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Occupation based sex stories, are those where the job of the main character or characters, is the attraction. Stories of naughty nurses, hot firefighters, fit personal trainers, lustful lawyers, dirty doctors, probing pilots, handy massage therapists, mile high club loving flight attendants and estate agents who leave you in a real state, belong in here.


Who Knew Real Estate Was This Fun

I was only doing a favor for some friends. Who knew the real estate agent would object?

Sharla and Sam lived just a few blocks from me. They were good friends, as far as friends go. Then Sam got a job in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I hated to see Sam move, because I had spent many a day sitting on Sam and Sharla’s patio, which had a pool that overlooked the 17th fairway of a local golf course. Sharla messaged me and said that she was going to ask a friend she knew in the real...Read On


Hooked At The Company Halloween-Themed Costume Party

I can't believe I did this...

“You should go as a sexy nurse,” one of my co-workers told me. “Yeah, and get fired,” I replied. We were chatting about our company Halloween-themed costume party. I had worked at Moore Construction for about a year- a small company of about 100 employees; mostly hormone-driven guys who wanted nothing more than to take a company secretary home. Sammy was my co-heart in crime and she...Read On


The Sonogram

The best examination I've ever had.

It was my annual Renal sonogram to check for abnormalities in my kidneys.  There was a family history of kidney cancer, so this was a simple and non-invasive way to check.  I had been going to the same office for several years and had the same older German lady every time.  She was short on looks and chit-chat, but was always congenial and did a thorough job. This year when I got the order...Read On


Car Problems With Kelly

Kelly was stunned to find out she'd fucked the service writer when she was a teenager.

It was early October of 1992. Kelly and I had moved to a new locale just a few weeks earlier. That left us without our usual mechanic. When Kelly’s Mustang started acting up, she decided to take it to a Ford dealer. The problem was specific to higher speed and certain circumstances. Kelly really wanted the service writer to ride with her so she could demonstrate the actual problem...Read On


Tutoring Has Its Rewards

Tanner needed tutoring, but his mother needed it more.

I knocked on the door to Tanner’s house. We were supposed to meet up for a tutoring session. Tanner was a senior in one of my American history classes and I begrudgingly agreed to provide him some tutoring at his house, after school, provided, of course, his parents agreed. “My mother says it’s OK,” Tanner had told me only hours before. So, as I stood there, having knocked on the door twice,...Read On


Trading Up

An enterprising girl finds success despite the odds.

If you didn't live in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria or several other Russian satellite states in the 1980s, you have no idea what it was like. Food was scarce, constant surveillance, state-run TV offered one or two channels, and a ten-year wait for a car if you could afford it. Few of us could afford even a TV let alone a car. If you wanted something to work, you fixed it yourself or it...Read On


The Ride-Sharing Driver With Kelly

Kelly was on fire and the driver used his hose to quench her.

It’s September of 2019. Kelly and I took a vacation last week to visit her brother. We had a nice time with them. Part of the reason we traveled quite a way to visit them was that a favorite band from our youth was playing at their local casino Friday night. I’m not a fan of staying in folks' homes, so we had a hotel room for the week. The band was of no interest to brother and...Read On


National Guard Training, Part II

My Driver's Best Friend Tagged Along to Experience A Weekend Field Training Exercise

Life in the National Guard was always exciting and fun. As an officer and a Company Commander, I had my very own driver assigned to me. Weekend drills were mundane, consisting mostly of inspections and classes in the Armory. I usually secluded myself in my office, signing paperwork and reviewing plans for planning future training activities and just goofing off in general. Every now and...Read On


National Guard Training

The perks of leadership...

I am a company commander in my National Guard unit. My full-time job is heading up an architectural design company, but once a month, I get to serve my community and nation by serving in the Guard. For the most part, it is a mundane chore, where once a month we meet at the Armory and conduct a troop inspection and then we all attend classes and try to not fall asleep as we learn the art...Read On


A Great Tenant

Ray was an intriguing tenant. I still can't believe this really happened.

