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Seduction stories involve situations that entice and lead characters astray, often consenting to sexual acts through a state of uncontrollable arousal.

A seducer will be in control of a situation through persuasion. They will usually tease through a variation of alluring elements and will tempt to win the seduced over, for their own personal gain. Acts of temptation are typically sought through heightened senses, which can include a wide variety of attractions, including visual and aural stimulation.


Meeting My Fantasy

Sexy story of what happens when two online strangers meet

I'm finally meeting you after so many months of flirting.  How shy and embarrassed I am  to meet someone I've only ever talked to online, yet I feel so comfortable as if I already know you. I know we both desperately want to fuck each other as soon as we meet, but we restrain ourselves from doing so for the sake of formality.  I play guide and show you around some scenic spots on the...Read On

Recommended Read

The Jared Chronicles: Jared Teaches a Lesson - Part 1

School-teacher Sylvia bumps into a sexy ex-student - Jared Morgan.

The Devil’s Rejects were ten minutes into their set, before Sylvia Steele recognised her former student Jared. By that stage her second Black Russian was seeping its way through her bloodstream and her body was swaying rhythmically with the band. Her gaze had strolled over the lead guitarist’s tightly-muscled body several times before she made the connection. “Oh my god. That’s Jared Morgan!”...Read On


Addickted to Trouble

Katherine has seen her share of trouble in life. Now, she's on the mend. Or so she thinks.

Garden of Eden Therapy Center: "And remember, it works if you work it. Say it with me, everyone. It works if you work it. It works if you work it. It works if you work it...." As the chanting grew in decibel level, Katherine gently massaged her temples and fought the overwhelming urge to run out the doors or punch someone in the face or do both. After the meeting ended, she trudged...Read On


So Sweet... So Perverse

The gown was white but her soul was tinged with lust...

His hand slipped easily into hers as they sped off into their future. The chapel bells still could be heard in the distance and the sky was the most beautiful blue that either of them had ever seen. Rosalie still had her long and overly intricate wedding dress on. She loved the way she looked and felt in it. They had intended on keeping the wedding cheap and simple. Her mother had taken...Read On


"Hi. This is Miranda."

Your dream girl will be with you in a moment.....

Part 1 “There isn’t enough blood in the human body for a man to both have an erection and think straight at the same time."     The woman who said that was Alex Adams, a multi-millionaire Madam and master administrator: a puppeteer of men and women alike from a simpler time when phones didn’t have cameras and everyone, generally, minded their own business because technology hadn’t...Read On


Wet #2

Staring down an unavoidable mistake.

I swear, even with the language barrier, my students here pick up the material five times the speed as the slow witted fools lining the seats in the lecture halls of home. There are things about this place that are paradise. Unfortunately I've still not really met anyone I want to date. It's probably fine. I'm not sure if I need to, though. I honestly think that my desires in that area...Read On


Getting There

Between apartments.

I took the leftover cheese, crackers, and wine back to the kitchen. There wasn’t much wine left, so I poured the remainder into my glass, then put the bottle in with the recyclables. I hummed a folk tune while I put the cheese in a baggie into the fridge and the crackers in a baggie in the pantry. I had done what I could to get and keep Steve’s attention. If I could get him to lead for the...Read On


The Sunday Afternoon Bar Chick

An unbelievable true story . . .

It was a last Sunday afternoon. I decided to stop by a local Tex-Mex restaurant in the small city where I live, for a bit to eat. As I sat and chowed down on a bean and cheese enchilada plate, I noticed a very nice-looking blonde sitting at the bar, just a few feet away. Beside her, was a decent looking dude. They obviously knew each other, by the way they chatted. I couldn’t hear...Read On


Boss Seduces the Voluptuous Wife of a Clueless Husband

I admittedly take advantage of a vulnerable, voluptuous, lactating employee and seduce her.

