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Lusting After Mom Pt. 1

Sexual tension arises between a mother and a daughter while dad is gone.

My mom and I were always very close. We did everything together. Shopping was our favorite pastime though. We loved to window shop, and often spent hundreds of dollars each in one shopping trip. We had been to Paris, New York City, Japan, Italy, and Milan to go shopping. Daddy's company was launching a new product, and he was needed at headquarters in New York City. While mommy and I...Read On


A Mother's Job

It's a mother's job to teach her daughter to shave. But sometimes mothers go above and beyond.

It was Summer, so the Roberts family was relaxing at their coastal beach house, soaking up the sun. Clair stretched out on a big beach chair and watched her 16 year-old daughter Lilly frolicking in the waves. Clair was 35, but she seemed younger, not that she looked younger, but she oozed with the playfulness and vivacity of a woman half her age. Of course, Clair's secret source of energy...Read On


Andrea, Mother of My Dreams Part 2

The continuing story of a mother desperate for the pleasure a younger man can provide.

I suggest reading part 1 first. Andreas 19 year old daughter, Hayley, opened the door and calmly walked in, as if she wasn't watching her mother with her mouth around the penis of her brothers childhood best friend. "I got your text mum, I came over as fast as I could." She glanced down at me, sitting on the toilet seat with my fully erected penis leaking pre-cum and throbbing...Read On


Co-Teacher and Daughter

Mother and daughter seduce coworker in the pool

It all started at eight thirty in the morning of a beautiful, sunny Saturday in the middle of summer a few years ago.  I had just finished my breakfast when the phone rang.  It was my friend and sometimes co-instructor Fran.  We teach life-saving classes and at times we work together.  Never for the junior level, but the senior level class can be quite demanding and having two instructors...Read On


Co-Teacher and Daughter - Part 2

A mother and daughter’s desire is realized

Beth pushed my hand from within her and she sank down into the water, coming back up to float on her back.  Her gorgeous swollen and puffy nipples pointed to the sky.  Her shaven pussy, now visible to me between her splayed legs, still exhibiting the red swell of excitement.   Fran similarly pushed my hand from between her legs before she moved up the board.  She nibbled on my ear,...Read On


In the Changing Room

Twin lesbians entice a mother and daughter into some very kinky fun...

My name is Tess, and I run a women's clothing store with my twin sister Angie. We're a pair of cute, perky redheads in our mid-twenties with a knack for finding fun and trouble -- often at the same time. At our boutique, we are often given the opportunity to see beautiful women in their underthings, sometimes completely naked -- and since Angie and I are both lesbians, we seize any...Read On


Mom Was My First

Yes we are truely best friend

In my teenage years, my mother was always my best friend. We were really close. We did everything together as I was growing up; we even took baths or showers together from time to time together. Since dad was always working I spent almost every night in bed with mom snuggled closed to her. I would always remember the scent of mom as I snuggled closed to her during those bad...Read On


Mother and Daughter; The Swimsuit edition

I had been seeing Jenny on and off for about a month when she first introduced me to her mother, Angela. It was quite an eye opener I can tell you that for free. It was close to midnight when I dropped Jenny off back at her house that she shared with Angela. Jenny’s father had run off to Somerset to be with some young tart he had knocked up from work leaving the two of them to fend...Read On


Mother / Daughter Glory Hole

Continuing mother-in-laws awakening it was time for glory hole and gang bang

            This story begins shortly after the one titled “Mother-in-Laws awakening” My wife Linda and I had been meeting with her mom and dad about once a month for wild sex.   One month we would go to their house and the next they would come to ours.   D uring one of these weekends, I had told them I was going to taken the women to an adult book store with glory holes and let them...Read On


A Bath with Cherie

A woman's bath is interrupted in a surprising and enjoyable way by her teenage daughter.

I was luxuriating in a steamy bath, my eyes half-closed as I savored that wonderful, sensuous feeling of complete relaxation. This was the very best time of the day, when I could shut the world away and let my thoughts drift. After awhile I allowed a hand to casually slip between my thighs, seeking out the tingling center of my cunt. The tub was carved from a large blue-white block of...Read On


Close Knit 3.3: Embracing Desire

Rena gives her mother a little surprise

I stood outside of my parent's bedroom, waiting, listening. My mother lie on the other side of the door, touching herself. I knew because I could hear her mewling, could hear her soft voice call out someone's name. A name that wasn't my father's. She was calling out to my brother, Nathan. Her own son. She was a disgusting. She was sick and twisted. But so was I. Why, just days before I...Read On


A Loving Family

A Mother seduces her daughter, then her son - and encourages Daddy too

This story was a Finalist in the ASSTR Golden Clitoride Awards 2005 A Loving Family Chapter One - Who are we ? My name is Samantha (Sam), I am 42, petite, 5’3’’ tall and have brown hair and blue eyes. I’ve been married to Don for 19 years, happily married too. I admit I’m sensual but honestly, I have never been unfaithful to him with another man. He is a wonderful lover...Read On


Family Therapy. A wife a mother ch.1

A mother discovers things about her family and herself that she never expected.

