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I'm a queer guy, as you'll see from my stories. I like to write all sorts of stories, but especially ones with bi guys, dressing up (guys and girls, though not necessarily in the clothes you expect) and of course, autobiographical ones, as knowing people are reading and getting off on what I've done is a real turn on! I also have a thing for the under appreciated "Wet and Messy" fetish, where everyone gets covered in any kind of goo - food, mud...

For reading I like a story that builds, with lots of character, emotion and plot, where the sex is hot but not necessarily the whole focus of the story. I don't have too much time to spend on here, what with having met the love of my life and all, but I do try to respond to messages and comment on stories I really enjoy.

I've been writing erotica since I was about 15, and published it independently, then on another well known erotica site in the early to mid 2000s, then reposted it all here when I joined in 2009, more or less in the order I wrote them. There are five more or less distinct eras of my writing:

1) Stories I wrote when I was in high school, between the ages of 15 and 17 from memory. I initially published them on a Geocities site back at the turn of the millennium, then found them later and edited them a bit to comply with another site's publication rules, and finally posted them on Lush Stories when I first joined. I am gradually going back through them, correcting some mistakes and adding cover images as I do so, but I'm not changing the actual content as they'd need a complete rewrite. I think these are unintentionally hilarious in many ways, and some are surprisingly popular with at least one passing the 30 000 views threshold to be considered "Famous" and two not far off. In (approximate) order of writing, they are: Into The Woods; Don't Tell Mum; Discovering Each Other; And His Sister Was Pretty Too; First Night Together; School's Nearly Over; Young, Free & Kinky

2) Stories written while I was at University, mainly between the ages of 20 and 22. These are longer and more detailed, a bit more mature (though some of the gender and racial politics, while I think coming from the right place, are a bit cack handed I feel), and reflect me getting a better grip on my sexuality. They were all initially published on another erotica site in the mid-2000s. My focus was mainly on sharing fantasies rather than excellent writing, but 3 out of 8 are "Famous", one is close, and the rest are in less popular categories, so they can't be too bad! I haven't yet started going back through them, but will eventually to fix the worst mistakes and add cover images. These stories are (in order first published on the other site): A Very Messy Birthday Present; Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy Part 1; Brightest Star Of All; Hot Chocolate Lover (I think I really need to change the name of this one!); French Lessons; Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy Part 2; the first to chapters of my autobiographical Webmeets Diary (another name I want to change - it's not even a word!)

3) The rest of my autobiographical Webmeets Diary, written after I returned from post-University travel, often written on the sly at my first few jobs, and posted on that other site 2006 to 2007. I went into ever greater detail as a form of exhibitionism I guess, wanting readers to be kind of watching me. I haven't gone back through these recently, eventually I will.

4) After I met my partner and first discovered Lush Stories, but before other things took me away from writing erotica (mainly work, guitar geekery, laziness and an intention to write an erotic novel for my partner which I've only just started in 2020). I moved to a more whimsical focus for these after my oversharing of the previous era. These are my two erotic fairytales Little Red-Cap and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and my long awaited (by me anyway) sequel, A Very Messy Birthday Present Returned.

5) Now. After taking a break of almost ten years from publishing, I'm hoping to slowly get back into it. I'm mainly concentrating on themes my partner is not into, but also trying to improve my writing for the stories I produce for her eyes only, so trying to enter as many competitions as I can as an exercise - sure, winning would be nice but I'm not going to be sad if I don't. In writing terms (though not publishing terms) I started with a kind of bridge story between this and the 3rd era in the form of my autobiographical 3 parter "A Meeting I Tried To Forget", but then I discovered the competitions, and have entered two so far. These stories will naturally appear at the top of my story list below, so I won't list them separately.

I'm not here to have cybersex or anything - apart from anything else, I don't have the time! If I request to add you as a friend it's purely because I like your writing and/or taste in stories, or something similar, and not to stalk or harass you, I promise.

I welcome feedback on my writing style. There seems to be a Lush Stories etiquette of not being too critical in comments, but I won't be upset if your are, or want to send more detailed criticism via message to not seem mean, I'm here to improve after all. I will eventually respond to anyone who messages me or is kind enough to leave a comment, but I have kids so may not always have time to do so straight away, please don't take offence at my slowness.

I also welcome commendations for stories my partner might like: any gender combinations are fine, but no pee, excessive pain, huge amounts of cum, or overly muscular men. Very sensual writing is great though, and a bit of light bondage.

