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Share your tales of living dangerously outside of the bedroom. Thrill us with the arousing risk of getting caught in a compromising situation, and the unadulterated excitement of adventurous outdoor sex. Whether your characters are huddled up under blankets in a tent, into dogging, or bent over backwards on the bonnet of a car, let your readers immerse themselves so they can almost feel the grass between their toes, the sun on their backs, the wind in their bush ...


Ride Of Their Lives

The guys' motorcycle trip started with a bang.

Bill and Larry had been roommates and best friends throughout college.  One thing that they both loved was riding motorcycles.  They’d started out with small dirt bikes but eventually worked their way up to cruising bikes. Every weekend during their senior year they’d go for weekend rides up and down the West coast. But then they graduated, found jobs and the weekend rides turned into...Read On


Kelly Chapter 13

Kelly on the Rocks

In the fall of the previous year, Kelly had admitted to a “camping” fantasy. Basically, it was pitching a tent and screwing all day long, possibly overnight. We had taken my tent to a BLM area and proceeded to “camp”. This chapter happened the following Spring. It had been an exceedingly wet and rainy time in our high desert, 4,500 feet above sea level, community. We had started out with...Read On


Big-Breasted MILF Caught Dogging by Husband - Part 2

Husband catches his beautiful wife cheating with multiple men on many occasions while dogging.

In part one of this story, I described how my name is Craig, and my wife, Faye, and I were forty-one years old and had just moved to Gulfport, Mississippi from Baltimore, for my consulting job at the Naval Construction Battalion Center. Faye is an RN and got a job in a hospital here, but our daughter had just graduated from high school and stayed in Maryland to attend college. Faye is...Read On


Big-Breasted MILF Caught Dogging by Husband - Part 1

Husband catches his beautiful wife cheating with multiple men while dogging.

My name is Craig, and I was forty-one years old at the time the main events in this story occurred. My wife, Faye, who is my age, and I had recently moved to Gulfport, Mississippi from Baltimore. I was transferred there by my company to work as a consultant at the Naval Construction Battalion Center, and Faye, who is a Registered Nurse, found a good job in the hospital here. We met and...Read On


Kelly Chapter 12


I had "hired" Kelly to help catalog some of my online purchases. Most are inexpensive collectibles that I planned to sell on eBay to raise revenue for my main online business. With all of the eBay and PayPal fees and lack of communication, I could barely break even financially with them. I still needed help cataloging the myriad of items. Kelly was a housewife so she had time. She's also...Read On


Beach sunset

A trip to the beach turns out to be more fun when being watched.

Remember the day we went to the beach to watch the sunset. It was a lovely, warm, summer evening, and there were lots of people sitting on the sand, drinking sundowners and watching the sun sink out over the cool South Atlantic Ocean. We walked, hand in hand, along the edge of the breaking waves, now and again dabbling our feet in the cool water as it washed over the sand. We slowly ambled...Read On


Camp Bathhouse: Chapter Four

A young man's world is turned upside down by voyeuristic acts, all while camping with his family.

She stood there in the water, just floating. She would periodically lower herself down so the water would rise up above her lips and up to her nose, leaving just her hazel eyes exposed.  “Aren’t you hot?” Reese asked me. “Hot?” I returned. “Yes sir, aren’t you hot sitting there in the sun?” “Um yeah- it’s pretty warm out here…” She paused for a moment and looked at me. Then she looked...Read On


The Park Bench

1st meeting sex in the park, and getting caught

I stood on the bridge, looking over the water, fighting the growing erection from anticipating her arrival, as well as the fantasies which had taken over my imagination the moment we agreed to meet. My senses were heightened. The cool, damp air felt like the perspiration from a lover’s breasts against my cheeks as she lay spent atop of me. My breath, fogging in the early morning, made me...Read On


Margie's Dirty Mission, Vacation time

Margie is taken at the beach

For days she had gotten home before Fred and the boys and, donning long stored away lingerie, had stripped and packaged herself for display in front of her phone. She trembled and became soaking wet upon placing herself in vulnerable and erotic stances, showing off her ready body to any bad boy who would be available for play. Click…..stockinged and sporting a green garter belt she...Read On


Walk in the Rain

The breeze coming through the window and the smell of the rain from the night before intoxicates me.

