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Monster Sex

This is a relatively new but very popular niche in the world of adult literature. This category deals with erotic fiction featuring sexual encounters between humans and 'monsters'. From the traditionally Japanese sub-genre fetish of tentacle sex, to more contemporary styles involving dinosaurs, mermen, Bigfoot, werewolves, and so on, let your imagination fly and share your weirdest most quirky monster stories.

Here Comes The Boogeyman

A lonely housewife is haunted by a creature that visits her in the night.

I first saw it while I was doing the dishes. I was scraping an untouched plate of stir-fry into the garbage. Theo had called with an apology and an excuse. Last-minute emergency. No one else available to cover. Coming home late. See you in the morning. The usual. After dropping the clean plates into the sink I found myself just staring out the kitchen window. It looked out into the backyard,...Read On


Party Manimal

Scott's sexy werewolf costume turns out to be more literal than expected.

Scott Macintire stood outside of the house at the end of Nettlewood Drive, hesitating only a few moments before pressing the doorbell. It was one of those McMansions that had started springing up everywhere before the housing market tanked: somehow managing to look both cheap and expensive at the same time. The driveway and front lawn were filled with scattered cars and SUVs and from inside...Read On


Monster Mash

a schoolgirl participates in a strange gangbang to lift a witch’s curse

Nearly twenty years of aging appeared on Samantha’s seventeen-year-old face and her blonde hair was turning gray, but she was oblivious. The only thing on her mind was how much Lori was a good friend sticking with her when her two other, shallow, scaredy-cat friends and classmates were screaming and backing away. Then again, Lori being the quiet girl didn’t have many friends anyway, so...Read On


Night Of The Living Gorgon Pussy

Hannah had to know if the carpet matched the drapes..

"What the fuck are you staring at, bitch?" The strange girl sitting next to me at the bar growled, clearly not happy about my staring at her. "Your... um, hair," I choked out nervously.  "So what about it?" she said, her tone defensive and her body stiffening.  "Well it, um, it has snakes in it," I said, still in complete shock at what I was seeing. Wondering if I was just indeed drunk....Read On

Recommended Read

Praise Him

Dr. Victoria Lazlo comes under the sway of something not of this world.

Dr. Victoria Lazlo was alone in the elevator as it approached the ground floor. She wore a tailored, gray dress suit with sensible heels and no ornamentation beyond a pair of slim, designer glasses. Her auburn blonde hair was bound in a bun, secured with a pair of hairpins. Every element of her attire and stance was collected, professional and cold. She was the Facility’s top exophysicist...Read On


The Monster in My Dreams Part 2

Series: Monsters in my Dreams

Six months ago, I had had the weirdest dream, but as a writer, I occasionally get inspirations for stories from my dreams. Those stories sometimes end up as a short story that I post on an erotic writers site I belong to, and sometimes they end up long enough to be a book. The particular dream in this instance turned out to be a short story in a category that was recently added to the list...Read On

Recommended Read


At night, my husband becomes a... thing... with way too many eyes and arms.

The first time it happened, it was horrifying. Terrifying. I thought he was dying and so did he. He was a mess when he got home that night. I thought he had just been at work, but he was crying and babbling that he had lost time. Somewhere in the middle of the day, his memory just stopped. He didn't know where he'd been, or what he'd done. He came back to himself while he was driving...Read On


Sympathy for the Devil

He was a young mage, she was a succubus from hell. He was in for the thrill of his life.

In the barren wastelands stood a derelict castle, there was one tower that remained intact. A glow could be seen emanating from the tallest window, inside evil events were unfolding. The young diabolist who had taken up residence in the tower was about to conduct his first ever summoning. He had laid out the protective circle exactly as the ancient scroll had described, the sacrifices...Read On


Clan of the Bigfoot

Enjoying a Bigfoot

Most people do not think Bigfoot exists but I am living proof that they do but I will get to that later in the story. First off let me introduce myself. I am Camellia McIntyre but my friends call me Cami. I am twenty-five years old and been married to Professor Morgan McIntyre who teaches Archaeology at the University of New Mexico. He has taken a sabbatical over the summer to partake in...Read On


The Neighbour

Jason is in love but is afraid of telling Bella how he feels. An accident makes the truth come out.

