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Prostitution is one of the oldest professions, and sex for money is the theme of this category. Stories are likely to feature characters and scenarios containing the likes of escorts, gigolos, hookers, strippers, happy ending massages, cashed up sugar daddies, cam models, gay for pay, millionaires, and indecent proposals.


Jaq Becomes A Paid Slut

Jaq loves becoming a paid whore

It was the summer of 2015; we were visiting the island of Rhodes. Most people reading this will know of our lifestyle; this is just another memory from a few years back. Jaq and myself were in a bar for a pre-dinner drink in the local town; also in the bar were four lads on a stag weekend from the UK. The lads were enjoying a few drinks and were becoming very loud. Paul, who we found out was...Read On


The Deckhand - Thursday Cruise, Part 1

It wasn't even Thursday and I was selling myself for tips again.

After the Tuesday cruise, I headed home for dinner and a long soak in the tub.  My body was a little sore, but my ass needed a thorough soaking if I was going to continue this three days a week.  I have had my share of gang-bangs at college but usually took more time off in between them.  With these cruises, I was going to have to learn to pace myself better, or I may not be able to...Read On


That Little Skank Downstairs

A young female tenant indulges the lust of an older neighbor

The first time I did it, I was hard-up for some cash and it felt harmless. All I had to do was lie on the bed and touch myself. That was all he wanted to see. He sat on the chair next to my bed like he usually did during his visits I had come to enjoy. He usually sat there with his ankles crossed and a bemused look on his face and complained about his wife. But he mostly liked to listen to...Read On


Charlie and the Factory, Chapter 7

Shawn comes back to see Daisy only to discover her boss.

They say in this generation, dating is almost nonexistent. Which I almost agree with. This is because we are blunt and we know what we want. However, I don’t even know what the hell to call my relationship with Daisy. Is she my girlfriend? Are we fuck buddies? I do know one thing. I love when she calls me “Daddy.” It was mid-afternoon on a Saturday when she called me via FaceTime.  ...Read On

Not Scrambled Eggs

A man with a plan and the money to follow it better know where the plan is taking him.

I don't know what it is about cooking eggs. If I try to cook sunny-side up, the yolks break. If I try to cook a simple fried egg, it disintegrates when I try to flip it. I can't even seem to fold and flip an omelet without making a mess. I'm pretty good at a lot of skills in life, but when it comes to eggs, all I can do is scramble them. If someone wants anything better than that, they...Read On


My First Time With A Hooker

After a job interview, he found some "big city" fun!

My name is Mark Woods and the story I'm about to tell you is true. It happened about five years ago now... I was twenty years old and fresh out of a two-year technical college with a brand new Associates Degree in Computer Sciences. I was in Philadelphia on a job interview–my professor told me of a new company opening up and put in a good word for me, so I was following up on it. I wanted...Read On


The Deckhand - The First Cruise, Part 2

The day just continued to get better.

We kissed at the door for a while and just rubbed our naked bodies against one another. When it was clear that Pat was ready for something more, I slowly turned him toward the bed. We were like two octopi with our hands roaming all over each other’s bodies. When Pat’s legs hit the bed, we both did a slow-motion fall and slid up on the bed. Once we were settled, I slid up a little and...Read On

The Aftermath Part Three: Getting Ahead

Anna begins to think for herself

Things had gone from bad to worse. To say I had dug myself into a deep hole would be an understatement. Marge had turned my day to day life to a hell on earth. If I was not doing her work for her, I was doing her personal chores, anything from picking up her lunch to walking her dogs. She wasn't the only one that was hard to deal with. Kendall had kept accurate to her words; there wasn't...Read On


Dressing Room Rendezvous

Indecent proposal for a lunchtime fuck

Dennis walked into the small lingerie boutique in an upscale shopping center to buy his girlfriend some new sexy lingerie for her birthday. He was tired of seeing her wearing those plain colored, no-frills panties and bras. She had the misconception that she did not have the body to pull off sexy underwear but he was going to show her differently. To him, nothing was sexier than a curvy...Read On

Recommended Read

The Wages Of Flashing

Somehow she’d managed to trap herself a situation that she had no idea how to get out of.

