headache or shortness of breath or stiff back, she touted yoga as a cure. Fred was a repeat offender, and as her testimonial continued, he clearly regretted sitting down and complaining of a stiff muscle—and given the tone in his voice when he started, I had little doubt which muscle...Read On


Thank the Rain – Chapter 1

3 years out of High School, runs across girl he barely knew waiting in the rain

It started off innocently enough.  I was driving from my mother’s house to get back to where I live so I could get ready for work.  I stopped at the light coming out of her neighborhood and saw a girl standing in the rain at the bus stop.  It was “my” bus stop – the same one I had stood at for four years of High School. The girl had no umbrella and the rain was steadily soaking her.  She...Read On


Lazy, and Not, Morning in Bed

Series: Love's Unspoken Beginning

Sometimes you just know what each other wants

Isabella could feel the warmth of the sun blanketing her body as the light slowly woke her from a very restful night. She enjoyed the feeling of the warm light and snuggled the soft body next to her. It took her a moment but she realized before long that she was not snuggling Ethan, and he was not even in bed. She started a bit before she remembered he had said something about having to go to...Read On


When Opposites Attract: Chapter Three

Gracie finished her hair, and walked out of the bathroom. Her and Jason had just welcomed their baby boy, Jackson, into the world five months ago. They were heading out for the first date night since the eventful birth to reconnect. Jason let out a low whistle as she walked out. She was a bombshell, and while he always admired her beauty, it had been so long since she was able to doll up....Read On


Rekindling (The End)

The flame flickers.

I lie my wife down on the bed, slowly pulling her t-shirt up and over her head. I reach behind her unclasping her bra, freeing her beautiful breasts. I gently squeeze each soft mound, before my hands rake down her naked tummy to unfasten her jeans. I pull her jeans and panties down her shapely legs. After standing up and removing my own clothes, I slip in bed beside her. I pull her...Read On


Rekindling (Part 4)

The spark ignites a flame.

After our shower, we put on our clothes and get ready to head out. "Hey, I am going to call Shelby for a quick check on the kids," Kira says, picking up her phone. I walk out of the bedroom and hear her happily chatting on the phone. Then, she walks into the living room holding out her phone, "Shelby wants to talk to you." I wave my hands signaling no in the air, but she thrusts the...Read On


Morning Wakening Dream

Series: Love's Unspoken Beginning

What better way to wake up

Paula and Isabella had woken up before the sun came up and were already working around the house as the first slivers of light appeared over the horizon. Paula was taking a few plates from the cupboard for them to put breakfast on. She stopped for a moment when Isabella walked up behind her and kissed her gently on the back of the neck caressing her bare buttocks at the same time before...Read On


Rekindling (Part 3)

Shawn and Kira see a spark.

I walk out on the porch to enjoy the star-lit evening with my wife. I am not prepared for what greets me. To say my wife has angry eyes at this moment is the understatement of the year. “What’s wrong?” I ask, surprised by her expression. “Just go away!” she yells. “What the hell, Kira? What has happened? I just gave you a great massage and now I come out and you look like you hate me?” ...Read On


Three Is Not Always A Crowd

Series: Love's Unspoken Beginning

True love is not always exclusive.

Paula had not stopped thinking about yesterday, the day she watched her long-time employer make love to a man Paula had known for a while now, as not only a friend but also a co-worker. She tried to make sense of the previous day's events as she moved from room to room, keeping up with her daily duties. She had always taken her employer’s confidentiality with the utmost respect but she...Read On


When Opposites Attract: Chapter Two

Standing in front of Jason, Gracie draped her arms around his neck, he leaned down, resting his nose on hers. Kissing her softly, before speaking, "You're going to be an amazing mom, Gracie. I love you." "I love you too, and glad, even if it's too soon, to have your baby. I'm just worried about telling my parents, and your friendship with, Matt." Jason kissed her, letting her know he...Read On

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