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Recommended Reads

Stories and poems that have made it into our recommended reading section are handpicked by our staff. They have been identified as exceptional pieces of writing, which warrant separate recognition.

Stories that are part of a series, or novels that have made it into this outstanding series section, are nominated by our staff and awarded by a select panel. These stories have been deemed superior as complete works and have garnered special recognition.

You are almost certainly guaranteed a good read, if you've selected a story from these offerings!

Recommended Read

Butch Cassidy and the Vegemite Kid

Is the girl of my dreams a bogan Sheila?

  Do you know Audrey? To ask, “Audrey who?” is to lose. No breakfast at Tiffany’s for you. You'll be relegated to IHOP. My grandad loved Audrey. Because of him, I am, maybe uniquely, a millennial bought up in her image. I even named my cat Holly Golightly. For once he surprised me, for some reason that role underwhelmed him. Holly was free-form, fluid and difficult to...Read On

Recommended Read

The Second Time

Tom is a quick learner

“Have you got the time, Honey?” Despite shivering in the November night, I managed to insert a key into the front door of my lodgings while glancing up the dark street. She stood two doors away and, like the naive teenager I was, I turned a little so that the dim light of the streetlamp fell onto my cheap wristwatch. I peered. “It’s a minute after eleven,” I said, my breath forming...Read On

Recommended Read

Mirror Image

He tells her to spread her legs. She frowns and he tilts his head, disapproving. She blows a deep sigh and hesitates. “It’s embarrassing.” “I know.” “Then why?” “It’s one of those things you need to get over. You shouldn’t be embarrassed around me.” “I’m already naked, and you’re … well … not. Shouldn’t that be enough?” He’s standing at the foot of the bed while she sits upright,...Read On

Recommended Read

At Heaven's 'Bate

He thinks he's graduated to King of the Friendzone when she asks him to video her getting off, but..

“Hey, Dad. Is there an old wooden queen size bed frame anywhere I could use?” Brian asked as he stared at the vista of his father’s collection filling the old sales floor of the closed down hardware store. His father let out a hum as he thought, and then said, “There’s a queen you could use over in the northwest corner, as long as you don’t scratch up the head and footboards. That’s real...Read On

Recommended Read

Chapter 2, Rear View Mirror’s Reflection

Woman lived a life of adultery and reflects how it all happened.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. *Soren Kierkegaard* After a life of adultery, many men known, I'm old, not in spirit, but calendar old. Young, it was so short a time ago. Then, young, was forever. Old, when did it become so? Was it when pop culture figures were unfamiliar when more dead were known than alive when none my age were present at an event? ...Read On

Recommended Read

The Other Side Of The Secret

It's just sex... isn't it?

January 2019 Half an inch from clearing the history, the cursor skids to a halt when five forgotten downloads rivet her attention. What was an innocent routine of moving some trip photos between devices takes a disturbing twist as a seaside day's souvenirs are eclipsed by the radioactive, quintet wink of his name.  Their viewer's carefully applied cosmetic calm dissolves as if the...Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Little Whore

She utters that mmffff -like sound neither gasp nor moan yet somehow both when his fat cock deepens inside her in that first, aching surge of blind motion. They’re lying on their sides, facing, her slight leg flung over his hip. The whole shank sinks deep and he holds still, grasping the cheek of her ass in one hand, and there’s that sensation that comes with moments like this that the...Read On

Recommended Read

Medusa Part 3

(Read parts 1/2 first) She knows what she's got. And she knows how to use it.

Love was the sort of thing that happened to other people and not me. All that mattered was that I had a head for business and a bod built for sin and I rode that sucker as hard as I could for as long as I could. Love them and leave them was my motto. Hook up, fuck-hard, and screw regret. Men - and women - have come and gone over the years and not one - not a single one - has made me take...Read On

Recommended Read

The Jared Chronicles: Jared Teaches a Lesson - Part 2

Sylvia gets schooled - by her own ex-student Jared.

High-school teacher Sylvia Steele is still reeling from her near-seduction by ex-student Jared Morgan. She's vowed not to return to his apartment so he can indulge his wicked teacher fantasy. But some temptations are just too damn hard to resist... Sylvia applied the finishing touches around six thirty on Monday evening. Gold stud earrings, a touch of mascara and pale-red lipstick. Her...Read On

Recommended Read

En France - Île de la Cité

Series: En France

I did not know Anne-Pierre or Elodie as well as I thought....