My name is Stephanie. I’m forty years old, single and I have a ten-year-old brat. He’s a good kid, but sometimes he does things that just drive me crazy. One day not too long ago, I took Kevin into the office with me, as he was out of school for a day because he was not feeling well. I had him sit in the large clubhouse area of our apartment leasing office while I tended to my works chores....Read On

The Naughty Massage

Summer was coming to a closing and Shanice and her friends were having a wild summer.  Shanice's sister had shared an interesting thing that happened to her.  A friend of a friend told her about this guy named Pierre who was a masseuse.  He had a great reputation and was a magician with his hands. He wasn’t just the most fabulous masseuse; he was a dirty masseuse.  He had sexual...Read On


Night Trawling: The Asian Massage

Night Trawling: An exploration of the hidden underworld of nameless sex

Sex needn’t be hard to find. Whether it’s the satisfying release from a quick fuck or an entire night of hot and dripping sex if you have the balls to make it happen the city's streets offer a myriad of possibilities. And this 'Night Trawling' series is all about the secretive pursuit of the ultimate in casual sex, the 'zipless fuck'.  These stories concern the pure, animalistic need...Read On


Pretend Porno Producer

It was a self dare, fun and then the real fun began.

I always wanted to play the part of an adult movie producer, but I never had the guts to try anything of the sort in real life, until recently. I had rented an office in a small office park to sell my services as I an insurance sales representative. I was slow to hang out my shingle identifying myself and that’s when I decided to try something different, just to see how far I might be able...Read On


Fun on the Road

Series: The Adventures of Will and Ann

I want to play

As Will pulled into the parking lot of the warehouse he began muttering under his breath, “Damn, there are two ahead of me to unload. They must have gotten here at the butt crack of dawn.” Ann laughed and told him, “We just took too long in the shower this morning. You just had to have your morning shower sex.” “Me?” he asked innocently. “It wasn’t my fault. You are the one who kept...Read On


The Perks of Moving

Never thought moving would have such a fun perk.

Jerry and I finally sold our house and bought another all in the same week. We chose an older property with the purpose of reducing it to a shell of bare walls and floors and rebuilding it to our design. I had it all worked out in my head. I know, dangerous — but still fun. I knew exactly what I wanted and that included a designer kitchen and bathroom. What I needed was a contractor to...Read On

Recommended Read

Found Footage

When her father asks Eva to catalogue some rare books, she finds more than dusty old volumes.

When it all came out, betrayed by Vicky's signature scent, I thought Kate would see it from my side. Or at least try to. After all, she knew what her younger sister was like, how the little minx would tease with her come-to-bed glances, her endless innuendos, the short skirts she would wear whenever she knew we were coming to visit her Mom's house — not to forget those low-cut tops, her...Read On


Delivering the Goods

An homage to the delivery guy trope.

Linc was the new guy at Summit Delivery, a small trucking service in a sparsely-populated area. Some places were hard to find and it was easy to get lost or stuck on the narrow winding roads through the mountains. When you made the delivery, if a customer needed some help, giving it was part of the “extra mile” that was lettered on his uniform. The national delivery companies would...Read On


The Seven Eleven Hookup

We both were at work, it was risky and it was a lot of fun!

I pulled into the 7-Eleven and headed for the cooler. It was a typical hot summer afternoon, with temperatures near one hundred. I grabbed a bottle of water, then thought, A cold beer sure looks nice . I still had an hour or two left of work, but I decided, What the heck?   I am self-employed and who’s going to care, right? I paid for a six-pack, even though I knew I was only going to...Read On


Using the Handyman Pt. 2

Em ties up the handyman

“I know- even though we were in an open relationship he dumped me. Apparently, it wasn’t as sexy as he thought. I thought seducing the building manager was pretty fucking hot- he didn’t seem to agree. It sucks that I still care about him,” Em was glad to be able to confide in Vinny. They had only become closer in the last year since they slept together. Although it had only been a...Read On


Hotel Rendezvous

Do these panties belong to you

Arleen had been working as a maid for The Seaside Hotel for over ten years, and in that time she thought that she had seen everything until she walked into his room. He had stayed at the hotel several times and she generally was the one to clean his room. That morning when Arleen went into his room to clean, she noticed that he had left his laptop on. As Arleen took out the dirty towels...Read On


Using the Handyman

Could Em be a Dom?