"So how was your week been, Alice?" Well that's a loaded question I thought to myself "It's been... Confusing... Everything just seems like a mess right now," I said nervously. "Well how about we talk about this mess then Alice?" "Oh, where to begin? I guess we should start with this fact that I suspect my husband is having an affair with a younger woman," I said as my nails...Read On


Family Therapy. A Daughter A Sister Ch.1

Daughter finds love with the most unexpected person. A journey of life begins.

Dear diary, This week has been pretty uneventful. School is boring, personal life is boring, life, in general, is just boring... I'm enjoying the peace and quiet now that Dillon's off at college, however, sometimes I still miss him. For whatever reason. Mom seems to be getting more bitchy day by day. The other day she gave me shit because the screen on my phone was too bright. I mean...Read On


Mother and sister love

An experience I didn't think would happen

Mother and sister love I want all of you to know that this is a real true story of my mother, my sister, and me. It all started when I was 25, and after my step-father passed away. I was in the living room watching television, when my mother told me to close my eyes so she could run to her room after taking a shower. Of course I closed my eyes, but always wanted to see my mother naked....Read On


Mother and sister love

An experience I didn't think would happen

Mother and sister love I want all of you to know that this is a real true story of my mother, my sister, and me. It all started when I was 25, and after my step-father passed away. I was in the living room watching television, when my mother told me to close my eyes so she could run to her room after taking a shower. Of course I closed my eyes, but always wanted to see my mother naked....Read On

Famous Story

My Friends Daughter Chapter 4

Mother and Daughter at the same time what could be better

All persons in this story are over the age of 18. This story is complete and utter fiction. But please read on for your personal enjoyment. I would also recommend that you read the previous three chapters, My Friend’s Daughter, My Friend’s Daughter Chapter 2 and My Friend’s Daughter Chapter 3, for a better understanding of the story. Also feedback and comments are encouraged and welcomed....Read On


More Fun with my Step Sister and Step Mother Pt 2

I finally got my step sister and step mom together

More Fun with my Step Sister and Step Mother Pt 2 Over the next couple days I could not get what my step mother said off my mind. The sexual tension around the house was at an all time high. The flirting between me and my step mother was almost continuous. Anytime we were alone for even a minute she would rub my dick through my pants, or lick her lips while looking at me. I knew she was just...Read On


mum, sis and me the next evening (the third part)

mum finds a solution to who l sleep with, her or sis. please read previous two posting

We sat there eating dinner in an awkward silence, none of us had really seen each other all day and we certainly hadn’t talked about what happened last night. I didn’t know if mum was cross with me or not following her finding out l had sex with my sister or if my sister had had second thoughts about finding out that l was fucking mum and that had led to me fucking her.   ...Read On


The Present - Part 8

Like mother, like daughter...

Three hours of tension and unable to do anything about it, Nick kept an eye out for the motorway exit into Birmingham. Trying to blank out any images for fear of distraction, even as Jayne sat alongside him sending messages on her phone. Playfully, she sucked the tip of her finger as she caught his eye, with a slight raise of the eyebrow and upturn of her mouth. Wipers running left and right,...Read On


Incest Fantasy III

My Son Enters the Picture

As several months passed, I continued my affair with my daughter. I was making love to both my wife and my daughter and they both knew it. At home, we all acted as if everything was the same as before. The only exception was the whispered conversations between myself and my wife in bed. We both asked each other what we enjoyed about nude massage. I told her that I loved watching the...Read On


Lust for Marie's Daughter, Part 3

Marie finds her fantasy a dream cum true, and then Gerrel finds both his lovers willing to play

I drove the short distance to Jake’s house and parked in front.   Walking up to the door I could her Marie’s moans as once again he filled her with pleasures.   I knocked to interrupt them as they apparently fucked in the living room one last time before her entry to blessed wedlock.   After a few moments Jake appeared at the door in a robe that barely covered his aroused cock as it...Read On


Expected Turn Of Events With Son And Daughter

The final installment to my "Unexpected Turn of Events" series.

The week rushed by and, as much as I wanted to, I hadn’t plotted a damn thing. I realized that I’m not a plotter. Who was I kidding? I couldn’t pretend to be sinister to even save my life. So I figured that I should go about this the way I best knew how. My way! Kate arrived on Thursday. All three of us had a grand dinner and ended the night early on a silent and peaceful note. The next day,...Read On


A Daughters Journey to Love Ch 1

A Daughter's Journey to a Loving relationship with her Father

My name and Lindsay and this is my crazy journey to having a relationship with the love of my life... I guess we should start at the beginning though. I was always a shy girl. In my early years I had a bit of a weight issue. With the help of my dad and 6 days a week in the gym I achieved a very sexy figure. My thin waist, flat stomach, long legs, tight booty and developed breasts...Read On


Two Ladies: A Sexual Adventure Pt. 1

It's just a mother teaching her daughter about her body; there's nothing wrong with that...

Anna rounded the corner before her street. It was only 3:15, but she had finished work early. She claimed to be feeling unwell – something she ate, maybe – and her boss had sent her home. The truth was she was unbearably horny. Since her husband left 3 years ago, the only satisfaction she got was from the 8-inch vibrator she kept in her bedstand. Her fingers circled her clit through her...Read On

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