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Anal Addiction

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She likes anal, and she won't take no for an answer.

You look at the man next to you in the bed – let's call him Jim - and your lips quirk into a smile.

Lean and hard, with dark hair overspreading his chest, but not an actual pelt... he's a helluva kisser, too, which is why you're naked together in your bed. You stretch out your long smooth legs, lean your face against his shoulder and speak softly.

"Listen up. I don't want there to be any possibility of misunderstanding of what I'm about to say.

I. Want. You. To. Fuck. My. Ass." He should be able to comprehend that, no two-syllable words.

He starts to say something, but you shush him with a finger to his lips.

"Don't talk, just listen. I've read the same articles you've read, the ones that say that women don't enjoy anal sex, they just tolerate it for the sake of the guy.

Well, hear this clearly. I know what I want - and I want you in my ass." You roll onto your stomach, displaying your luscious ass to best advantage. "And if you're honest, you know you want to fuck my ass, too. Don'tcha?"

You lazily trail your fingers over your round little ass. "Imagine that monster cock buried in that!"

You roll over again. His eyes rake over your curves and he smiles. You kiss him deeply, lots of tongue action, and your hand glides over his chest to cup his balls. His cock jumps and you kiss him again, your breast rubbing against his upper arm. You're both a little short of breath when your lips come apart.

You smile lasciviously. "Just so you know, I don't offer this ass to just any guy... but you're good, really good, and I know you'll be good at this, too."

You shiver suddenly, remembering how he licked your pussy, slowly and tenderly and thoroughly, until you couldn't hold back another second, and you squirted all over his face. And even then he didn't stop; he kept right on licking until every shiver worked its way out of your body.

Stirred by a sudden impulse, you lean over and take his cock in your mouth - just the head at first, circling it with your tongue, feeling your pussy get wet all over again. Then you move down the shaft, slowly, licking and sucking, until he butts up against your throat. You hold him there just a second; then you open your throat and swallow him down, down, your full soft lips kissing his wiry curls.

It took a long time and lots of practice to learn how to deep-throat; you're proud of your skills, but you don't waste them on just any guy. Only the best of the best get to experience this.

For a moment you pause there, irresolute, with eight inches of cock in your mouth. Part of you wants to continue until he explodes - in your mouth, on your face, on your tits - wherever, it's all good. But another part of you - specifically, your ass - wants to feel his cock open you up, force his way past your sphincter (gently!) and fuck your tight little ass.

Your ass wins, and you content yourself with the thought that you can suck him off at a later time. You do take your time releasing him from your mouth, though...

You toss him a tube from the top of the nightstand. "Lube me up, baby, and plenty of it.” Significant pause. “If you hurt me, I'll bite your dick off."

Whether it's the threat or just because he likes playing with your ass, he takes his sweet time lubing you. Just one finger to start... and as your sphincter relaxes, he adds a second finger, as well as a veritable truckload of lube. He rotates his fingers within you, stretching your asshole, making room for his ass-destroying dick.

You moan quietly, enjoying the preparation, fantasizing about how it'll feel to have him deep inside you. He eases another truckload of lube into you and then you crook your finger at him.

"Okay, baby. Time for the real thing."

He approaches your ass with reverence, which is only right. A booty like yours doesn't come along every day.

You get him into position - on his side - and make sure he'll stay hard by sucking him briefly. Then you lie on your side and ease back till you feel him bump gently against your slippery asshole.

"Okay, let me control things and you'll get a helluva ride. Remember what I'll do if you hurt me."

You ease back slowly, carefully, that rock-hard dick opening you gradually. You gasp as he pierces your tight ring, and you pause for a second, getting used to the feeling. Then you ease back, faster now, until he's fully fleshed within you. You tighten your ass all along his length, enjoying the feel of his dick inside you. You lie there unmoving for a while, accustoming yourself to his length and girth, then -

"Do it, lover. Fuck my ass."

He pulls back slowly... you shiver and glide your fingers over your swollen clit. Now assured he's not going to hurt you, he starts to fuck you at a normal pace and your pussy clenches, bringing a cry to your lips. You strum your clit harder and wonder, not for the first time, if it's possible to have two G-spots - one in your pussy, one in your ass. Is it possible you're some kind of rare scientific anomaly?

It's hard to contemplate scientific inquiry when you're being assfucked - especially when you're being assfucked this well. Your fingers are a blur as you tease the fuck out of your clit, your pussy is soaking wet and clenching hard, and you're using every obscenity you know (and a few you just made up) in celebration of the fact.

For example:

"Oh my God, fuck me, fuck my ass, oh give it to me baby, fuck my ass till it hurts, give me that big dick, shove it right up my ass, yes! yes! yes! oh God it feels so good, oh yes, I want your cum right up my sweet ass, oh fuck me fuck me fuck me, pound me hard, oh God I love your cock, love it up my ass, oh baby, you're so big, stretching my tight little ass so good, oh god baby fuck me"

Enough of that.

And then he roars, lunges forward and a wave of hot scalding cum fills your ass and you scream and cum and cum and cum, your fingers ripping two more orgasms from your convulsing cunt, your words becoming meaningless babble.

It seems to take a long time for him to lose his hardness, but that's okay 'cause his cock feels so good inside you. Your ass feels pleasantly sore, but that's okay, too; you got three, count 'em, three terrific orgasms out of it.

He finally slips out of your ass and you roll over, smiling, spreading your legs wife, letting him see the whole gorgeous package. Hell, if he keeps giving you orgasms like that, he can look all he likes, even take pictures and post 'em on the Net.


"Hey Jim, have you ever been with a man? Sexually, I mean."

He looks confused. Typical guy. "What? No, never."

"Hmmmm. Well, give it some thought. Sometimes my brother and I share a guy - he's bi, by the way - and he gives even better blowjobs than I do."



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