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I’ve been around Lush 7yrs now. I’m single or actually divorced, to be honest, but I guess at this point five years down the road it doesn’t really matter which way I say it you think? I started visiting Lush to read the stories. I’ve always loved reading about sex. Better the story, better the read and I have read some pretty awesome stories here. The verity that can be found is overwhelming sometimes. I do have my favorite topics such as anal, lesbian, bisexual, threesomes and a few others. I’ll read just about any story as long as it grabs my attention.

A few categories that don’t really do it for me though are some of the more far-out ones like Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Mind Control, Supernatural and a few that I stumble through are the poems, Crossdressing, Cuckold, and Gay Male, although I have written a story for that category once. I read these usually for my friends.

As I read more here, the bug to write my own stories took hold. My first stories weren’t so good but I have a few famous stories now. I’ve entered quite a few competitions but I’m still looking for that first win though. I’m also still seeking my first recommended read. Although both of those things are goals to have, I write for me and hope that you, my fellow Lush members also enjoy my work.

More on my personal side. I’m not in a relationship of any kind currently. My ex kind of broke me for real-life relationships and the few cyber ones I’ve had haven’t turned out all that well.

I don’t chat or post frequently here. That has a lot to do with my limited time I can spend on here in the evenings. I work a demanding job and put in a lot of hours each day and I’m exhausted at the end of it. Carrying on a long chat is tough at that point. Other times that’s because I don’t really know what to say or what might offend the person I’m chatting with. I really don’t ever want to do that.

As for my sexual nature, I’m a big fan of anal and oral. A couple of areas I’d love to explore with the right person or persons is Femdom and a true MMF bisexual experience. Reading about both really turn me on. There are a few other areas I’d explore with the right person/s as well. Sexually I’m pretty open to see what would rev my motor. Through reading here, I’ve got a good idea what might do the revving.

Now that I’ve spilled my guts, I hope I haven’t scared you away.

If you’re just a reading fan I hope you take the time to enjoy my stories. I love to get feedback from readers. If you are a fellow writer, I’ll see you around the word processor sometime.

Road Runner
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Lower, Michigan, United States
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19 Dec 2019 14:59
Racing of all types, Mustangs, writing stories, my house.
Favorite Books:
Military fiction & nonfiction of all types, Twilight series, Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich and many others.
Favorite Authors:
All of the Lush authors!!!!
Favorite Movies:
Anything that keeps my interest!
Favourite TV Shows:
Scorpion, Blue Bloods, Madam Secertary, Limitless, MASH
Favorite Music:
Classic rock!


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02 Sep 2012
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19 Dec 2019
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Posted: 17 Dec 2019 06:32

I haven't asked Santa for anything in years.

What is the one thing you'd love to find on Christmas morning waiting for you?

Posted: 17 Dec 2019 06:30

Feeling is what we do when we are pushed emotionally.

Posted: 17 Dec 2019 06:27


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Posted: 17 Dec 2019 06:22


Posted: 17 Dec 2019 06:20


HYE - been traveling with your S.O. and stopped just to have sex/make love?

Posted: 16 Dec 2019 15:52

No, she would've never gone for it.

HYE - gotten naughty under the table with your S.O. at a restaurant?

Posted: 16 Dec 2019 15:49


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Posted: 16 Dec 2019 15:45


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The Private Massage With Rebeca

They drove through the gate of the resort and were greeted by a young woman attending the gate. She asked them for their names and reservation number. After confirming they would be quests for the week, she directed them to the main lodge. As they drove off Mike said, “She was cute as hell.” Lena reached over slapped him on the shoulder and replied, “You’re shameful Mike. We just got here...

Added 15 Dec 2019 | Category Masturbation

The Sisters And A Friend

Brenda laid naked except for her panties on the covers of her bed working through what she had watched yesterday. Being sixteen, she wasn’t totally ignorant about sex. She had fooled around with a few boys since her last birthday, but it had always just been heavy petting. Only her latest boyfriend had actually ever fingered her pussy, and he hadn’t even brought her to climax. She had...

