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My wife and I are very poly and very kinky. I am recovering from repeated surgeries on my hands, so a lot of times I used a talk to text program to write.

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Posted: 15 May 2020 08:09

I'm gonna run my mouth, and try not to hurt any feelings, stop calling it white privilege. I'm not saying there aren't particular disadvantages to being a person of color, there are, but what the left has done in labeling it white privilege is sanitize racism and turn it into a talking point for the right wing. Every time you tell someone to check their privilege or that white privilege exists, you're only speaking to yourself. Keep in mind I agree with you, and so would many other right-leaning people if you didn't phrase it the way you do. Also I feel obligated to say I'm not racist, some of my favorite penises have been big and black ;)

No but this is about taking a circle, and drawing it larger around many people so you can actually accomplish your goals. Let's not say white privilege, let's call it racism. And let's not wring our hands and forget about the solutions. Let's also admit two things at the same time, there are many problems with the police, and there are many problems with poverty and minority populations, and poverty has such a strong connection to crime.

Again, no one is intending it, but the messaging gets lost in identity politics. I'll give an example, my father grew up in an area polluted by toxic waste. People were having birth defects so maybe that explains me. But if you told him he was privileged from being white as he worked two jobs to put himself through college, and support his mother, he would immediately stop listening to you. I'm not saying you're not right about the whole who can jog alone thing or who can drive a nice car in a certain neighborhood, do you want to be right or you want to convince somebody and fix the problem? Maybe you all are in places where a Red Hat is not ubiquitous, maybe these aren't people you see, that you sympathize with. Because if you tell a person who is struggling, and a lot of people are, that they are privileged they are certainly going to resent you for whether or not your points were well-made or not.

But to continue the example when I have told my dad police officer should wear body cameras, at all times, not only to prevent abuse but also to protect officers when someone makes something up, he will wholeheartedly agree. So my brother who is a cop. So what you want? If you want to fix the problem, don't blame a group of people who either had nothing to do with the problem, or don't know how to fix it. The problem with groups like black lives matter, occupy Wall Street, Me Too, the tea party, is that once they have your attention they don't know what they actually wanted to do practically. And again, I'm not saying that some in those groups did not have clear concise plans that would have worked, but the messaging did not seep through to people. You can blame Fox News all you want, and no one's saying you're wrong but blaming Fox News and the people you need to agree with you doesn't help.

So I like to make the argument like this, pick a problems, advocate for a solution. When I speak about black lives matter, I'll acquiesce to the silliness of whatever talking point is out there, and simply ask about body cameras, and point out how they protect police as well as innocent citizens. When someone asks about me too, I ask about each company using aa independent and impartial investigative team so that any incident can be looked into without retaliation. Then again, I live in rural Texas, and as a young queer spent a lot of time explaining myself in clever ways to avoid conflict. But if the goal is to change someone's mind in an argument, you first have to concede that the things they thought going into the discussion did have some merit and that you understand why they think that way in order to change their mind. If you make someone feel stupid as you try and teach them, they won't learn.

But that's just my perspective, from a practical lense, I certainly don't want to diminish anyone else's suffering

Posted: 28 Apr 2020 16:46

Talk to text programs learn from voice recognition. I don't really trust mine yet because it hasn't learned words like flack, fuck, you see how that might be difficult as an erotic writer. I haven't been able read everything on this thread, I also get the sense that there's a lot of referencing to past times of trouble, so I'm just a waltz through the landmine and hope that my good intentions will not get my ass blown up.

I'm not sure how much wet markets or bushmeat or even the frozen Tyson crap that American is eat is because of choice and how much is because of poverty. Certainly some of it is convenient and lazy, but sometimes two things can be true at once. Someone can find it incredibly easy to pick out a frozen pizza and leave it in the freezer, for whenever they needed because it's cheap and lasts a long time, and they are working hard and money is tight. Also a lot of people have the tendency to make money become tight no matter what, lifestyle creep, so I don't mean to discount the whole Mo money Mo problems experience that a lot of Western countries have.

