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A Little Winter Tail

Series: Laying Claim to My Ass

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A winter couples' camping trip leads to a surprise visit in the shower.

We planned this trip a few months ago, and it sounded like a good idea at the time, but as the day approached, I really wasn't looking forward to it. I'm not a winter type of girl, I hate being cold, and it was absolutely freezing and in the teens at night.

We were going to be staying at a state park in a small cabin with two other couples that are good friends. I was really looking forward to spending time with our friends, but the setting was what I was not that crazy about.

When my husband and I arrived, John and Kim, and Bob and Jen were already there. It was a nice little cabin, had two bedrooms and a complete kitchen, but it was small and a little too much of “roughing it” for me. I'm more of a hotel suite kind of girl. Anyway, after we got settled in, we played some games, and everybody was tired so we turned in that night.

The next day, I have to admit, was a lot more fun than I anticipated. We went for a walk in the frozen park and actually walked across the lake that was completely frozen solid! It was beautiful with all the snow and the lake frozen, but I was ready to get back into the warmth. We relaxed in the cabin, played a few more games through the afternoon, then got ready to head to dinner in a local town.

As we were getting ready, a few of the others took their showers first and that pretty much depleted the hot water! We had to get going to make our reservation, so I just freshened up and put on a tan sweater dress, a pair of black tights, a black lace, front closure bra, and my little black suede heeled booties, and I was ready.

We had fun at dinner, really good food at this quaint little place, and then we made our way back to our cabin. We all kind of just lounged around and had drinks into the night, talking and joking and sharing stories, and feeling pretty good from the vodka. The other two couples had the bedrooms, and we were sleeping in the living room on a roll-up mattress we brought. The other couples headed to their bedrooms to turn in and we made our bed on the living room floor. 

No sooner than my husband’s head hit the pillow, he was out and snoring after his dinner and alcohol. I was feeling a little chilled from sitting around all evening in just my dress and tights, and since I didn't get a shower earlier in the day, I thought I would go and enjoy a nice hot shower before going to sleep.

As I was getting my clothes out of my bag to sleep in, John came out of their bedroom to grab a drink of water. We talked for just a second, each joking about how our spouses were passed out sleeping already, and I told him I was going to get my shower. This is probably the best time to tell you there is a history of sexual tension and little things between John and I, but nothing too intense.

Over the years, mostly with some alcohol involved, there have been kisses and some light touching, and the occasional grinding or flashing that has happened, but as I said, nothing ever went further than that. I did notice all through dinner, John was looking at me, checking out my legs and flirting with me, but none of that is unusual. 

John got his water and headed back to his bedroom as I went to get my shower. The bathroom was by no means luxurious in this little cabin, and the shower was just a stall with a cheap vinyl curtain that pulled across. I got the water started and let it warm up as I slipped off my dress, tights, and bra. I got into the shower and was happy to find that it was quite hot, the way I like it. I stood there just enjoying the hot water hitting my body for a little bit before I started running the soap over myself and then began washing my face.

All of a sudden, I was startled and almost screamed out as I heard the curtain slide and I felt someone stepping behind me. My first thought was it was my husband who woke up and found I was gone and then came in to surprise me. I wiped the soap from my face and eyes as I felt hands slide around my hips and start moving up my ribs below my breasts, firmly cupping them to pull me against a very stiff erection sliding against my lower back. I finally open my eyes and turn my head back, and to my surprise, it was John!

I turned quickly and push myself away from him, one hand going down to cover my shaved pussy, the other up across my breasts, and asked, "What do you think you're doing?"

Even as surprised as I was, I was still trying to be quiet because I didn't want anyone else to hear and wake up. He smiled at me and said, "Come on, you know you want this too. Let's just be quiet and have a little fun." I couldn't help but notice he was fully erect sticking straight out at me, and it was quite impressive, I must admit.

He stepped in towards me slipping his hands around my sides to grab my lower back and pulled me into him. I brought my hands to his chest, pushing back away from him slightly as he held me tight against him, leaning down to start kissing me. I could feel his lips pressing against mine at the same time as his erection was pressing against my stomach. What little bit of fight I had, or objection, faded away as I felt him kissing me and his tongue start to probe between my lips. I succumb to knowing it was true, I was aroused and feeling it also, needing some attention.

As he felt me relax and stop pushing away from him, his hand slipped down between our bodies and moved between my legs. There was still a light film of soap over my body making everything slippery. I felt a gasp of air escape my mouth as he wasted no time sliding his finger down between my lips, brushing my clit, and started to penetrate me as he moved me back against the wall of the shower. He wasn't trashed or anything, but definitely was a little drunk, acting on pure desire, and now that I stopped telling him no, he was really starting to go at me.

I had one arm up around his neck holding him tightly as the other hand was on his right bicep, trying to steady myself as he had his right hand completely between my legs, almost lifting me off the floor as he was deeply fingering me against the wall. I put my head down on his chest trying to muffle any moans as he worked at me with his fingers. He had his middle and ring finger pushed into me, driving them into me as his palm would rub against my lips and pressure my clit. 

Abruptly, he took his fingers away and turned me around to face the wall. I was standing with my hands and forearms against the wall and my head turned pressing against it as I felt him stepping behind me, guiding his erection right into my pussy. Feeling him just enter me that way, the hot water cascading over our bodies, his hips grinding into me against the wall, took my breath away, and in a few seconds, I had my first orgasm ripple through my body.