Added 01 Dec 2019 | Category Incest | Votes 26 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 3,641 | 16 Comments

Brea's Night On The Wall

Brea had been going to Club Excite for more than six months now. She always gets excited the nights that she plans on going and tonight was no different. She was standing in front of her mirror slipping on a short form-fitting dress. As the dress slid down her body it covered her bare breasts, slipped over her smooth tummy until it slid past her equally bare pussy and came to a stop just...

Added 03 Nov 2019 | Category Hardcore | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 3,050 | 12 Comments

He Found Out Her Secret

The discovery Glenn sat at his desk trying to come to grips with what a co-worker had just told him about his beautiful wife. He felt she had to have been wrong. Reann couldn’t possibly be a member of some exclusive sex club but he knew in his heart she might just be. Their sex had always been good and then she wanted him to piss on her and she wanted to do the same to him. Of course, he...

Added 16 Oct 2019 | Category Watersports | Votes 16 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,037 | 9 Comments

First Time With My Daughter's Friend Sandy

The first time I ever saw Sandy was the day my daughter brought her home. She was an absolutely beautiful young lady, 17 years old at the time, and no way could I ever begin to touch her in my current life at the time. That didn’t keep me from fantasizing about her. I don’t know how many times I stood in the shower and masturbated thinking of fucking her in any number of ways.     Then, a...

Added 16 Dec 2015 | Category Taboo | Votes 53 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 59,438 | 18 Comments

Harold's Betrayal

She was old or more to the fact of age, she was ancient in terms of human life. She had walked the earth for centuries searching for the men she craved to survive on.  Men of wealth and means, men of fame and fortune and men of great physical stature, she had them all over time, used them all and in most cases killed them for their life-sustaining source she needed to survive. Yet that...

Added 13 Oct 2019 | Category Horror | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 932 | 18 Comments

One Wild Friday Night

I’m a truck driver and I had been doing trade show deliveries and getting paid to wait until the shows were over to load back up. Then I’d move to the next location and start all over. Usually three to four days at most. It was a pretty good gig. Part of the deal was the display owners paid for a motel and all my expenses. I tried to keep everything reasonable, no sense in pissing somebody...

Added 11 Oct 2019 | Category Anal | Votes 21 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 2,732 | 16 Comments

Her Need For Him

I had slipped into bed about one in the morning. She was already there curled up on her side of the bed the way she always sleeps. Coming in that time of the morning I always just slip into bed and try not to wake her. She is very understanding of my job and the long days I keep, so I try to be as good to her as I can when I come home odd hours. I slipped under the covers and just closed...

Added 08 Oct 2019 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 20 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,716 | 15 Comments

My First Cock

I’m an older guy and having been divorced for a while, my sex life has been somewhat a non-existence thing. With being in a loveless relationship with my ex-wife and then being an older single guy, it just didn’t make sex a priority for me. To fill the void, I joined several online sites where I mostly read the stories posted by others. As time went on, I also became friends with some of...

Added 02 Jul 2019 | Category Bisexual | Votes 68 | Avg Score 4.98 | Views 9,895 | 35 Comments

My First Cock - After The Shower

Suzy grabbed the towel and was out the door leaving Paul and I standing in the shower still with the water still cascading over us. Paul turned to me and said, “It’s okay if you want to stop here. I’ll understand and so will Suzy.” With that, he patted me on the shoulder and followed Suzy out. I stood there under the water thinking about all that had just happened. I couldn’t really say how...

Added 08 Sep 2019 | Category Bisexual | Votes 44 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,269 | 33 Comments

Stories Coauthored By Road_Runner

The End--Lust In The Snowstorm

Callie awoke a few hours later urgently needing to use the bathroom so she quietly crawled over Doug to the front seat and slid on her jeans and sweater, not bothering to look for her underwear. She then put on her boots and coat, opened the door just enough to slip out and headed across the dark deserted parking lot toward the truck stop. It was still snowing lightly but she felt confident...

Added 25 Mar 2018 | Category Seduction | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,708 | 9 Comments

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