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The aim of microfiction (also commonly known as “micro-fiction”) is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Doing extremely short writing challenges can force you to focus on the most important points of your plot, what is going to come across the best in the least amount of words, what it is you want to convey, and cultivating and condensing the juiciest parts of a story.

Our microfiction stories are limited to a maximum of 100 words. We recommend including an accompanying image which may have inspired or represent them.

We are interested in high quality submissions which tell a story, not just random erotic thoughts. Authors should note that our story verifiers have strict instructions to reject the latter.

This category is for stand-alone stories only. It is not for stories submitted as part of a series.



I arrived early, sat in the front row for a good view. She came on stage wearing a blue pencil skirt, heels and matching jacket. I watched and listened only aware of how she transfixed me. I wanted to drink each word, each look, each nuance and gesture she made. I squirmed in my seat, my moisture increased as she spoke and the audience drank in her words. I was totally mesmerised and shaken...Read On


Stolen Kiss

My friend's niece surprised me

I went to fetch my jacket, it was a great party, but time to go. When I turned, Natalia, the host's twenty-year-old niece, was there with the door closed behind her.  Without a word, she moved toward me.  I froze.  As she got closer, I saw her inhale sharply, her eyes opened a little wider and she had a small smile on her lips.  She came close and closer, and then she reached up and kissed...Read On


Passion Play

A husband gives his wife a hand getting ready

“Don't be scared. Let me show you something.” She took her husband's hand and, hiking up her skirt, pushed it slowly down the front of her panties. She was warm and wet and hungry between her thighs. Shaved smooth for Him, she felt obscenely soft. His touch slid across her velvet folds, making her shiver with delight. She squeezed his wrist. Shifting her weight forward, she found just the...Read On

The New Rep

Janine was tenacious in trying to sell me on her agency.

After months of calls, she finally said, "Maybe a visual presentation would work better.  How about something Friday evening?" "Okay, but if you don't show me something compelling, you'll quit calling." Friday came, and she looked rather sure of herself as she sauntered sexily past my office, heading for the conference room. Moments later, my secretary came in to say goodnight.  We...Read On


Polaroid fun in the 80's

She posed nude for him

We took a polaroid of you, lying naked on my bed. You were on your side, head resting on your right arm. Your left arm lay along your hip. Naked.  Beautiful.  Brown hair falling across your arm and breast.   We admired it for a few minutes, and then cut it into tiny slivers and put it  into different trash cans around the house so no one would find it.  My Dad had a bad habit of...Read On



Matthew 7:1-5

“Father Antonio!” smirked 16-year-old Giovanni as he arrived for liturgy practice. “Guess what? Those two sisters from the convent – they were touching each other at communion!” The young priest smiled knowingly. “Best not to snitch, Gianni. We have secrets too – remember?” The boy’s eyes dipped. “ Sì, Padre… ” Wordlessly, mindlessly, he turned to lean over the sacrarium, eyes hollow...Read On


Beauty beheld ...

Touching the untouchable

This beholder’s eyes knows beauty when they see it. Unexpected images arrive in my inbox.  Someone has taken the trouble to thank me for being turned on by some of my stories.  How kind. But wait, these are stunning – no face, how sensible. What do I see?  Everything a man could dream on – the perfect bottom, cheekily encapsulating the hint of a thong, exposed by the jaunty lifting of a...Read On



Right here? Right now? She's nuts!

Cate unzipped my pants immediately after the order’s completed. “Go to the Pay Window sir.” I crept along two cars behind the pay window as she sucked the brown out of my fucking cock; my eyes squeezed shut. Oh fuck . My eyes re-opened and we’re one car behind the pay window. Her mouth vacuumed; her head bobbled. I crawled forward and the engine notes rose simultaneously with my nut....Read On


Ridgeway on the Downs

Sandy and Drew woke before dawn and drove to the downs. They parked in a small car park and wandered for about a mile, to find the perfect viewpoint, which didn’t take long and enabled them to witness a sunrise on the longest day of the year. There was a beautiful red sunrise, which meant rain later. Drew noticed a twinkle in Sandy’s eyes and couldn’t resist and kissed her passionately....Read On



Who says breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

"Come home for lunch.  I've got something special planned." At the sound of the car door slamming, I climbed onto the table.  When the front door closed, I called out, "Lunch is hot and ready, baby." One hand slid between my legs as the other tweaked a hard nipple. I heard him growl as he closed the distance between us, yanking me to the edge of the table. Freeing his cock, he plunged into...Read On


A Swift One

A swift one at the bar...

