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Famous Story

Enema for a Friend

Wife asks me to give our friend an enema

I was just getting comfortable in my favorite recliner anticipating another exciting playoff game when my wife Laura called and asked me to do a favor for one of our friends. Before she gave me the details I said no, but quickly7 changed my mind when I heard what she wanted me to do. Seems our good friend Cindy was in a world of hurt with severe stomach pains and had called Laura at...Read On


Love Rekindled: An Enema Story

A gentle story, in which enemas rekindle a romance

Eve felt reasonably content with her life. She had a loving relationship with her husband Adam, her children had just left home to go to good colleges, and their 20th anniversary was coming up. But how to mark the special event? They were wealthy, but holidays abroad... well, they had done that. Finally, they booked a three-day break in a cabin by a remote beach. Yes, it needed to be...Read On

Famous Story

Charley's Public Humiliation

Charley is prepared for his public enema, by the women who spanked him

Charley Wilson spent the entire week recuperating from the over the knee hairbrush spanking Miss Amanda had given him Saturday morning. And what a spanking it was! Miss Amanda spanked him in the hair drying room of her beauty salon. Pants down, bawling like a baby; his bare butt got a real tune-up. Added to the fires she set in his buns, was the humiliation of having four cute young...Read On

Famous Story

Olivia's Rosebud Blossoms

Olivia gets an enema and so much more

We became online friends. Her interest had been piqued by enema scenes that I had included in my stories. She admitted that she had never had anything “back there” before. I was surprised at her interest in enemas, although not entirely shocked. I should back up a little. I’m a fifty plus guy and Olivia is an eighteen year old blond, a beautiful but seemingly innocent young lady. Well,...Read On

Famous Story

From One To Another-Part 2

two sides of a chair

I rushed into my new consignment shop job, the one that Allison had help me get. The shop was actually a duplex. One part Mary's home, the other her shop. I was a few minutes late and apologized to Mary Elle the owner. Telling her that my Biology teacher was on my case about missing assignments and had kept me after school.  Mary Elle looked at me and suggested a nice warm shower to help...Read On

Famous Story

Master, Mistress and Me

The pain of holding back; the thrill of what was yet to come and cum.

           I had just arrived home after walking home from the bus station in the hot and humid day. I had barely stepped in the door before the phone rang. It was Master on the line. “It is time. Be ready and waiting outside on the curb. I will be there in just a few moments”.              I knew what that meant. I was prepared and so was my small travel bag with a set...Read On


Charley's Shocking Over The Lap Experience

Charley's Total Humiliation By His Mistress

Charley had just given his new hairbrush to his mistress, the sweet Miss Abby. He had been instructed at their last date to get one at Amanda’s Beauty Salon. Amanda, a friend of Abby’s and quite a spanker herself, had fitted a nice oval shaped mahogany one for Charley’s ass. To fit Charley’s personality as well, it was pink. The mahogany hairbrush was a good fit, as it only took the...Read On

Famous Story

A weekend with Nancy

It was staggering to think that it was only 8pm and Nancy was to be with us the entire weekend

  CHAPTER 1 Upon arriving home from work one Friday afternoon my wife informed me that the kids would be staying the weekend at some friends house, and that she had made some special plans for us. She then went on to say that she would be gone for a couple of hours and that while she was gone I was to shower and to shave myself from head to toe. Then I was to get my...Read On


Waiting Out the Storm - Final Chapters

The last chapters of a couple that took advantage of a winter storm.

Chapter 4 The ice maker was on the far end of the hall from their room so that helped kill a little time. He wanted to give her time to get into position and wait there for him as long as possible. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do next except that he knew that putting ice cubes into her pussy was going to be involved. He also knew that she was going to be there with her pussy...Read On


The Doctor is in

Friends coming to me with issues

I got a call the other day from a friend who wanted a favor, she would not tell me on the phone so we decided to meet at my place. I opened my front door to see her standing there (the beauty that she was) carrying a bag. She told me her husband wanted to try something new-enemas, and she wanted to be prepared beforehand. I fixed us each a glass of wine and we talked about what was going...Read On


First Visit To The Nurse Mistress

A true encounter of a visit to Lady Ashley - Nurse Mistress

It's not often that an article begins with the ending, but in this case, the end of the story is very important. My visit to Lady Ashley - Nurse Mistress was excellent! She is a true professional and knows exactly what to do in a medical scenario. By her own admission, the medical scenario is her favorite. And, through at least ten years of experience fraught with many disappointments and...Read On


Sperm Bank

I must be cleansed, and may only cum when they have determined the proper timing.

Sperm Bank N... is about fifty years old. She is five feet six inches tall, and has a good figure, with ample breasts, and a nicely rounded firm ass. She has excellent legs, and works out three days a week. We used to work together, and I had the hots for her, even then. She is married. She has a quick wit, and can come out with some surprisingly sharp-tongued remarks sometimes. She is...Read On


Charley's Apology

Charley apologizes for his impertinent behavior, but gets a public spanking anyway.

