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Quickie Sex

Quickie sex, quickies or "having a quickie", all refer to a brief or spontaneous episode of sexual activity, with the couple finishing it in a very short amount of time. A quickie does not require full copulation, it may be limited to oral sex or mutual masturbation. Generally a couple will skip foreplay as the urgency of the situation dictates a speedy finish. Quickie sex stories are also referred to as short sex stories, where the plot is normally quite scant, and the characters are thrust into the action almost from the word go.


This Is Why I Go To Bars, Part 1

This happens all the time when I play, but this time, I thought I just wanted a quiet drink...

From the moment I sat down in this small bar, I’ve been watching you two together on your corner bar stools. You appear bored, needing something. Watching for almost an hour from my booth, I see you have nursed your red wine, your dark hair perfect, breasts high and firm, nipples showing through the fabric of your light sweater. Your back is straight as you occasionally survey the small...Read On


Step inside my office...

The rhythmic tapping of your designer heels telegraphs your arrival into the office. I hear your cheerful  "good afternoon," exchanges with each person you pass all fantasizing about you, no doubt. Male, female....makes no difference. So close to my office now, that the tapping is accompanied by the swish of your skirt against your nylon stockings. I feel my cock beginning to strain against...Read On


Front and Back Against the Wall

Butterflies. I know what they are - because of him. The fluttering persists in my lower tummy. My head swoons. I feel my face flush, with my imagination running wild already. I keep rereading his text, Driving through town. Have 30 minutes. WANT YOU. Nervously, I smooth my shoulder-length hair, and dab on some lip gloss. He prefers me fuss-free, with simply-styled hair and a lightly...Read On


38 Floors

A couple takes a chance in an elevator. Little did they know what would happen when the door opened.

I took his hand and bumped him playfully with my shoulder, smiling up like an idiot. He smiled back down - a half-cocked, indulgent smirk that told me he thought I was cute. I straightened and lengthened my high-heeled stride, trying to act a little more adult. All around us, vacationers, business travelers, and hotel staff bustled through the lobby - adults going about their adult...Read On



He had found you at your lowest ebb and awoken something deep within...

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. The words dance through your mind as you return to the vicarage to the help with the post service coffees and teas. Your mind racing in a million directions as you take a deep breath and tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear, re-joining the conversation with the regulars as if you had been there all the time. Offering hot beverages and freshly...Read On


Don't Tease

Teasing me whilst I'm at the gym seemed like such a good idea

I'm at the gym working out and my phone vibrates, breaking the song I'm listening to. I check it and see a picture of you in that dress curled up on our sofa. I was definitely admiring a few very fit girls  but looking at your picture I know that I'd much, much, much prefer to be fucking you than any of them. Steadily I finish my workout, my heart pounding, definitely feeling...Read On


Her Need For Him

She needed to feel him within her that night.

I had slipped into bed about one in the morning. She was already there curled up on her side of the bed the way she always sleeps. Coming in that time of the morning I always just slip into bed and try not to wake her. She is very understanding of my job and the long days I keep, so I try to be as good to her as I can when I come home odd hours. I slipped under the covers and just closed...Read On

Recommended Read

Tit For Tattle

She needs to find a way to silence the Super's son, who caught her toking on the roof.

Melissa checked the hallway before exiting her apartment. She stepped lightly as she walked down the hall, trying not to attract attention. When she reached the stairwell, she carefully and quietly opened the door. After one last peek behind to make sure nobody had noticed her entering, she started up the stairs. After a long day at the office, she desperately needed to unwind. That’s where...Read On


Hope Is In The Lounge Part 1

Hope can suck a cock!

Talk about a gorgeous fall night on the Gulf Coast that quickly turned erotic! She was dancing in front of the bandstand to almost every song. A very attractive face with a slender body and a nice rack that had a lot of single guys drooling. I found myself watching and wondering if she was staying at the inn or just in with friends for the music and dancing. As a good three-piece band,...Read On


Beth and the Breakfast Tacos

Beth was the neighbor every guy wished for.

Beth was the very lovely wife of Dave, one of our neighbors who lived down the street from my wife and me. Beth was stunningly attractive with her long brown hair, dark green eyes and effervescent smile. She had a thin build and could have easily been a model, had she desired to pursue such a profession. Instead, she opted to remain a stay-at-home mother to three kids. Beth was thirty-five...Read On


The Mexican Vacation Resort Hostess

A true story of unbelievable proportions.