You can also recommend stories for me (yours or someone else's). I'm open to try any category, but obviously have limited time, so tend to focus on: long epics, particularly fantasy, high school stories, stories with bisexual guys, pegging, wet and messy, bukkake, and group sex. I also make a point of reading at least three stories from anyone who messages me or comments on one of stories, and when I find an author I really like, I read everything they put out regardless.

If you recognise the reference in my username, it's as a constant warning/reminder to myself NOT to be the Star Bellied Boy in the song... And because I love Bikini Kill.

If you've got this far, thank you for reading! For privacy reasons, I have changed three things on my profile from reality: name, birthday (the year is correct), and location (I grew up in the UK but left permanently after University). Overly paranoid I'm sure, but it helps me feel more comfortable discussing and writing on here, so there it is. Friends can ask for the real details of it really matters to them.

Jack Carter
he/him (most of the time)
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In a Relationship
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15 Jul 2020 20:29
Reading, guitar, computers, food, travel, sex... the list goes on.
Favorite Books:
Harry Potter series
Crime and Punishment
Lord of the Rings
Game of Thrones
Vampire Chronicles
Every single Discworld book
... lots of others
Favorite Authors:
Anne Rice
Favorite Movies:
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Fight Club
Kill Bill
Inglourious Basterds
Boys Don't Cry
The Godfather
All Sergio Leone's movies
the 70s porn parody of Alice in Wonderland (it's actually quite good, with a plot, humour, and songs!)
Favourite TV Shows:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Sopranos
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Goodness Gracious Me
Favorite Music:
Bikini Kill, obviously
Also most metal, the more extreme the better
Music that's obviously written under the influence of psychotropic drugs - I've never taken them but like to experience them vicariously.
Classic and non-mainstream hip-hop (Wu-Tang forever!)
Ultra weird disturbing shit that gives you nightmares but that you can't stop listening to e.g. Lingua Ignota


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Posted: 15 Jul 2020 01:15

Engel - Rammstein

Posted: 01 Jul 2020 07:47

This is my first time entering a competition.

The contest rules tickled my fancy: (paraphrasing here) incorporate theme(s) and color(s) into a story.

“Great!” I thought and starting typing up a frenzy.

As I wrote in MS Word, I had these other characters I totally thought I could add and explain. Then I remembered the last contest rule.


* Uh-oh *

<img src="/images/emoticons/confused1.gif" alt="confused1">

The word count increased , I got increasingly nervous, and then I conceeded that I had to ditch the other characters since they weren’t central to the story.

Oddly enough, that actually helped me focus on what was essential and what wasn't.

Completely unintentionally, I guess I have to thank the “Rainbows” Story Competition creators for being secondary editors.

I’m somewhat unreasonably proud of this story, even if it doesn’t win any awards. I hope others like it, but I’m going to like it regardless.

I want to encourage anyone who’s never entered a competition here or anywhere else to give it a shot.

You might surprise yourself.

<img src="/images/emoticons/book1.gif" alt="book">

I'll second that - this is only the second competition I've entered and if nothing else it works really well as an exercise to improve your writing. My first draft was over 5000 words... Just don't read the other entries until you submit yours, I'm glad I didn't or I wouldn't have been motivated to write.

Mine could have gone in either the Trans or Gay Male category... so I put it in the Outdoors one instead. I figured the tags point out the other aspects for those who have some preference for or objection to them.

Posted: 04 Jun 2020 22:16

Yes, the first woman I had sex with was in front of her husband after he'd just fucked me for twenty minutes while she filmed! They were abut 30 years older than me and liked younger guys, I was happy to oblige... Met with them a few times, and with some other couples both mixed and gay male, generally I was having sex with the guy but occasionally the woman. And a few group sessions, which were fun.

Sadly those days are behind me as my current partner is not in any way exhibitionist or interested in adding others to the mix. I sort of miss it, but that's life, sometimes you have to give some things up to keep what you truly love.

Posted: 03 Jun 2020 17:35

Here is a Feeldoe/Realdoe review. I am a little loose at times to be able to hold a doe well. I love to be fisted. I can hold one and make it work, but it doesn't always feel secure. My girlfriend has no such problem, she is able to fuck my pussy and my arse, satisfying us both. I am sure your wife will find the doe much better for her than a harness, and you may find it better too.

I also recommend Vaseline. Put it on the doorknob so the kids can't get in.

