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Flash & Micro Stories


The Bedroom

Carolann decides it's time for her to lose her virginity with unforseen consequences...

Carolann and Greg were high school sweethearts who’d experienced everything except the ultimate—both were still virgins. Today was to be a study afternoon while her parents were golfing. Carolann had decided today would be “the” day. “Greg, I’m ready. I want you today. Let’s go make love.” In a flash they were naked in bed. Greg was rubbing his cock up and down her soaked slit as both...Read On

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Love Through Pain

Ben loves and obeys his dominant wife

Emma and Ben enjoyed the walk to the beautiful poppy field where they lay on the ground naked, Emma on top of Ben. Ben carefully fingered Emma to her orgasm before she whispered sternly, “Punishment time. On all fours, naughty hubby.” Ben replied submissively, “Yes please, Mistress,” Emma stood looking around at the beautiful red poppy’s holding the switch Ben had obediently prepared on...Read On

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Super Bloom

More than the poppies bloom.

Scarlet blossoms bloomed as the heat flared. The morning June Gloom in Southern California hung heavy in the skies until midday, and then the sun cut through the clouds. The damp grass brushed against her bare legs, and warmth spread across her nude back. Below her, Mack clenched his jaw and thrust upward. His cock hit all the right spots. Delicious. She whispered, daring him to take...Read On


Splishy Splashy Spa Day

When traveling, know the culture and a little of the local language...

“So. Damn. Erotic.” “And affectionate,” she added, cooing through the sensual pinches and tingles of pleasure. “You sure?” he asked as the flute-fingering touches expertly played his submerged testes and erection. “With all these people?” “We’re strangers,” she replied, further enticing him with a naughty newlywed glint. “Watching us will get them off.” But as they reached for each...Read On

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Battle hymn

In the end, only love matters

“…. evacuate immediately. Citizens...” Tom switched off the radio. He wanted to scream. He wanted to break something. Instead he went upstairs and kissed her. Angela murmured sweetly, opening her eyes as if she knew. She held him tightly as he carried her. Angela’s lips were as red as the poppies. Far off, a siren moaned. In the living field, in a dying world, in those last...Read On


The Visitor

sometimes good intentions are not enough

As the old woman hung clothes on the line, they flapped in the wind.  She shifted her eyes to peer way up the mountain to  where the eagles fly.  She could see movement slowly descending. When the boy arrived, she greeted him, took his heavy coat and gave him some tea.  He was handsome and had smooth olive skin. She made a motion to undress him further. He started to back away but stopped...Read On

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Ends with a bang. Literally.

Friends we professed. Cultivated without sound as each was devoted to another. Turfed emotions. We strolled to the field blanketed with blooms of recollection. Secluded. Buddies hobbying together. Hours spent harvesting. Reaping. Narrating our collaborated tale. Keying hammers into ribbon, impressing letters onto pages. Back and forth the machine was passed.  Sudden breeze sailed through...Read On



Hot after-party offering considered

So sensuous that high bosom. Party-goers gone, panties gone, lifted skirt reveals pink moist readiness. Offering unknown pleasures. Cross the line? Marie’s honest, constant face shaded this lusty female fondling my readiness. “Long and hard. Just right.” Her whisper husky with sex. Her kiss so hungry. But Marie’s loving smile. Here lay promising soaked cleft. Too much drink lowered...Read On


The Magic Bedroom

Lucinda and Francesca share a night in the magic bedroom where anything is possible...

Picture this, a magical cottage located in a sun-blessed idyllic corner of the English countryside. Everything was fresh and green, dawn was met with a golden glow, here wildlife thrived and you could experience a genuine affinity with nature. Cocooned blissfully in this bucolic paradise, Lucinda and Francesca, inside the master bedroom of the cottage, lay on the Ivory silk bedding of...Read On

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Surfer girl

Nature inspires the author

Surfer Girl If you are homeless, there are worst places to sleep than in a field of orange poppies. Returning after my daily shower at the beach, I like to imagine being greeted by a sweet surfer girl. She wears an orange dress, pulled down to her waist. She says," I want to ride you like a wave."  She throws me down and hops on my stiff dick. I cum real fast.  I  open my eyes.  I know...Read On



Restraints, clamps, the tease of a razor-sharp edge.

