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Conference Strangers

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When a young lady meets a handsome and charismatic man, and decides to take a chance.

I have had a good weekend and learned a lot listening to those in the Virtual Assistant workforce. I want a few drinks. I decide to make a conscious effort to look damn good. I am slightly tan because it is summer, which makes my skin look like the sun kissed it.  I chose to keep my eye make-up pretty and neutral to accentuate my hazel eyes, I love the way caramel tones bring out the sparkle in my eyes. Choosing a deep red lipstick that makes me feel bold when I put it on and shows off my full lips. I love getting dressed up, showing off my long legs, and looking sexy. I slide on my Navy-blue summer dress and pull my dark shoulder length hair into a sleek high ponytail. Slipping on my heels, I walk down to the bar.

Entering the bar, I grab one of the empty seats at the head of the bar. The bartender is handsome. As he walks toward me he flashes a smile, and when he reaches the end of the bar asks, “What would you like to drink Miss?”

“I would like a Herradura Silver and if you do not have that then Don Julio Silver, please.”

“We have the Don Julio,” The bartender replies as he pours my drink and sets in on the bar.

“That is fine, thank you.”

I enjoy people watching and tend to get lost in thought as I do. One couple at the end of the bar who seem to be enjoying their time together. She is all smiles, body turned toward him, and touching his hand. He is leaning toward her, engaged in what she is saying, and his hand on the small of his back. As I sip my drink and watch, the couple get closer and as he leans in to kiss her, a man’s voice interrupts my thoughts.

“Excuse me is this seat taken?”

I feel my body tense slightly, as I look up, I am met with a warm smile and striking blue eyes. The man is handsome, and he is wearing a nice crisp white dress shirt, a dark blue blazer, and jeans. I catch myself staring. He seems to be awaiting my answer instead of just sitting like some men I know would.

“Um, no, no it is not.” I must sound like a stammering fool.

“May I then?” He asks gesturing toward the seat where my purse is.

“Yes, please, let me move that,” I say softly, moving my purse.

The bartender seems occupied by the couple at the end of the bar because I cannot hear them, it seems he is explaining drinks to them, since both the man and women have pointed at the list several times.

“That’s why I am easy,” I say to the man. Then feel my face flush with warmth as I realize how that must sound.

“Oh, are you now?” he replies with a deep laugh.

“Oh God, I don’t drink complicated drinks, so ordering is easy.”

“I am easy as well.” He laughs in what feels like an attempt to make me feel comfortable.

“I find most men are,” I say as I take another sip of my drink.

“I am not like most men.”

His tone and the way he is dressed makes me believe him. I feel my stomach tighten thinking about his statement. I mean a statement like that is loaded with confidence and makes me want to know more.

I see the bartender give the couple their order, he reaches our end of the bar and asks my new acquaintance for his drink order.

“Don Julio 1942 and another drink for the young lady,” he replies in no uncertain terms.

“Oh, that isn’t necessary, I don’t usually allow strangers to buy me a drink when I can pay for my own drink,” I protest softly.

“Well, then my name is Steve, so now we are no longer strangers, plus, I would not be a gentleman if I left your glass empty.” “What is your name, or I can continue to call you young lady?” He asks with a big smile.

My mind goes blank for a moment, it has been a while since a man has filtered with me.

“Young lady it is.” I hear him say with a chuckle.

“Oh, um, sorry, my name is Tiffany, like the blue box, I’ll have what the gentleman is having.” I tilt my class to the bartender.

“You weren’t kidding you are easy. Oh, and Tiffany’s is a beautiful place to enter,” he says without adding anything else after his statement.

Looking at Steve, I feel my face get warm and know my cheeks are a bit pink, but I don’t add anything other than a smile. As I sit silent for a few moments waiting for my drink, I go to reach for my purse and end up with my hand on top of his instead. He doesn’t move it other than wiggle his long fingers against mine. My face getting warmer as he does. As I turn to apologize, I feel his jeans rub against my knee and the friction sends a spark right between my legs. Staring at his profile I see his jaw flex and I bite my lip because a strong jawline is such a turn on for me. The thoughts that are now running through my mind have me distracted until I hear his voice and feel his fingers lightly touch my knee.