Belated thanks for that review - we'll certainly give it a try. I do wonder if maybe we shouldn't have started with the largest size though, it feels pretty heavy! I love them big though so....

Also, good Vaseline trick, sadly they're at an age where not being able to come in would result in screaming rather than going off to do something else, and having your children scream is a big turn off (as well as the parental instincts being stronger than the libido...)

Posted: 03 Jun 2020 16:59

i have to admit, i have never watched any. now i'm curious. :)
Oh, there are some good ones. It was inevitable that someone would eventually come up with "boykkake", I mean, I couldn't be the only guy wishing I was the one kneeling on the floor in those clips. I'm still waiting for someone to fill the niches of cross dressing bukkake and bi-couple bukkake though...

Posted: 03 Jun 2020 16:39

Gay male. Two cocks for the price of one.
Just wait til you see gay bukkake porn...

Posted: 03 Jun 2020 16:02

Yes, have a few times, it was good for me but the strap on set we had wasn't too comfortable for her to wear, and the attachments turned out to by crap as after a year the main dildo felt weird and oily, and both it and the "realistic" extra one we got had developed a really off-putting chemical smell, so I through them out. I got some silicone replacements, which are lasting well, but we haven't used them with the strap yet - it's the Vac-U-Lock system, so we have a handle base and a suction cup base....

We did buy a Feeldoe "strapless strapon", but then had kids before we could try it and haven't managed to make the time where there would be no interruptions since, unfortunately. In theory it should be alot more comfortable for her, so hopefully we'll use it more.

Posted: 03 Jun 2020 15:55

Before, yes, and yes even if it was being live-streamed to the world. And I did, it was great (OK, I didn't live-stream it, but the sucking cock part). Now, my partner would need to give me permission, I think I'd feel pretty crappy afterwards if I did it behind her back even if she never found out...

Posted: 03 Jun 2020 01:58

Yes, back in the mid-2000s, so just missed out on the wonders of smart phone apps by had alot of fun anyway. I've published a whole series of stories about my experiences, but here's some things I learnt regarding safety, fun casual meetings, and meetings with a more romantic intent.

• Always meet in a busy public place like a train station, at least the first time (I always did this)
• Tell someone you know and trust where you're going etc. and have done way of checking in. You don't have to tell them the details, day is to buy something if you don't want to say it's a date or whatever (I never did this - I was lucky and had no problems)
• Don't be ashamed to back out if you feel uncomfortable
• Remember that just because you (or those you're meeting) discussed something in chats or your profile, doesn't mean you have consented to that forever - you can change your mind

Casual fuck meets:
• As a single guy, I found it was easiest to meet with guys (single or couples), then couples with a bi guy, then hetero couples, then single women. So naturally, most of my advice is based on meeting guys.
• Unless you are just meeting guys, don't send cock pics unless asked, don't offer to send cock pics, and don't have then prominently on your profile. If you are just after guys though, go ahead, sometimes a nice cock was all I needed to want to meet someone.
• Don't lie. It's annoying, apart from anything else.
• Exchange more than a couple of lines before arranging to meet. It makes it less awkward.
• There can be exceptions, but generally don't start conversations with your must complex, niche fetish fantasy. Sure, you want to dress as a school girl, be spanked, fisted and your elbows sucked (I'm sure someone does) but unless their profile puts those high up the list, maybe keep that suggestion for after you've met a couple of times - it's actually more likely to be realised then.
• Have a drink when you first meet, but guard it and don't get drunk.
• Respect boundaries set by people. A few couples with bi guys mentioned that quite a few guys they meet with claiming to be bi just seemed to be interested in the woman, even though they'd days she would just be watching...
• Don't be too picky on physical appearance and age - I started off trying to only met with young guys my age, but of course we were all as reluctant to host as each other. Once I accepted slightly older guys it was much easier. And when I accepted an advance from a much older couple (30 years older), it led to a really hot meeting that totally changed my attitude. If your not sure, have a few wanks thinking about them, and the prospect might grow in you.
• If you a guy trying to meet with women, don't act offended when they don't respond, say no thanks, or back out. They get inundated with requests, they can't respond to everyone even if they to. You might be being rude without meaning to. Also there's the misogynist violence is sadly still very present in society, so many are understandably weary. If you also may with guys you might want a separate profile - not too hide your sexuality, but because we generally seem to look for different things.