The memories in her head had texture. A honey-drop flame releasing wax in rivulets of smoothly chaotic trails, unique and vivid. She fed them to her starved mind. Restraints, clamps, the tease of a razor-sharp edge. Recollections of orgasms she’d only ever experienced in the hands of such a skilled lover. A world of balance where pain she never thought could be erotic was seared...Read On

Comp Entry

Cherry Blossom And You

Husband spies on his wife and her lover.

The cackled caw of swooping rooks buzzed my senses, as I spied on them in the poppy field. Its sweet almost cherry blossom scent danced on the summer breeze. In the end, a whispered word, an acknowledged nod, and the vulgar raising of her yellow summer dress was all it took. Her mouth falling silently open as he entered her. There was no love, no affection, I didn’t want there to be. ...Read On

Comp Entry

The Blood Red Drops

A ring on the hand holding your dress as he thrust into you. Moans, sighs and whimpers fill the air. A typewriter, books and a camera, his bait to lure you in. Knowing what he feels, my tight pussy around his cock, my warm breasts so close he can smell my lotion. The wetness and firmness of youth. So forbidden, another man's wife's sex holding him tight. My horny eyes begging for more,...Read On


Breast Erection

Carol returns for a repeat performance.

Carol, our Hollywood sex symbol look-alike, came into the office asking to see Tom on a matter of great importance. “I know how important your time is,” said Rick, “I’ll get him right away for you.” Rick buzzed Tom’s office while giving Carol the once over, smiling at the large breasted arousal enticing woman with curves in all the right places. Her blouse showed off huge amounts of...Read On

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Deep among the poppies, I seek my inspiration. Sunshine effuses opium, ideas dart like swallows. Typewriter loaded, often idle - writer's block, I tell my husband Tom. He says the lockdown has derailed me, and he's right. Cutting through the flowers, he comes: muscular, purposeful. Married. Not called Tom. Heart beating, dropping to my knees. Nylon snapping, the firm thrust, heat...Read On

Comp Entry

Just A Dream

It doesn't always go as planned

Abigail drove Ben's old Ford until she came upon the sign marking the field of poppies. She hopped out and grabbed his old typewriter and headed up the path to their spot where they became husband and wife. She was wearing her red dress that he loved so much. She smiled as she saw him lying there waiting. She straddled him and sighed as their bodies became one moving in sweet harmony...Read On


Camera Roll

I found filthy pictures of another woman on the motherfucker’s phone. The little whore wore fishnets, nipple clamps and a choker that said SLUT. Appropriate. She ogled the camera like a cat in heat, fingers deep in her pussy, tongue lolling out of her mouth. She looked like a fucking whore. I dressed up in her fishnets and clamps and choker, and posed for her camera. I left a picture of...Read On


Waiting For Daddy

Candy Willis was a submissive wife.  Her master/husband cared for her in every regard.  He expected her to give him sex when he demanded it.  He wanted their house clean and his children cared for. When he was away from the house, she was expected to do her chores and take care of the children.  He wanted a homemade dinner and expected her to look her best when he came home.  She would...Read On

Comp Entry

My First BBC

Taken in the poppy field

It was getting late in the poppy season, but everyone always had stories about a late night fling in the poppy field. I showed up in a sexy lace backless sundress with no panties on.  I'm getting laid tonight. As I bent over to pick a beautiful poppy, a large hand slapped my slightly exposed cheeks. I heard him spit on his cock, before ramming it inside.  Good God! He's huge! His thick...Read On

Comp Entry


First love is never forgotten.

It was my escape.  I'd go there to think, to write, to dream.  He worked for the farmer next door.  One day he wandered over and it became a habit.  We'd sit and talk for hours.  Romance bloomed and after weeks of heavy petting, we finally gave in.  Our passion burned hot as the red dress hugging my curves.  I sank down, my wetness enveloping his shaft.  His fingers tangled in my hair,...Read On


Greeting the duke

His dick ached to spray her G-spot with his cum.