“Someone is certainly deep in thought.”

“Yes, um, just thinking about the seminars this weekend,” I say trying to gather myself as I move my hand.

“Those must have been pretty exciting seminars.”

“What, why, would you say that?” I ask softly.

I see his eyes go from my face and slowly scan down my chest and stop, I look down and my skin is as pink as my cheeks feel. The way his eyes wash over me and his fingers barely touch my knee have me twisting in my seat. It is like he is sending a slow electrical current through my body igniting each part of me making me tingle.

“No, I was at the Virtual Assistant Seminar and they were interesting but nothing that stimulated me.” I squirm in my seat and I see a wicked side grin from Steve.  

“I may need an assistant not sure if virtual would work, but I do enjoy finding what makes a woman tick when it comes to working as an assistant in business.”

“What is your business?

“While seeing your eyes glaze over with excitement would be fun, not sure talking about my work would do so.”

“Well, if your work is not stimulating, why would I want to work for you?” I ask with a small giggle.

“Oh, I am sure I can find some stimulating work that will keep you pinned to the desk for hours.”

The way Steve says it, I feel my skin become filled with goosebumps, and my stomach tightens more, and I twist in the seat. Again, I see him smile and his jaw flex each time I twist in the seat.

“I am not sure you could handle working for me, I can be a demanding boss but also fair. I need a motivated, educated, and very thorough assistant. Someone who can follow orders without asking a lot of questions, can handle being piled upon with loads of work, is available for overtime, and can anticipate what needs to be done without me even asking.”

As I sit and listen as he describes what he is looking for in an assistant, I know those are all things I can handle doing. I wonder to myself, if I applied would I have all the qualifications, and could I afford to move to the Bay Area?

“Oh, and someone not easily distracted.” I hear Steve’s voice again and his hand glide over mine.

“So, sorry I was wondering about some stimulating work that will keep me pinned to the desk for hours. The distraction is a little bit your fault.” I laugh.

“Oh, is it now young lady?” Steve asks firmly.

“Of course, it is your fault, I mean making me curious about the stimulating work you would have me do.”

“I have no doubt you would be stimulated for hours.”

“Well, someone is a very confident businessman,” I say smiling.

“Oh, you have noooo idea,”  Steve replies with confidence and a touch of sarcasm.

“Are you or your company looking to hire a virtual assistant?” I ask nervously.

“Not sure if virtual would be possible I enjoy having a hands-on assistant.”

“If I am a hands-on assistant who will have me pinned to my desk for hours with stimulating work, may I ask a few questions, please?” I ask, ready to fire off some questions.

“You may ask a few,” as he nods his head to begin.

“Is it your own business?”

“In a way.”

“Do you cater to people?”

“It does but I cater to no one.”

“Is it a big business?”


“Does it involve numbers?”

“Yes, as do most businesses.”

“Does it involve technology?”

“In different forms, yes it does.”

“Does it involve a lot of computer work?”


“Stop, now guess.”

“What? I don’t have enough information, um, your company builds technology and involves a form of stimulating data entry.”

“Yes, stimulating data entry is offered.” He replies with a laugh.

“Well, then I am very intrigued I have never had the pleasure of stimulating data entry and using my skills the rest of the day, sounds like my type of job.”

“Just what special skills do you have, young lady, that you feel qualify you to work under me?”

“I am a quick learner, motivated, and educated. I can follow orders without asking a lot of questions and I can handle a big load.” I reply and then realize how the last statement sounds.

 “I am sure I could figure out my position or you could tell me what would be expected.”

“I have high standards and expectations for those who work for me.”

Staring into Steve’s eyes trying to concentrate on what he is saying, as he talks about some work he is doing with his business and with every word, all I can seem to envision is him having me in as many different positions as he wants.

“Well, again the first thing you would have to learn young lady is focus.”

“I, I am very focused.” I stammer feeling my entire face turn red.

“What am I working on right now?”

“A big sale of some kind.” I hold my breath hoping I heard anything he said.

“Hah, no, and that lack of discipline would have to be addressed and handled personally by me.” Steve doesn’t look away and I cannot either.