Is it really flashing if nobody sees? That was the question. Her husband had seen, of course, on drives in the country; Greg aiming his camera at her as she bared the body he was so familiar with, and that she was so familiar with showing him. They’d look at the pictures later, of her posing against a tree trunk with her skirt pulled up, or leaning back against the car with erect...Read On

Recommended Read

Twice the Deal

Friendship may be priceless, but sex with a good friend does have a price.

The bell signalling that the first class of the day was going to begin in ten minutes rang and students began to head for the front door of the school. Michael and Todd waited in the parking lot to catch their friend Lisa before she joined the sea of students flowing into the school. As Michael calmly scanned the paths leading to the school, Todd fidgeted nervously. “You okay, man? You...Read On

Recommended Read

Valerie, A Night In The Life Of A Working Girl

She bent down quickly, lifted her nude stiletto heel and pulled the small piece of toilet paper off the sole of her left shoe. She quickly checked the large mirror in the little ante-room that led to both the male and female bathrooms, the harsh and unflattering, almost clinical overhead lights making her skin look sallow and sickly. Her brand new black dress had a large crease that...Read On


Standard Practices In A Cut-Throat World

If current trends continue, some things should remain the same.

Yeongmi entered the lounge before her shift started and looked around. She checked in the mirror that her hair was drawn back into a tight bun that pulled her hair back tight around her face just before the ears. With her little navy-blue hat bearing the insignia of her chaebol and the navy-blue skirt and jacket over the crisply ironed white shirt and multi-colored tie, she looked much like...Read On


Charlie and the Factory, Ch. 5

Shawn and Daisy get caught...

I looked at Daisy, wondering by the second what happened to her. She was still washing her face off of any leftover juices. When she finished, she looked at me. She kissed me on the cheek. “What’s wrong?” she said, tilting her head. “Daisy… I want to ask. But I really don’t  want to ask,” I said to her, softly. “You want to know what happened, do you? You always were a curious one,...Read On


Charlie and the Factory, Ch. 4

Shawn discovers something about Daisy...

“You work here?” I said. “Yeah,” my cousin Raven responded. I looked back at Lillian, incredulously. She had the same look. “You’re related ?” Lillian questioned, tilting her head. “Yeah,” I said. “Distantly, but still…” Raven added. “Raven… you are a waitress here, right? You don’t strip?” I asked her. ~~~ My phone vibrated. It was Daisy. It read…  With clients right now. I...Read On


Charlie and the Factory, Ch. 3

Shawn discovers something in his relationship and in the Factory...

It had been a while since I had been back to the Factory. Even though I had not been in some time, I didn’t want to seem like some perverted strip club addict or something. I think that ship has sailed already. My thoughts were filled with undressing women. Lillian. Keisha. And… “Hey, Shawn!” I jerked out of my trance for one second. It was Daisy in her car. “Need a ride?” Daisy said. I...Read On


Charlie and the Factory, Ch. 2

Shawn goes back to The Factory on Amateur Night...

About a week later, I started thinking about her again. Why was I thinking about her? Daisy… I mean, Charlie was actually a stripper at a strip club I went to. And I actually had an inkling she was one. “You know where I am, Daddy. Ask for Charlie…” The way she said that turned me on so much. I wanted more of her. Knowing the consequences, I still wanted it. So, when I told my boys… ...Read On


Charlie and the Factory, Ch. 1

A man sees a woman from his past who is now a stripper...

Let me tell y'all a story about a woman I used to know. I walked through the Factory on a cold night in January. When I walked through, all my olfactories felt a tingle. I looked around at the people for a symbol. This was no Willy Wonka chocolate. Past athletes from my childhood, married men committing infidelity, singles... This was a whole different kind of thing for your sweet tooth....Read On


Sex Class Part 2

The men in the class get their turn with Cassie

Cassie lay stark naked on the bed. Wet, horny...and slightly embarrassed. The sex therapist--the hot doctor, Ciaran Kennedy--had demonstrated how to get her in this state. She could hardly believe she had let him do all these things to her body in front of his excited audience. But now, it was their turn: Joe, the plump guy who thought he wasn't satisfying his wife, Ben, the cute-ish guy...Read On



I want to Look into Your Eyes when I Come

My name's Candy, I'm, sixteen years old and I've just divorced my parents to prevent either one of them getting their hands on any more of my money. Let me explain, from the age of eight, I'd won a whole series of beauty competitions and therefore a whole lot of money, things were fine at the start, but when I reached my teenage years, I began to ask questions about where all the prize...Read On


Panties And Pigtails

A well-traveled business man brings home more than new clients and memories...