Also, meat taste really good. That's just the facts, I mean there aren't a whole lot of meats that are trying to present themselves as vegetable flavored…

I'll speak for the meat eating crowd as someone who is trying to go vegetarian then vegan for health reasons, I think the best argument in their favor is the fact that meat eating has been a very important part of human survival since the beginning. You can make an argument that the way that we do it now is not sustainable or ethical. However weighing the lives of animals versus the lives of people is an interesting counterpoint. I'm sure that there is a more sustainable option than having dairy farms or whatever, and I'm sure that the vegans have that all mapped out, because they are very knowledgeable and very communicative. That's a nice way of saying you know how you know someone's a vegan…

Because they'll tell you

oh my God, what have I become? ;)

I tease, but maybe instead of being like oh God gross they eat bats. We might also ask, do they want to eat bats? And, are bats particularly good? Why do any of us eat anything, it's not like any of us figured out a hamburger or grapes, or whatever. There's a cultural aspect to it as well, because eating is such an essential part of human existence. Of course, it's not racist or culturally insensitive to say doing this thing is bad for health reasons, stop doing it. But I think it's important not to scold, if you assume the worst intentions about the person that you're talking to, you can never convince anybody of anything.

Which brings me to the whole Joe Biden versus Bernie Sanders thing. Look, cards on the table I don't like Joe Biden a whole lot, I didn't like Obama, I didn't like Bush, I did really like John McCain, but then again he was tortured on my behalf. And he stopped that trump care bill. That made me really proud of that man. And yeah, I would vote for either one of those people over Trump. And I have always held that not voting abdicates your civic responsibility. Personally, the thought of the country being run by a man that very often makes no sense when he talks is deeply disturbing. Unfortunately, this is true for Biden or Trump. But I'd rather go with the man who is not actively out causing harm. I don't know that Biden won't cause harm himself, actually I do know for a fact that no matter who you elect they will fall short of what they promised, and most certainly make mistakes that do really harm people. It's all a matter of degree. I certainly know that I've supported some kinky, weird politicians before when things didn't seem to matter so much.

But Democrats, and for the moment I am one until someone better comes along, gotta stop tearing each other apart from the inside. I've been on the other side, I'm surrounded by them out here in Texas, they don't think the government can do anything right. But even the trump people, most of them have reservations about him, they apologize for him sure, but they don't want to take anyone's healthcare away, some of them legitimately think that if you got rid of a lot of the red tape around the healthcare industry it would be less expensive. I think they exaggerate some things, but there's no doubt there is some validity to the cost of malpractice suits, insurance, the vast bureaucracy, etc. Yes that is an argument for Medicare for all, but there are difficulties in the transition, wait times and the problems just in switching even if it did cost less, which is no guarantee because people might use more if it wasn't paid.

I guess what I'm trying to say, and I do apologize for meandering, is that it's much better to assume the good intentions of everyone and then argue the merit of your proposal. Hey I thought for a time that the only reason someone didn't see things my way was because they were trying hard enough, but hey some smart people have different ways of solving this. So long as they have an idea to solve it talk about that not who would've voted for a evil so and so because of bull ship blah blah blah

We have all either voted for someone who did something heinously bad before, or not voted when it was important at some point in our lives we will again. We have all eaten a McNugget. But right now I think all of the people that are responsible for America having the worst death toll in the world should not have jobs anymore. Let's direct all our anger towards that,register people to vote, work at a phone bank, whatever just do a little bit more than you did last time, that's all anyone can ask. I think a lot of times people are not aware of the harm that they are doing, which I guess brings it back to the wet markets. And if you just accuse them of torturing animals are being complicit in it, which no doubt we are, they have this knee-jerk back reaction. No one wants to be told mean things about themselves.

Anyways I hope you'll forgive the well-intentioned rant

Posted: 24 Apr 2020 18:07

Also this sound like a story, Freaky Friday!

Posted: 24 Apr 2020 18:06

Double Penetration.

Posted: 20 Apr 2020 19:17

Would the statement "I think the world would better with religion" be an example of the same binary thinking as "I think the world would better without religion"? And if not why not?

This is why I don't like forums as a general, I never feel I put enough effort into my work on here to really articulate a very good point. Also I'm not really looking at the forum when I'm doing this I have to open up my own text box and then just Babylon into a microphone so I'm afraid I'm knocking to be able to do that cool thing you did where you are able to take part of my argument and then superimpose it. I mean excellent tech skills I'm a dinosaur. But then again I've been disabled for five years, a lot of my stuff has to be dictated.

I think I meant firstly that if I was the first caveman ever to achieve consciousness and saw someone or something die, it wouldn't be long before I imagined what happened to that person. Where did they go? There is also so many artistic things that come out of imagining heaven or an afterlife. It's also very rare to have a society without religion. As far as agnostics being religious, or what spirituality means or any of that, I mean whatever. Words are pretty flexible in that regards, and I'm not here to make Windows into anyone's soul. There was one more thing you said God what was it, something about a binary choice that I can understand it all. Oh I get it now, what I was trying to communicate, and again my fault, is that by asking is the world better without religion, you are inviting a black-and-white comparison. If you say the world is better with religion you are saying religion is a good thing, if you say the world is worse with religion, you are saying religion is a bad thing. Or at least that's how many many people will interpret it. But it's really not that easy, in some cases religion is a good thing in some cases it's a very bad thing.

