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Medical fetish stories involve medical themed sexual fantasies. They might involve medical equipment, practices, environments, or even doctor / nurse / patient role playing.

A medical fetish can take many forms. You might be aroused by doctors, nurses, or other members of the medical community, or even their uniforms. Some people who are into this fetish often have a specific interest in the medical instruments and devices used. They may get turned on at the thought of engaging in actual examination style role play.

Do you long for the feel of a latex gloves poking and prodding your most intimate places? The firm bedside manner of the night nurse as she checks your vitals? Drool at the thought of dressing up in a hospital gown and putting your feet into stirrups? Like the feeling of being wide open and stretched by a speculum or anal dilator?

Or maybe your desires are darker and you long to be admitted into the psychiatric ward as a sex addict, strapped into a straightjacket and placed in a padded room at the mercy of the staff, all in the name of science?

Get your kink on with our medical fetish stories!


Bedside Manner, Chapter 2

Pam stops by for another visit... and to "nurse" him back to health!

Jimmy was fast asleep when Pam came around again to his room, so she let just him sleep. He woke the next morning and Pam had already gone home. He kicked himself for being such a child and falling asleep so early.  However, there wasn't anything to do but wait until that evening to see her again. He busied himself with TV and the visit from his mother. He chatted with some of the other...Read On


Bedside Manner, Chapter 1

Jimmy got hurt playing football, but he's in excellent hands with his hot nurse, Pam.

Jimmy Nichols looked so small and fragile laying on the hospital bed; it was hard to imagine the sleeping seventeen-year-old as a high school football star. But that was the problem–he was a football player and it was why he was in the hospital. His mother stood just outside the hospital room doorway where she could watch her son while talking to the doctor about his condition. "I want to...Read On


A Visit to the Doctor’s

Michael gets a very thorough exam before the school year.

  Six months shy of my eighteenth birthday, my father was killed while writing a citation for speeding on I-294. He was a state trooper, the drunk driver was found guilty and sentenced to thirty years in jail. Four days before my birthday, my mother and I moved due to her being transferred. She got a well deserved promotion to chief analytics officer for one of the top educational...Read On


Peen Has a Stay In Hospital

Series: The erotic adventures of Peen

Continued, erotic adventures of Peen

Peen opened his eyes and grunted up at the bright light above him. "Aye?" he questioned. Then he winced and tried to swallow. The overhead fluorescent light crackled. "You're fine, sir. You're just coming awake. It went well. We got rid of that nasty bone spur on your heel." The nurse was making adjustments on the monitor attached to the wall. "You know you'll have to stay overnight?...Read On


The Nurse Will See You Now

The importance of regularity can never be underestimated...

“Holy Hell, that’s a pudgy little pecker you're packin' there.” She knew he'd appreciate the alliteration. What?!? “Oooh,” she teased, curling down her lower lip as she saw him patiently waiting on the examination table. “Did I startle you? Not expecting me to return?” Her bouncy breasts had always mesmerized him. Her shapely ass and the sultry curves on her mommy frame had too....Read On

The Nurse Slut

I have been naughty at my job lately. I'm a nurse and work at the hospital. For years, I was a straight shooter, but lately I have been bending the rules a bit. I have been having sex with my patients. They don't seem to mind, and it breaks up my day a little. Usually, my naughty fun starts when I give them sponge baths. Lately, I have been having a strange compulsion. I enjoy having sex...Read On


Intro to medical fetish

A little bit of doctor-nurse role play.

One of the perks of having a long term partner is the possibility to explore your own kinks, finding your likes and dislikes and to be introduced to new deviance's.     I don’t know about you, but I always like to push my limits a bit further, expanding my horizons. There are certain things you just don't discuss or do with a one night stand or with a man, you've just met, unsure, where...Read On


The Sex Therapist Part1 - The Interview

Series: The Sex Therapist

My voyage from prim business woman to being s slut.

Already ten o’clock and I am in a foul mood. My morning has been devoted to kicking various and sundry butts for incompetence, inefficiency, and wasting my time. Punching the intercom, I snarl at Jolene my executive assistant to get me a coffee. A little background about me first. I am the Executive Vice President of a large advertising agency located in New York. My world consists of...Read On

Famous Story

Medical student next door

Medical student neighbour gives me a checkup

This is a true story of my first sexual experience.     I was 16 when, two girls, about 22 and 24 rented the house to our left. I'll call them Debbie and Jenny in this post. Our house happened to be close to a big medical college where Debbie was studying and Jenny was a trainee doctor.   My cousin, who was about a year older than me lived in the house to our right. She doesn't do...Read On

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