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Welcome to my page. I'm a housewife from New Jersey that loves to write about naughty things. I write in every category and like to write stories that makes e you hot. I like to write stories that are edgy and different. If you like poetry, I also have poems in the erotic and love categories. My poems are like short stories and will make you excited too.

I have an over active imagination and like my characters to get in all kinds of situations. I adore writing in the MILF, Teen, Taboo and very taboo categories. These stories come from my filthy imagination and/or dreams that I have.

I'm the second most prolific writer on the site with 858 pieces. I'm the 2nd highest writer with over 11 million + views here on Lush Stories. I really enjoy watching my views. I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful fan base. I thank my readers for taking the time for reading my work. I have a very large library and hope you will sit down and enjoy my stories over and over again.

I've been honored by my readers with 105 famous stories. Those are stories that have over 30,000 views. I have 5 legendary stories that have 100,000+ views. I have 6 Recommended Reads on a few of my poems and one of my stories. I have several audio stories, so if you have time please listen to a story or poem. I'm an omnium badge holder, which means I've written in all 51 categories.

I’m on Lush Stories to write. I’m not interested in a cyber relationship. I don’t want to be anybody’s keyboard lover or cyber slut. Please respect my wishes. I do like to meet people and have basic chit chat with a sexual flair. However, I don’t want to have CYBER SEX. I’m not interested in that. If you’re contacting me for that, I don’t think I’m the person for you. I would prefer that we speak first, before sending me friend requests. I'm more into the quality of my friends than just adding people for the hell of it.

If we do become friends, I prefer pictures of men or men and women together in a sensual way. I don’t want ANY porn on my page. If you put it there, I’ll just delete it and probably will delete you. I’m particularly fond of butterflies and flowers. So if you don’t know what to put on my page that’s always a safe bet.

Please don’t ask to voice chat, Skype or trade pictures with me, ask me my full name, or any other personal information. I'm not going to be doing any of that. If you continue to pester me about these things, I will delete you.

All of my avatars are not me. I will not share pictures even if you beg me to send them. Lush is just a place to share my stories and talk to friends. I'm a married woman who is not looking to hook up in anyway.

Lady Mysteria
Relationship Status:
Writing, riding thrilling rides at amusement parks, playing online games, watching movies
Favorite Books:
Chances, Lucky, Vendetta, The Firm, Butterfly Trilogy, Gone With The Wind, Romeo and Juliet
Favorite Authors:
Jackie Collins, Stephanie Meyers, Sydney Sheldon
Favorite Movies:
All The Twilight movies, Titanic, Remember Me, Gone With The Wind, Stepmom, Steel Magnolias, Coyote Ugly, Jerry McGuire, Pretty Women, Jersey Girl, Taken1, Taken 2, Taken 3, Vampire Diaries, Grace and Frankie.
Favourite TV Shows:
The Affair, Blue Bloods, Animal Kingdom, Good Behavior, Shark Tank, Fox News, Hannity, This is us, Homeland, Game Of Thrones, The Village, Grey Anatomy, Vikings.
Favorite Music:
Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, Shania Twain, Counting Crows, Gin Blossoms


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03 Apr 2013
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Something A Little Spicy

Henry Garcia loved to dance.  He was Hispanic and had all the right moves.  Friday night was the best night of the week to hit the clubs.  He liked going to the higher-end clubs that brought in all kinds of people. Lots of hungry women would be looking for a good time.  Dancing and sex went hand in hand.  Henry found that if women were good dancers on the dance floor, they’d be phenomenal...

Added 18 Nov 2019 | Category Threesomes | Views 503 | 8 Comments

Peter And Mrs. Rodger's

It’s very hard when you’re introverted and shy.  It feels like speaking can be hard because you’re afraid of rejection.  That’s how it was for Peter Smith.  Peter was depressed that he didn’t have a girlfriend. It’s hard to do things when you’re depressed.  It was even harder when he went through puberty to discuss things with his parents.  He would breakdown and become anxious. Lucky for...

Added 18 Oct 2019 | Category First Time | Views 3,817 | 27 Comments

Casey The Hot Cheerleader

Casey Brand was the most popular girl at Smithville High.  She had made varsity cheer in the tenth grade.  She excelled at everything she did.  She worked hard on her grades and was part of the National Honor Society.  She loved cheering but knew her grades were just as important. Casey loved boys.  She was dating Todd, the captain of the football team.  She was growing bored of him...

Added 20 Sep 2019 | Category Taboo | Views 4,850 | 16 Comments

The Busy Milf

When summer happened, Grace Anderson gave her nanny time off.  She cancelled all her usual appointments to keep herself pampered.  She became a full-time mommy who cared for her kids.  She arranged daily activities and took the tots to the beach for the weekends. She cooked and cleaned and did all the chores that her hired staff usually did.  She played the role of mom for the summer. ...