Crossing my legs and squeezing tight trying to keep the wetness I feel between my legs from going any further. Taking one more sip of my drink and the warmth that slides down my throat just adding to the growing desire inside me. I feel as if my body language is showing every ounce of sexual nervousness as I sit with him.

“Like I said earlier I may need an assistant, I just never thought of hiring a virtual assistant; however, it sounds like a good idea and worth knowing more about if you would like to talk more in my room.”

“Is this some way to lure women to your room?” I ask softly with a glint of humor.

“I have no need to lure women to my room. If you would like to join me, great. If not, here is my business card and I would be interested in finding out more about your line of work and possibly see if we could work together.”         

Taking Steve’s business card and holding it as I hear the devil and angel argue in my head.

 “Be bold girl, take a chance, have fun, maybe get laid, enjoy yourself.”

“Are you crazy? You would leave with a stranger? Don’t be a tramp.”

Watching as he pays the bartender, I feel my pulse racing as he is getting ready to leave and I may be passing up one hell of an opportunity. He turns to me, extends his hand to me, and awaits my return shake.

“I would love to join you and talk more.” I stand without shaking his hand and grab my purse.

“After you.” Steve, ushers me forward without touching me as we walk to the elevator. As we stand and wait, I rock a little on my heels nervously, and I hear him breathe softly as the door dings and opens. He holds it as a few women get off and smile at him and then I step on. I stand in the corner as I see him press the button for the floor with Suites.

“You don’t have to stand so far back I don’t bite without consent, and I’ll keep my hands where you can see them at all times.” He smiles over his shoulder and chuckles a little. I feel myself move forward at his statement, “I don’t bite without consent.” Rings in my ears and I can feel my body become warmer.

As I move closer to Steve, I can feel as his eyes look me over from head to toe. The Navy-blue summer dress, I chose hugs my curves, and makes my sun-kissed skin look darker. I see him stop on my long legs and the four and a half inch nude heels that accentuate their length, and he does not hold back an admiring grin as he sees me visibly press my legs together.

“I am in the Suite at the end of the hall,”  Steve tells me, just as the elevator bell dings, as he ushers me forward.

As I walk ahead of Steve, I am so glad I wore the black fishnet thigh highs with the sexy bows on the seams, so he has, even more to admire as I walk slowly in front of him. I reach the end of the hall and stop in front of the door to his suite as he walks up behind me, and, I feel his breath near my ear.

“Excuse me, young lady.” His hand slightly brushes along my back as I step slightly over so he can unlock and open the door.

As I hear the door beep and the little light turn green, his hand slightly grazes my back again, “Ladies first.”

Walking through the door my eyes adjust as the light comes on I see his suite is huge. I see on the right a room with a beautiful large bed, adjoining bathroom, then on the left a small kitchen/bar area, and I let out an audible gasp when I see the large living room that has a beautiful view of the San Francisco skyline. Standing in the middle of the room with my mouth agape. I feel Steve behind me and neither of us are speaking. I just cannot get over the view.

“Beautiful view,” he whispers right into my ear.

I flip around, “Uh, yes, yes, it is.”

“Would you like a drink?” Steve asks.

“Just some water please.”

You pour the water, hand it to me, I set my purse on the table, and stand in front of the window and take in the full view. As you stand next to me again there is silence but for some reason it does not feel awkward.

“I am amazed by this view,” I say again gazing out the window.

“It is pretty amazing,” Steve replies.

As I turn toward him he’s staring right at me and I feel my pulse quicken. Taking a drink of water as I feel the warmth on my face moving down my chest and through my body. I play with the rim of the glass as my pulse races. I watch as Steve slides his jacket off and lays it over the big armchair as he makes his way to the couch and sits down.

“Should we discuss what you could do for me as a virtual assistant?”

As I walk toward the chair where his jacket is, he never takes his eyes off mine. I would think I would be uncomfortable, but I am not. I sit in the chair and not on the couch, so I am not rude, and I can keep eye contact as we talk. As I explain briefly that as a virtual assistant I can work from home or anywhere, the more we talk the more comfortable I feel in his presence.