Even though Em had lived on her own for about a year, she still knew nothing about plumbing and house repair. Her shower wasn’t working and although she had called her landlord almost a week ago, it was still broken. He had promised to send his son, the building manager, by Friday but it was now Tuesday.   Em had resorted to showering at friends' and her boyfriend’s place. But this morning...Read On


Race Day Quickie

Wanna fuck?

After dropping his passengers off at what he referred to as the ‘Paparazzi Entrance’ Eric drove the stretch limo around to the designated parking area to await the time to pick them back up. His passengers were not really famous but were rich and well known in the horse racing circuit. Parking the car, Eric settled down to wait, which he knew would be at least three hours, sometimes a...Read On


Our New Maid

Fiona discovers the extra benefits to the job.

  Julie and I had just finished getting settled in our new five bedrooms, six bathroom home on two wooded acres. It’s in an exclusive gated community. The twenty homes each have their own wooded cul-de-sac. The trees and landscape gave us complete privacy. Looking out the double French doors in the kitchen, the garden had a walking path with a pond in the center and steps from the stone...Read On


Shower Attendant

Scott had a strange, yet interesting job. Not something you see on a CV.

I’m just going to come right out with it – I have a strange job. A very strange job. It’s the kind of job where you hesitate when someone asks you what you do for a living. Then you start to stutter while trying to come out with the right words; then you backtrack and make out that you’re something you’re not, just to get out of a sticky situation. I’m a shower attendant. I know what...Read On


Extracurricular Exercise

Asian teacher turns a boy into a man.

Greg stifled a yawn as his GP lesson dragged into the second hour in a row. It had been a long day in school, and the J1 student was rapidly finding GP to be his worst subject. Not only did he find the topics discussed relatively dry, but it came right after their canteen break after which he never failed to feel drowsy. In fact, the only reason he even bothered to keep his eyes open during...Read On


It Was Christmas Eve In The Grotto

Santa's elves give him a surprise Christmas present...

It was getting late on Christmas Eve and the store was getting ready to close. Nineteen-year-old Lucy had enjoyed her few weeks as one of Santa's elves, dressed in the skimpy short red dress and those awful green stockings. She never wore underwear and wondered how many of the adult customers had caught a glimpse of her bare butt or shaved pussy as she bent so many times to help the kids...Read On


Staff Privileges

  I went to the station and asked, “I’m here to see Jake Leonard?”   The nurse looked me up and down and smiled, her round black face entrancing me, and she said, “Come with me. He’ll be glad to see someone .” I followed her, watching her plump middle-aged body filling her white dress too tightly, and she caught me watching as she glanced over her shoulder. We stopped outside a door,...Read On


Pin-up in Training

A mechanic's student learns after-hours

Her flame-red hair was in a pony-tail and stuck out through the back opening of the ball cap she wore. It wagged as she moved, like the tail on a happy dog, brushing the tops of her shoulders. I watched as she bent over the fender of the 1963 Impala in an attempt to loosen the distributor, her slender body stretched out as she reached into the engine bay. Wonder what she looks like...Read On


Help in the Library

The housekeeper gets help in the library

What a stormy winter's day it was, the cold wind blowing relentlessly and the rain not abating one bit. On the bright side, she had noticed how handsome the friendly techno repairman looked with the water running down his face. That smile he always glanced at her made her think there might be some spark there. Maybe she was imagining it, perhaps the only sparks that day would be the...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 15, Miss Fancy: Attorney at Law

Chad Dupree needs a lawyer for his cousin...

As I walked into my high school and college friend’s law office, I sighed deeply. I never did anything close to illegal in my life. My cousin and I had one mishap. I had a hookup. That hook-up happened to be… “Chad Dupree. Tell me you didn’t…” “No, Miss Fancy, you know me better.” “Well, if you think about it…” Fancy said, pondering. “I’m here for my cousin, okay? I'm going to keep it...Read On

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