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Steampunk is a sub-genre which incorporates technologies and designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Steampunk stories are often set in an alternative past where these retro-futuristic technologies exist within a society of Victorian values. The fashion usually incorporates traditional dress such as bustles, corsets, gowns, suits with waistcoats, and top hats. These are often accented with 'period' accessories such as timepieces, parasols, and flying / driving goggles.


Night Freight

All things in Queen Victoria's are not quite as they seem

I opened the steam valve slowly, more than two dozen freight wagons to pull, you needed to. There was a hiss of steam, then that first great chuff as the piston started to return. The sound of wagon linkages, clanking as the engine took up the slack, grew more distant. At last I was sure to have the whole train rolling. I barked at the fireman for more steam, he had only been with me a week...Read On


The Abduction of Lady Jessica

A fun, filthy steampunk romp set in an alternative London.

“Frottage, clean the sybian,” ordered Lady Jessica Featherstonehaugh as she climbed off the sex machine with a squelch and stubbed out her cigar on the aged retainer’s bald head. “Did you instruct Drummond to saddle up Rusty? I am meeting Sir Percy Cholmondeley in Hyde Park at ten.” “Yes, m’Lady, of course, m’lady,” snivelled Frottage, reaching for his handkerchief. “With your...Read On


Gothic Shores: The Adventures Of Lord Bluehurst And Saylem The Maidservant

Where Steampunk meets Gothic, Lord Bluehurst must find a consort, but the maid has other plans.

THE SHOWER OF THE LORDS The fog had rolled in for the evening and pressed against the windows of the old manor as if to incarcerate the occupants. Lord Bluehurst sat alone in his study in front of the fire, brooding. When he brooded about something, he brooded the subject into the ground. Actually, below the ground and into the bedrock was where the problem lay. The family crest, made of...Read On


Automaton Lover

Automaton lover

The year was 1887 and many scientists made headway for the betterment of mankind. Eleanor Poots looked at the clock. It was getting late and it would soon be getting dark. She stood up from her work table and took a small box of candles from the drawer. She walked around the room, putting candles in their holders and lighting them with a match. The room was soon alight with the flickering...Read On



A whore, a peddler, a city of grey things and monsters underneath...

    "You have arrived to. The Beauchamps. Residence. Welcome...Louise." Five voices, the last one her own, screeched out of the ornicab’s logophone. The dissonant message struck her with an eerie nostalgia. The ornicab’s rubber door had softly sealed against the port, and delivered her right into a familiar patio. André Beauchamps had long been her favourite guest. An ageless, lanky...Read On

Editor's Pick

Murder on the River Thames

The river may hide many secrets.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900 *****  "The Queen is Dead! Long Live the King!" What more important change than the death of a sovereign. At least, for the nation. Perhaps not for individuals. The end of the Victorian Age. The beginning of the Edwardian period. Would this country continue to be successfully powerful, or would...Read On

Recommended Read

Isle of Thorns 2: Hellbeast

In which the Kraken battles the hellbeast of the South Pacific.

The harpooner was drunk. Quinn lay passed out on the floor of his quarters, naked, stinking of sweat and cheap whiskey. The shouting of his colleagues could not rouse him, nor could their pushing and shaking. The boatswain finally left the room and returned quickly with a bucket of cold seawater, which he threw in desperation onto the motionless shape on the floor. Quinn stirred,...Read On


Clockwork Caroline

A new age of clockwork assisted body control.

Steam was King! Steam was clean, the cheap power to the masses. From the end of the nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth century, steam drove everything. And in that time, inventions were all powered by steam. Big and small, steam was there, the driving force of all industry. And along with steam came the fashions of the time, heavy calico shirts, and dresses, corsets, and trusses...Read On



He was invited a steampunk party and found it was to his liking!

Punked - a way to describe someone ripping you off, tricking you, teasing you, or making you feel foolish. My name is Daniel White and the story I'm about to relate to you occurred a couple years ago now. I had been invited to a party by a friend of mine who thought I needed to "get out and socialize a bit." You see, I had just been through a rather nasty breakup - finding my...Read On


An Engineer’s Dream

Demelza had a problem – a big problem.

Demelza was beside herself. Filled with the fear and the panic that said, quite firmly, she would never be sexually satisfied. She often sat home-alone and looked at the four walls of her semi-detached house. She never thought of herself as sexually liberated, but she craved to be satisfied. The problem was she was big. Not big in the sense of being a large woman. Big as in, her sexual...Read On

Recommended Read

Isle of Thorns 1: The Black Pearl

Her only allegiance was to the ocean, her only home the underwater seaship known as the Kraken.

The ocean raged like a wounded beast miles above them, whipped up by the violent thunderstorm passing overhead, but the tempest barely registered eight hundred fathoms beneath the surface. It certainly did not register to Tess, intent as she was on the moonlight colored pearl she held lightly between her teeth, readying herself to push it with a trembling tongue into the waiting labial lips...Read On


The Pounder

A dungeon owner invents a steam powered fucking machine.

It was 1873 and the Texas city of Sandaria had a bustling BDSM community. The most well known of the dungeons was the Yellow Rose Club run by Master Wicked X and his main submissive Sarah. Besides all the usual dungeon furniture and devices, Master X was most proud of his brand new steam powered Fucking Piston Machine, which he fondly referred to as the Pounder. He was an inventor of sorts...Read On


The Last Train Ride

  The train slowly built up speed as it started to pull away from the station, steam billowing out from the engine as the piercing sound of the whistle filled the air. Just before the end of the platform, I took one mighty leap and reached out for the rail of the platform of the parlor car.   Pulling myself over the railing, I stood for a moment and straightened out my topcoat. Upon...Read On

Steam And Stars

A foggy night in London town. Lady Emmaline Christie is traveling to her first proper society ball in a hackney carriage, accompanied by her chaperone, her Great Aunt Agatha, a sister of her grandmother's. The girl, excited, looks from the carriage to the skies above. Amid the clouds, vast Airships cruise the skies above the city. Welcome to The Age Of Steam. It's 1887, a ballroom party is...Read On

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