The breeze coming through the window and the smell of the rain from the night before intoxicates me. The memory of us making love while the raindrops hit our bodies fills me with desire for you again. I close my eyes and transport myself back to when we were walking hand in hand alone on the trail.  You stop abruptly look at me and lean me against a tree as you lean in you start kissing...Read On


Camp Bathhouse: Chapter Three

A young man's world is turned upside down by voyeuristic acts, all while camping with his family.

Ben and Amelie started to collect themselves and reassemble their clothes on their now naked bodies. There was an awkward silence in the air. So awkward you could almost hear it. At the moment I didn’t know what to think. Should I feel bad about the fact that my brother may have just ruined his whole life with the urge of one simple boner? Or should I just laugh about it? I was torn. Either...Read On


A Drive In The Park

A winter drive through a park turns fun.

During my college years, I had a few coeds with whom I had a Friend's with Benefits relationship.  One of those friends was Tracy.  Tracy had come from a farming community and had watched many of her livestock mating as she grew up.  As a result, she had a very practical view of sex as a natural, enjoyable action with no emotional strings needed.  Because of this, she was rather adventurous...Read On


The Adventures of a Bunny Slut 4. Outdoor Games

Thought I’d jump ahead a little and share my day. I spent the night in Sir’s basement like I sometimes do. Sometimes he keeps me in a cage he purchased specifically for that very purpose.  Other times he attaches a chain to an ankle cuff so that I have some freedom of movement. It’s enough for me to sleep comfortably  - he put a mattress, some blankets, and a pillow against one wall - and...Read On


The Drive

It was a beautiful day and I had asked you if you wanted to go out for a drive through the countryside for a bit. You readily agreed and started to get ready. As you reached for your purse I told you that you should change into something more comfortable for the drive. A short skirt and loose blouse would do just fine. Oh, and panties wouldn’t be needed. You disappeared into the bedroom and...Read On


In The Beginning – Chapter 11

Series: The Beginning

If you go down to the woods today...

Tina “No show, pal,” said Luke The stranger stopped and blocked what little path there was, Luke stopped, pulling me to a stop too. Luke then turned to about forty-five degrees and looked behind again. That is when I heard footsteps and the dog from earlier started to sniff around our feet. Luke crouched and stroked the dog under the chin; then I noticed him leaning over the top of...Read On


Meeting Connie Pt 2

Connie takes Tony further than he'd dared hope

Sunday morning was here. And the world was bright and sunlit. Connie Summers was there, in her little car, as promised. Yesterday she had taken my virginity, before offering more. My self-confidence was still not very high. Trying to control my excitement, I pulled open the passenger door. Leaning inside, there was that bright sunshine smile. “Glad you came,” Connie said, and her...Read On



When a storm is coming, he acts like he’s out of his mind.

“It’s coming! Hurry up, fuck, hurry the fuck up!” He is yelling at me, pushing heavy curtains that cover the glass wall of the living room to the sides, howling like a wild dog. A giant storm is coming, the sky has turned black and the lights above the kitchen desk are flickering. The air smells of rain and electricity, and it makes me shiver. He makes me shiver, too. It’s wakened up in...Read On


A Little Fun In The Rain

Fuck me silly and make me cum

As Jack stood there, leaning against his race car watching the sky, he was quietly sending up prayers that the rain would hold off until the event was over but the way his luck was running he had very little hope it would not rain. This was the first event of the season and he had really been looking forward to it and seeing how his car handled the track with all the work he had put in on...Read On


Someone Might See

One reason why sex in a public place is so exciting

The Savill Garden is gorgeous on this warm spring afternoon, the first really hot day of the year. I’m leaning over the footbridge that crosses the upper end of the Obelisk Pond, looking at the water flowing gently past, while Justin stands behind me with his arms clasped around my tummy, his cheek against mine. It feels nice, and I don’t mind when he starts to kiss my neck, nuzzling into...Read On


The Rose Garden

He had gone on plenty of first dates before but this was different.