And hey yeah the Crusades and everything like that but no one seems to care that the Vikings were all about human sacrifice because their gods are just so cool. I don't know, I get it's a touchy subject but since we can't really say oh there's going to be no more religion anymore, I try and focus on making the religion better. And that's real hard because religious people are set in their ways by definition. But I think both religious and nonreligious people have a tendency of demonizing the other side to the point that it becomes counterproductive and causes the other to dig in their heels more and refuse to listen to the very reasonable things that the other side has to offer. Anyways I probably babbled enough I don't know if that made more sense or less sense I'm still trying to break in my new Dragon speak 15 so I may end up in a few of these long-winded self-indulgent rants

Posted: 19 Apr 2020 21:17

If someone tells me how to insert a photo, I'd love to share a photo of my wife naked at Hippie Hollow.

Posted: 19 Apr 2020 17:35

In order to envision a world that doesn’t have a religion I think you almost have to destroy imagination. Or have a definitive knowledge that there is absolutely nothing after death, which strikes me as powerfully sad. Then again I am a religious person so maybe that’s why I feel the need to say something certainly not to apologize for anyone religious, as a bisexual polyamorous person living openly in Texas, the church and I often take issue with each other.

I think what this amounts to is weighing up the good versus the bad, which in itself is problematic. Yes, atheists never went on Crusade, declared a holy war, and we can argue about what kind of thinking atheists or agnostics are responsible for, or how responsible any person whether it’s Marx or Jesus has for the actions. But it’s wrong to blame a book or an idea for the actions of others. Ideas do not harm people, it’s their implementation. That may seem like a poor distinction, but I think people should be able to read whatever they want without worrying about the spread of dangerous ideas. And wasn't a lot of the work here considered dangerous once upon a time?

I don’t think any reasonable person can discount the amount of good that religion has done for individual people throughout the course of human history or the tremendous harm. Rather than wave it to you to determine whether God is good or bad, I think it’s better to focus on praising the good that comes from God, and denouncing the bad. I think that’s the problem with thinking in binary terms, even though it’s easier. I think this transcends into a lot of other issues, where we say things like cops are heroes or black lives’ matter instead of both at the same time. Let’s make the rather than debate about what we can change and should do, instead of polarized, black or white, good or bad.

Let’s also not forget the amount of learning and education originally given to religions of all sorts. That may seem like a copout, but going far back as Mesopotamia the reason why priests got to spend all their time learning in writing was because of the idea that this would have an influence on the crops. Obviously it didn’t at first, but eventually all of that reading and writing grew into a more understanding and scientific view of the world. Very slowly. Few rulers even today fund science or education for its own sake, it’s always an exchange.

And honestly and maybe I missed this point because I couldn’t read all of the forum, sorry I’m have some difficulty with my hands. But people are out there dying, and I think the thought that they could see their loved ones again is a tremendous source of comfort in these times. It’s not something I would take away from anyone, or treat in a condescending dismissive way even though I think a lot of these beliefs are misguided and damaging at times. But I don’t wish to throw the baby with the bathwater.

Sorry for the legnth I use talk to text, much love everyone.


Posted: 31 Mar 2020 15:57

Okay so questions on the parameters of this assignment and thank God for limiting me to 2500 words, can the person who is masturbating be watching someone else having sex or would that be breaking the spirit of competition?

Posted: 27 Mar 2020 14:32

There are two standards in government right now...

The Republicans have combined the Libertarian viewpoint with Christian conservatism. This means that when they fail to govern, they can simply state that government is the problem, not them...

You know, the people who control the government.

The democrats not only need a plan, but need to execute it flawlessly to avoid the backlash from the old Reagan line, government is the problem. It makes a man like Trump possible, because even the conservatives I know, agree he is bad. But it's a less is more bargain for them.

Posted: 27 Mar 2020 14:27

I used to work in an adult bookstore... ask me anything.

My wife and I sucked off a man we met on Fetlife in a booth like that. There's one in Austin we really enjoy, pretty clean, but no glory holes. My favorite one I've ever been in was in Portland, glory holes with rubber around the edges.

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