My name is Thomas, but people call me Tom, and I am the owner of a medium-sized, high-tech company located in the Raleigh-Durham area, in The Research Triangle of North Carolina. I was forty-two years old at the time of this story and happily married, to my wife, Megan, but I also became sexually attracted to Jennifer, my marketing director, who was thirty at the time. Jennifer, who...Read On


Letting Them In - Chapter Four The Hotel

  As Christian helped Alexi up, he motioned for Colton to pass the fluffy light blue towel hanging on the hook outside of the shower.  Colton threw the towel to Christian, who then quickly wrapped it around Alexi's shoulders.  Alexi's panting had finally started to slow down and she looked from Christian to Colton, unsure of what to do or what to say.  She wanted to ask them a...Read On


Letting Them In- Chapter 2 Reporting for Duty

The next day, Alexi arrived at the office with a coffee in hand.  Having her own coffee was a good way to reject anyone's offer to grab a coffee so she always brought her own.  Before she could settle in, a knock was made against her office door.   "Please come in," Alexi said loudly. The door opened and entered Christian and Colton, well-groomed and smart looking.  The two stepped inside...Read On


Letting Them In - Ch.1 The Merger

Can twin brothers convince a career focused woman to be theirs?

  Alexi rifled through her tote to check that she had brought her business cards and the portfolio containing the details of the merger between Redcon Inc and Ritter Global.  Satisfied that she hadn't forgotten anything, she grabbed a mint from the container she kept in her car's cupholder and popped it into her mouth while checking to see that her dress shirt was buttoned up all the way to...Read On


Warren And Gail - Part One

He hits his favorite bar, meets Gail and they go to her place.

"The Bar," was really just that, a bar in a no-frills neighborhood joint populated by a young, knowledgeable in-group making the late-night scene. Historically, it was a converted blacksmith shop, located in New York's Financial District. The actual bar was small, patrons clustered around tables that held clam fritters and other appetizers. The drinks were expensive and more than covered...Read On

Recommended Read

My Night With Yana

Young man on college assignment has an enticing encounter with an older woman...

Standing up from the hotel dining table, I wondered how an unworldly nineteen year old like me could ever find the courage to chat up a woman like the beauty looking so composed at a nearby table. In a dark blue, button-up summer dress, revealing shapely tanned shoulders, and emphasising a cosy looking bosom, she was beyond my wildest dreams. I took a walk along the coast, enjoying...Read On


Ray And Jade Have A Romantic Day Together

  Ray and Jade had been talking over the Internet for about six months. They had started off talking about things that they liked, they found out that although Ray was older by fifteen years, it did not seem to matter though. Gradually the conversation turned towards the subject of sex. How did they like it, what did and didn't they like, what positions did they like best, were they just after...Read On


Midnight Train to Berlin

Romance novel gets me in the mood to seduce two businessmen on the train to Berlin.

I had taken the red-eye flight so many times between L.A. and Boston that when I finally had an opportunity to take a business trip to London and had to be in Berlin the following day for a meeting with the marketing director of our Germany office, I jumped at the chance to take the train and actually see the countryside. I didn't want my boss to worry so typed out a quick text: "Hey...Read On


Ultimate Pleasures

Luke has always had a crush on Angela. He's traveled to the US from Ireland to meet her

Late Saturday evening Angela's phone buzzes. She reads the text and it's from Luke. "Angela, I'm coming to America." I was so shocked and immediately responded to his message. "When, where, details please!" Minutes went by, another thirty minutes, then an hour. I set my phone down and went about my evening. I was getting sleepy, and went to my lingerie drawer, pulling out a red satin...Read On


An Alluring Night in Paradise

The essence of passion occurs on a stormy night.

The rain came down outside the bedroom window. Rhythmic and soothing, droplets caressing the night. Melodic and continuous, the falling rain licked the evening away. Candles flickered in the darkness, vaguely illuminating the room. A bottle of wine and two empty glasses sat on the bedside table. Clothes were strewn around carelessly. The bed they lay in was filled with escalating...Read On


Seduction At The Cove

Two strangers meet on a private beach and tease each other to the point where they lose control

The searing midday sun cast a golden gaze over proceedings, as Adam ambled down the sandy path. In the distance the horizon shimmered, wilting in the intense heat. An odd wispy cloud stretched out like a slight blemish on the pristine azure sky. He gazed out upon the majestic Mediterranean waters. The cove covered less than two hundred metres, enclosed on either end by steep...Read On


Surprised And Seduced

Debra shocks and surprises him during a break at work meeting.

