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Updated 10 June 2020

Yesterday, I gave birth my first daughter, Adelaide ("Adie") Rose. My time on Lush will be limited for the time being as I get used to be a first-time mom. Meanwhile, please continue to read the stories I have published and feel free to leave any suggestions. As time permits, I will read comments and reply. If you desire to leave an email, I will try to visit from time-to-time to answer them and keep my in-box down to a manageable size. Thanks to all of Lush friends and followers.
As I approach my third anniversary on Lush, I thought a new look for my profile biography was in order.

I’m a happily married - very happily married - woman, committed 100% to my wonderful husband. We married in June 2019 after living with each other for six years. He is the most wonderful man in the world and I will NEVER, repeat NEVER do anything to hurt him. If I feel you are trying to replace my husband in my heart, you’ll find you’re hitting a brick wall. If you persist, you’ll find yourself blocked! I might flirt here in Lush from time-to-time, but I will never, repeat NEVER go from Lush to reality. Our first child, Adelaide ("Adie") Rose was born 9 June and she is my life at the moment.

Likes: Sex, Sex and more Sex. You might call me a borderline nymphomaniac, a prime candidate for Sexaholics Anonymous. Some might call my sex life too vanilla – oral, vaginal and anal – especially anal. Just love anal, nothing drives me wilder than a good hard butt-fucking. Fortunately, my husband has an equally insatiable appetite for the cardinal pleasures, so we’re a perfect fit.

Both my husband and I identify as straight. While I like to see myself as open-minded, accepting and non-judgmental, please don’t see that as embracing. I’m comfortable with my sexual identity. Please respect it, just as I will respect yours. Don’t ever be critical – sure-fire way to the block box.

I learned in college that I'm a submissive in the bedroom and definitely need to be taken, but I'm not looking to be someone’s sub or bitch; don't want collars, leashes or anything like that – the BDSM lifestyle holds no interest for me or my husband.

I get enough sex at home. I DO NOT role-play or cyber with guys or gals. I really don't have the desire nor the time! Save you and me the time - don't ask!!

Talking Reading and Writing About Sex. I joined Lush because I wanted to write Erotica. I thought I was prepared. I was wrong and have been humbled. I found it is much more difficult to write than I had anticipated. I got an overly-inflated ego with my first story. Within a month, it became a famous story. I believed I was a much better writer than I was. I took a few hard knocks before I realized there are many, many, many much better writers than me on this site.

I try to improve a little with each story, but writing is not a natural gift or talent of mine. My writing tends to be detail-oriented and based on my own experiences or the experiences of those I have been around and knew second-hand.

My story output has been sporadic. I work 10-12 hour days, not counting another two hours or so commuting. As a result, I am not as prolific as I would like to be. It sometimes takes months between full-length stories. Until recently, I tried to get each story published in a different category. That is still my intent, although I have found myself writing a number of short stories in the Micro-Fiction category.

I do want to improve my writing ability with each story. So if you read one of my stories, please, comment on it. Let me know what you liked about the story, what you disliked about it. Don’t be afraid to be critical. I can’t improve if I don’t receive honest critiques. If you rather not comment publicly and you’d be more comfortable, send me an email. I don’t bite, well usually, and if I do, just playfully!

Since writing a story in a number of competitions now, I try to read, comment and vote on every competition story. I try to read other stories outside the competitions as well, but again, my time is limited and I don’t get to read as much as I’d like to. Certain categories are an instant turn-off for me – Incest and Watersports for example. I won’t read them nor will I ever write a story in them.

Relationships. I takes me a while to get really close to people. Some say I’m distant. I can be at times. I've been told I do not suffer fools graciously. However, I do value relationships. The key to a successful relationship with me is – honesty, openness, trust and commitment. Relationships, whether in the real world or in the virtual world, as here in Lush, aren’t easy. They require work and communication. If I say something that you find uncomfortable, LET ME KNOW! I consider myself fairly intelligent and sometimes can be opinionated. On occasion, my verbal impulsiveness can be to my own detriment.

Friends in Lush are just that, in Lush. What happens in Lush or is said in Lush stays in Lush. My husband knows of my Lush activities and has complete access to my account. Please don’t ever try to move a friendship in Lush out of Lush. The first time will be the last time. That is especially true with the guys. I know it is your nature to be aggressive. Please don’t see any playful flirting here in Lush as anything more than just that – playful flirting here in Lush.

Dislikes: Drama! Please leave your drama home. Don’t try to include me in it. Life is hard enough without getting emotionally drained by drama. If you’re a drama king or queen, I’m not your girl. I come to Lush to relax, not get emotionally upset. Be calm, be respectful.