“Would you fuck her?” I almost choked on the handful of pop-corn I had just shoved into my mouth. After a coughing fit I wheezed, “What are you talking about?” Bella pointed at the LED screen in front of us. “The vampire chick, would you fuck her?” Bella usually didn’t use foul language, so I guessed the question was serious. I looked at the pale teenager on the screen. “I guess, she...Read On


Marnie's Test Experiment

It was all for science, not only to have sex with giants...

Buzz, buzz, buzz, the alarm clock rang. Today was a usual workday, and at six in the morning she was up. The first thing she ever did was open up her wardrobe, watching the double doors slide open as her gaze automatically fell on her display of undergarments. “Black or purple…” Marnie questioned with a murmur, just thinking for a moment or two. “Frilly or silk, maybe I’ll go for my...Read On


Out Of The Box

A demon finds his match in a crafty Witch's witchcraft

Lightning raced horizontally across the night sky illuminating briefly a cloaked figure carrying boxes from an older Camry into a deserted barn.  Looking skyward at the approaching storm, the figure knew intuitively that rain would shortly be pouring from the heavens. There's an old saying that a barn will stand forever as long as it has a good roof; this particular barn did indeed have a...Read On


Werewolves Breed a Lonely Young Wife

A lonely young wife in a small Vermot town becomes interested in werewolves and is impregnated.

Introduction My name is Lara, and my husband, David, and I live in a small town in central Vermont. We’re not sophisticated people, having been high school sweethearts and getting married right after graduation. We live in a modest home, a cabin really, that David built for us while we were living with my parents for a year after the wedding. I’m smart, although not well-educated, and...Read On

Amy And The Tentacle Monster

Amy Nielsen wasn’t like regular girls.  She was shy and kept to herself.  She liked to draw scary comics and dressed differently.  The only color you’d see in her closet was black.  Her mother and father thought she spent too much time by herself.  She was a good student and maintained high marks.  Her parents let her experiment with her look and didn’t get too involved with what she’d come...Read On



When Pete finds a woman deep in the woods, he has no idea what is in store for him.

Pete was concerned. He nibbled on a nail and paced the little bedroom while looking down at the sleeping woman on the bed. She hadn’t moved in hours but her breathing was steady and she didn’t seem to have a fever. He had found her in the woods three days earlier and carried her all the way back to his cabin. It had been hard work since she was heavier than she looked. He figured her to...Read On


Feather and Scale

Man of Lamia blood encounters a lusty Harpy queen.

Aris finished tying his shoes and turned his eyes back to Tiassa.  The Lamia Queen’s huge, impossibly perky breasts were partially hidden beneath an out-of-fashion bikini top.  Her serpentine lower half was concealed by the waves, and an illusion, giving the impression that she was a normal woman relaxing in the surf.  Albeit, a stunningly beautiful woman with green hair. After finishing...Read On


The Captive of a Gargoyle

Being a captive of a gargoyle-like creature results in something more that you can expect.

I don’t know much anymore… All I can remember is that I was kidnapped in the middle of the day and dragged in this dungeon-like chamber, hidden somewhere deeply underground. I could only wonder how I was able to keep my sanity, but nonetheless, I was still sober and could think straight. I truly had no idea why I got here. Who would want to kidnap me and the main question – why? Too...Read On


The Tree of Life

When the monster fully emerges will it be Masculine or Feminine

Mulberry trees (Morus spp.) are a species that are gender fluid—they may first be male, then female, then change back again. You can find individual mulberry trees that are dioecious—with only male flowers or only female flowers. But right next to such a tree might be a monoecious specimen, bearing both male or female flowers. And to add another veil of intrigue, sometimes...Read On

Recommended Read

What’s Eating Chelsea Lake?

Touched by something from another world, are the creature’s visits benevolent or self-serving?

It came for me in the night again, during the theta states; those moments I'm neither asleep nor lucid. That alone begged all manner of questions; primarily that it couldn't be a dream. Dreaming only occurs in much later sleep stages, during the REM cycle. Every medical journal agreed. Yet this was the third such experience in as many weeks, each more thrilling and unsettling than the last....Read On


The Last Hunter

Will Bennett faces the monster terrorizing his hometown.

Growing up, my grandfather raised me after my parents died in a head on collision with a truck. He would tell stories about Blood Rose Mansion up on Snow Mountain that actually had the hairs on the back of my neck stand. Those nights were sleepless ones as I lay in my bed, waiting and listening. Nothing ever happened as best as I could recall, until one fateful hot summer day, a day that...Read On


Cold Passion

A rainy night turns hot.