Once a year or so, my company sent us to an all-company meeting where we talked about where things were now, and what plans we had for the upcoming year.  As my colleagues and I arrived, I immediately saw Debra whom I’d known for many years and always been somewhat infatuated with.  As soon as I saw her, she smiled this sexy smile that immediately brought back many thoughts of how sexy she...Read On

Audio version available

For Sissies - Being My Sissy

Me talking about you being my sissy lover

I enjoy making audio for a variety of interests. Enjoy, darling... About Being My Sissy - Just me talking to you about being my pretty sissy lover.   ...Read On


Meeting Super-man

She meets the new super... and finds him a super-man!

"Damn this slow sink!" Ashton said, stomping her foot as if that would hurry up the draining water. Ashton was already having a bad day, and a slow draining bathroom sink wasn't helping matters. She had gone to a party the night before and came home only to pass out on her bed without setting the alarm clock to wake her the next morning. And now she was running late for an important meeting...Read On


Turn On

She knew what he wanted and she provided it.

Felicity Baker grasped her glass and raised it to her lips. She was staring intently the bar area and after a while smiled at her husband who was sitting next to her. “What do you reckon, the young guy on the left, or the older one on the right?” Felicity waited for his reply. It came after some thoughtful consideration. “The older guy, you may as well earn your reward,” her husband told...Read On

Recommended Read

The Jared Chronicles: Jared's Roller Coaster - Part 2

Libby's game backfires - as Jared rocks her world.

Story so far: Sweet-natured Libby has had her carnival crush Jared stolen from her by fair-weather friend Sasha. When the shameless carny starts to hit on her while still dating Sasha, Libby decides to teach them both a lesson - by dressing to kill at a Halloween costume party. But does she know exactly who she's dealing with in Jared? “Go on, you look fabulous in that. You know it,”...Read On


Seduit (Seduced)

I fancied the barman and so did Jacqui. He really didn't stand a chance.

We spent the morning playing with Jacqui’s toys. Among my favourites were the double dildos because we could enjoy them together and see the effect we were having on each other. The expression on her face as she came, again and again. The smile on her face as I came, again and again. Finally, arm in arm, we climbed into that wonderful bath, feeling the little jets of water playing on...Read On


Just One Look

Two strangers meet at a party, then meet in a hotel room all alone

  It was a beautiful, warm, dry evening in Santa Fe.  I found myself wondering once again whether there could possibly be anything wrong with the place.  Of course, I’d only been there for a week, but the city had certainly made a good impression on me. I live in Dallas and work for a rather successful consulting firm.  My specialty is, for want of a better term, “automated...Read On


Seduction 101 Part 1

An upperclassmen teaches Melissa the art of seduction.

It seemed like I had known her for years, not just months and I was determined to finally get her into my bed tonight. The timing was perfect as my roommate had gone home for the weekend, so I had the suite to myself. I was standing behind this red-headed beauty with my arms wrapped around her. My hands covering hers, guiding them as we bent over the pool table. "Now just pull back on the...Read On


A Most Fortuitous Event

My sister’s houseboat on Lake Mead was a ninety-minute drive, through Vegas traffic from my job on the strip. Finally getting away for a well-earned vacation, the marina was far out where the sky blazed with stars, the spiral arms of the Milky Way spun overhead. The lake air was always a bit cooler and driving a quiet road with the top down in my tired old convertible was still a thrill.  I...Read On


A Most Dangerous Game: Frank

A grad student and a cop. What could possibly go wrong?

A most dangerous game: Frank It’s a poor excuse, but I was ‘On the rebound’. Well, maybe not. Rebounding suggests bouncing back --   after my divorce it wasn’t a bounce, it was more like a splat.  Three years earlier I abandoned my own grad studies to work so we’d have a reasonable standard of living while my new husband finished at Harvard Law. He graduated, passed the bar exam and started...Read On


Seduced by the Secretary of the Boss

enjoying the control of a gorgeous older woman

It was a big promotion when I was appointed Executive Assistant to the CEO of the oil company. They gave me an office on the management floor. It had only a door to the CEO’s secretary’s room, and the door to his big premises was on the other side of her room. My door was always open, and his was closed because he also had a door to the hallway. The secretary Barb was a tall woman in her...Read On

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