“I just really enjoy being able to lead my own life, be flexible with work, and help those I work for and with,” I say with a huge smile.

“I am sure you are amazing at your job you have quite a passion for it. It sounds like you enjoy working with people, you do seem highly organized, and super motivated to help those you do work for and with.”

“Would you like another drink, Tiffany?”

“Yes, just more water please.”

Sitting and watching as Steve gets the drinks my mind wanders from very sensual thoughts about him. Is he a good kisser? Would he even kiss me? Is he tender and caring? Does he enjoy long foreplay? I also have some naughty thoughts? Would he be rough? Would he ravish me, pull my hair, push me against the wall, and whisper all he wants to do to me?

I feel my whole body begin to tingle inside, my pulse racing even more than before, and between my legs has become slick, which has me crossing my legs. I close my eyes and take a slow deep breath trying not to moan with all the thoughts in my mind.

“Penny for your thoughts,” I hear whispered softly near my ear.

“Jesus, holy crap,” I yell as I turn, and his face is right in front of me.

My breathing is slightly labored from being startled from my very erotic thoughts.  Looking at him, his breathing is steady. I reach for the water he's holding, and my hands are slightly shaking, he steadies my hands and hands me the glass. As I drink slowly, he sits on the coffee table, sipping his drink, and keeping eye contact with me until I swallow the last of my water.

Steve sets his drink down, then takes my glass from my hand, and lean forward into me. Feeling my pulse racing, a whooshing in my ears, I turn in the chair, stand up, and hold the side of the chair to steady myself. I can feel every inch of my body tingle, it has been far too long since I’ve been touched, or I felt desired. My mind reels at the implications this would have if I did get a job working for Steve. I can feel the rise and fall of my chest as I overthink this, as he stays seated on the coffee table, once again sipping his drink, and watching as I nervously twist my hair in my index finger.

He sets his drink down, takes a step forward, as I step back. Each time he steps forward I step back, until I feel the desk behind me, and my knees buckle, as I sit on the corner of the desk. Steve stands a few feet from me, not moving any closer.

“Are you scared of me?” he asks.

“What? No, just nervous.”

“Of me?” he asks, stepping forward.

“Not entirely.” I slide a little on the desk.

“What makes you nervous young lady?” Steve takes another step forward.

“Is doing this required to get a job?” I ask as I look down and slide a little further to the edge of the desk. I see his feet stop moving and hear him take a deep breath.

“This has no bearing on if I hire you or not. I hire people on their qualifications. You can leave if so choose.” He replies and takes a step back.

My head is spinning on whether to stay or go. I stand, nervously rock back and forth on my heels, I feel myself lose my balance, and begin to tumble forward, just before I am about to land on the floor, I feel Steve’s firm grip around my waist, as he helps me stand, I gasp softly, and look down embarrassed. Feeling his finger under my chin, tilting it up, as I look into his eyes I feel my whole body ignite.

“I ask you then, pretty, young lady, would you like to stay or go?”

I stand still, take in a slow deep breath, my body begins to tingle more, and with that, I know my answer.

“Steve, I would very much like to stay.” I smile and lick my lips.

A strand of hair falls into my face, you twirl it around your finger, and then tuck it behind my ear. Leaning into me, I feel your breath across my lips, and I pull my head back slightly.

“Wait, please, it has been a while since I have been with anyone and I am very nervous,” I whisper while looking into his eyes.

I feel Steve's fingers loosen around my waist and he slides his hands off my waist, I instantly regret my words. Watching as he backs up and leans against the chair with his hands in front. He stares at me not speaking. I back up and lean my ass against the desk. It feels like an eternity in silence. I watch as he breathes steady and I do not see anger or disappointment, which to me is so reassuring. Finally, Steve breaks the silence.

“Tiffany, please know I am happy you decided to stay.”

“I feel a but coming,” I reply as I ring my fingers.

“There’s no but. I feel your nervousness, we can go at your pace, I have no need to rush anything, and of course we can stop anytime you say the word.”

Nodding my head, yes, but neither of us moves toward one another.

“Tiffany, I am going to need you to tell me you understand please, a nod is not an answer for me.”