The night was freezing and a lone woman picked up the pace. She was drenched, her heels clicking across the wet asphalt as she peered through the black. Still, the dark man was behind. Slowly, gradually, he was beginning to catch up. Running wasn't an option unless her sinister pursuer suffered from a similarly debilitating case of asthma. She turned a corner. The moon was nearly hidden...Read On


The Three Divas

Three college drama students share stories about having sex

The Divas, that's what they called themselves, were back at the Student Union Monday after classes discussing their weekend. Claire was nineteen, soon to be twenty and a junior as was Kimberly. Dotty was a sophomore. She had just turned nineteen. All three were drama majors with a minor in sex. "So Claire, how was your date with Big Ben?" Kim asked. Claire took a sip from her latte, then...Read On


Beneath the Full Moon

Audrey adapts to life in the country, with a little help from a neighbor.

A bolt of lightning lit up the window, illuminating the pouring rain outside. Audrey braced herself for the thunder that was sure to follow closely behind. Remembering back to her childhood, she counted the time between the lightning strike and the thunder crash aloud. “One… two… three… four….” Thunder boomed overhead, shaking the house, rattling the windows, and making Audrey jump even...Read On


The Maiden and the Minotaur, Part 4

With the Lottery gone, Ariadne kept her promise and returned to the labyrinth forever!

The next day, Ariadne got ready to go back to the village to talk to them and tell them about the ending the Lottery. Erinyes lit the torch again and showed her the way to the old door. After winding their way through the maze of the Labyrinth they reached the door. The Minotaur studied it for a couple minutes testing the chains that held it secure. Then he hooked on horn under a point in...Read On


Lady of the Woods

Something had brought a horrible blight to the woods. Could Severus do what was needed to free them?

The Western Woods near Alverone had long been known locally as the Blighted Wood. The reason was obvious as one drew near the forest. Most of the trees were grey and leafless. On the few trees that retained a semblance of life, the bark was grey and brittle, the leaves strange hues that did not appear at all healthy. Even in the wet, fertile spring, the trees remained grey and the soil...Read On

Editor's Pick


She touched nerves never before touched.

Lena lay naked on the sand in the middle of the night, right on the tideline, where the shore met the sea. She dozed on the edge of dreams, more in the water than out of it now, though when she first lay down only her feet were submerged. The tide had risen since then. Each wave took the water incrementally closer. Her feet and ankles grew wet first, her long legs followed, a few inches at...Read On


The Maiden and the Minotaur, Part 3

The time for the Lottery had come again - could she get word out to stop it in time?

The Minotaur got up off the bed, leaving the dazed Ariadne laying there, cum still oozing from her abused slit, too weak and wobbly to get up. He moved over to his chair by the fireplace, but looked over at her from time to time to check on her. Gradually, Ariadne came to her senses. Her moaning diminished and her breathing and heart rate slowed. She stirred, catching his attention and...Read On


Serpentine Destiny

Aris journeys to Greece to seek out his roots, and finds far more than expected.

Aris walked along the secluded section of Grecian shore, enjoying the view of the ocean after a breathtaking sunrise.  All too soon, he would have to return home, and he wanted to fix the splendor of his ancestral homeland firmly in his mind. It had been a great stroke of luck that his far distant relatives still living here had made contact, providing him with an affordable place for...Read On


The Maiden and the Minotaur, Part 2

The beast takes his prize and Ariadne is a virgin no more!

Ariadne felt the odd sensation of being whisked through the air. In her dazed semi-conscious state, she heard a thunderous beating. She could hear it through the soft fur under her ear. Pounding... rhythmic... strangely soothing.  As she began to return to consciousness, she slowly opened her eyes. She was being cradled in the strong powerful human arms of the Minotaur. Carried across the...Read On

Recommended Read

The Maiden and the Minotaur: Part 1

Ariadne had been chosen to be the Minotaur's next sacrifice - what would become of her?

The Lottery had taken place and the name had been drawn. Only in this Lottery, if your name was drawn you were far from the winner. Ariadne, the youngest daughter of Aegidios, a simple shopkeeper in the village was the name drawn this time. The town drew the name of a virgin girl every three months in this Lottery. You see, this was Pelatrea, and this town was cursed. Long long ago, there...Read On

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