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An erotic love story about two young college kids in the woods.

Chapter 1 “School’s Out” Summer had finally arrived. They had been waiting for this day all winter. But, best of all classes were out. They had been going out for several months now and he had been counting down the days till Juliette was free of the clutches of that wretched honors college she went to. He was always very proud to have an amazingly intelligent and beautiful girlfriend such...Read On


Wanting more

What I think about at work. Our night together.

As I sit here at the desk silence renders and images of us run through my mind. My imagination running wild of all the things your hands, mouth, and fingers do to my body. Your touch sets me aflame and all I can do is smile. I wonder if you know what your touch does to me? As the sky darkens a thunderstorm is imminent. I love the smell of rain. My name is Elena, I am four foot eleven. I am...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 7

Connie needed help again and Tommy was willing to give her whatever she needed!

It was probably a week or so after the barbeque when Tommy was sitting at home feeling a bit dejected. He had been busy trying to find out what his options were now that he knew he wouldn't be attending MIT that fall. He had half-heartedly looked around for some kind of job that he would like to do, but he wasn't having a lot of luck. He had been looking forward to going to college that...Read On


My Straight Mom, the Ultimate Lesbian Fantasy

Series: Laren's Family

Dad's not cutting it, so I get Mom some help!

My Dad isn’t carrying the mail, so to speak. Which is making my Mom more than a little — I don’t know how to explain this. My name's Laren, and I am 18 and a senior in high school. I’m also an only child and a lesbian, although my parents don’t know yet. Dad is a great guy, but lately, he’s been spending lots of time away. Working late, taking short trips, and lots of time in his office in...Read On


Glorious Gloria, the Client's Daughter

Is it a rebound when the first date with someone never happened?

I did something I never do, I gave someone the room key for my hotel. I know, I know, absolutely dangerous, but if you had seen her, you would have been just as enthralled. You see, I was on a business trip that lasted way longer than it should have. It was going pretty well, but the client was one that required careful handling and my company had me stay to oversee the work personally....Read On


The woman on the ferry

Watching each other for hours told them all they both wanted the same thing: asslicking.

I missed the early ferry by half an hour and the next one wasn’t till 1:30, so I settled down for a three hour wait. “Settled down” isn’t really accurate, in fact, because the only vacant seat was in the middle of the room, with no back support, so there was no chance of dozing. I would just have to twiddle my thumbs and wait. This was in Guadeloupe, a French island in the Caribbean, and...Read On


Always Up for a Party

Trevor's idea of a party, with me as entertainment

I got home late. What a night! I had gone to the video booth at the bookstore horny as hell but in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the outcome. Oh sure, I expected sex. I had yet to leave those dark little booths without a mouthful of cum, an ass full of cum or having my balls sucked dry but tonight … tonight! Not only had my ass been filled in the booth but at Trevor’s party...Read On


The Incubus and the Virgin

An unsuspecting Virgin is seduced and impregnanted by a Incubus

Before beginning this story, it is necessary to provide some background information so that the reader understands something of the creatures that form the antagonists of this tale. An Incubus (plural Incubi) is a male demonic spirit that drains the sexual energy from his sleeping female victims through intercourse.  The woman usually doesn’t awaken but experiences the sexual union as an...Read On


Verses Versus

Lines Dashed Off in Response to Challenges

VERSES VERSUS – Lines Dashed Off in Response to Challenges Shower Scene The spray was hot, and full of steam. The couple stood beneath. His fingers in her female seam; She sucked air through clenched teeth. And even though the water cooled, (They'd been in there an hour) She loved the way that he had fooled With her clit in the shower. Belly Buttons Some...Read On


Pam's Pain - Part 1

Reluctant wife agrees to act out her husband's wife-swapping fantasy. Will her own be satisfied too?

“If you don’t like it we don’t have to see them again,” my husband insisted for the umpteenth time. We were lying in bed after a pleasant but somewhat unsatisfying Sunday evening lovemaking session. “We’re doing well but we can’t take it for granted,” he continued. “You said yourself that you were ready to try something a bit edgier, didn’t you? You agreed we could do with a breath of...Read On

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