Lying on her bed, it was no accident, this three-quarters view.  “Balasana.” Stretching out like a tigress, arms long and forwards, knees bent, calves tucked under thighs and head down. “Chakra-vaka-sana,” as a low purr. She unfurled like petals from a budding flower.  Rising up on all fours, she looked deceptively fragile, a feint to her energy and strength.  Arms locked, back arched,...Read On

Recommended Read

Frisson and Fusion

The soothingly bucolic view was a real-life Constable landscape. Sarah’s pottery studio, her escape from the rat race, was idyllic in summer. Back to the kiln, moulding wet clay with her hands, she usually was absorbed into the sights, sounds and smells seeping through open casement windows. That sensual tranquillity was, however, infused with the piquant bite of sexual tension. First felt...Read On

Recommended Read

The Tunnel

A Victorian scientist demonstrates his discovery of a tunnel through other dimensions.

"Wake up!" Devon was gently shaking the pale figure lying on the ground next to me as I was roused from sleep at the sound of his raised voice. He was tugging Partita's arm from beneath her curled-up body and working to release from her wrist the metallic clasp which had become entangled in her long black hair. He quickly turned to me as I got up and kneeled beside him over my friend's...Read On

Recommended Read


"We all get what we want, yes?”

It had been on Diane’s mind for years. Even now — ecstatic as she felt lying on the large bed with cum dribbling down her thighs — the old images flitted in and out of her brain. Matted pubic hairs were damp beneath the palm of her left hand, his cock hot and sticky in the fingers of the other. He was still firm even though several minutes had passed since he’d pumped a familiar bumper...Read On

Recommended Read

Butterfly Beach XV: Butterfly in Amber or The Garden of Dreams

From the Journal of Olivia Delacroix  Day twelve? upon The Eye of Thermisto (translated from the French). Be thankful for little mercies. My captor, who yet remains nameless has granted me small privledges or, more precisely, incentives to behave. In other words, she treats me like a pet which is, perhaps, an apt description of my new role aboard this fantastical vessel. I am, in...Read On

Recommended Read

The Gifted — Part One

"It's getting stronger..."

It was an unseasonably cold night in October and Amber Shelton had had a bad feeling. She would have them from time to time, the bad feelings. When she was a little girl she would call them her feels . They were relatively infrequent, and there didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for when they would occur. Most of the time, they never amounted to much, like being able to predict a...Read On

Recommended Read

That Time I Fingered My Wife's Best Friend in the Front Seat of Our Car

Shortly after the car turned out of the Red Lion car park, Gemma reached over and began to rub my cock through my jeans. We'd kissed briefly outside the car before setting off. By the time I was behind the wheel, my erection was in full bloom. Her fingers dismissed my fly and quickly coaxed my cock into the chilled air. I focused on the road while my robotic feet worked the pedals. Sixty...Read On

Recommended Read

Clit Got Your Tongue

It is hard to talk with your mouth full.

It is my office – my private space – until she decides otherwise. I am on a very important conference call when she walks in without knocking. She knows my rules. If my door is closed, do not interrupt me. On this day, she chooses to break those rules. My mate and I have a passionate relationship. Passion is defined as an intense and uncontrollable emotion. But, I didn’t say which emotion,...Read On

Recommended Read

En France - A Tale of Two Saturdays

Series: En France

Anne-Pierre's fantasies come to life...

“What are you doing dressed?”  My tone conveyed a sense of surprise.  Painted with eyeliner, eye shadow, and scarlet lips, Anne-Pierre flounced through the lounge.  That hair, more wild than usual, it bounced with her stride.  The hem of her short dress swayed to reveal too much thigh – again. “Come, we are going to the cinema.” “The cinema?”  She gave me that look, covetous and full...Read On

Recommended Read

Dread Locks

The myths come to life.

She gazed out through the raindrop dappled glass doors. There had been a harsh, thunderous rainfall last night. The web appeared intact, at least partially. The spider was still and unmoving. The golden patterned arachnid must have been slowly moving up and down, over and across, mending it earlier. Fixing it. Keeping it ready for the victims flying into its home. But now the spider...Read On

Recommended Read

Gunmetal Blue

It was long ago and when  we were full of light and motion.  The movie's screen bathed us  in its electronic glow although  our bodies were mostly silhouettes.  My fingers were running  through your colored hair,  silky strands of dark gunmetal blue,  and along your neck the pulse is a far away drumbeat that was  always crying out for something more, something rapid and raw and alive. ...Read On

Recommended Read

I Love To Watch Her Part 2

Series: I Love To Watch Her

As always Thank you JWren for editing and art work.