His tone is low and firm, but not without feeling. I see he will not move any further from that chair until I answer him. I now know he really meant what he said in the elevator about not biting without consent.

“Yes, Steve, I understand we can go at my pace and we can stop anytime I say the word.”

"Wait what do you mean like some kind of safe word?” I ask with a soft giggle.

“Yes, there should never be confusion between people as far as when someone wants to go no further, and it should be a word you won’t forget”

“This is the first it’s ever been brought up to me by a man in this context,” I reply, while I think about the word.

“Well, maybe they were not men or just did not want things to be clear for you both. I don’t know, but for me again clarity is key, so a word please.”

“Purple, because it’s an easy word for me to remember and not one of my favorite colors.” I smooth the skirt of my dress.

“Purple it is then young lady,” he says with a sly grin as you stand.

I stay half seated on the desk, as you walk toward me, and each step closer to me makes my heart pound a little faster and now I can feel the wetness between my legs. Steve stops in front of me, I see you look down at my feet together, and without him asking, I move them apart.  With my feet apart, I separate my knees, and the hem of my dress glides up slightly, giving him room between my knees. He looks into my eyes while his hands glide up the outside of my thighs. I feel him stop on my waist, grip it firmly, and slide my body closer to his. Our faces so close, he inhales softly, and his lips graze mine.

“You smell amazing young lady.” With each word, his lips meet mine.

“Please, Steve!” I say with a small stutter.

“Please, what, Tiffany? What is it you want?”

“Jesus, fucking, kiss me already!!” I exclaim asking for what I want.

One hand slides along my cheek, past my ear, he glides his fingers into my hair, gripping a small handful tightly, as he brings my face toward him and kisses me deeply. My lips part, as my breath catches, I feel him slide his tongue over my lips, and into my mouth. A moan escapes my throat, as I slide my tongue into his mouth, our tongues now intertwine, as we press into one another, I feel the bulge in the front of his jeans pressing against me, and I wiggle against it. Sliding my hands up the front of your shirt, I reach for the top button, undo it, then the second, I keep going until I get to last one, and as I undo the last one, I pull back from our kiss and smile as I glide my hands up his chest, and push his shirt from his shoulders.

Steve takes a small step back as he lets the shirt fall from his shoulders. As I watch it fall, I lick my lips, his body within reach, I outstretch my hand toward his belt, he pushes my hand down and places it on his pressing bulge, and I can feel his pulsing cock. I feel his lips on my neck, kissing it softly, he glides his tongue up my neck and stops at my ear.

Feeling his breath on my ear, Steve whispers softly, “Open your legs.”

I feel the warmth of excitement course through me, not because of his your words, but because of how they were said. I open my legs slowly, as he steps between them, the feel of his jeans as they brush against my nylons and flesh makes me look down at my hand pressed against the front of his jeans, and I feel his cock twitch. Gliding my hand up to his belt, he stops me again, and slides it back in place.

“In due time young lady, in due time.”

My inner voice is screaming, “FUCK ME!!” I feel my ears buzzing, my body is so on edge, and I feel I may come any minute.

Feeling as his hands slide under the hem of my skirt, rubbing his palms slowly over my sheer thigh highs, stopping at the top of them, he traces the lace trim with his index finger, slowly tracing to my outer thighs, stopping for a moment, and staring into my eyes. Steve doesn’t speak, just leans in, taking a deep breath, and smiles.

Sliding his hands further up my hips, he feels the lace of my thong, using his thumbs, I feel him trace the outer curve of the thong, following the silk trim along the top where it arches in a small heart shape, and he settles his thumbs there teasing my soft skin.

“Your skin feels so good under my thumbs,” Steve tells me as he presses against my hand.

Feeling the slow slide of his thumbs down the middle of my thong and each touch sends small ripples throughout my body. Taking his time, pressing his thumbs firmly over my mound, he feels me squirm, arching myself into his thumbs. As he reaches the middle he feels how wet I am, rubbing one thumb up and down along the slick outer line, and then he presses, pushing his thumb and my thong between my soaked folds. Pushing his thumb in and out of me, making me bite my lip with each push and pull. My head falls back, using my hips to meet his rhythm, but each new direction of his thumb makes me gasp, moving faster, going deeper, and pushing harder into me.