We decided to drive to Mazatlán on the western coast of Mexico. It was a long trip, but one that was worth the long drive across Texas, and then the northern parts of Mexico. The Hotel Riu, which overlooked the Pacific, was a luxurious destination spot, one we had found by pure accident on the internet. While the rooms were air-conditioned, the hotel lobby and corridors were not, which I...Read On


The Shopping Trip

How Sarah meets Jolene.

Sarah poured herself a cup of coffee and sighed, looking at the time. It was just past 9:00 a.m. and Don wasn't due back until 7 tonight. He had already been gone two days. She had tried keeping busy with work, but with having today off she feared the day would go incredibly slow. Stirring the sugar into her mug, she silently wished she had something to do to pass the time quicker. Startled,...Read On


Daydreams to Reality

A hectic week at university is over and done with so I thought I’d travel to Nathan’s house. A long-time friend of mine.  We’d been meaning to have a catch-up but we had both been so busy for the last couple of months. We’d finally found a weekend where we’re both free and decided to have a sleepover. I pull up to his house and stare out my window. I bite my lip and sigh. If only he knew...Read On


A special booth

Jeremy makes reservations for dinner at a special restaurant

It was almost impossible to get a reservation for one of the three special booths at the restaurant. There was at least a six-month waitlist for weekdays, and over a year for a weekend. What was so special about these booths, you ask? First, they had one waiter dedicated just to them, plus one assistant. Second, they only had one seating per night for each booth, and third, they were...Read On

Change Happens

Most people don't like change, in fact most of us don't like it at all

I knew what she was thinking. "She is a slut or a prostitute," that was what most people thought about me when they first look at me. I was used to it, after all, built the way I was and the way I dressed. I was practically asking for it.  I waved over at the woman as I passed her by the Oranges in the produce section. My heels clicked and clacked on the tile floor, and I smiled at the...Read On


Morning At The Beach

A loving partner can't till she gets home.

I'm waiting for you outside yoga. You left me asleep in your bed but I was only drifting. As I watched you wriggle into your yoga pants through lidded eyes, that beautiful ass dancing before me I knew I couldn't wait til when you got back. I'd tried stopping you going to yoga once before and that didn't end well. You were in a bit of a mood for the rest of the day even if I did make it up...Read On


Tara Lynn, the Apartment Leasing Agent

I went in to pay my rent, hadn't intended to renew our lease , but our leasing agent made a deal

“Do you want to check out my apartment?” she asked. I was floored. She knew I was married and still, she was offering me an opportunity of a lifetime. “You know that I am married,” I shot back. “Yes,” she replied. “All the better. I know you don’t mess around.” Her name was Tara Lynn. She was the new effervescent, bubbly, and very sexy apartment leasing agent in the office at the...Read On


My beautiful wife

My wife and I have some fun after the pool

My wife is amazing. Sometimes I forget just how amazing until I see her standing there in her bikini. We have just put our son down for a nap after being out by the pool and she looked extra sexy right now.  Her long messy blonde hair and her small little bikini teased me as she went about her business. She had an amazing ass and a small waist. Most of the time just looking at her made...Read On


Steamed Windows

Banter turns into more than flirting after a drive

A long day at Uni has ended with me checking myself out in my mirror, getting ready for a drive with Jacob - my best friend of five years.  Red booty shorts and a black vest top. My go to outfit for relaxing. Shows my arse and legs off. Broad hips. Narrow waist and small tits. Not much, but a handful. Things had been getting a bit heated between us. Side eye glances, steamy playlists and...Read On


Getting Pizza Delivered With Kelly

Luckily for the driver, our pizza showed up way too early.

It was March of 2005. Kelly and I were forty-five years old. Kelly and I had decided to go see The Blue Man Group in Chicago. The weather was surprisingly nice on that Saturday. We stayed in a beautiful suite at a hotel near the theater. And, loving Giordano’s pizza, had ordered delivery from them to eat for dinner before the show. Their stuffed pizza takes forever to bake and delivery must...Read On


Carl, Road Trip 2

Carl fucks Clara.