My legs were like jello and I was barely holding myself up as I felt him slide out of me. He brought his hands up to my wrists, took both of my hands up over my head against the wall and crossed them, then held them there with his left hand.

I watched as his hand moved over to the shelf in the shower and he grabbed a bar of soap. I felt it move between the cheeks of my ass where he was soaping me up. I began to tremble as I knew what he was going to do as soon as I felt the soap moving over my anus.

I remember looking back at him and saying, "No... No, I'm not ready for that, you're too big."

He set the soap back on the shelf, then I felt him move the tip of his cock between my cheeks and start to press into my ass! He said, “Just relax, it'll feel good.”

It was a combination of the entire situation, the hot water and soap, the way he had my hands pinned above my head, and the sexual tension between us that made me not try to fight him and let him take me this way. He began his slow, steady pressure as I felt him opening me up, and then finally, he penetrated me.

It took everything I had to not make a lot of noise and cry out as it took my breath away. He was so big. It was very uncomfortable at first and I didn't think I could handle it. He felt me squirming but that only made him tighten his grip on my wrists as he continued to push his hips towards mine, pinning me against the wall as he impaled me on his shaft.

After a few seconds of him slowly stroking in and out of me, the initial pain subsided and it did start to feel a lot better. He had his head right beside mine with his mouth against my ear telling me how good my ass felt... how tight I was... how he dreamt of this… how I was going to make him cum. And then the next things he said are what kind of broke me, and put him into a frenzy.

He asked, “Who’s ass is this now? Tell me who your ass belongs to.”

I didn't answer him immediately and he thrust into me two or three times making me gasp and moan, and then he repeated his question again.

I quietly said, “You... my ass belongs to you.”

Just saying those words, and hearing them come out of my mouth, completely stripped me of any resistance, and made me submissive to him.

Then in a low growl, right into my ear, he said, “Tell me to fuck your ass... tell me to cum in your ass.”

I could feel him clearly getting more and more aroused as he was talking to me, the movement of his hips reflecting his intensity, grinding into me, with little thrusts. I felt my body, my breasts and nipples, sliding against the shower wall, my feet spread wider than my shoulders, flexing my calves and arches as if I was in the highest heels, trying to push my body up away from his deepest thrusts.

Again he gave me a few abrupt thrusts, making me moan as he repeated, “Tell me to fuck your ass... tell me to cum in your ass.”

He started a steady rhythm now stroking in and out of me as I was pinned against the wall. It was feeling incredibly intense at the moment.  I felt his free hand move up between my body and the wall as he was cupping my breast and pinching my nipple. Then I felt his forearm slide up between my breasts as a strong hand went up around my throat, under my chin, to kind of hold my head and mouth there as he looked at me, still feeling him stroking in and out of me.

One final time he said, “Tell me.”

I looked him in the eyes, my expression reflecting each thrust of his hips into me, as I quietly said, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

No sooner did the last word leave my mouth, he started a steady thrust, still holding my hands up high, making me gasp and taking my breath away with every penetration. I was feeling the eroticism and intensity of the situation myself now as I was pressed against the wall letting him take me this way.

I finally caught enough air and looked at him and said, “I want you to cum in my ass... cum for me... cum in my ass."

This was all it took to put him over the edge as he let loose with a final frenzy of thrusts that I had to endure before feeling him release, pressing against me. I could feel his cock as hard as it could be, and pulsing deep inside of me, as his orgasm overtook him and he trembled against me.

At that moment, even though up to that point I was completely submissive and being taken by him, I felt like I was the one with all the power because I brought him to that point.

After his orgasm, he released my hands and slowly slid out of me. I turned around, looking up at him, and reached over for the soap. His cock was still erect and twitching as I took it in my hands and soaped him up, gently stroking and cleaning him. He just closed eyes and let his head fall back. As I finished he leaned down and gave me one last kiss,  then with a big smile and no words, stepped out of the shower, dried off, and left.

I regained my composure, rinsed and dried off, slipped on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt, and headed back to my bed with my sleeping husband.

As I was lying there, my mind was racing back through what just happened, everything he said, the way it physically felt, and the way it made me feel emotionally. Laying there I could feel all the muscles in my ass stretched out, as if he was still inside of me. And more so, I could feel how aroused my body still felt.

I slid my hand down inside my leggings, teasing my smooth pussy with my fingers, making small circles over my clit. It might possibly have been the fastest I’ve ever made myself reach an orgasm as it rippled through my body, lying there trembling, then falling sound asleep.

The next morning everyone had to pack up so we could check out. John came out into the room with all of us as his normal, joking self. For a moment, it actually felt like it was a dream I had and it didn't really happen.

We got everything loaded up and then we said our goodbyes, making the rounds of hugs. When I came to John, I simply said, “It was a really fun weekend,” as I leaned in to hug him.

He responded smiling, “Yes, it was very fun,” but then he leaned down and put his mouth right by my ear, and as he slipped his hand down and gave my ass a squeeze he whispered, “Don't forget who's ass this is.” He stood back up with a big smile on his face.

 I just let out a little chuckle shaking my head and said, “I won't.” Inside, a shiver went through my body as his words reminded me of our encounter and his new influence over me.


So now begins all of my anxious thoughts of what he means by that, or more importantly what he intends to do, and when. I'm not looking to have an ongoing affair, but I know that he's going to do that again. Oddly, I’m anxiously anticipating it as well, submissively accepting his claim on my ass. I just hope it doesn't become something too frequent and risky for all of our friendships and marriages.


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