Using such precision, he fucks me with just his thumb, making me grab the edge of the desk with my free hand, and I writhe under the control of his thumb. Feeling his free hand reach behind my neck, he grabs a handful of my hair, pulling my head up, until our eyes meet. My mouth is open as I pant, whimper, and mumble something over and over.

“What is it young lady, speak up,” Steve says firmly.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum, nnnnow!” I stutter and feel a wave about to rush through me.

My words seem to spur him on, as he slides his thumb out of me, sliding my thong slightly to the side, and I feel his finger find my clit. He begins rubbing in circles, at first very slow, then a little faster then slides his thumb up and down the middle of my slick slit. The more he presses on my clit the harder I breathe. The way he plays with my clit sending shockwaves through me, I feel my inner thighs tremble, and my stomach tightens, I let out a moan, his grip in my hair tightens, and he pushes two fingers deep into my soaked pussy with ease. It feels like a damn burst through me, releasing a flood of nectar onto his fingers. Keeping up a steady rhythm in and out of me, I feel my own juices pool inside my thong, and as he slides fingers in and out, I hear just how wet I am. He leans in and kisses me with a deep lust, as he twists his fingers inside me. I moan into his mouth. The feeling of him sliding his fingers out slowly makes me tighten my inner walls just to feel him there a minute more. He breaks our kiss, twists his fingers against my wall, pulls them out. My eyes go wide as he licks one finger, then holds the other to my lips, rubbing some on my lips. I lick my lips tasting myself, and he slides his fingers into my mouth.

“I bet you can clean my fingers spotless, can’t you, young lady.” The look you give me is that of confidence and not cockiness.

Sucking his fingers slowly into my mouth, twirling my tongue around each one, and tasting myself on his fingers is quite intoxicating. Wrapping my hand around Steve's wrist and using it as a guide while sliding his fingers in and out of my mouth. Moaning against his fingers, feeling as the tips press against my throat making me gag slightly, pulling back for a breath. As I breathe, I feel him pull his fingers from my mouth and I see the only wetness left on them is from my tongue.

“You are a very good girl, Tiffany, and I bet you have even more impressive oral skills.” The wicked smile becomes bigger.

Watching Steve smile, I feel him slide both hands up my thighs, sliding his thumbs into the sides of my thong, slowly pulling them down. When he reaches my ass I lift up, he slides them down over my thighs, stopping by my knees. I hear him take a deep breath again, and finally slide them all the way off and stand up.

“You are quite graceful with your fingers,” I say with a very big grin.

“Oh, this is just the start of the evening,” Steve says as he smells my thong.

“I would certainly hope so, I mean, it would be a shame to end with just my pleasure.” I slide my skirt up and as I reach my thighs he stops my hands.

“I would very much enjoy seeing you undress before me, seeing you expose that no doubt beautiful body would be a pleasure to feast my eyes on,” Steve says in a subtle tone as he walks backward to the chair where his jacket is.

Watching him walk toward the chair, I feel nervous, but a good nervous. He turns the chair around before sitting take a sip of his drink. Sliding off the table, I dance to the center of the room even though there is no music. I find a rhythm in my mind, begin to twist my hips, turning in a slow circle, stopping with my back to him, swaying my hips back and forth, reaching behind, sliding my zipper down slowly, exposing the light blue of my bra. I look over my shoulder, wink, and slide my hair to the side. Using my index finger, I slide the dress off my left shoulder, giving him a wink and a little shoulder roll, moving my finger to the right side, exposing that shoulder too, with wink and smile. Bending forward enough to let the top fall forward, moving my hands to each side of my dress, shimming it down my waist, over my bare ass, and as it lands at my feet, I wiggle my tight bare ass at him.

Bending completely at my waist, looking at him from between my legs, I have a wicked grin. I bring my body up slowly, undulating as I do, so he can watch every curve move with me, as I stand up, I unclasp my bra from the back, sliding both sides off at the same time, I turn my body slightly toward him and he sees the side of my boob as I toss my bra to him.

“You may as well have both.” I say sarcastically as he catches it. The look on his face grows as he catches it. I cannot quite tell if it’s lust or something else.