Certain words are instant turn-off – among them are cunt (when referring the woman as a whole), bitch, whore, slut and similar descriptive words. Again, be respectful to women. Being in Lush is not a Card Blanche to treat me – or any other woman (or man actually) disrespectfully.
What else? I’m 5'10" in height and 120-130 lbs. in weight. Petite in build with "B" cups. Neck-length blonde hair, brown eyes.

Unlike many of my peers and coworkers, I emphasize my femininity and am not afraid of showing it off. I love wearing skirts/blouses and dresses as opposed to pants. I have long legs which I show off in nylons (normally thigh highs without garters) and heels (no more than 3 in. though) My job requires that I wear business attire and that is what I normally wear, both at work and on dates. I enjoy the attention I get from men and women although some of my coworkers (especially those who de-emphasize their femininity) think that the way I dress and the attention it garners fosters continuing stereotypes of women by men. Their opinion of me, and yours, is just that - your opinion.

I consider myself educated. I possess a B.S. with a double major in mathematics and physics, a J.D. and a LL.M. That said, I do not give advice in Lush. Don’t ask. Show some courtesy please. I have enough business outside of Lush – I don’t need more of it here.

Time permitting, I will chat with anyone, male or female, who likes to chat about sex subject to the parameters above. Because of my work schedule and relatively long hours, you'll often find me invisible and away. Don't let that fool you - I try to check in two or three times during the day.

I find it difficult to find time for extended chats and rarely do so. The best way to communicate with me though is to send me an email. I promise I will read and answer every email I get.

As I mentioned earlier, I get enough sex at home. I DO NOT roleplay or cyber with guys or gals. I don't have the desire nor the time! Save you and me the trouble, be respectful and don’t ask!

Meagan Carpenter
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29 Aug 2020 23:58
I like to travel. I've been to every state except Alaska. I've been to Canada, most of Western Europe and Israel as well as Japan and Korea. I love reading (see below). I run eight miles/day or at least try to with a 50-55 minute pace. I love spending time with my 6 year old Pit Bull-Boxer mix and, of course, my husband. I own a 2013 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited which I love to ride and has over 83,500 original miles on it. I like winter sports, skiing, ice skating. Hockey is my favorite winter sport to watch and I'm a die-hard fan of the Washington Capitals - I'm so happy for them winning their FIRST Stanley Cup in 2018! Pretty proud of our Nationals for taking the American League pennant. Washington's first pennant since 1932. Also rather taken the WNBA champions, the Washington Mystics.
Favorite Books:
I will read almost anything non-fiction but gravitate towards science and history. Currently reading Peter Hopkirk's "The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia" which follows the Anglo-Russian attempts to impose their hegemony over various populations extant there. We're still facing the results of their efforts today. Fiction has never been a draw for me, although I've kind of noticed that the best writers here in Lush seem to have a good background in the classics of literature. Perhaps I need to expand my reading horizons?
Favorite Authors:
Asimov. Bradbury. Hawking. Many others too numerous to mention. I have a personal library of over 3,000 volumes. Definitely prefer a real book in my hands rather than an E-book. There's just something about the feel of holding a real book.
Favorite Movies:
I like all the Star Trek movies, all the Star War movies, Romancing the Stone, The Jewel of the Nile, the original Indiana Jones trilogy, Van Helsing, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Anything Clint Eastwood. James Bond with Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Bronson, Sweet Home Alabama. There are many others too numerous to mention. I'm usually not a fan of remakes of older movies. For example, the original True Grit beats the remake hands-down. There's no comparison.
Favourite TV Shows:
I don't watch much TV now and recently deactivated my cable connection. In the past an avid fan of both Star Trek the Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager. MASH. Fraiser.
Favorite Music:
I like to think I have an eclectic taste in music. I'm especially drawn to Classical music, especially the boroque. Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli. Old time country such as Marty Robins, Tanya Tucker, Loretta Lynne, Johnny Cash, George Strait. Love Alan Jackson. New age, David Arkenstone, Kitaro, Enya. Classic Rock, Moody Blues (Nights in White Satin), Boston (Dust in the Wind), The Animals (House of the Rising Sun), Zager and Evans (In the Year 2525), Stevie Nicks (Sleeping Angel), Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven), Toto (Africa), music from the Clint Eastwood Movies - Fistful of Dollars; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. The only genre I can say doesn't work for me is Rap. Just doesn't resonate with me for whatever reason. Not a huge fan of Hip-Hop either.

I've recently uploaded some of my favorite music videos. Hope you enjoy one or more of them as much as I do.


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Seben Seven 7 VII

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Kate has one. So does Ilse. I'm not allowed to touch either one... bad things happen if I do. Embarassed

Just offering... us housemaids can be so recalcitrant if we aren't disciplined from time-to-time!

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then i'd have two... Embarassed

Would you like a riding crop to keep all of us other maids on task?

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Tonight starts another sexual adventure.

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Aberdeen, Scotland or Aberdeen, Washington

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Can we strip each other Erica before diving in?

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