First thing Monday after work, Charley called his mistress and asked her if he still had to apologize to Miss Amanda. Seems Charley had disrespected Miss Abby’s dear friend, Amanda, when he went to her beauty shop to be fitted for a hairbrush. His mistress, Miss Abby, had been spanking Charley’s ass for a few weeks now, all under the guise of allowing him to take pleasures with her body....Read On

The Price For Being A Bitch -- Chapter 6

A married woman wants something special from Janice and Charles.

This is a transcript of my chat with Gena, a lovely young woman who volunteered to have sex with my husband, to humiliate me and help me to earn his respect. Me: So you want to attempt first time anal sex with my husband? Gena: Yes, he can have my anal cherry, if he isn't too big. Me: Well, I don't think he's very big, but can't your husband do that with you? Gena: Brian is way too big for...Read On

Famous Story

Daddy's New Girl

No real sex yet, but sets the stage...

While driving home from dinner one night I thought, why not cruise the Hooker Highway for a little sensory enjoyment. I like to see the various tarts out strutting their stuff on a hot night. Leering at them and making them think I might be their next john. Just a little game I like to play now and then. I was almost at the end of my cruise when I saw her. She was almost angelic in her...Read On



Jared makes his decision and hopes it doesn't back fire.

Jared woke the final morning, incredibly sad. Today would be the day she sends him on his way. He didn't want to go. Unsure of how to approach her, he decided to dress in his clothes and meet her, not as pet, but as Jared. Dragging his feet downstairs, he tried to find anything to do that would stall his time. Once he had run out of things to do, he knocked on her door. He waited with a...Read On


Top Cut or Bottom Cut?

One man's erotic experience at the Manly Services Salon

It was time for a haircut, but I got extended out of town for longer than expected. I was walking down the street in a very chic part of this southwestern town when I walked past a place with a catchy name that was, in essence, a “barbershop for men”. Not that it was a jock place with a sports feel, it was kind of hard to describe – it just had a masculine look to it. I also noticed that all...Read On


E040: Pearl Twenty-two

Emma earns another pearl

Donald and Emma spend the evening cuddling on the couch, watching an adult film which covers a lot of what they have been doing together as Emma earns her pearls.  They munch on the pizza, both now naked again under the afghan, and sip on wine.  It is just a nice evening together for them. Around eleven Donald lifts Emma into his arms and carries her to her bed.  They continue to cuddle as...Read On


The Party Chapter Three

Pam is required to please her Master.

The Party Chapter Three We drive in silence and you drift off to sleep, exhausted from the events of the night. I nudge you awake as I park My car and move around to let you out of the passenger side. I take the scarf from over your eyes, but instead of securing it around your neck as it had been when we left the hotel, I push it into my pocket and reaching behind your seat, I pull out...Read On


Staying With Erin - Chapter 3

Paisy agrees to become her new friends' slut and discovers new levels of kinkiness.

“Here are the rules, and listen closely. You will not like what happens if I have to repeat them.” My landlady’s voice had an edge to it that hadn’t been there previously. Her eyes looked deeply into mine, and I was staring back with rapt attention, pleasurable shivers travelling up and down my spine, shivers which I didn’t understand but welcomed nonetheless. Erin watched me from behind...Read On


Cindy's Unexpected Reaction - Chapter 1

I have an embarrassing reaction in the clinic

This occurred over 20 years ago... and I am still surprised, somewhat embarrassed, and quite aroused by my unexpected reaction to receiving my very first enema. Jim and I had been married about three years when we decided that it was time to live a more respectable lifestyle and start raising a family. If you have read my earlier stories, you know that up to this point our sex life had...Read On

Famous Story

Taken By Surprise

Thank you JWren for your awesome editing, and art work.

Finishing my shower, I had little more than an hour before the realtor was due to arrive. I was thinking of buying a little cottage somewhere where I could write my erotica without distractions.  But right now I needed to make coffee before he arrived. I pulled on a tee shirt and popped downstairs. Once I’d got the coffee going, I could finish getting dressed.  Before I’d finished making...Read On

Famous Story

Cindy's doctor visit....Chapter 1: I react

I have an amazing and very surprising reaction to a medical procedure...

Exposing Cindy – Cindy’s doctor visit Chapter one - I surprise myself by my reaction This occured almost 18 years ago.....and I am still surprised and aroused by my reaction..... Jim & I had been married about four years when we decided that it was time to live a more respectable life style and start raising a family. If you have read my earlier stories, you understand that up to...Read On


A Star is Porn

The winner of a model search in a teen magazine fuses porn and high fashion to become a superstar

I hadn’t been ready for this. Sure I’d dreamt about winning the competition when I’d submitted my picture to ‘Today’s Teen’. But every girl dreams about being a model – don’t they? It was an international search, an unmissable opportunity, but I’d been up against proper models, with portfolios and years of experience. I was a nobody; a no-hoper who’d sent an ironic holiday snap from the...Read On


Daddy's New Girl, Part 5

Stephanie is Avenged

Daddy's New Girl, Part 5 Stephanie is Avenged. Previously, Stephanie had been groped by her sales lady while being measured in a fitting room. Having been confronted about this, the sales lady had been ordered to bring gifts (which she stole from work) as a token of her apology. She was now submitting to further punishment and seemed to be relishing in her plight, especially to be...Read On

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