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Just your normal guy that likes a good story. I love to write. I have other main stories that I like to write but erotica is becoming a favorite. I like to have fun and chat. Nothing serious just fun. If you want to leave pictures or gifs on my profile I prefer straight sexual content. Preferably interracial. Large breasts are also a great add on. Thank you.

Alistair Sutherland
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17 Mar 2020 23:02
I love to play video games. Mainly sports games on the console and MMOs on the PC. I also love football season.

I like to write mainly interracial stories. Most of my stories include reality-based themes. Although I like to write some fantasy themes from time to time. I like to write what comes naturally to me, something I hope readers can relate too.

Most of the female characters are well beyond the normal or average range of being busty, or top heavy.
Favorite Books:
I mostly like to read fantasy books like Lord of the Rings, but I also like some sci fi. One of my favorites is the Dragonlance series.
Favorite Authors:
J.R. Tolkien by far is my favorite.
Favorite Movies:
The Matrix will always be a favorite of mine. Not the other two to follow it. But the very first one.
Favourite TV Shows:
I love Sci Fi movies and shows. I am a big Stargate fan. I also like comic heroes, like the Flash and Arrow. But I also like fantasy shows like Game of Thrones. So basically I am all over the place.
Favorite Music:
I am all over the place with my music selection. But right now I like

Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
Deuce- America
The Weekend- In the Night
In this moment- Big Bad Wolf

Like my movies, my music is all over the place.


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17 Mar 2020
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Posted: 05 Feb 2020 04:41

Tried to stay out of it, but couldn't. FIRST - If you truly thought he was going to get impeached then sorry to burst your bubble, it would have never happened. Just facts, nothing personal or anything like that, it just wasn't going to happen.

Why? Why should they change their minds about him? What did he do wrong? Other than speak out of his ass? Most true supporters know he can't speak for shit, but that is not why they like him or support him, he does what he says, and says what is on his mind, be right, wrong or otherwise. So why should they stop? I know many drumpf (not offending him, but that's his families real name and I have been using it since he went against Vince McMahon in WWE and I won't stop using it) supporters here in NC,SC,TN and VA as well as other states and most of them say the same thing. If it was purely based on the things that came out of his mouth they wouldn't support him because sometimes he sounds like a dumb ass.

I don't get the whole Conservative against Liberal thing, I really don't, from my travels both parties want the same thing, yes there is different ways of going about it but why the constant barrage of insults? High school name calling and the if you don't agree with me, you're against me mentality? What are you five? Anytime I see these insults I think of my nephew who is six when he said he was angry at a friend because the friend liked someone he didn't. That's what ALL of you sound like, so what? You're a liberal and you don't like drumpf guess what? He WILL be re elected for another four, then someone from the democratic side will WIN, wait it out. If you're a conservative YOU WON! Stop going backward and saying what Hilary did or Obama did, so the F what? YOU WON! That is like a NASCAR driver winning then whining about the cars behind him that lost, they don't! Nod your heads accept the victory and move on.

The biggest problem is the media and I mean ALL media! ALL OF THEM!! Not one of them is non biased, and that is a fact not fake news. By the way when someone says fake news they might as well put pig tails in their hairs revert back to being a ten year old and say liar, liar, pants on fire! ALL news is fake! Just real to the ones that like that channel. Gone is the day where the facts are given and not the stations opinion. I get it, all the stations and papers have a client base and they will lose money if they don't promote news and ideas that are forward thinking for their "clients", but saying another is guilty of doing the exact same thing they are doing is plain hypocritical.

In closing I will once again say what my History teacher said a long time ago. The main job of the POTUS is take the blame or praise of the people of the country. Sometimes you are the pigeon and other times you are the statue. This time round the Libs are the statue and the Cons are the pigeons. It is PHYSICALLY impossible to please EVERYONE in the United States. He is doing exactly what his party and the people that voted him in wanted him to do. If the Dems want him out they will need to put a much better effort of coming up with someone that can rise above EVERYTHING and stop with this childish notion of impeachment and bringing him down. All it does is make people turn to his side. All you have to do is look at his approval ratings since he got in. EVERY TIME they do something stupid it goes up. Stop!

As for what it would take for me to like him. I haven't liked any of them, not one. I don't like the whole thing, every part of it is BULLSHIT! Why support it? If the Dems get in they will spend four years or more undoing what he has done, then if the Reps get in they will spend time just un doing that and it just goes back and forth. So what's the point? When they can sit down and stop with the arguing, the constant need to one up each other and get down to putting the best of the country forward TOGETHER and saying F U! To all the negative people of this country. THEN I will say I like one of them.

Anyway that's my opinion on the matter. It doesn't mean anything or shouldn't mean anything to anyone else but me, and it can't be changed.

Posted: 06 Nov 2019 06:01


Posted: 28 Oct 2019 16:27

A nice smile

Posted: 28 Oct 2019 16:21

It should be intended for an adult audience, whatever it is you're promoting.

Would you like to PM me and I'll take a look?

I'm sure it would be fine. Sprite has her "Knit your own underwear" eBook advertised here.

It is a fantasy-based story there is no adult theme to it as of yet. Unless you count chopping off heads as an adult? I just wanted to ask before I did something against the rules.

Posted: 27 Oct 2019 05:43

Does the E book have to be erotic to be self promoted here?

Posted: 16 Oct 2019 14:50

I get burnt out often, that's why I write other stories that have no sex in them at all. Usually I can write two or three chapters of them and then I feel like writing erotica again. If I really don't feel like writing a sex scene I usually go the easy route by writing that they went to the room or the character got out a sex toy and then leaving it up to the readers to fill in the blanks as they may. They are categories for those situations.