Her tongue. My ass. That, I did not expect. Especially, not from someone so young. Nor did I anticipate the sticky strawberry lip gloss, the bevy of unripened freckles, or her nearly breast-less, mosquito-bite nipples on an immaturely lean, lightly-tanned body. What was that saying about a carpenter’s dream? I ordered young and cute, but they sent me, life-as-I-know-it ending jailbait....Read On


Sex Class

Cassie needed cash...the sex class needed an assistant

When Sean first mentioned the idea, Cassie was aghast. "It's virtually prostitution, Sean. I can't believe you want to hire me out just because we're a bit short of cash!"   For three or four days, she barely spoke to him - three or four days in which their financial worries got worse. They'd tried everything - working in bars when they weren't doing their day jobs, selling...Read On

Recommended Read

The Grimoire - Part 8 - The Tango Evita

Young prostitute shown a new path through life.

I looked up from my book and kneeling at my feet. I saw Agnes in the perfect submissive pose. She was naked and kneeling with her knees spread, open hands on her thighs and back straight. I could see that her pussy had a sheen of wetness which made it look slick and inviting. “What is it, Slut?” “Sir, your Pet is needy. She needs your attention.” Since Agnes had seen my display of...Read On


Getting Caught

As soon as I had Tabb alone in a room, his disposition changed. His protests stopped and his hands found their way to my waist. "This is wrong," he said, even as he helped me shrug off my robe. "Where is this coming from?" Now he could really see my breasts. My nipples were hard in the cold room. I put my lips on his to stifle his questions. I slipped a hand between the buttons on his...Read On


Fuckdoll in the back of a van

Janey didn't plan for her night to be quite so... Eventful. And retelling it only makes her hotter.

SugarDaddy420: So, what did you do today? The beep of the alert alarmed Janey and she sat up. She'd been slumped over, eyes a little glazed, staring at the floor like it held all the wisdom of the stars. She focused her eyes with effort and hesitantly types back, her cheeks flushing as she thought about the answer to that simple and potentially totally innocent question. Lace'N'Silk: Not...Read On


An Amazing Deal

Lace'N'Silk offers a new deal

Janey bent over in front of the camera, her ass splayed lewdly for all to see. The small chiming sounds from the laptop indicated viewers sending tips through her site. She purred and slid two fingers into her smoothly shaved pussy, dragging her wet fingertips out and over her tight asshole, caressing the pucker lovingly. A different tone sounded and she twisted to look over her...Read On


Paying for it

A young street whore is used by an unusual client

I’m parked down the street, watching them as they hang about on the street corner. As each car passes, they look up and if it slows down, they preen like parrots trying to attract attention. I glance down at my left hand, the paler band of skin a reminder that almost twenty years of marriage were thrown away on girls like these. Decision made, I drive towards the one I want, slowing to a...Read On


Pictures from the past

An unexpected find destroys Andrea's plans for the afternoon.

"I must've been fucking insane," I cussed, staring around the cavernous attic. "Why did I sign up for this?"  "This" was cleaning out my deceased mother's house. Large, traditional, and draughty, she'd bequeathed it to me. But, being a city girl, I'd decided to sell this country dwelling. After a morning of hard graft, broken fingernails, and filling a gigantic skip, what used to be my...Read On


Working Girl Part 2

Emily continues to work to pay for her schooling.

I woke up just after noon. My next shift at the restaurant wasn’t till 4:00 pm so I stayed in bed a little longer. I pulled out the bag I kept next to bed to hold the money I had made in my new endeavor. I counted out the $4200.00 that I had made in the last two days. I thought I would feel dirty about the money, but I rationalized that I hadn’t forced Bob to pay me for sex. I actually...Read On


Working Girl

Desperate girl needs money to finish college.

My name is Emily. I’ve just graduated college with a nursing degree at twenty-two years of age. I truly thought I was going to have to drop out after my second year. This is the story of how I got through those last two years. It started at the end of my second year with a call at 2:00am from my mom. She told me that Dad had had a heart attack. He was alive, but in bad shape. After the...Read On

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