After we had unloaded farmer Paul’s lumber, he invited us in for lunch.  Clara made cream of chicken noodle soup and ham sandwiches. It was a terrific meal. Paul and Clara are in their forties I would guess. They seemed to get on well together.  When we were done, I helped Clara clear the dishes. In the kitchen, out of sight of the dining room, Clara grabbed my crotch. She gave my cock...Read On


Annie in Atlanta

Annie calls a cab, asks driver to masturbate for her, things progress from there

Annie Bradford, a highly respected College Dean from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was visiting some colleagues at Emory University in Atlanta, in hope of enticing one of them to accept a position at her university. Annie was a very young forty and divorced with no children. Her husband had left her for a younger woman four years before and, heartbroken, she'd thrown herself into her work. We...Read On


Thick: Devin's Room

This is a story of a girl from the eyes of her nameless not-so-secret admirer.

This is a story about a girl I liked back in the day who didn't realize the power of her curves. This is the story of Devin's Room. When I first saw Devin, looking at her from a distance, there was something about her. It was sophomore year in high school. I could not explain it. I was mystified. She had long, black, Pocahontas-like hair. She had pretty light brown skin, and a slender...Read On


Buying A House With Kelly

Kelly drains the nuts of our real estate agent.

It was August of 1992. Kelly and I were moving. I had taken a new job that was a few hours and a couple of states away. It was a big raise which made the move worth the effort. Nonetheless, it was hard to leave “home”. Kelly had her own job situation to deal with so as a result, I moved six months before Kelly was able to join me. It actually worked out okay as it gave us plenty of time...Read On


Overcoming a Fear of Heights

Angelica overcomes her fear of heights by finding something else to focus on

Angelica and I were both in Atlanta for our jobs, and when I found out she was there I asked her if she wanted to join me for drinks that evening. Angelica and I had unexpectedly hooked up a few weeks ago at her place and I hadn’t see her since then, so I thought it’d be great to get together. That day at her house was incredibly hot, so I wanted to see her again for sure. We went for...Read On

Recommended Read


An anthology of five separate shorts, connected by pride.

Princess My mind is a fucking slugfest. Muhamed Ali versus George Foreman. The Rumble in the Jungle . I sit in my car, pensive. Two massive personalities square off inside my indecisive head. Punch after punch controlling my every thought. In one corner, Peter the jock. Twenty-two year old, six foot, blonde hair, blue eyed, former all-American football phenom. In the opposing...Read On


Thick: The Legend of Sharmell's Pussy

They say Sharmell Brown is a seductress. Here's why.

After I met Sharmell Brown, I figured there had to be more to her than that. So, I asked her… “Was the T.A. one of your firsts? I’m sorry, I’m getting really curious here,” I said to her. “Oh, God, no.” I looked at her in mild amusement in her response. After all, she did seduce him. “It was an old boyfriend from my sophomore year in high school. He was older than me. I was sixteen He...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 17: Enchanting, Part 1

Chad Dupree tells an enchanting story...

Our enchanting tale starts in a cool and drizzly October night. It was homecoming week in my senior year. I had a special part in that particular homecoming weekend. There I was. It was a Friday night. In Texas, it was a holiday. We had new life. Our team had a new coach. That year, we were “the little team that could.” They went from nothing to something. Eventually, halftime came. At...Read On


Teen and MILF Have Quickie Sex at Work

A teen boy who works with his voluptuous MILF neighbor has quickie sex with her at work.

My name is Jimmy, and I had just turned sixteen years old at the time the events in this story occurred. I live with my parents, Dale and Betty, and younger sister, Melanie, in the town of Huntington, West Virginia, which is on the western side of the state, right next to Kentucky. My father is an auto mechanic, and my mother works in her hair salon in our modest home, in a...Read On


Room Service

I walk in on a cute guest and try to make sure their stay is as pleasurable as I can make it.

I was working as a hotel maid during the summer to get some money together for uni. It was menial stuff, but it did pay quite well. On Tuesdays, I was a waitress in the café in the mornings, before going around cleaning rooms after breakfast when people started going out for the day. The hotel was posh, and I had to dress up in a proper French maid’s uniform. One Tuesday, I went up to a...Read On

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