Meeting for romance:

I didn't have any luck with this, but then I didn't try very hard. I did make a couple of penpals, which was nice. I also made quite a few friends through political sites, and one very good friend that came very close to being romantic via a band fan site. Based on that I'd say you're more likely to find romance through a special interest site or Facebook group than a dating website, but people are different, so...

Posted: 20 May 2020 01:08

Yes, enthusiastically, and have done so back in my single days...

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Campfire Revelations

“Sorry, lads, duty calls,” Danny said, flashing his cheeky grin and swinging a small backpack over his shoulders. “Those arses aren't going to fuck themselves!” “They might just fuck each other,” I pointed out. This ridiculous banter had been going on for most of the trip from Birmingham to our campsite in the Lake District. It was exhausting, but I found it impossible to stop with Danny....

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The Mercy of Schoolgirls

I should never have listened to Peter. First he had landed us in detention – sixteen and still being held back to write lines! Now, with only a vague explanation, he had led us from our boys' grammar school, through a gap in the fence to the girls’ one next-door – if you’re unfamiliar with this British term, to attend a grammar school you don’t pay, just pass a test. I had to follow him –...

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A Meeting I Tried To Forget (Part 1)

Let me begin by giving you an idea of who I am, or rather who I was at the time the following events took place. My name is Jack – well, it's not, but that is what I use for these accounts, my real name is a bit too uncommon to give me the comfort of anonymity if I were to use it. I was nineteen, two months into my second year of university in Birmingham (the UK one, if you haven't guessed...

Added 03 May 2020 | Category First Time | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,188 | 2 Comments

A Meeting I Tried To Forget (Part 2)

Dave had gone to the bathroom leaving me on my knees in the hotel room, methodically wiping his cum into my mouth before it dried. He was the older man I, a nineteen-year-old male student, had met on an adult dating site to take my virginity, and we were about to go out to dinner. I had just given the first blowjob of my life, ending with a large load of spunk on my face, which was hot,...

Added 06 May 2020 | Category First Time | Votes 2 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 1,111 | 1 Comment

A Meeting I Tried To Forget (Part 3)

Dave had just taken my anal virginity with a long, hard, bareback fuck. He was about fifteen years my senior – I was nineteen at the time – and I had met him online. We had settled down in bed in a spooning position, his arm around me, and I was starting to drift off to sleep. Except, I couldn't. At first, I could not work out why I kept being jerked back to wakefulness. After the third...

Added 08 May 2020 | Category First Time | Votes 3 | Avg Score 4.33 | Views 1,308

Webmeets Diary Ch. 01

Note to the reader: In this diary I will tell the true stories of my sexual encounters that have come about thanks to the internet. Some more precise details such as names and places will be left out to protect mine and others privacy, and also because they don't matter, but otherwise I will try to be as accurate and truthful as possible. I was nineteen when I found the site. Like most...

Added 02 Dec 2009 | Category Trans | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 13,150 | 5 Comments

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

There was once a family of three men, who were known locally as “The Three Bears” who lived in a cozy cottage in the woods where they worked as lumberjacks. There was great big, more than seven foot tall “Daddy Bear”, medium size six foot four “Uncle Bear”, and a shorter, eighteen year old “Junior Bear”. They got their name from the huge quantity of thick black body hair that covered...

Added 09 Jun 2010 | Category Group Sex | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 15,721 | 4 Comments

Little Red-Cap

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl, loved by everyone. By the women and girls because she was so kind and polite to everyone and never lost her temper, by the men because she was absolutely beautiful, with shoulder length dark brown hair, amazing green eyes, a fantastic petite body and large tits, and by the boys because of the above plus the fact that she was...

Added 24 May 2010 | Category Reluctance | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.57 | Views 14,085 | 5 Comments

Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy Part 1

"Get undressed," the pretty brunette told me, and I obeyed. She was called Jennifer, we'd met the night before at the rock nightclub, and I'd thought that she looked gorgeous in her goth make up so she invited me back to her place. It turned out that she was eighteen and still living at home, so we locked her door and did our best to keep quiet as we fucked the night away. Now it was noon,...

Added 18 Aug 2009 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 39,162 | 3 Comments

Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy Part 2

Since our first meeting had gone so well, Jennifer and I started going out together. Other than the fact that in the bedroom I was the "man" only about half the time, it was a fairly normal relationship, apart from possibly being even more open with each other about our desires. One day a couple of months after our first encounter, we were both in her room talking and listening to music. ...

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