Posted: 10 Oct 2019 02:34

The same thing it would mean if she said she only dates white men or any other race.

Posted: 23 Aug 2019 09:48

What about Porn Stars? I have seen a few stories where Porn Stars are actually in the story, full name, body and everything. Are they allowed because they are already in the so called "biz" or is that a no?

I know you can't reference a famous person, but I am sure we can say our character looks like Rachel Green from that popular sitcom, or is that still a no, because again I have seen that type of description used many times. We aren't saying the character IS Rachel Green, but her outward appearance is similair.

Just clearing a few things up for a future story I am trying to write without breaking any rules.

Posted: 07 Aug 2019 09:42

I am drawn to bigger women.

Posted: 05 Aug 2019 13:55

I know I might be going out on a limb, but I would like to read more stories with women with extreme bust sizes. They aren't that many and I know some look down on them because of the nature of the beast (some people don't like big boobs). Just my two cents.

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Change Happens Part Three: Working Hard

"No," I said as I lay on the floor of my shared office space. Liz, the other trainer that shared the office space with me stared down at me. "Why don't you just get them reduced?" she asked. I shook my head. On days like these, I wanted to get these monstrosities torn off my chest. "Believe me, right now, I want to," I said, shaking my head. But I knew the moment I went to the office to...

Added 15 Mar 2020 | Category Love Stories | Views 403 | 5 Comments

Life Gets Better

The rhythmic bumping on the wall between his room and his roommate's had forced him out into the living room. It was no better out here, he turned the volume on the game console up. But it did nothing to mask the loud screaming and moaning of his best friend. He sighed and turned the game off, surrendering back to his room where all he could hear was the bumping of the wall. He looked over...

Added 14 Nov 2015 | Category Interracial | Views 16,298 | 7 Comments

Life Gets Better Part Two: The New Roommate

  Brian looked down at Stacy. He couldn't believe he might be fucking these huge tits for the last time. The two of them had a good thing going on between them for these past three months. They both had decided not to put a label on their relationship. Instead, they just enjoyed each others company, as well as fucking each other to the point of exhaustion.   All of that would have to was...

Added 30 Apr 2016 | Category Interracial | Views 11,271 | 3 Comments

Life Gets Better Part 3: Night Out With The Girls

"You're so lucky," one of Brian's friends said to him as they sat drinking a beer at their local bar. "Well I don't feel lucky," Brian said taking another sip of his beer. He had just gotten fired. He knew it was coming. After all the things that had been happening in his life, he was aware that it was in the cards. "Yeah, about that," the friend said. "Sorry." "I don't blame you at...

Added 31 Oct 2016 | Category Voyeur | Views 8,802 | 5 Comments

Life Gets Better Part 4: The Unexpected

Amanda sat on the couch as Brian cleared his throat. He began to tell her the events that had happened to start with getting into the car. He told her how he carried her up the stairs. Then he told her about the conversation with Rebecca. "Well," Amanda shrugged as she sat back. She tilted the bottle up as she took a swig of the water. "I will have to say she was both right and wrong." ...

Added 23 May 2017 | Category Bisexual | Views 6,320 | 5 Comments

Game Day

The four of us took our seats at the stadium, we hardly ever got out together anymore. We were high school friends. Back in the day we were inseparable. But with new lives, families and jobs we hardly ever got to say hi, let alone get together so when Howard sent a group email that said he had tickets to a home football game. We all made plans to get that day off. Terrence was the leader of...

Added 27 Nov 2015 | Category Interracial | Views 10,191 | 1 Comment

Closing the store

Being an assistant store manager had itups and downs. It's good times as well as it's bad times, tonight was one of those bad times. It was my turn to be the closing manager, which meant I had many things to do, with not enough time to do them. Case in point the grocery truck had come a few hours later than scheduled. Which had started a cascade of bad things to follow, the main problem was...

Added 16 Apr 2016 | Category Interracial | Views 9,730 | 1 Comment

Best Friend's Girl Part 1

"Shit!" I said quickly getting out of bed. I was late, well technically I was still early for work, but with all the other things I wanted to do today. I was running a bit late. Quickly springing out of bed I gathered my morning work out bag then headed for the shower. As usual it was locked. "Dammit Chris!" I yelled at my roommate. He was always holding up the bathroom for hours on end. ...

Added 14 Dec 2015 | Category Interracial | Views 22,953 | 4 Comments

Best Friends Girl Part 2

It has been just over six months now since Chris walked out. I would like to say it has been for the best and that we had worked things out. But that would be a lie. Chris moved back to Florida, for a while he had moved back in with his mom, but then he found a new girlfriend then moved out with her. Roxy, his ex girlfriend, moved out of the apartment two weeks after Chris had left. I see...

Added 13 Jan 2016 | Category Interracial | Views 14,632 | 1 Comment

Best Friend's Girl Part 3

Chris sat on the floor, just outside the door of his new job. He flicked the cigarette he had just finished into the far corner of the parking lot, then took a deep breath then went back inside. The mail room was as busy as he had left it. "Finally back from your break huh?" his boss shouted at him. The moment he came back inside, Chris hated him. He wanted to punch the small fat man in...

Added 12 May 2016 | Category Interracial | Views 8,784 | 1 Comment

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Friidian, a high Mage from the Magical place of Heavstat, has a vision of the future, a future that he now takes upon himself to prevent. He leaves on a journey to start a war with the human race. A fight he must win, or the humans will destroy everything in front of them including the other races....

Humans have always thought of themselves as the dominant species on their planet and even maybe in their solar system. Close to civil war and on the brink of a third world war, an alien species visits Earth and gives all humans an ultimatum. Join an extensive collection of alien races or face...

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