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I am a happily married man that found this site some time ago while looking to read erotica. I have always found reading to be much more stimulating than watching. My imagination quickly sets the scene for me while I include people from my own life. I guess that's what lead me to begin writing here, although it's been an uphill struggle.

I keep my story series grouped even if they weren't written in that order so that they're easier to follow.

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22 Mar 2020 06:12
Story writing has now become not only my escape from the pressures of daily life but also a way to live my fantasies out loud. Most of my stories have a factual base in my past or present that I've used as I allow the story to take me on its journey. I'm always amazed when a story takes an entirely different path than what I planned for it at the beginning. I'm sure that I'm not alone in that, but it confounds me nevertheless.
Favorite Books:
Jonathan Livingston Seagull - a favorite from my youth, Desperation - I read this in a day and a half and haven't been right since (lol), Thinner, The Dark Tower series - I'm stuck on the 4th book and can't seem to find the time to finish it. Several other King books and a few of Koontz's books as well.
Favorite Authors:
I'm a big Stephen King fan because I love horror stories, and he can lay out a horror story like no one else that I've read. Also, Dean Koontz.
Favorite Movies:
Star Wars - I saw the first in the theater when I was 14, over and over again (back then movies stayed in the theater much longer). I love sci-fi, action, mysteries, and a good drama.
Favourite TV Shows:
My new favorite is The Rookie. I also love Ray Donovan, Young Sheldon, and the re-runs of the Star Trek series.
Favorite Music:
I am, and always will be, a Classic Rock guy.


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25 Oct 2012
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...in her panties, until they...

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Is this the kind of fly you are talking about?

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Don't you want more than a peek?

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Is there anything else she needs held?

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Do you need something blown?

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Did you just say that to a girl with a baseball bat?

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Are you really that old? lol

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Where would you like to be nude?

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My Elder Assistant, Part Three

"Aren't you the sneaky little tart," I managed as her convulsing vagina strangled my penis. For her part, Mary just mumbled, "Yesss." I nuzzled her soft neck as we both recuperated from out mutually satisfying copulation. We held each other trading butterfly kisses for a while. As I softened and slipped from her wonderful entrance, Mary rolled off of me onto her side, facing away. "Spoon...

Added 13 Mar 2020 | Category Mature | Views 920 | 6 Comments

My Elder Assistant, Part Two

One of my many concerns going into this was whether or not Mary would be able to climax.  With that concern assuaged, another one was also alleviated.  I was worried that she would be rather dry in her nether regions.  But with the wet patch on my pants spreading, I think that we were good there.   As her climax eased, Mary began kissing my lips lovingly.  I moved my hands back to her head...

Added 06 Mar 2020 | Category Mature | Views 1,649 | 9 Comments

My Elder Assistant

Her name is Mary, and she's been my part-time assistant for over fifteen years now. Did I mention, she's twenty years my senior? Her husband had passed about six years ago, and she'd been quite active socially since then. She'd married Ron when they were both twenty and adored him every day.  Unfortunately, time does march on, and Ron's unending smoking sent him home.  Mary leaned on me a...

Added 03 Mar 2020 | Category Mature | Views 2,922 | 16 Comments

My Sister The Nurse

I grew up in a rural suburb of a major city on the east coast.  Ours was a normal family by most accounts.  We lived in a small rambler at the edge of our development.  Our family was friendly with all of our neighbors.  My sister and I were the only children of a loving couple.  We are fraternal twins, but unlike many twins, we weren't very close.  All through our childhood, my sister and...

Added 24 Feb 2020 | Category Incest | Views 4,050 | 20 Comments

The Bank Ladies

I use a local bank for my business accounts, and it's run entirely by women.  The manager, Lisa, has the body of a twenty-year-old at forty-nine.  She plays soccer Friday nights with her local soccer league and also goes to monthly tournaments.  She's been married for twenty-nine years and has two kids in college.  Even with her athleticism, she is quite a girly girl in her attire.  She...

Added 13 Feb 2020 | Category Office Sex | Views 3,128 | 15 Comments

An Unexpected Question, The Finale

The meal was fantastic, and we all had a wonderful time teasing each other's accessible parts.  The ladies kept their dresses untucked, and I kept my zipper open but covered by my napkin.  Throughout the meal, we played with each other and even caused a couple more orgasms.  The best ones were when the ladies flicked each other's clits during dessert.  Their arms were crossed in front of me...

Added 29 Feb 2020 | Category Threesomes | Views 1,110 | 5 Comments

An Unexpected Question, Part Four

Later in the day, Sharon called me to touch base.  "So, I had a few minutes between appointments and wanted to call.  I know that we all had a great time last night and this morning.  I wanted to say thank you for understanding that we needed to blow off a little steam before we talked about the particulars of our agreement.  Why don't the three of us meet for dinner at a restaurant tonight...

Added 05 Feb 2020 | Category Threesomes | Views 1,152 | 10 Comments

An Unexpected Question, Part Three

As the three of us left the office, arm in arm, Jane decided to ride with me.  I opened the passenger side for her, and she plopped down in the seat.  By the time I made it around to the driver's side door, Jane had already pulled off her dress.  As I sat in my seat and started the car, she removed her shoes and panties, leaving her completely naked.  Once nude, she moved closer and asked,...

Added 28 Jan 2020 | Category Threesomes | Views 1,977 | 10 Comments

An Unexpected Question, Part Two

Monday morning came too soon as I realized that I'd had far too much to drink last night.  After my morning workout, I showered and headed for work.  Monday mornings are always a bitch, and this one was no exception.  It wasn't until almost two o'clock that I remembered the sperm count test. I quickly called Sharon's office and got her on the phone.  "In all the talk and drink last night,...

Added 26 Jan 2020 | Category Threesomes | Views 1,783 | 11 Comments

An Unexpected Question

Would you help my wife and I have a child? This question came from a customer of mine that also happens to be my Doctor.  Sharon and I have been friends for many years but travel in different circles, so we don't socialize often.  I ran into Sharon at the local grocery store last Sunday morning.  Since we both seemed to be following the same direction through the store, we chatted along...

Added 24 Jan 2020 | Category Threesomes | Views 2,096 | 10 Comments

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