“You can believe I will enjoy these and so much more tonight Tiffany.” I hear him say in the lowest voice, but still, so he knows I hear what he's saying.

I spin on my heels to face Steve. My hands covering my breasts, keeping one part of me still covered, swaying my body back and forth, gliding my hands over my breasts, I give a small sneak peek of my erect nipples. Dancing my hands up my breasts, to my neck, through my hair, swinging my hips from side to side, and I feel so sexy putting on a show for him. I trace my hands down the same path they went up, twirling my nipples between my fingers, pulling them, letting them go, and flicking each one with my tongue. Raking my nails over my stomach, leaving a pink trail on my skin, teasing my own flesh below my belly button, makes me close my eyes for a moment, cascading my palm over my mound, I press into it rubbing in circles. I can feel the slickness between my legs building again.

“Mmmm, open your legs wider please, show me how you touch yourself, young lady.”

Feeling vulnerable, nervous, and excited, I lock eyes with him, opening my legs wider, so his eyes can feast on every touch, stroke, and drop of wetness between my legs.

“Like this Steve, is this wide enough for you?” still rubbing my mound as I ask.

“That is perfect, and you follow directions so well, I enjoy that in a woman.”

“It won’t take much for me to cum as I already feel a new wave ready to wash over me.”

“What a sight that will be,” Steve says as he rubs the front of his bulging jeans.

Putting my fingers into a V shape, I slide them between my legs, feeling how slick my lips are. I begin using my V-shaped fingers, rubbing up and down my labia, pressing them together, using semi-firm pressure, as I slide up slowly, and slide back down with a quicker motion, squeezing them together, and feeling as my nectar pools inside me. Opening my lips, with two fingers, he can see the glistening, using the other hand, I dip one finger inside twisting and coating it, then spreading it like lube all over my pussy, and just for fun along my nipples. Using the two fingers, rubbing up and down, the middle of my pussy, pressing firmly as I do, and moaning over and over.

“Yes, yes, fuck, yes!”

I look at Steve rub his cock through his jeans. Licking my lips, wanting him to take it out, but not asking. Instead, I use four fingers, rubbing them in circles over my clit and vagina, soaking my fingers with each circle, then going the opposite direction. I feel my knees begin to shake. The harder I press and the faster I rub in circles the more my knees get weak, I can’t take it. I squat down, slam my two middle fingers deep inside, penetrating my pussy faster and faster, feeling drops of sweat between my breasts, my moans sound like a cross between a whimper and small squeals. I close my eyes as I feel a rush charging through me.

“Oh, God, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, oh FFFFFUUUUCK!!” Letting out a low scream and flooding my fingers and hand.

My eyes still closed, as I try to catch my breath, I feel a breeze over me, and hear something land in front of me, and as I open my eyes, Steve is standing by the chair, his cock in hand. As I look down there’s a pillow near my knees. Sliding my fingers out of my pussy, I look up and smile, and his words keep the fire inside still burning.

“You are quite a good girl. Now please get on your knees and show me those oral skills you possess.”

Staring up at Steve, with his hand wrapped around his shaft, I smile, move to the pillow, and kneel on it. Reaching up with my sticky hand, coating it with my nectar, gliding my tongue around the tip of his cock, stroking my hand up and down his shaft, enjoying the feel as it throbs against my palm. Circling the bulbous head, seeing the glistening pre-cum about to drip off his tip, I stick out my tongue, catching it, swallowing a taste of him, and now I want more.

Gliding my tongue down the middle of his shaft, when I reach the base of his cock, I stroke it slowly, holding it up, so I can reach his balls, sliding my tongue over them, right before sucking them into my mouth. My tongue envelops the bottom of his full sac, as I suck on one, then the other, moaning onto them. My lips vibrate against his sensitive balls, sucking, licking, and releasing them with a smack of my lips. Hearing his breathing change as I release them, is music to my ears, as I begin to glide my tongue back up his base, the middle of his shaft. As I reach the shiny head, he wraps his hands in my hair, pulling it into a ponytail in his fist, with a firm pulls on it. My eyes meet his, and my mouth drops open.