“I’ll go get another round in. Same again?” Sean was out of his seat before anyone answered. “I’m just going to nip to the loo, back in a minute.” Fiona followed Sean, leaving Mark and Emily smiling awkwardly as their partners abandoned them at the same time. Fiona locked the door and hitched up her skirt. She spread her legs as Sean slammed his cock into her. It was quick hard...Read On


A Lift Home

It's so easy to be led astray

He pulled over in a layby. His heart thumped in his chest. Wordlessly, Bernadette removed her top and pulled down her pink brassiere. A wisp of hair dangled, brushing her breast.  He took out his cock and began to masturbate, transfixed by the plain jasper cross that hung between her breasts. After a few minutes he ejaculated copiously over her. The semen splattered across her body seemed...Read On



I used to be beautiful...

I was beautiful. Eyes like blue diamonds adorned a visage of blush mixed with copper, framed with waves of merlot. Your face would light up whenever we embraced. Excitement crackled like electricity in the air. Every day I would wait for you and we would share tales of our day. But as time went on, life got busy, feelings taken for granted, and promises forgotten. The times in between...Read On


Tasty Balls

Please, DO try this at home...

"It's not true." "It's on the Internet." "Babe, your balls don't have taste buds." "They do." "You're a sucker." "Let's try it. If they do, you have to lick it off my balls." Rolls eyes. "Agree." She dips his ball sac in a bowl of hot sauce. "AHHHHHHHH! Fuck! Get it off!" She dives to her knees swallowing his balls, ferociously licking, then, "AHHHHHHH! Hot! Lick . Hot! Lick . Hot!"...Read On



John 6:53-56, 19:34-35

“ Sangue di Cristo ,” intoned Padre Antonio, as full-bodied Suor Dolcina drank deeply from the silver chalice, Precious Blood rich and honeyed on her tongue. “ Amen.” A crimson droplet trickled across her lower lip. She savoured it, and saved it, gently touching a plump finger to her mouth. As she shared a kneeler with Angelica, her scarlet digit intruded under the folds of her...Read On


Full Circle

If you don't pay attention, you can end up where you started...

Strangers. She is unknown to me. Then, her smile introduces herself. My hand leads her for coffee. Her lips learn my flavor.  Friends. We build our house stacked with bricks of shared dreams, wants, and needs. Clinging to each other, I slide into her wet pussy and begin my slow thrusting. Passion soon swallows us as we wildly fuck with raw abandon towards our mutual release. We...Read On


Get The Message?

Because she's worth it...

Hey babe, I owe you a text. I'm really sorry that happened, I told you I was married.  I hope you're out of hospital, Mike does have a temper doesn't he? Giggles. Wasn't it worth it?  I have no regrets. That was the best car sex I have had with anyone. Your reputation preceded you. I have rarely felt so full, your cum dribbled into my panties for hours afterwards. I am moist remembering....Read On


By the Lake

Living a double life, snatching moments of beauty.

The water laps against the bank of the lake. The sun streams through the branches of the trees. A beautiful setting, for such a shameful act. My fingers dig into the earth, grappling to hold onto something, anything to stop me marking your skin. Your head is buried between my legs. A masterful and skilled tongue causing pleasure so great it's difficult not to cry out. You bring me to...Read On



His loins spent, Anna dismissed, Padre Antonio deliberately left his hands unwashed so that, at evening mass, between collect and acclamation, he might furtively enjoy that heavenly-hellish aroma which lingered so powerfully on his lips and fingers: sweet, pungent, rich as treacle. “ Corpo di Cristo.” “ Amen. ” Kneeling to receive, bewimpled Suor Angelica recognised that scent too –...Read On


Once A Year

Is that what his text meant?

The rave was lit, so was I. The music resonated through my body. He appeared out of nowhere, and asked me to dance. Before I could answer, I was in his arms. He was so fucking hot, that I knew from the get-go we were hooking up. In the blink of an eye we were naked on his bed, furiously fucking. The next morning I received a text from him. I want to have annual sex with you I just...Read On


Pull my hair

she lets him take her, waiting for it.