There was nothing in the living room but a couch and a flat screen playing a nuru massage video. And the two paramours, buck naked, undulating on the cushions. She straddled him, then rode on his cock. Rock hard, he struggled to control his thrusts, as her tits bounced. Her clit grazed his dark bush. His palms caressed her round behind. She howled in ecstasy. His dick ached to spray...Read On

Comp Entry

Poppy Field Fireworks

Two teenage girls left the party and went to the poppy field!

I was at her home. Friends were playing Sing the Lyrics. We were both 16. I wrote on a piece of paper, “Can I kiss you?” Jessica nodded yes. We left to our hangout spot in the poppy field. the sun was setting as I kissed her for the first time and saw the fireworks with fragrance of poppy blooms. I never saw Jessica again as we went to different colleges, but the flame kept on burning in...Read On

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Surrender, Dorothy

The meadow's sweet seclusion tempted them once too often.

Like Dorothy and her friends, they had strayed from the path onto a bed of the brightly coloured flowers. But it was no mistake. Though gripped by a strange urge to lie down, it wasn't sleep that called them. Instead, they shed their clothes and drank of the heady perfume of desire. The heat between them had beckoned for days. Beads of sweat bedewed their bodies and mingled as they...Read On

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Blossoms flicker and dance. They are fire in the wind. Petals shimmer in the light, an undulating field of pure sunset, midday. Searing, savage eyes hunt my desires. The stain of thought as ink on paper conjured him. The strain of my passion holds him. His skin burns like brimstone, yet I need more. My wish is his wish. Today, I am to be commanded, to be his whore. We cannot be...Read On

Comp Entry

Sorority Session

My sorority sister employed my photography skills

Austin. Home of the Texas Longhorns and some of the hottest women around, including my sorority sister Emma.  “Jasmine, let’s go to the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown today. I’d love for you to take my senior pictures." “Sounds great! My camera and high-resolution lens are in the car.” Emma met me at my car wearing a light yellow sundress, and a pair of heels.  She wears a breakup like...Read On


Playing With Ice

I stand quietly watching him. Smiling as a devilish thought comes to mind, I grab an ice cube from his drink and kneel in front of him. Looking at him, a devious smile on my face, I place the ice on his tip. His erection grows immense, pleasing me. Ice cube in hand, I begin with deliberate strokes. Watching and hearing him groan, assures me of his pleasure. I use my hot breath to tease...Read On

Comp Entry

Poppies Make The Perfect Backdrop

I pulled her down onto the ground in the expansive field of poppies. This would be a perfect backdrop. I asked her to take her top off. She complied, seductively, as I began to snap. The beautiful orange poppies contrasted perfectly with her pale skin. This is the shot we were looking for. Without warning, she slid her shorts and panties off and spread her legs. Her lips were...Read On


Lola On A Crowded Bus

Lola has fun with a stranger on a bus going home.

He was looking at me. I could see him in the corner of my eyes when I glanced in his direction. I was holding a pole with both hands by the rear door of this crowded bus. He was holding the same pole, his big hand an inch above mine. His feet were spread apart to keep balance. My feet in my white flats were close together, to not take up too much room. Someone passed behind him. He...Read On



Our bodies perfuming and warming the near dark of your room with our afterglow. We were watching a movie we'd seen countless times, the one where an old flame promises that they'll always have Paris. We were already making love before the end. The screen is still on wallpaper now. I move to close it and watch you. Bathed in a hue of pixel rainbows. It made me think of sprawling...Read On

Comp Entry


“There’s no debate, woman. Sit quiet, lean back, and let me untangle them curls.” “Are you mocking my locks?” Three gilded rings sway in fragrant patchouli when she shifts. Forcing his middle finger down the warm bareness between her shell-adorned, reddish-brown tresses he answers, “Locks? No. This is a jungle. Your last gift was?” “Three months, I haven’t…” He stops her mid-excuse, “I...Read On

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