“Suck that cock, young lady!!” You growl at me. Sending an electric current through my body and striking my very core.

His cock practically resting on my lips, I lick them, wrapping them around the head of his cock, keeping my eyes open, my tongue pushed out just slightly. Bobbing back and forth on his head, I tasting my own cum on you, while bringing him into my mouth halfway, and then back to sucking only the tip. Steve rocks his hips back and forth and holds the ponytail tighter.

“MMMMHHMMM!!” I moan as I enjoy his cock.

Holding my hand around his shaft, as I pull him into my mouth, savoring it inch by inch, stopping halfway, taking a breath, sliding my tongue out just enough to take him deeper, feeling his tip hit the back of my throat. I gag a little, pull my mouth back to the top, and breathe a second.

“Fuck, you’re quite a little cocksucker, aren’t you? You like being a little cocksucker don’t you, young lady.”

“Yes, yes, I am a little cocksucker,” I pant in response.

Sliding my mouth down again, taking him a little deeper, and counting in my head each time, wanting to hold longer, counting to ten in my head, gagging, drooling, coughing, and then pulling back for a breath. Stroking his cock, spitting on the tip, stroking up and down faster and faster, watching his cock as it slides in and out of my hand. Taking him back in my mouth, bobbing up and down on his slick cock, I feel his hand now beginning to guide my head with his hips rocking back and forth into my mouth. Feeling him guide my head further and further down on his cock, his tip hits the back of my throat, I gag and squirm slightly.

“Such a good cocksucker, breathe through your nose, you’re so good.” Steve's voice is calm and encouraging.

Taking a deep breath through my nose, I can breathe for a moment. His hand is guiding my head up. Keeping my lips tight, and tongue flat along his cock, as I reach the head, circling it with my tongue, he pushes head halfway down and holds my head still. He begins slowly pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. With each push, he holds longer. As I swallow, trying to relax my throat, I feel him dripping more and more down my throat. Running my nails along his balls, feeling them twitch, he quickens his thrusts in and out of my drooling mouth, making me gag more. My eyes water and I whimper against his cock.

“That’s it, take it like a good little cocksucker, you’re such a good cock slut.” He moans.

I cup his balls, as he fucks my mouth with his thick, throbbing cock. I massage them, pulling ever so slightly, feeling them tighten. He tells me he is going to cum any time. He grips my ponytail tightly in his hand, holding my head in place, rhythm slowing, pushing my head down onto his cock, seeing how much deeper I can take it. And just when I gag, he releases a long stream of cum down my throat. Trying to swallow as much of his salty stream as I can, I begin to sputter and squirm, he pulls my head back slightly.

“Swallow it young lady, then open that sexy, slutty mouth of yours.”

Feeling my mascara running down my face, saliva, and cum down my chin, his cock in my mouth, I look up, seeing him smiling at me, and he caresses my cheek. Swallowing the rest of what was in my mouth, I moan softly, sliding my lips up his shaft, circling his head, and then opening my mouth to him.

“Such a good girl who follows direction well. Stick out your tongue for me.”

“Yes, Steve!”

Doing as he asks, I stick my tongue out. My eyes fix on his hand wrapped around his cock, watching as he strokes it, seeing another stream of cum shoot out, landing on my tongue, pooling right in the middle, and as the last drop lands, he keeps looking into my eyes, and whispers.

“Swallow now you sweet, slutty, cocksucker.”

Holding his hand out to me, I take it. He helps me stand as my legs are a little shaky. Steve slides his cock back into his pants, walks over to his shirt on the floor, stands behind me, and slides it up my arms. He circles to the front of me, buttons the middle button and kisses me deeply. He breaks our kiss, walks to the fridge, pours two glasses of juice, turns and offers me one. As I accept it, he walks back to the couch and sits down.

“I would like if you stayed, I feel we have more to explore, and a lot to discuss. Would you like to stay?”

Standing by the chair, running my hands across the top of the chair, I feel invigorated from this evening, and wondering what the morning could bring.

“Yes, Steve, I have another day here, I am sure you have many ideas worth exploring, and discussions are always nice.” I smile, as sip my juice, set it on the table, and walk toward his room.


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