He noticed his hand shaking as he locked the door behind him, and was surprised at how nervous he felt. He had gone on plenty of first dates before but this was different. —— He had met Em on Whisper. He posted about his favorite bar. She replied to challenge him, but soon they were sexting. And not too long after that, they were spilling their sexual fantasies. When she asked about his...Read On


Beach quickie

Charlie & Nat have a very pleasant stroll along the beach...

The sun was going down as they walked along the sand, watching the waves breaking and the surf running up the deserted beach, covering their bare feet. It had been a hot day and Nat only had on a short skirt and strappy top over her knickers, perfect for an evening stroll along the deserted Cornish beach. Nat stopped to watch the sun sink lower, turning the sky red. "It's beautiful" she...Read On


Down and Dirty

Wild cats in heat

Brittany and Jason were making their first spring trip to the cabin and were looking forward to the peace and quiet, not to mention the ability to run naked inside and out and be as loud as they wanted when they had sex. One of the things they knew that had to be done before any fun and pleasure was mow the three-acre lot. Arriving early Saturday morning, they took their stuff into the cabin...Read On


A Walk in the Rain

A couple celebrate their thirtieth anniversary.

  It was eight in the morning on an overcast day in late March. Chloe came downstairs, a denim jacket draped over her arm and flower print dress. She looked just as beautiful as the first day I met her, thirty years ago today. Her long brown tresses bounced with each step, as she came toward me. I noticed the first three buttons were left undone, and I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra....Read On


Bad Girl - Chapter 5

Several of the men that had been watching the male sub struggling had left when the pipe started getting moved around. Even Gerry had started to walk away, but Pam just stood there watching, so after the sub got off the pipe, he turned around and went back. The man then looked over at Pam and Gerry. "Wanna try it, little missy? If it's ok with your Master there, of course." Gerry looked at...Read On


In Awe After Beach Visit

Rub lotion on my front...

I am still in awe, after all these months, of what I had seen… We decided to head to the unofficial nude beach on the Texas coast, but when we got there we found that it was unreachable without a four-wheel drive. So, we headed west along the road and found a quiet spot on the beach about three miles east of a small fishing town midway to Galveston. Shortly after setting up our area, a...Read On


Sails, Sand and Sex

I want to learn to sail and I return the favor...

My name is Pam, I am seventeen. On my school holidays I wanted to learn how to sail, so joined a sailing club. Being a female with no experience in sailing did not endear me to most of the guys who were keen sailors. It was considered a sport for guys only. A very few girls did sail but were normally girlfriends of the skippers.   I was breaking new ground as girls were only considered...Read On


Sex in the rain

Rainbow grabbed her bag and stormed off, she had had enough of her fiancé’s stupid accusations. At first, it was cute but now it was just annoying. Abdul, her fiancé, was always teasing her claiming he knew she was one day going to leave him for her good friend, Jamil. He always played it off as a joke but deep down she knew he was serious. Jamil was just a close friend, they had met and...Read On


Engagement Present: Jolene

After the success with Danny, Greg takes Jolene to the mountains for a trip.

I stood waiting at the bottom of the track, nervously looking down the road and at my watch. From where I stood it would only take an hour to get to the campsite and Danny was meant to be dropping Jolene off at this point. I looked around at the trees thinking about my ideas for Jolene in the mountains. I had already gone against the grain, in not planning anything specific for Jolene and I...Read On

Editor's Pick

March Moon

The sky stretched around them in a sheet of black midnight, the dim light from the half moon casting dull shadows that stretched longer as the hours passed. Rhia had been monitoring the hours by watching a cactus a few feet away, the night time shadow lengthening as time dragged. The crunch of the gravel behind her, and then the sound of one last, long inhale told her that Dean had finished...Read On


Happy Trails to You

Not Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

A couple of weeks after June's epiphany, I stopped by her place to see how she was doing.  In the back of my mind, I had a feeling that her sexual adventures would not cease, but be toned down.  When I stopped by her house, she seemed very calm and relaxed.  She had on an NCIS sweatshirt and shorts.  We made small talk and I tried to dig deeper into her thoughts. I asked June, "Would you...Read On

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