On my hands and knees.   His hand on my hip pulled my ass cheek wide. I was so hot and wet that his cock actually felt cool as it probed my lips and slid inside of me. I pushed back, arching up to pull him deeper. I felt the slight bit of movement in my long, brown hair as he wrapped his fingers around my ponytail. I waited in anticipation until he pulled back and slammed powerfully...Read On


Mrs Hoare by Name....

A different kind of film appreciation...

Media Studies, full of pricks, and some meaty thick cocks too.  He fell for her ruse, a personal tutorial, at her home. Her design, she needed his critique on the debut of a lesser star in the celebrity firmament.  No lie, hers, circa 2007, fucked on camera by two eager young cocks. And to his debut, eighteen, rigid, paralysed by lust.  She was already soaking wet, he said so, and the spit...Read On


She Decides!

She drives to a decision

She drove off knowing he was watching and she worried for her. She thought over the last several days and knew she couldn't go back to being just friends. But he complicated her life in ways she didn't understand. She knew he wanted what she had, but she also knew it not to be. She hoped he would grow to understand that, but feared he would not. She stopped a few miles down the road and made...Read On


T Is For Tongues

Kyle crawled next to Scooter to share his wife's juices with his friend.

"Where did Claire go?" Gina wondered from the sleeping bag spread on the forest floor. "Chasing a squirrel behind a bush?" Kyle kissed his wife's sticky lips. "You taste like her." "You would know," Scooter mused, petting Gina's exposed mound. "What do I taste like?" On her back, Gina opened her brown thighs for Scooter to take a sample. "Pineapple?" "I ate some for breakfast!" "Let...Read On


Date Night

He's dragging me into the dark yard, forcing his hand on my mouth. I try to scream, but no sound comes through. Brutally pressed against a wall, my dress bunched up over my ass, he's grabbing me by the neck, slamming into me from behind. I am wet enough for that. What if he wasn't my mock rapist, but a real one? All I can think is, fuck me harder. My asshole is burning and my pussy's on fire....Read On


Love and Pain

He slowly comes to unacceptable terms.

Turning from the window as the woman went out of sight. "It's not supposed to be this way!" Listening, he knew she was masturbating on the other side of this wall. "I don't understand why I cannot be enough!" He wanted to beat the wall in frustration, but he knew any sign of such and he would lose her completely. "Instead I am losing her one day at a time!" Intellectually, he knew that...Read On


First Degree Desire

Nature's need is a young woman's heated desire...

Solicitation would be inappropriate, possibly embarrassing, but I’m charged with estrus wont. Enough of this intolerable ache! I’d abruptly stop walking and bend at the waist. The choreographed unhinging of spaghetti straps and drooping fabric draw his attention to the aroused nipples on my barren chest. The sheer sundress then slides along the outside of my parted thighs, exposing myself...Read On


Becky, The Cum Slut

This is a rebound tale.

He found out. It was only a matter of time until he did. "You whore! For once in your life, stop being a fucking cum slut!" "For once, actually be in my life!" It was on this day, that was the end of Becky's relationship. Ever since then, she was grieving over her ex. Until... "Hey," Ryan, a young frat boy nearby said. "If you want to talk..." "You're sweet, Ryan. But what if I don't...Read On


Heavenly ~ Naughty ~ Dirty

Inspired by My One and Only

His words still linger in my ears, long after his hands have done their deeds. Their heavenly, naughty, dirty deeds. The way he loves me is so intimate. Our bodies uniting, connecting like they were made for each other. Whether we are fucking or making love, the bond leaves me breathless. Tonight was not lovemaking. It was raw, primal, hard, relentless fucking. His hands marking me. His...Read On


Color Blind

We are all created equal...

He shoots the brown targets before the white.  "Fail! Again!"  The officer-in-training readies himself for another simulation.  "See no color!" ~~~ "Sexy Police Chief, you are building a safer world for our unborn child." Smiling, he slides down, petting her tummy bump along the way, settling between her thighs. He inhales her aroma, turning the thoughts of the day to the...Read On

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