Standing at my open door, I was stunned, couldn’t believe my eyes — there stood my beauty. How could she know about me? “Hello,” she said, her tone sultry, a smile on her full ruby lips. “Seeing you every morning and night watching me and copying me as I masturbate, I thought I’d come over to see you in person. May I come in?” I blinked and gulped. “Oh, erm… yes,” I croaked and stood to...Read On

Recommended Read

The Sister Witches

Can this spell be broken?

People gravitate to you But that will change before we’re through You’ve had the limelight long enough But cast out, you won’t be so tough I’ve waited years to be the one Whose light shines brighter than the sun So, Kat shall be a cat you see Perhaps for all eternity Nine lives have cats and so, will you To make his love so deep and true If by sunset he holds...Read On

Recommended Read

Z.I.L.F Or My Girlfriend The Zombie

True Love...Never Dies

Everything went to complete shit on Halloween night. At least that's what most people who are still "human" would say. But not me because that's the night that fate opened up its door and gave me the woman of my dreams. So what if she's a drooling cannibalistic corpse. She's actually still pretty hot, a total MILF. But I guess the correct term for her now would be... ZILF. Real love is not...Read On

Recommended Read


Pulsing walls of bodies and sin Line our altar of flame   Strangers’ hands On my skin On yours   Swirling their cum with my sweat Lining the curves of muscle and bone In the flesh you own   Your thrusts clap like snare drums Through my desperate, moaning song Shadows strobe in huffs over your body As you fill and release me Then flickers of light possess your eyes   “Suck him.”...Read On

Recommended Read

En France - The Confessions

Series: En France

I thought I had it under control until Anne-Pierre caught me unawares...

Fizzy energy rippled through my body, I wanted to leave my desk, get out, and just walk.  Staring at my screen, flashbacks of last night pestered my restless mind.  Aggravated by the industrious silence, constrained by cream walls and utilitarian furniture, I had to escape.  Anne-Pierre liked games and last night was her best one yet.  Almost two weeks, five encounters, I thought I had...Read On

Recommended Read

Medusa part 1

She knows what she's got. And she knows how to use it.

Hey hey hey, how goes it you bunch of awesome perverts, hopeless romantics, total losers, happy boozers and jacuzzi users... Here's the deal. The gist as it were. A little background to get everyone up to speed. Let's call me Carol. I like Carol. It reminds me of Christmas which I love and since its early December, it fits perfectly. I'm a five-ten, twenty-nine-year-old, redhead with a...Read On

Recommended Read

Fortune's Favours

Series: The Tribulations of Tobias By A Lady

Even when threatened with apparently imminent marriage, fortune smiles on Tobias...

It was Saturday morning when Tobias hastened from the church after yet another meeting with his churchwarden, hoping, at last, to get some free time to compose his Sunday sermon. He was not usually so behind with such duties but his week had been rather overwhelmed by an unasked-for visitor in the shape of his soldier brother’s former mistress, the actress Miss Fifi Fontayne. The anxiety...Read On

Recommended Read

The Last Chance - The Pleasures of Greece

Series: The Last Chance

She said, "I love you." What do I do now?

I am in a state of turmoil as I realize that what is happening to me should not take place. I set out on this extended vacation with the intent of sharing my thoughts and impressions with a woman who is simpatico to me and with the resolution not to get into a physical relationship with her. Jan answered my advertisement in a local Boston magazine and me, poor fool, was beguiled by her...Read On

Recommended Read

If Only It Had Stayed In Vegas, Part 3: The Girls at the Party

Helen meets the teenager Yalena — another of Erika's sexual projects.

Helen does not speak during the taxi ride. Her nerves are on edge, stomach in free fall. Is this how paranoia begins? A suspicion others are scheming, hatching plans for you? To distract herself from her thoughts, she looks out of the window, watches the city and its nightlife scrolling by. The people on the streets. Surely their lives simpler than her own. "It'll be great. You'll see,"...Read On

Recommended Read

Alene's Monster

Shadows danced and morphed on the grey brick walls, a variety of mosses, mold, and mildew growing in between some of the bricks, dank water leaking and dripping, following the patterns of the brickwork from the top of the wall, all the way to the bottom. The sound of water dripping and plopping on the stone floors became a part of the white noise of the constant corridor, as she walked on...Read On

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