Added 06 Sep 2019 | Category MILF | Views 9,590 | 22 Comments

The Naughty Massage

Summer was coming to a closing and Shanice and her friends were having a wild summer.  Shanice's sister had shared an interesting thing that happened to her.  A friend of a friend told her about this guy named Pierre who was a masseuse.  He had a great reputation and was a magician with his hands. He wasn’t just the most fabulous masseuse; he was a dirty masseuse.  He had sexual...

Added 27 Aug 2019 | Category Occupations | Views 3,066 | 23 Comments

Natasha and Cory

Natasha Red was a mother and a homemaker.  She cared for her family and did a great job being a mother.  Her child was older and didn’t need as much attention as he once did. She missed when he was little but enjoyed getting to know him while he was a teenager.  He was popular and had many friends.  Her house was the flophouse where they all gathered.  Her son liked having parties. ...

Added 09 Aug 2019 | Category Incest | Views 4,673 | 18 Comments

It's Getting Hot In Here

Robert Isle was looking at life differently.  He and his wife were married for thirty years.  As they were both aging, his wife was getting further and further away from wanting to have intercourse. At first, it was just annoying and later it was depressing.  His wife always enjoyed sex, but after the menopause didn’t really seem interested.  It wasn’t that he didn’t love her, but he had...

Added 18 Jul 2019 | Category Office Sex | Views 4,344 | 23 Comments

Enjoying Kitty

Is it a crime when teenaged girls flirt with middle-aged men?  Stanley Jenson was often embarrassed when his daughter’s friend Kitty Jones was over at their house.  She flirted and gave Stanley all kinds of compliments.  She talked about sexual things and liked to get attention from Stanley. She purposely would wear short-shorts and tight shirts.  She had luscious lips which she often...

Added 11 Jul 2019 | Category Teen | Views 5,511 | 20 Comments

Just Another Day

Kathrine Smith was a daydreamer.  She couldn’t stay focused on anything.  She was a housewife and mother and liked to escape to the grocery story.  She’d walk up and down the aisles thinking of great menu ideas she’d like to make.  She just liked to get lost and not be bothered for a while. Katherine was quite miserable in her life.  She missed working and instead cared for her three...

Added 03 Jul 2019 | Category Mind Control | Views 5,211 | 16 Comments

Leslie Discovers Things About Herself

Leslie Langston was rather bored in her life.  Her teenage daughter had a boyfriend and was spending less and less time at home.  Her husband was always having beers and hanging around in his man cave down in the basement.  He also worked a lot and was out of town most weeks. Leslie stayed home and hadn’t entered back into the workforce yet.  She always was a stay-at-home mother but looking...

Added 28 Jun 2019 | Category Incest | Views 3,426 | 20 Comments

Stories Coauthored By Mysteria27

Asphalt And Fescue

I didn't even know her name, but she would hustle and fuck suitors on top of a picnic table. She would ride cocks like Annie Oakley. In those days, you would deliver her a pizza and give her a wink. She was well known around Indian Springs trailer park. Ample in the chest, with shapely legs, she wore her Daisy Dukes well. When you stood up to leave and zippered your trousers, your cock...

Added 02 Feb 2017 | Category Humor | Votes 11 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,870 | 16 Comments


It was the Chinese lanterns that attracted the fleas. The fleas, being moths of a humid moon. I had just traded in my military stripes for a couple of strikes at a local bowling alley. In the background humming down a lane, a ball of polyurethane. Knocking down ten pens, as the ball zigged and zagged. It was about as exciting as peeling a pea. But, it served a steam plate buffet for a...

Added 31 Oct 2016 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 5,911 | 12 Comments

I Vont Yu Beef Curtains

To a different audience I address these words. From my memory. Its not for those with stardust on their nose, or Harry Potter in their thank tank fields.Vampiring has plagued our ancestors for millions of years, and there are no antidotes or vaccines. "If you run, watch out. Don't fall prey to the setting sun." The year 1216. A small village came under attack, leaving victims who...

Added 31 Aug 2016 | Category Humor | Votes 12 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,559 | 16 Comments

The Story About George - Chapter Two - Caterwauling

As in life, there are many ups and downs. George's bedroom was upstairs and down the hall was the guest room to where Pamela was staying. That’s where you’ll find him now. It was only thirty minutes ago that G (George) had shaved Pamela' monkey. Unfortunately, the razor was dull and her twat now appeared as if were the Brazilian rain forest with mange. George, I know you were trying to...

Added 20 Mar 2016 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 5,494 | 17 Comments

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